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    What the Keys are Guarding 
Was wird im Schwarzwald versteckt? translation 

The treasure was retrieved in Season 5 episode 12, "Into the Schwarzwald". However, its discovery left more questions than answers. Post all theories related to these new questions at the end of the folder under spoiler tags.

The clock Monroe was showing Rosalee goes to that key of Nick's.
Monroe mentioned that it's key wound and "straight out of the Black Forest." Pretty sure that's where a lot of the Grimm Fairy Tales are set.
  • It would be hilarious if the "powerful item" the royals were after was in Monroe's living room the whole time.
    • Jossed. The key was meant for a chest that was buried in a tomb in the Black Forest.

The "powerful item" the Seven Royal Families are seeking doesn't give power at all...
...It gives power back. It has already been established that there is something different about the Royals. In "Volcanalis" we learned their blood is unique from other humans. They are actually descendants of a powerful race, perhaps those who inspired gods or Fair Folk, but this object took the majority of their powers away and hid them like a kind of Pandora's Box. All they have left of their heritage is their unique blood. If the Royals got a hold of this "Pandora's Box", they would regain that which they have lost. The ancestors of the Grimms could not destroy the object, because that would release the powers. So they hid it instead. The truth about the object is the best kept secret of all the Royals' secrets. Only the heads of the houses know, which is why Captain Renard has only heard legends.
  • Captain Renard does know what the powerful item is. If the item was that important, the Royals would know and they wouldn't let the knowledge die. And when Renard had the key and tested it in his office, he had a profound look of joy. He knows what finding the keys means. Renard only threw all those legends out there to get Nick off his back. But Nick doesn't believe him. This is why when Renard asked Nick if he trusted him, Nick answered, "As much as you trust me."

There is no treasure
The seven Grimms just thought the Royal Families were getting too powerful, and made the whole thing up to keep them busy. Behind the seven part ward lock is an empty room.
  • Busy? Keep them running all over the place, murdering countless people to get a hold of these keys? If Grimms consider that "keeping busy", they were bigger bastards than the Wesen ever imagined.
    • Jossed. The treasure was found, and it looks like it is some sort of healing stick.

The treasure the Knight Templar's found was the source of power that created both Wesen and Grimm eons ago from normal humans.
Being able to freely create, mutate, control creatures into something else would be world shaping power... and given things like zeigvolk or a volcanalis, that can be an almost literal term.

The keys will lead to a pair of glasses
Specifically, the glasses mimic the sight of a Grimm. A normal person can wear them and see Wesen in partial-Woge, just like Grimms. However, when a Grimm wears it, it basically supercharges their sight. They can see and identify Wesen even when they're not Woged at all.
  • At one point Nick and Monroe travel to the Black Forest after they have more pieces of the map. In the car ride toward town, Monroe wonders about the first inventor of eyeglasses and how his identity is lost to time.
    • Jossed. The keys led to a stick that can heal people of anything.

The treasure of the keys is the secret of Wesen origins
It's probably some artifact with the ability to turn normal people into new species of Wesen.
  • It's the source of all "magic" and every time someone opens it like Pandora's Box, magic changes.

The treasure's discovery is what inspired the founding of the Endezeichen Grimms
In the Season 2 episode, "The Hour of Death", someone is going around killing Wesen in the name of the Endezeichen Grimms, an especially brutal and Trigger Happy group of hunters. Monroe mentions that they started "sometime after the Fourth Crusade" ... exactly after seven Grimm Templar knights sacked Constantinople and buried a powerful treasure. It seems like a throwaway line, but what if the treasure supercharges not Grimms, but Wesen? Why else would a group of Grimms, after discovering this treasure, found an order seeking to completely obliterate Wesen from the world?

It's a piece of the staff of Asclepius
The treasure is finally revealed to be a piece of wood with serious healing powers. As in healing severe blood poisoning in seconds. Could lead to an interesting bit of lore.

It's a fragment of the cross.
it's a giant splinter with healing powers, it seems to fit. Not to mention that it was buried by crusaders in a tomb.

    The Truth About Grimms and Wesen 

The true power of the Grimms isn't their True Sight, but rather...
  • Their Adaptive Ability. Grimms are humans with the ability to adapt countermeasures in order to combat Wesen. When a Wesen injures a Grimm in ways aside from blunt force trauma or One Hit Kills and said Grimm survives, he or she develops a means to circumvent or utilize the attack. Case in point, Nick, after being blinded, gains super hearing. Then after being turned into a zombie he seemingly gains the ability to enter the zombie mode and gain a power boost while losing his ability to feel pain. This of course means that enemies of the Grimms have to constantly deal with It Only Works Once and No Sells. It's no wonder Grimms are The Dreaded to the Wesen world.
    • To add to that, in Season 4, Trubel's experience with the Gedächtnis Esser shows that Grimms can develop immunity to Wesen Mind Rape, too.
      • It seems more likely that the G.E. simply took away Trubel's most traumatic memories while trying to find out who she was and absorbed them himself.

Nick doesn't actually have super strength.
Instead Grimm's powers work by weakening the Wesen who come into close proximity with them ala anti-magic which is accompanied by a supernatural sense of dread. It doesn't totally drain the most powerful ones like Ogre's but it does even the playing field a bit and Wesen notice which is how they realize he's a Grimm. This is why we never see Nick perform any of the typical stuff associated with superhuman strength. Unless you count that time he punched through a window but people in TV land can do that without super strength anyway.
  • In "Over My Dead Body" Monroe explained to Hank that Wesen's have two types of Woges - one where they barely shift when under stress or afraid, and one where they fully shift intentionally. Grimms - and only Grimms (or other Grimm-types from other cultures) - are able to detect the first kind of Woge, which is their "superpower." When a Wesen intentionally Woges, that's when anyone can see them (and it result in them going mad, or reports of monster attacks leading everyone else to think they're mad, etc.)
  • Given that those who partner with Nick while taking on the Wesen are able to hold their own fairly well, this troper is inclined to support this WMG.

Grimms are just another type of monster.
  • ITEM: Everything we know about monsters was written by Grimms.
  • ITEM: They wouldn't exactly go around advertising their own strengths/weaknesses/identifying characteristics, would they?
  • ITEM: Various monsters have seen Nick and immediately known right off the bat that he's a Grimm without him having to say or do anything to confirm it. How?
    • They can tell Nick is a Grimm only when he sees them turn. They realize they have been observed. Clearly Monroe sees Nick as human.
    • They knew he was a Grimm because he reacted to them "losing control".
      • No dice. Most of the time, the Wesen "lose control" when upset and Nick could easily be reacting to that instead.
      • Not so fast. If you pay attention, after Nick stops freaking out every time he sees a Wesen, they don't seem to catch on until he says something. Example: The Fuchsbau at the apothecary in "Organ Grinders"
      • Another instance is the black rhino Wesen. He recognizes Nick right away without having seen Nick see him. It may be that Grimms have their own version of a Game Face - it's not a change in appearance but a general vibe of power.
      • Yet another instance is in "The Thing with Feathers". Nick definitely sees the Klaustreich, but he doesn't do anything that clues the Klaustreich in that he's a Grimm. Same goes for the Seltenvogel.
    • Going into Game Face lets the Wesen see what marks a Grimm as a Grimm. Note that the ones that didn't notice right off the bat weren't looking at Nick.
      • For example Rosalee in Island of Dreams, in the scene where she figures out that Nicks a Grimm, she looks up in Game Face stares in shock for a moment and then gets scared.
      • Interesting thought though there have been a few rare instances where wesen game face and look at Nick without seeing him as a Grimm.
      • Do you have any specific examples?
      • Recall that early Europeans believed in a monster called a Grimm that took the form of a black dog (what color is Nick's hair again?) that rampaged through the countryside bringing plagues and destroying churches. Anyone who saw one was cursed to die within the year.
      • Or the OTHER Grimm: a big black spectral dog that protected churches and graveyards from the forces of evil.
  • Being a Grimm is infectious. Adalind after having Grimm blood lost her Hexenbiest, but she could still see the Game Face of Frau Pech. Considering their relative strength and ability to see the Woge, Grimm's are a type of Wesen with no Woge and the ability to make other Wesen into Grimms.
    • Grimm's are like Wesen Vampires.

It's all psyonics.
What Nick sees isn't what the monsters "really are" but a psychic representation that Grimms have of people with other psychic powers.
  • On a number of occasions, DNA of monsters have been tested, and not ONCE has the results ever come back "OMG — this guy isn't human!!!"
Because Wesen are partially human. But that's not all they are. They have powers that no human can possess.
  • It would explain why no one and nothing else can see the monsters, including cameras.
    • NOPE Monroe says that regular humans CAN see the Wesen if the Wesen in question wants to show them. BUT Monroe adds that it usually drives regular humans insane. That's why he says it would be a bad idea for Monroe to use this ability to convince Juliette.
    • Except as of "Three Coins In A Fuchsbau" a Wesen has been shown to change on camera. Although, maybe it was just the older style of footage used?
      • The film was in the suitcase of another Wesen, and the series has shown that Wesen can see who other Wesen are just as easily as a Grimm.
  • Hexenbiests don't have eyes; do they seem blind to you?
  • Seems probable after the ogre episode. Some of the ogre's abilities were detected through mundane means and most if not all of the monsters we've seen have abilities that can be explained as (a bit with a lot of artistic license) biological abilities and/or tools. So it may be that the monsters Game Faces are psychic representations for biological abilities.
    • The thing with the ogre is most likely just something with his body that remains constant, whether he is in his human or Wesen form. For example, his hands don't seem to change either, and his fingers are unusually thick for a regular person. Of course, this may only apply to creatures like Siegbarste.
    • Or simply supernatural goings on. There are clearly things that are not explainable by science here. Like the coins.
  • "Big Feet" brings up some interesting new information. It would seem that they are human when they're human but they do actually change when they're in their Game Face - to the point where samples from their Game Face form will show up as chimera (DNA from two organisms).
    • In "Over My Dead Body" Monroe explained to Hank that Wesen's have two types of Woges - one where they barely shift when under stress or afraid, and one where they fully shift intentionally. Grimms - and only Grimms (or other Grimm-types from other cultures)- are able to detect the first kind of Woge. When a Wesen intentionally woges, that's when anyone can see them (and it result in them going mad, or reports of monster attacks leading everyone else to think they're mad, etc.)

Grimms are not the good guys.
The first reaction of any number of monsters upon learning what Nick is has been variations of "PLEASE don't kill me, I have a family!" Basically all we know about Grimms is that they like to kill things. Aunt Marie instantly dislikes Monroe based on nothing more than what he is. We know that monsters are not necessarily bad people, but previous Grimms don't seem to have cared.
  • Aunt Marie's EXACT words are "You must hunt down the bad ones". Obviously the fact that the Grimm don't allow the Wesen to do as they please gives them a rep. And Monroe easily admitted that the relatives that were killed by Grimm deserved this. Remember most Blutbaden are killers of humans.
  • "Cat and Mouse" sheds some additional light to this. It would seem that at least some Grimms were helping the royal Wesen... as in acting as their secret police. This might also explain why Wesen are taken aback by Nick being both Grimm and a police officer.
  • "The Other Side" reveals that at one point, at least one Grimm went around slaughtering innocent Wesen. So there are some Grimms who are simply bloodthirsty.
  • "The Hour of Death" revealed an entire class of Grimms who would go around murdering innocent Wesen, branding their doors, and basically acting as a Wesen version of the Klu Klux Klan. And they would dress in black. Nick's mother also goes around dressed in black. Coincidence? Maybe.
  • In "Three Bad Wolves" Orson notes that their "families" (Grimms and Bauerschwein) were never "enemies." Notably he makes no reference to Grimm's offering Bauerschwein any sort of protection. It seems that they're merely neutral towards the more harmless Wessen.

Grimms are a type of Wesen based on a combination of a Church Grim and a Black Shuck.
Wesens can't identify another Wesen barring Glamour Failure or the Wesen revealing himself. Several Wesen have realized that Nick is a Grimm because he reacted to their Glamour Failure. Yet Grimms are supposed to be the boogiemen of the Wesen world. It's far more logical to think that Nick is reacting to someone flipping out or that he's another disguised Wesen than that some mythical monster trained to hunt Wesen down would be surprised to see one in front of him. This is especially evident when Oleg Stark realized Nick was a Grimm since the normal escaped-killer-is-trying-to-brutally-murder-me reaction is the same as the normal guy-suddenly-turned-into-an-ogre reaction: utter terror and panic. Thus Grimm are a type of Wesen and Nick is giving off his own easy to notice Glamour Failure.
  • But what kind? So far all the Wesen are based on an animal and have a fairy tale/ folklore background. Monroe also mentions that there are non-German Wesen, but that he's unfamiliar with them. So we are looking for an animal-like creature with easy to identify features preferably from a non-German background that both protects humans and is scary as hell. Church Grims (Scandinavian/English) look like black dogs and act as the protector of a church. Black Shucks (English) look like black dogs with flaming eyes and are supposed to be a harbringer of the viewer's death. Monroe the wolf-like Blutbad immediately acted friendly and helpful to Nick despite the fact that Nick recently accused Monroe of kidnapping/murder and was in the process of trespassing, which would fit well if Nick was a dog-like Wesen. Grimms probably only have the red flashing eyes as the standard giveaway considering Billy Capra didn't realize Nick was a Grimm (Nick saw the Ziegevolk's reflection) and a Wesen mother couldn't tell Juliette wasn't a Grimm (Juliette was standing across the street). No one has mentioned that Grimms are Wesen either because the German Wesen haven't realized that they have been hunted by foreign Wesen for years or because it's not smart to make insulting comments about a Hunter of His Own Kind's species destructive habits when he already has you at his mercy.

Nick has a secret shifting ability that HE doesn't even know about yet.
Grimms have the inherent ability to shift into powerful Wesen when they or someone they love is in peril. Of course Nick will discover this eventually. (Along with Monroe, whom might not be aprised to this ability either.)
  • As of "The Sandman", Nick has developed special hearing due to spoiler: temporary blindness. He may yet develop more special powers.
  • Technically confirmed, although the only thing about him that "shifts" are his eyes. To Wesen, they look like dark pits when they Woge.

There are more creature seers than Grimm.
The Grimms were just the most powerful, my guess is that there are at least 2 other groups: The Perrault, and the Japanese family: The Abe. Renard being a possible kitsune this would work as Abe no Semei had a kitsune mother.
  • Given "Plumed Serpent", it's possible that 'Grimm' is merely a term to describe those like Nick rather than any actual family sign. Heck, it may very well be their wesen name, as it were.

Nick and other Grimms have the ability to force other Wesen to show their Game Face/allow others to see it.
That's their Wesen ability and why Wesen initially really disliked Grimms - it makes it really really hard to do stuff when just walking past a guy would cause everyone in the town square to see you as a dragon or wolf. And naturally at the time, Grimms would start hunting down the monsters. Over time, the Grimms who learned how to control their ability outlived the ones who didn't (but at a very high cost of life) and their abilities were also dispersed among the population in general. This then signals the 'decline' of the magical era/folk and fairy tales.
  • In "Over My Dead Body" Monroe explained to Hank that Wesen's have two types of Woges - one where they barely shift when under stress or afraid, and one where they fully shift intentionally. Grimms - and only Grimms (or other Grimm-types from other cultures)- are able to detect the first kind of Woge. When a Wesen intentionally Woges, that's when anyone can see them (and it result in them going mad, or reports of monster attacks leading everyone else to think they're mad, etc.)

The reason Wesen can 'sense' Nick is because them showing their Game Face causes Nick's aura (or whatever) to appear but only to the Wesen.
After all, after some point, Nick would stop being surprised by Wesen showing their faces so we can't presumably rely on that explanation forever.
  • And a Wesen could easily think he's reacting to the emotional state that accompanies the Woge, thinking that he can't see them.
  • Confirmed as of "Synchronicity", except it's his eyes that change. They take on a dark, black appearance when Wesen Woge.

There's no such thing as a human in this universe; everyone's either a Wesen or a Grimm.
  • The Wesen are brought up believing that some people are Wesen and others are normal humans. But because the Wesen obviously resemble humans 90% of the time, one Wesen could easily know another Wesen but not realize it because they're never around when he reveals his non-human form. Extrapolate that out and you could have an entire society who believe that they're the secret minority when actually their oppressors don't even exist.
  • This also explains why seemingly every crime apparently involves Wesen in some capacity; because in this universe there's nothing but Wesen so it's impossible for them not to be involved.
    • Although this doesn't quite explain Hank or that one guy who got put on death row for killing a Wendigo. There's also apparently a market for human parts, which can't really be explained away as coming from Wesen in human form since said human parts actually does stuff for the Wesen.

Hexenbiest are Immortal
Hence why becoming human is tantamount to death for them. Changing them from Immortal to Mortal is a death sentence.
  • Although Adalind's mother Catherine seemed to be aging like a normal person...
  • Unless it's a case of Age Without Youth, after seeing the case of Frau Pech we can consider this Jossed .
  • Although they can apparently slow down their aging, as we've seen with Elizabeth.

Hexenbiest Spirits are supposed to be passed down
Older Hexenbiest spirits are more powerful than younger ones— their power is literally a function of time. This is why old and/or dying Hexenbiests are supposed to pass down their spirits to a daughter or protegee via Contaminatio Ritualis.

Grimm Reapers and Grimms are both a part of the Royal organization. They just don't know it or only one side knows it.
Grimms are the sort of secret police for the Royals. Reapers are like internal affairs - they 'police' the Grimms and prevent them from being too nice - associating with other wesen and such so that they never find out that most of their job is killing innocent people - or from otherwise interfering with the status quo. But both organizations don't realize this since these goals are intentionally obscured.
  • Is this Jossed by now? We know they are associates, but we don't know exactly what their job is.
  • The Reapers seem to be an independent organization, and the Verrat are the ones who fill this role.

The reason Nick gets mostly Grimm-related cases is because most violent criminals are Wessen. There aren't many humans that are violent criminals because it's not part of their nature, while it is for Wessen. which is why Grimms protect humans in the first place.

Grimms are Human Wesen.
  • Grimms aren't just human... they're the personification of human. That's why Renard only half-changes when he puts his game face on— the other half is more-human-than-human.
    • But Renard is not a Grimm. He's part-Royal. It is possible that Grimms and/or Royals are human Wesen.
  • This may hold true as Bud states in "The Walking Dead" Nick is like Juliette but a Grimm. So he may look human but may have some form of aura, or physical trait that shows when Nick sees a Woge.

Grimms are a specially bred form of Wesen
Kind of like BTVS - someone, possibly the Royals, saw the Wesen becoming too powerful and bred a special strain of Wesen that they could control and use to hunt others. They became kind of like the Watchers Council. From that, the legend developed, which is why Monroe and Rosalee haven't told Nick - they just know the stories not the reality. Renard hasn't told him because he's worried that if he did, Nick would suffer a bit of a BSOD, and would stop seeing himself as the good guy. It might even be enough to break him.
  • following that thought comes the idea that Grimms actually Woge, it's just we don't see it from the Wesen's point of view. What they see is Nick Woging into something terrifying to them, and their reaction is instinctive. They're not scared because he can see their faces, he can see their faces because they're scared.
    • Monroe distinguished between the "scared" and "angry" Woge, but we don't know if that applies to other Wesen, i.e. one Blutbad can see another Blutbad's Woge even if they don't want them to, hence why Nick would be able to see them if they're scared.

WWI and WWII were actually massive Wesen/Grimm/Royal wars.
It's been established previously that Royals would use armies of Wesen with Grimms as enforcers to maintain their armies. We also already know that Hitler was a Wesen. And so, you'd have the assassination of a Royal resulting in other families and factions bringing their armies to bare.

Wesen are evolved Laguz.
Over time, their external animal characteristics disappeared and their transformed states became more humanoid. Hexenbiests were descended from mages with Laguz and human heritage, while Grimms were descended from soldiers with Laguz and human heritage. The Fantastic Racism and the fact that the Wesen fear the Grimms are artifacts of a time when the Laguz ostracized the Branded (mixed heritage), and then they learned they were more powerful and fought back.

The Grimm-verse has planes like those in The Bartimaeus Trilogy
At least three planes exist. The first plane is what everyone sees. The second is what Grimms and Wesen see. The third is where Wesen keep their "true" forms, and Wesen can cycle their bodies through these planes. Hence, a partial Woge is when you only bring your true self down to the second plane and a full Woge is bringing it down to the first. Hence why Nick can see a Wesen Woge on a recorded tape when no one else can and why Wesen in human form have human DNA while Woged Wesen have human DNA mixed with something else.
  • This fails to explain the whole infinitely-black-eyes thing and how Wesen "genetics" works, but it's a start.

Grimms are Wesen, for either some kind of Eldritch Abomination or 'death'.
Seeing the entire form would drive people mad with terror, so it's a partial Woge limited to the eyes, and can only be seen by other people who are Woged. Fully Woged Grimms were the inspiration for the various grim reaper/death personifications.

Eventually good Grimms will come to be known as Burkhardt-Grimms
We're shown in The Hour of Death that there used to be a group of Grimms known as Endezeichen-Grimms who got their own special category within Grimms because they were especially brutal .

Now we already have Nick and Trubel who aren't the decapitate first, ask questions later type of Grimm and Grimmness is hereditary so any of Nick's children could be Grimms and they would surely be raised to view Wesen as normal. Plus, Nick tries to convince any Grimm he comes across that Wesen are not inherently bad. Eventually this will lead to having a number of "good" Grimms. They will then be known as Burkhardt-Grims.


Somewhere in Europe, Sean Renard has a wife whom he keeps locked in an attic.
  • This is why he is occasionally seen wearing a wedding band, yet has never mentioned being married.
  • Or perhaps he was pledged to marry someone, and wore the wedding band as a reminder. Not that this seemed to mean anything to him but then again he might not have even known the intended lady and probably hadn't even thought about her for a while. It could have been a deal that his mother made that went sour, and Renard simply hasn't taken off the ring.
  • Taking from the above theory, perhaps his mother told him she'd find him somebody (a girl with royal blood desperate or destitute enough to marry a bastard Zauberbiest, perhaps, like a Beauty and the Beast situation) and told him to wear the ring as a reminder not to get attached.

Juliette will go crazy.
  • When Hank first learned the truth, it looked like he'd go insane and ended ended up being okay. It's going to be the other way around for Juliette.
  • Pretty darned Jossed by now. Juliette even took it better than Hank.
  • Wu didn't on the other hand...until he got better.
  • Who said that it would have to be from learning the truth? I think being turned into a Hexenbiest could eventually drive her mad, given how powerful she's been implied to be.

Frau Pech is Renard's mother.
  • That is why Adalind came to her for help, and why Frau Pech has taken an interest.
    • And why she was so happy about Pech's death.
  • Jossed. Frau Pech is very dead and Captain Renard has received a phone call from his very much alive (and French, not German) mother, who appears later in Season 4.

It will be revealed that Frau Pech intended all along for...
  • ...Stefania to cut out her heart. Next season everyone will discover that she has returned from the dead- completely intact.
    • She added a scarab (a death/rebirth symbol) to the potion she used to impersonate Adalind in the second season finale.
  • We will also learn that Adalind was in on the plot.
    • Frau Pech will get Adalind's baby as payment.

Renard actually is a cop.
  • Or at least, he genuinely committed to keeping order. He regards Portland as his "territory" and his goal is to maintain supernatural law and order there. This is why he tried to kill Aunt Marie (an old-school Grimm would disrupt the balance in Portland) but protects Nick (He views him as a valuable tool/ally and is grooming him to help him control the city's monster population.)
    • Perhaps his creature type is associated with that.
    • He is the king of the canton, and I think he genuinely is interested in the good of all. BUT he killed Marie not to keep order, but because of information he was afraid she would impart to Nick. He knew full well that Marie had inoperable cancer, and was about to die from the added stress of the fight with Hulda. That makes him very ruthless, but not likely evil. I think.
  • NBC's Renard bio has him being descended from Grimm royalty.

Renard isn't a villain.
The only villainous thing we've seen him do is have Aunt Marie killed. However, Grimms appear to be known for Van Helsing Hate Crimes, and we don't know that Aunt Marie was any different. She seems like a Cool Old Lady, but the only person we actually see her interacting with to any great degree is her nephew. Renard could hardly have her arrested on the basis of being "maybe a serial killer," and he wouldn't want her running around his town killing monsters just because they're monsters (the fact that she's dying of cancer just means that she doesn't give a fuck anymore). He is a scheming, manipulative bastard and we have no idea what his ends are, yes, but that's not the same thing as being a bad guy. Whatever his game is, his conspiracy seems to involve Hexenbiests, trolls, whatever he is, and he seems to be recruiting a Grimm (Nick) in a sort of roundabout fashion. Seems rather metropolitan; his goals could be to unite the entire monster community in a pact of "lets not kill each other." Whatever his end goal is, he's seemingly playing both sides. When a Grimm reaper shows up, he confronts them and forces them to back off while demonstrating that he's just as skilled with the scythe as they are.
  • Renard very probably isn't a bad guy. But I think he is a lot older then he looks. He speaks like five languages, and the bit with the church suggests that certain creatures, like Renard and Leo Tamer are not easily killed. So although he is committed to keeping the Wesen and humans safe, and is in fact a cop, he is ruthless. Probably born in age when life was cheaper. Marie was not wanted by the authorities. He killed her before Marie could tell Nick some unfortunate details about something. Something that would turn Nick away from Renard. Besides, arresting Marie is something Nick could forgive. Even if he didn't like it. Assassinating her is simply unethical. He is what they say he is. He is the king of the canton of Portland. The reapers are muscle of a powerful organization that he must politically sidestep to protect Nick, but he does so. In fact he denies the Reaper the right to kill Nick in retaliation to Hulda's death. But if Nick were to step outside Renard's canton, he would lose that protection. And the Reapers are threatening Renard. Renard was definitely scared.
  • NBC's Renard bio has him being descended from Grimm royalty.

Captain Renard is a fox.
Because it had to be posted.
  • Agreed, definitely. ...that's not what you meant? *Whistles innocently*
  • Yes, he certainly is a fox. But not a Fuchsbau. Just a really hot looking guy!! I don't think that Wesen are necessarily all the supernatural creatures out there. I don't even think a Hexenbeist is a Wesen, strictly speaking.
  • This troper (not original theorist) wants to think he's kitsune, but would have feel more confident in that guess were he a she.
  • It may be that he's a human but his meaningful name refers to him being a very powerful non-Grimm human operating in a otherwise creature-based organization.
  • The Wesen term for fox is revealed to be Fucshbau. He could be one of these.
  • Now that you think about it...
    • It's entirely possible that Renard is Reynard, and the reason he's referred to as royalty is because he is the king of Fuchsbau or something similar.
      • Or he's at least a descendant of the original
  • I propose he may be something like a griffon.
  • Apparently Jossed - according to spoilers, he's descended from Grimm royalty.
  • Definitely Jossed - He's a Zauberbiest. And for the record, Hexenbiests and Zauberbiests ARE Wesen.

Interpretations of possible future creatures.
  • Hansel and Gretel: A species of hummingbird-like creature that always gives birth to twins. They are attracted to sweet-smelling foods and are hunted by Hexenbiests for sport.
    • Jossed. As it turns out, they're normal human kids. The witch on the other hand is part of a bird-like species that harvests human organs for creature herbal medicine.
  • Snow White: Dwarves, interpreted as Rock people.
    • Alternatively, hard workers that gravitate towards social/people/team oriented jobs of the blue collar type.
      • They could be Eisbiber.
  • The Water Nixie: Fish people, or people who prefer to live close to water. May also be at their athletic peak in the water.
    • We've seen the Naiads, mermaid like creatures who can only have children by human males (their own males are sterile.)
    • An entire class of aquatic Wesen: electric eels, piranhas, goldfish, and sharks (who are basically aquatic Blutbaden).
  • "Dryads": People who release pheromones that accelerate plant growth. Tend to be peaceful botanists or farmers and may actually be allies of the Grimm who supply them with their needed herbs like Siegbarste gift.
  • A Boy Learns What Fear Is: Some type of Wesen based on an animal that is known for not feeling any fear at all, like a lemming or a dodo like creature. Will be shown in the episode as the whole species being afflicted with a psychological disorder where all traces of fear, including those involved with survival instincts, are absent, but make up for it with explosive breeding.
    • Most members of this race end up being petty criminals, stunt men, bodyguards, etc any job that would require a high amount of courage and audacity to pull off.
  • Puss In Boots: Catlike Wesen who are badass fighters with a very cunning mind and a good judge of character. Known for being friends of people, particularly Muggles, with the potential for great things and then make sure they ARE successful, eventually than mooching off said friend for as long as possible. They have a rivalry with Blutbaden, but its more of Friendly Rivalry and/or Vitriolic Best Friends than bloody. However they never have good relations with Siegbarstes.
    • Jossed, as we have seen a cat Wesen, the Klaustreich, and they are definitely not very friendly.
      • The ones we've seen. There may be some good individuals.
    • Not jossed, as we have seen an alley-cat Wesen, and a lion Wesen, but not any other species of cats. Also, some Lowen could be good people, just as some Bludbads are pretty horrible.
    • Actually, there are also the Rifleisch, which are tiger Wesen.
    • We've also seen Jaguar and Leopard Wesen.
    • And saber toothed cat Wesen
  • The Wise Bat: Bat like Wesen who use echolocation and prefer to live in the darkness, or could just be completely nocturnal.
    • Jossed; In "Happily Ever Aftermath" we see bat-creatures called Murcielago, and at least one of them is a murderess who uses her echolocation as a sonic-scream that ruptures the victims' eyeballs and eardrums.
    • A Murcielago individual could still fulfill this premise, since they are still bats.
  • The Magic Porridge Pot: A peaceful Wesen, based on hedgehogs or squirrels, that have an innate connection to nature that make them skilled herbalists. Nastier Wesen cow them into concocting drugs.
  • A raven-like Wesen which inspired Odin and Valkyries, psyching up other people for battle so they could loot the bodies afterwards. In modern times, they are still tied to CorruptChurches, in an "Animal Farm Moses Sugardcandy Mountain" kind of way.
  • Bunyips, platypus Wesen.
  • There will be an episode featuring a blood-sucking Wesen. David Boreanaz will guest star.

Renard works for/leads a rogue faction of Grimm Reapers.
There's the Reapers as a whole who prefer the status quo, there's the Grimms, and there's the various Muggles (in this context, not just humans but also non-humans that aren't involved with Grimms or Reapers). Renard however believes in a new/better way than his fellow Reapers and is trying to cultivate/break/whatever the old taboos and traditions. The catch for the other Reapers though is that 1) it might be a fairly loosely organized group and 2) he may hold high enough rank that unless he does something dramatic, he can't really be called in to question. His plan/goal may even be something heroic like wanting to make all monster's equal and accountable rather than snake eats mouse and that's okay - but he's trying to do so in a fairly villainous way.
  • This seems increasingly likely whenever Renard interacts with the Reapears. Whatever he end goal actually is, the status-quo Reapers prefer that Grimms be warriors "like a samurai without a master" because it A) Keeps the Grimms from developing strong connections and resources, B) Keeps the Grimms on the wrong side of the law by giving them little recourse other than being serial killers in the eyes of the Muggle population, and C) Gives the more peaceful Wesen a bogeyman that they can be more scared of than the predatory Wesen. A Grimm like Nick who has a badge and a conscience can't simply be disposed of by tipping off the police that hey, there's a maniac running around killing people because he says they're all monsters that only he can see. He also threatens them because if Wesen aren't scared of the big bad Grimm, they might be less likely to accept the more criminal activities of the Reapers and more monstrous Wesen.
  • It may even be that the ruling class of Wesen use the threat of Grimms as part of their hold of power. That is, you can be a serf under my protection or you can risk it with the Grimms. But that only works if Grimms are known to kill Wesen on sight.
    • This sounds very familiar from the first season, but this Troper can't pinpoint where it might have been said. Not all Grimms kill Wesen on sight, though - between Nick's Aunt and Mom, we know that they tend to be suspicious of Wesen of all kinds, but in the episodes she appeared in, his Mom didn't kill every Wesen she saw, even before Nick explained his friendship with Monroe and Rosalee to her.
    • Jossed. Renard is the leader of a secret organization but they are certainly not Grimm Reapers and neither is he.

Spider-man was a Spinnetod.
  • Well, maybe not a Spinnetod, but maybe a different spider Wesen...?

Renard is an Seelie fairy prince.
He's a Wesen, yes, but he's the type that was associated with the Fair Folk and thus his Game Face is basically a human of unearthly beauty - so even if Nick saw him with his Game Face, Nick might not even realize that Renard is any different. Most of the Seelie are gone - the only reason he and his family have lived so long is because he's willing to work with the Unseelie and their court. It would also make justify why various Wesen defer to him (he's royalty of a sort), why his mysterious comrades can threaten him (the Unseelie court is really really really fickle), and the various hints as to the city being his domain.
  • Jossed. according to NBC. He's Grimm royalty.
    • Also, according to the episode "The Kiss", he's half-Hexenbeist and half-human, which is what we saw when he took the "pure of heart" potion before waking Juliette.

Juliette is a wesen of the same kind as Renard.
She was sent to keep an eye on Nick but ended up Becoming the Mask or simply met him by happenstance and starcrossed love. It would also justify why folk like the Reapers don't just grab her (other than something like non-interference with humans no matter how close they are to the masquerade) to get him to back down - they'd either ruin their plans or they would be stepping on the toes of royalty.
  • Not likely. When the repairman left, there was no indication that she recognized what he was or that he saw her as anything besides human. Similar for "Game Ogre" when Stark attacked Nick at their house.
  • Bear in mind though that wesen don't automatically know each other. They have to show their Game Face. For more powerful wesen, they're pretty capable of holding their Game Face in under duress.
  • Jossed initialy. Renard is a Zauberbiest. Juliette, as of Chupacabra, BECOMES a Hexenbiest through a potion she took to help get Nick's Grimm powers back after Adalind took them away in the Season 3 finale.

Juliette is more than she appears.
Her initial Satellite Love Interest, sweet, harmless girl appearance was how she deliberately portrayed herself to Nick, and her sudden shift to Action Girl tendencies is really her having to drop the act.
  • She's probably not a Wesen, since Monroe would have smelt it on her or Aunt Marie would have figured it out.
  • On the meta side, what kind of writers would go into a series making one of the main characters the Satellite Love Interest type. It was deliberate, either to make her into a surprising Action Survivor or to hide something else.
  • Juliette was NEVER shown as a shallow love interest. She was always shown to be capable. Unless you assume that just because she is kind and nurturing that makes her shallow somehow. We have always known her to be intuitive and smart. Interesting is that she is a veterinarian. A healer of creatures if you will, which sort of puts her take on all life forms as being worthy. Not just humans. The fact that she is more physically capable doesn't seem at all out of simple logic. She is young, fit, and must be dexterous to operate on a living creature. And she is fairly brave. Being a vet you have to be pretty calm in emergencies and unafraid most of the time. Otherwise you can not deal with animals well.
  • She's not a very muscular woman, but she stuns a Damonfeuer with a single punch from a seated position. Then she is a nearly perfect shot the supposed first time she fires a gun. By the next episode, she has gone from hating guns to going out into the woods and shooting at people to save Nick. Her quick thinking and bravery against the ogre was one thing, but the levels of badass she takes are suspiciously abrupt.
  • She won't accept Nick's proposal until he can stop keeping secrets from her. As observant and proactive as she's been regarding everything else, it's uncharacteristic that she hasn't just asked him outright what's happening. It could be as innocent as just being savvy about getting her boyfriend to tell her the truth, but if she knows anything at all about the secrets in question, which have been kept by Nick's family for generations, it's an attempt to get information or to get access to the trailer.
    • While I actually agree with your assessment that there is something about Juliette that we haven't been clued in on just yet, I can think of some way's to defend her seemingly out of no where Action Girl behavior and her previous Satellite Love Interest status. 1st off, in defense of her action girl status, it's been made clear that she's a veterinarian by trade. While the trope Kindly Vet would have you think of someone decidedly non-action oriented, the job's actually really physically demanding, seeing as even Fluffy can kill a person if so inclined. Also, say what you want about it, but vet's are still medically trained professionals that have to deal with (literally) bloody emergencies with the same calm under pressure as regular doctors. Doesn't completely explain away things like her instant expertise with a gun, but it does paint the picture of someone who at least has the potential of handling herself. 2nd, at the start of the series Nick has already been dating her for 4 years, which means their relationship had already been well established by then. All the relationship development that makes a love interest a more solid character in the eyes of the audience had already happened off screen, and we didn't get to see any further change in the dynamic until their nice, cozy lives in the burbs got shaken up by Nick's new problems. What seemed shallow could have just been lack of background.
  • Juliette is Grimm or from a Grimm family. When she and her friend were attacked by the Klaustreich boyfriend she kicked Wesen ass in high style, and they managed to subdue the Wesen without Nick entirely. Plus it could explain her shooting abilities.
  • Or Juliette could be developing abilities of her own after being healed from the effects of Adalind's potion. We don't know if Hexenbiest magic as any side effects but it's entirely possible.
    • Well, now we know. The side effect of a potion that was meant to reGrimm Nick turned her into a Hexenbiest.

Renard is a wesen who doesn't have a Game Face.
His group has a similar power to the Ziegvolk - they produce a pheromone that, instead of attracting people sexually, projects an aura of charisma and confidence. This is why his ancestors were royalty - they are naturally accepted by people as their leaders.
  • He is actually half-Royal half-Hexenbiest, a Zauberbiest, and his Game Face reflects that. He simply has extremely strong control over it most of the time.

Renard is a Grimm.
Not of Nick's family but from one that works with the Grimm Reapers for some reason. Or perhaps, he's half-Grimm half-Wesen as part of a pact to keep the peace.
  • His being a Grimm (albeit a very powerful royal one) has been apparently confirmed, according to NBC's bio on him.
  • He is actually half-Royal half-Hexenbiest. A Zauberbiest.

The Wesen variety of the Priest.
The Sinister Minister seen in Ep. 12 is a carnivorous lamb-beast who also fights with a crook.
  • Perhaps he's in the same situation as Monroe. He uses religion as a means of controlling more dangerous instincts.

Roddy was indirectly responsible for his teacher death.
Stay with me on this one. Roddy didn't really intend for his teacher to die, but like his father pointed out, he didn't particularly like the guy. Let's say that during all that time he spent with the rats in the shed, he vented all his frustration over his teacher to his furry friends. When those other guys released those rats into the teachers car, the rats remembered all the grief this teacher had given their Reinegen friend Roddy and thought they where doing him a favor.
  • Or they were just hungry rats. Rats can develop a taste for human flesh.
  • His playing classical music around the rats made them associate him and perhaps food with classical music. What was the first thing his teacher did on getting in the car? Turn the radio on. Then the rats came at him.

Some of the Wesen Nick has helped will be important again later.
This troper can think of at least two in particular, but it will probably be more than that.
  • In the case of Holly Clark, her problems are hardly over, what with her having to read just to being in civilization while dealing with Blutbad instincts. So it's not unlikely that we might see more of her
  • In the case of Roddy Geiger, when Monroe left him, he gave him his number, in case he needed to talk. Way this troper imagines it going down, Roddy's going to call that number looking for Nick when something happens that needs a Grimm's touch
  • At the very least, Auntie Marie's former Wesen fiancee is likely to show up. It'd be rather odd to bring up something that big without it becoming an issue down the line.
  • Ariel faked her death, and might still harbour ill will against Nick.
  • This troper kind of wants to see the father of the Rabe family again. He's a lawyer and has no ill will towards Nick. Who knows, Nick could use a lawyer pal if he gets in some sort of a fix.
    • Seconded. This troper is hoping that Nick's episode of going crazy will come back to bite him and will need a lawyer.
  • This troper also enjoyed seeing the Eisbiber trio again.
  • There's a Skalengeck we've seen as a minor character three times — he's under arrest briefly in "Pilot", in "Island of Dreams" he turns out to have been Rosalee's dealer when she was doing drugs, and in "Natural Born Wesen" he's the bartender at the Wesen bar. There's just no way he's not going to end up being important somehow!

Adalind will attempt to re-Wesen herself.
She may not be a Hexenbiest any more, but she could still use her books to concoct some kind of ritual to fix herself. This may also involve stealing the Hexenbiest spirit from her mother.Though now, since her mother is dead, she may be planning to do this to her unborn child.
  • Confirmed, and she succeeded.

Adalind will become the Token Evil Teammate.
She may not be a Hexenbiest any more, but her knowledge is always useful and she's a lawyer. In a world where you know of things like Geiers and ogres and Hexenbeists, she may be -extremely- inclined to look for some sort of protection. Look at her face when she leaves her mother's house - it's like she's afraid to step outside without her power or the protection Renard offers. So she turns to Nick for protection in the hopes that perhaps she can re-Wesen herself at some point (perhaps with Nick's blood) or perhaps as a "You made me this way, so now it's your responsibility to take care of me."
  • This troper thinks she's about to do partial heel-face-turn and learn how to use the Grimm family weapons.
  • Actually so far it seems that Renard is filling this role for Team Grimm.

Nick's Grimm blood to de-Wesen Adalind works on all Wesen.
And that's why Grimms are so feared by Wesen - they can kill you and take away not just your power, but stop your family line (ie future kids are normal as well). Over time, the word for 'kill' was misinterpreted as actual killing when it was originally just meant something like killing your supernatural power. This is also where things like Wesen apothecaries come into play - they have to prepare anything they take from humans to avoid accidentally ingesting Grimm blood. This might also explain how he can survive fights with some of the tougher Wesen - his blood basically turns their attacks into normal attacks and, if the fight lasts long enough, there's enough blood on the Wesen to take away some of their power over the long run.
  • Angelina showed no fear of eating him in "The Three Bad Wolves." If such a thing exists, the Wesen are unaware of it.

Season 2 will have Angelina come back and result in a throwdown between Rosalee and Angelina.
Monroe will of course have to pick between the two and of course, at this stage in his life, he's more attracted to/desires the maturity and stability that Rosalee offers. Rosalee however will think that he's attracted to aggression and will attempt to fight Angelina which will cause misunderstandings in a B-plot.
  • Jossed In "Over My Dead Body" Angelina returns, but no throwdown ensued and Angelina was killed saving Monroe's life.

Juliette is part of the royal families.
However, she doesn't know it for some reason.
  • Well, indirectly. She works for them as of "Iron Hans."
DJ Retchid Kat will release an album entitled "Grimm Business" that will be a stylized rendering of his encounter with Nick. This will serve both to expand Nick's legend in the Portland Wesen community and further complicate his life.
  • And a real life counterpart will be created and released by deadmau5.

Adalind's mother will be the "Evil Queen" in a version of Snow White.
She has a LOT of mirrors in her house, so since she is a witch. My guess is that she will be the evil queen trying to kill a beautiful young girl. Juliette maybe?
  • Although mirrors and Hexenbiests might be linked to a future Grimm episode, it won't be Catherine. She was killed in "The Kiss".

Think about it. Most of his on-screen adventures involve beautiful young women, and he seems to always be in the spotlight.
  • "He's a lover, not a fighter, but he's also a fighter so don't get any ideas."
  • It's entirely possible that The Man Your Man Could Smell Like could be one too, if he isn't a Fuchsbau or Lausenschlange.
    • I want to marry this WMG

deadmau5 is a Reinigen.
Techno musician and mouse motif. What more do you need?

Nick's "Mom" is not his Mom.
She's a creature disguised as his mother. My first guess was what ever the Snow Queen was, but that's Hans Christian Anderson, not the Brothers Grimm, so I'm out of ideas. I just WANT it to be true becuase I can't really think of a valid reason for her to be alive at this point. Because really, if that's the case then who was the OTHER body in the car?
  • They've had stories other than Grimm ones on the show, so you could still be right.
    • I propose it's either Adalind's mother in disguise somehow, or Adalind herself. Remember, she wasn't there when Nick went looking. She could have moved elsewhere to try and throw him off the trail.
  • This is this troper's theory: The Woman in Black is actually Aunt Marie, and the woman that was Aunt Marie is actually Nick's biological mother. The reason for the switcheroo is because they knew that Nick's mother was dying and gave Nick to his Aunt Marie to pretend to be raised.
    • Consider the following: Nick's Grimm powers are supposedly hereditary, yet both of his parents were told to have been killed when he was young. If that were the case, he would have been able to see Wesen since he was a kid. Yet, he wasn't able to see them until he met his actual mother (under the guise of his Aunt Marie) and she told him that she was dying, and she tells him about Grimms and their world.
    • Perhaps his powers emerged because his father died and it just happened around when Marie died.
    • Actually, the way this troper is given to understand it is that when one Grimm dies, the gift goes to the next closest relative in line. If that's the case, then it would explain why Nick only just got his powers, he was the next in line after his mom and aunt.
  • What if a Grimm's abilities might activate when their predecessor is clinically dead? I mean, Nick's abilities started activating while his Aunt was dying, and other similar TV shows (*cough* Buffy *cough) have used such a thing as a plot point. It would also allow the pattern of inheritance of Grimm abilities to remain intact within the plot even with Kelly Burkhardt being alive.
  • At least for part of the WMG, the other body was apparently a friend of Mommy's. Sucks to be the friend.
    • That was revealed in "Bad Teeth".
  • To the best of this Troper's knowledge, there can be multiple Grimms alive at any given time, which would make sense since there are Wesen all over the world, and they've talked about how the Royalty used Grimms to keep the Wesen in line. This Troper thinks it might be hard to keep all the Wesen in the world under control with only a single Grimm. Perhaps the Grimm Wesen-seeing ability only "activates" after a certain age or under some other special circumstance, so that young Grimms don't get too frightened by seeing Wesen all around before they're old enough to understand what they are and why they can see something no one else seems to be able to. Under that theory, Aunt Marie came to town not only because she was dying, but because she knew Nick's ability was about to kick in and she wanted to explain things to him before he got too freaked out about it.
  • Nick's mom explained that the Grimm powers activate in adolescence or young adulthood, that they activate earlier with girls than boys, and that there is no way to predict which child will or will not. Nick refers to an uncle, whom Kelly says is not.
  • Who is to say that Hans Christian Andersen wasn't a Grimm in this universe. In S2E2, "The Kiss", we get a Freeze-Frame Bonus of the Mauvis Dentes' fingerprints being linked to a murder in Odense, Andersen's birthplace. He may not have had any direct descendants in real life (or in the show's universe), but who is to say that there wasn't someone in the same bloodline, with the same abilities.

Adalind is trying to make Juliette into a Hexenbiest.
If the condition of being a Hexenbiest can be removed, it can probably also be given. And judging by the way Juliette's eyes flashed....
  • If it were possible to make a human into a Hexenbiest, the first person Adalind would use it on is herself. So either she's a Hexenbiest again or Juliette isn't either, unless for some reason you can't become a Hexenbiest more than once. Also, her "death" as a Hexenbiest looked a lot like a spirit was leaving her body, which doesn't sound like something that can be reversed by getting scratched by a potion-dosed cat.
    • OP here, and yes I am basing this on the assumption that being made into a Hexenbiest is a one time deal, and seeing as there's no word on just how one becomes a Hexenbiest in the first place, who's to say that it isn't via potion drugged cat. There is a strong connection between cats and witches in most folklore.
    • Heh. This troper gets the mental image of a crazy cat lady collecting even more cats trying to become a Hexenbiest again.
  • Jossed. Adalind inflicted a spell that could have killed Juliette. It DID take her memories of Nick away for the majority of Season 2. Juliette DOES become a Hexenbiest in Season 4, and it's an event that Adalind is indirectly responsible for, but Adalind never intended on it or was even aware of it until "Trial By Fire". The transformation is a side effect of a potion that was used to help Nick.

Dämonfeuer are not the only inspiration for fairytale dragons.
There are true Drachen, who are too big to pose as humans. Instead, they act from shadows, running major corporations, employing Dämonfeuer as a cover-up and playing humans and Wesen as pieces of huge, complicated game. There may be one further in the series, acting as a Man Behind the Man or a Stealth Mentor.

Renard is a Time Lord

When Hank finds out about Wesen
Will he fall off the deep end, or man up and join Team Grimm. Any bets?
  • I think they will make him grow mad. He will start hating Nick and a few poor Wesens, and, with implacable logic, join the Royal Grimms. Though they could save that for Juliette, if she doesn't leave town, leaving Nick heartbroken, or reform a romance with him.
    • So far it looks like Hank is manning up.

Hank will join Nick in the Grimm business as sort of a Muggle Secret Weapon
Since everyone tries very hard to keep things quiet, Nick and Hank will be able to use his status as 'just' a human to help in their investigations and adventures. Hank for his part will figure out ways to compensate for the lack of Grimm or wesen abilities through ingenuity. Not to mention of course, he's now (unknowingly to Nick or Hank or Renard himself) a wild card in Renard's backyard. Plus, his lack of 'sight' will turn out to give him an advantage in some situations. Since Nick gets so caught up in the Grimm/wesen, he gets preoccupied by all their abilities and traditions; Hank might face down some dangerous wesen without really thinking about it since he literally can't tell one from the other unless they show them their face. For instance:
Hank: (to Nick & Monroe) Is he one of... you know... those things?
Nick/Monroe: Yeah. He's a (whatever) so be careful. He can...
Hank punches out said wesen before they can finish. Nick & Monroe look incredulous.
Hank: What?
  • Renard does know Hank knows about Wesen.

The coins are not gold. They are Enamour
They share many qualities with the whovian metal.1) Everybody wants it, Check.2) It gives whomever is holding it ridiculous charisma. Check

If you do not know what is Enamour, all makes sense!

Hank was giving Monroe the crazy eye in Good Shepard because he's trying really really really hard to see wesen.
Naturally, he's very curious about it all and yet the situation is such that unless a Wesen shows themselves to him, he'll likely never ever see another Wesen's Game Face again.
  • This isn't so much WMG as it is a given.

Clocks are somehow important to Blutbad culture.
Something about the way Monroe smashed one over Angelina's grave just seems to significant to not be some kind of cultural thing.
  • It's actually a real world tradition. When a traveler is buried, their watch is broken to signify their passing/time of death.
  • I thought it was a sign of respect. Leaving something he cares about with his friend, especially after he considered glue to stop a watches mechanism as basically sacrilege and the flat out destroying one in grief to physically symbolize his grief.

In "La Llorona", Monroe helps a girl being bullied by other kids, one of whom is dressed as a Grim Reaper will be a Foreshadowing scene.
I mean really, of all the costumes, a Grim Reaper?

Wu will eventually be brought in on the secret
  • Or better yet, he could be the mastermind behind it all.
  • Poor Wu has been exposed to the secret, and Nick and the others STILL won't tell him.
  • But it appears Status Quo Is God, as Wu has brushed the whole thing aside and everything's gone back to normal. For now.
  • Confirmed. Status Quo WAS God, but Wu is brought in halfway through Season 4, and even paid a visit to Aunt Marie's trailer.

Adalind wanted to get pregnant by Renard so she could sacrifice the resulting hexenbiest child to get her powers back.
What if in order to get hexenbiest powers, one could steal the powers from another hexenbiest by killing them? It's a horrible thought, but I wouldn't put anything past Adalind at this point.
  • Actually, it seems like this is partly true, but only partly. As of "Volcanalis", we find out Adalind DID get pregnant to get her powers back, but by selling her baby to gypsies, who want it for its royal blood, in return for her powers. Who knows what will have to be done to get her powers back, if it's possible?
  • Weirdly enough, even more of it is confirmed, though not the title theory we find out that Adalind is planning to get her powers back by killing Frau Pech and taking her powers. This succeeded, but also turned the baby into a Hexenbiest in utero. Still no word on what's finally going to happen to the baby though.

Juliette's hallucinations are a visual representation of her brain trying to reconnect with her missing memories.
The sparks could represent her brain signals and there's the fact that the mysterious voice says that it just wants her to know the truth, something that Nick was trying to tell her at the end of last season before she lost her memories.
  • Confirmed.

Juliette's hallucination has some sort of connection to the Abyss.
This Troper is thinking that Juliette will be turning into a Nietzsche Wannabe.

Chuck Norris is a Grimm.
Well, THINK about it. The monsters check under the bed for HIM!
  • There is no evolution. There are the Wesen Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
  • Chuck Norris knows where the other six keys well as the last digit of Pi.

Wu already knows about the Wesen world.
He's a normal person like Hank, but he's known about the Wesen world this entire time He has kept it cool because he believes nobody else knows. This is why he didn't kick up a fuss when all the weird symptoms resulting from eating Hank's cookie emerged. He didn't want to call attention on any strangeness. Maybe in the past he saw something he thought no one else would believe, but he has the sort of disposition to handle it without going nuts. Maybe he has a Wesen friend he doesn't want to get in trouble. It's only a matter of time before he gives himself away, though.
  • Maybe he's secretly a Grimm - whether one pre-power gaining or one who hasn't inherited it at all. After all, we did have a mention of an Asian Grimm before.
    • His being in a Grimm family, but without the "Grimm" trait, like Nick's uncle, could explain his knowing the Wesen world and being able to operate in it inconspicuously.
  • It's likely he doesn't know about the Wesen world now...but maybe he'll learn about it independently from Nick and Hank and for a while think he's the only one who knows.
    • The number of Wesen related cases he has to do grunt work on, he's smart enough to connect enough dots to get him brought in on the secret. Also, him working it out would rock.
  • Jossed on his already knowing beforehand. But he knows now, with horrible consequences, and is eventually brought into the Grimm fold.

Eric Renard is going to turn on Adalind.
He may not want an illegitimate child (from his point of view, royal bastards are real pain) or perhaps he has reason to suspect the baby is not his. From what we've seen of Eric, he doesn't strike this troper as the paternal type. Or if he DOES want the child, he might try to get rid of Adalind after he/she is born.
  • In "One Angry Fuchsbau", his creepy manner towards her, his reference to her "glow", and the fact that he wants to go to Portland himself to talk to his brother suggest he might find her more a liability than an asset. It could be he has suspected Adalind of being a spy of Captain Renard's all along. Eric seemed to trust her a little too quickly. Maybe he never trusted her.
  • Now that Eric is dead it seems that Eric's cousin Viktor might fill this role. He set a watch on Adalind. He knew about the baby, and wished to bring it into the Royal Families, creating a new plot lline.

Captain Renard's mother is Catherine Schade.
It actually makes total sense when you think about it. His mother's identity has never been revealed, but we know that she is a Hexenbiest. And Catherine was loyal to the point where she died rather than give Renard's name to Nick's mother. To me that seems to go beyond simple loyalty and into protectiveness. It's also reasonable to bet that Renard doesn't actually know that Catherine is mother, since it would be political and probably literal suicide for her to claim a royal, even a bastard, as her son. But, Adalind probably does know, which is part of why there's always so much tension between the two. And it makes her rejection by her mother that much harsher. In Adalind's eyes, she's being being passed over for the bastard son who doesn't even know who his mother is and how much he does for him. As for Adalind and Renard sleeping together, it's not that hard to see Adalind sleeping with her half-brother if it benefited her in some way.
  • The only iffy part here is whether the ages work out. I had the impression Renard and Catherine were pretty close to the same age. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about Hexenbiest aging, lifespan, etc.
  • There's another iffy part too. In "Love Sick" there is a strong implication that Renard and Catherine had a sexual relationship at some point. Just a little creepy...
  • And in "The Other Side", Eric Renard tells Adalind that Captain Renard's mother took him out of school and fled with him to America. Before that time she was known as one of their father's mistresses and to be Sean's mother. It wouldn't make sense for Sean not to know who his mother was since there was no reason for him not to know until she was revealed to be a Hexenbiest.
  • Jossed. Incest Is Relative is not in play here. Plus Captain Renard's mother comes to Portland alive in Season 4, and she called him on the phone at the beginning of Season 3, well after Catherine's death.

Hank has Wesen ancestry.
Hank's last name is Griffin because some of his ancestors were actual griffins. However, because his Wesen ancestors mainly mated with normal humans, their descendants eventually lost most of their Wesen abilities/forgot their Wesen history. Hank is mostly human so he did not inherit the ability to Woge or recognize Wesen and Grimm. However, Hank's Wesen blood makes him slightly stronger than normal humans which makes it easier for him to take down Wesen with just his bare hands. (Such as when he fought Coyotls)

Hexenbiests & Zauberbiests are blind when they Woge.
The Grimm Diary entry for Hexenbiests is incorrect. It's not just an illusion that Hexenbiests/Zauberbiests have no eyes. They literally lose their eyes when they Woge and have to rely on enhanced hearing. As a half-Royal and half-Zauberbiest, Renard becomes blind in only one eye. He retains the enhanced hearing, however, to make up for the partial-blindness.

Bud, the Eisbiber, has a crush on Nick.

Renard's mother was a good Hexenbiest
In Volcanalis we learn quite a bit about Hexenbiest and that there is a market for babies of royal blood. So with that knowledge we're left wondering, why did Renard's mother keep him? We've already seen so many examples of individuals overcoming the nature of their Wesen type, maybe Renard's mother was one of them, and she didn't care for the money or what the other Hexenbiest would think.
  • Will we ever learn the fate of Renard's mother? Or even her name?
  • In "PTZD", Renard gets a phone call from her. They seem to be on good terms.
  • In "Red Menace", Renard mentions that his mother made a potion for a priest who needed to suppress sexual urges. It's the first time we've heard of a Hexenbiest actually doing something beneficial to a person, so this may give credence to the theory that she's a good witch.
  • This might indeed be true. She comes to Portland in Season 4 to not only bring her son back from the dead, but restore Nick's Grimm powers.

They didn't kill THE Volcanalis. They destroyed A Volcanalis.
Everyone treated him like he was an Anthropomorphic Personification of the Volcanoes in the ring of Fire and that every time Volcanalis was sited it was the same guy. but I think it was more likely that the creature is an Elemental Embodiment. a one use drone, created, and later subsumed by a volcano. In short, I believe that the thing they killed could be easily replaced by the volcano at any time, and the problem is only going away because of the plot. Think about it. That creature couldn't be in every single volcano in the ring at once, but if every single volcano in the ring could "generate" such beings to protect themselves, that would explain.
  • 1: Why it did not appear to have a normal form, only a woge.
    • Volcanalis isn't a Wesen, hence no Woge. We were introduced to the idea that there's other supernatural things in the world in "La Llorona" (even though she Woged, she was a ghost not a Wesen). If I remember right, they called Volcanalis a demon but it really seemed more like an elemental to me.
  • 2: How it could appear in volcanoes all over the world even though I don't think it could travel at all among men, being a giant fire demon
  • 3: Why it could be killed (Anthropomorphic Personifications are usually immortal)

Season 3
So Nick's been infected with Cracher-Mortel venom and he's being sent to Europe (presumably) with a fake passport to go along with him. The first half of season three could include these plot points: first, Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, Renard, and all the rest track Nick to Vienna or wherever Eric is sending him, and they find him in the midst of a zombie rampage and just barely manage to cure him in time. While doing this, Renard and Eric get into a fight, and Eric loses the fight and pays with his life, leaving a big void in the Royal line...and a plot point that fades into the background for the second half of the season, during which they return to Portland and resume the Monster of the Week setup. During this time Nick learns that he's gained super strength from his ordeal (just like how his encounter with the Jinnamuru Xunte left him with super senses). And somewhere down the line, Nick may encounter a snake Wesen that spits hallucinogenic venom (probably in another weird color, like blue) and he'll come out of it with mind-control powers.
  • In which case he'll start absorbing powers like Peter Petrelli until his body starts malfunctioning...which would lead to the actual death of his body, and his ghost possessing Hank or somebody else, as the ending cliffhanger for Season 3.
    • Jossed. Nick wakes up in Zombie Mode on Baron Samedi's escape plane, and his ensuing fight with Baron Samedi causes the plane to crash while it's still in Oregon. Also, no fight takes place between Eric and Sean. The latter has him blown up via a phone call, setting up a new Big Bad to replace him.

Sgt Wu is a member of the Asian Grimms we've heard about, his powers just haven't kicked in/skipped his generation.

Season 3 will involve Nick in Vienna, and Hank dealing with Wesen cases without a Grimm
Eric will take Nick back to Vienna, where he will cure him and try to convince him to do the Royal Family's dirty work for them. Meanwhile Hank will have to deal with Nick's cases, and he'll seek Monroe's help — but will be frustrated that Monroe can't see the same things Nick can. Juliette will go to Austria to find Nick, and run into Adalind. Nick will return to Portland after a few episodes — but so will Eric, and Nick will join the resistance against the Royals.
  • Jossed. Eric's plan to remove Nick from the United States crashes, literally. Eric is also assassinated for it, sealing the plan's failure and resulting in his cousin Viktor Beckendorf succeeding him as the Big Bad of the Royal Families for Season 3 and most of Season 4.

Eric Renard is sterile.
This could be the twist that nobody (in the show, at least) would see coming. One of the big mysteries right now the father of Adalind's baby, Eric or Sean? It's really a mystery that would not be easy to solve even with a DNA test, since DNA between two brothers (even half-brothers) is so similar. However, one can't help but notice that Eric Renard, despite being middle-aged and apparently the only legitimate son of the King, is not married and has no children. In a royal family, this sort of thing is rather important. This revelation would not only solve the mystery of the baby's parentage, but raise the much more important question of the succession in the Renard family, and how Sean would fit into it.
  • Interestingly enough, though we'll never know about Eric, it turns out Viktor was sterile, for what it's worth.

Adalind's baby will lead to her redemption
Instead of the rather grim fate most suspect will befall Adalind and her child, Adalind will have a change of heart and somehow manage to keep the baby, causing her to have a Heel–Face Turn once and for all. She will seek refuge in Portland, hiding from the Royal Families and the Gypsies.
  • No such luck. She's managed to take away Nick's powers at the end of Season 3. However, she's now pregnant with HIS child, and the process that was done to get Nick's powers back has turned Juliette into a Hexenbiest. Adalind is now trying to fix this mess, which includes finding Diana, so this isn't jossed.
    • The birth of Nick's child forces Nick and Adalind to reconcile their differences for the son's sake. As of Season 5, they're beginning to fall in love.

Season three will have part of the story take place in Seattle
Actors have been posting pictures and interviews during filming. It was stated in season 1 that Rosalee had been living in Seattle before her brothers death, so maybe the Grimm gang will be going there to get help from her old contacts.
  • Maybe Rosalee will go there with Monroe to meet her family and run into trouble, causing the gang to go up there and help out.
    • Jossed. They did not visit Seattle in Season 3.

Eric Renard isn't dead
I can't buy that they killed the season 2 Big Bad offscreen in the first episode of the season.

Stefania tricked Adalind.
Adalind has shown no signs of regaining her powers. Stefania showed no concern that the ritual might harm the child. In "El Cucuy", we are shown that two heartbeats are showing up on Adalind's ultrasound. It's very likely that the ritual Stefania had her perform will affect the child, not Adalind, and will somehow increase its value on the black market. Stefania probably plans to kill Adalind after she delivers.
  • Adalind has shown signs of regaining her powers, but the ritual has also affected the baby. It still remains to be seen if Stefania tricked her or not.
  • Now we know that Stefania has betrayed Adalind in favor of Viktor.

The fate of Adalind's child will be a make or break moment for the show
"Scary baby" storylines can be very sketchy. From the looks of things, they are trying to make out Adalind's baby to be some sort of monster baby as a result of the ritual Adalind performed. It could cause the show to jump the shark if not done well enough.

Stephania is Renard's mother.
And she is going to be pissed when she discovers that it's her own grandchild she's been auctioning off.
  • Mmm, doubtful. Renard's mother is French or Belgian, and a Hexenbiest to boot.
  • Jossed. Renard mentions that his mother knew her but they are not the same person. Renard's mother then turns up in Season 4, cementing this as Jossed.

Meat is the Blutbad equivalent of alcohol.
This is why many Blutbad who are apparently law-abiding citizens are seen enjoying meat, but Monroe is not: he is the Blutbad equivalent of an alcoholic who has trouble controlling the predatory urges that come with eating meat. It's also why Rosalee refers to it as the "meat wagon" when they share a meal in a restaurant.

Wu is going to "get past his fear" by becoming a Wesen-hunter.
Whether or not his brush with the Aswang triggers the onset of Grimm-vision or he really believes, Wu is going to start conquering his fear (as Juliette suggested) by going down the path of the Well-Intentioned Extremist and turning into a Knight Templar. Any time he gets a hint that something's off about somebody (i.e., Wesen) he's going to start taking them out.

Kelly is completely wrong about Diana.
Kelly has said that Diana's powers are the result of her mother's ritual and that she is becoming a Hexenbiest early. However, when Diana activated her powers, her eyes glowed purple. A Hexenbiest's eyes look entirely blind when they Woge. It's not the same phenomenon. And what's more, Kelly, a Grimm, didn't even notice her eyes. She didn't notice anything was wrong until the baby made the necklace move. There is definitely something to Diana and it is not that she's a Hexenbiest.
  • To take it step further, Kelly could also be wrong about being able to control Diana as she gets older. We've already seen that she is capable of murder even from the womb. Who's to say she won't turn against Kelly as she gets older?

Geier treatments are no better than similar human treatments.
Monroe, like many Wesen, just thinks they "really work," for the same reason that people who scoff at other culture's traditional medicines believe in their own's.

The events of "The Law of Sacrifice" will have disastrous consequences.
Although Diana's wayward powers were Played for Laughs, one wonders if Kelly will be able to teach Diana how to control her power. It's most likely she will not. How would she? Diana could very well turn on her for the worst at a bad moment.

Viktor, not one to give up easily, will begin cutting bloody swathes through the Resistance looking for the baby. He will likely recruit other Royals like him even from other families to pool their resources to find her.

The Resistance has already been strained because of the pressure put on them by Eric's assassination. Now the pressure is ten times worse and they are beginning to die like flies, most of them not knowing why. One way or another (either through Tavitian or Meisner or someone who might have escaped interrogation) they learn the Royals are after the baby they helped to escape. The Resistance will begin their own search for the child. Some factions might want to trade the baby to the Royals in exchange for the Royals letting up the bloodshed (what's one baby to entire Resistance movement?) and some might even be of the persuasion that if the baby is so important they will either need her for themselves or they might even think the only good Royal is a dead one. Especially a Royal whose mere existence has given them such grief.

If news of the baby's precocious powers then get around, the Wesen Council might feel the need to get involved, as a child with such power could easily break The Masquerade. And we know how the Wesen Council deals with such things.

So you would have the three major factions all looking for the baby, some meaning help and some meaning harm. Dozens and dozens of people will die needlessly. Kelly did all right when she was by herself and no one was actively searching for her. It's highly unlikely she will be able to do so with the Royals, the Resistance, and the Wesen Council all looking for her, and with a baby (probably very conspicuously throwing things around with her mind with less and less control) in tow.

And now another thing to consider: taking Adalind's child away from her has rendered her vulnerable and easily manipulated by anyone who lets her think they can give her child back to her, like Viktor.

  • Confirmed in ways unimaginable, and these are thy ways: That last point is indeed key, for Viktor DOES trick Adalind into thinking he has her daughter when he doesn't, and convinces her to disguise herself as Juliette and sleep with Nick, taking his Grimm powers away (she evidently could do this because Nick fed her his blood and killed her old Hexenbiest form back in Season 1 to save Hank, which was what led to her putting Juliette in a coma and allying with the Royals in the first place). She returns to Vienna, discovers the ruse, is put through mental torture, and then goes back to Portland with Viktor to find Diana. The set of spells that the gang used to reGrimm Nick when the Wesenrein forced their hand concerning Monroe and Rosalee turns JULIETTE into a very powerful Hexenbiest who begins going rogue when that secret breaks. Plus Adalind is now pregnant with Nick's child as a result of the Bed Trick. Adalind and the Royals discover the extent of what Adalind's actions have brought, Viktor is replaced by Prince Kenneth, who asserts his authority over Renard and then throws Adalind under the bus in favor of getting Juliette on the Royals' team when he discovers the facts, and now Adalind is having to work with the Grimm gang to fix this mess. And it will just keep going....

Renard's mother will arrive in Season Four
She will find out somehow that her son has been critically wounded and will rush to be at his side. Consequently, she will get caught up in the effort to help Nick get his powers back.
  • Confirmed. She does indeed invoke Mama Bear by saving Sean from certain death, and she did assist in restoring Nick's powers, but they had dire consequences.

Renard's mother and other good Hexenbiest are the basis for fairy godmothers.
Also, she's Glinda the Good Witch.

Diana actually died in her mother's womb, and something else took her place.
In utero, Diana was progressing like a normal fetus would until the sixth month. Granted, a second heartbeat showed up on her sonogram, but that could have been her mother's Hexenbiest spirit manifesting. From what we take from the ritual, Adalind was transferring Frau Pech's hexenbiest powers to herself. So...where did Diana's powers come from? Where did the other spirit come from to manifest her powers? I argue that some formless thing associated with the spirit world saw the situation and took advantage of it. When Adalind started having awful pains, that was the monster slowly taking hold of Diana's body, and the final writhes we saw in Adalind's womb were Diana's final, agonized death throes, and the skeleton face that manifested on the unborn child's face was the confirming sign that Diana was dead and the thing had taken over completely.

And now it waits. It defends itself when necessary, like with the Verrat officer who got a pen in his eye. But for the most part it waits, enjoying the form of an infant. The reason why it took such a liking to Kelly was because Kelly is one of the only people on the good side who believes her powers are a good thing and is willing to nurture them. She has the most perfect (and most unsuspecting) guardian in Kelly. It's very likely she's not even necessarily evil, but it's just the sort of thing her kind does.

Trubel will turn out to be a member of Nick's family.
They're not just related "sometime in the last 600 years" but more immediately. She could be a long-lost Kessler or a child that Kelly gave up after Faking the Dead, if she was early pregnant at the time of the car crash. The fact that Jacqueline Toboni looks like David Giuntoli's little sister is not a coincidence.
  • The ages line up. In the pilot, Nick mentions that Marie took care of him from the time he was 12. Later in the season, a character makes a remark that the accident was 18 years ago. Taking into account the way people round off their ages when talking about the past, Nick is ~30-31 as of Season 1, making him ~33 by Season 3. When Trubel shows up in late Season 3, she is identified as 21 years old. What does that make their age difference? 12 years.
  • And the locations line up. Her file during her intro episode showed that Trubel was born in New York City. Where was Nick's parents' accident? Upstate New York.
    • Confirmed. The series finally casually mentions that Trubel is Nick's third cousin on his mother's side.

Nick's will not be able to cure Juliette's Hexenbiest condition with his blood.
Because Juliette participated in the spell to restore Nick's Grimm abilities, his blood will have no effect on her.

This is why the writers had Trubel conveniently leave just as it was becoming an issue and she'll probably make her return right when it matters. Or Nick's mom will come back. Or both. Probably at the end of this season or the beginning of the next.

  • Confirmed, evidently

Theresa Rubel is Nick's daughter from the future, sent back by a time traveling Wesen
Nick eventually has a daughter, and she's sent back in time by a Wesen who can send people through time. Nick eventually gets sent back in time himself, and meets the seven knights who sacked Constantinople. Nick is what is sealed inside, and Trubel was sent to the past so that there'd be a Grimm for when Nick gets sent back in time, so they can open the door and let him out. They couldn't use his mother because she wasn't around, so they had to send Trubel back to do it. Trubel of course has no idea that she traveled through time.

A future episode/plotline will involve a Grimm and a Wesen being in a stable relationship.
We have learned that relations between different kinds of Wesen are sometimes met with prejudice, but a Wesen being with a Grimm must be unheard of, if not outright sacrilege. It would provide a contrast, or perhaps even provide help, with Nick and Juliette's current issues.
  • Probably a contrast given what happened.
  • Possibly confirmed. Nick and Adalind seem to be getting close as of season 5, despite their unpleasant history.

Trubel will return to bring out the good left in Juliette
  • If this doesn't work, Juliette will become one of the Big Bads of Season 5, along with possibly the King himself.
    • Jossed. Both characters are killed in the Season 4 finale (The King is pushed out of a helicopter by Laufer leader Meisner, and Juliette is shot by Trubel with a crossbow when she tries to kill Nick.)
      • It's possible that Juliette survived - her power is literally Off the Scale and resurrection is possible in the Grimm universe - but that FBI Spec-Ops team outside their house might have something to say about that.
      • Juliette did indeed survive and is in the service of Hadrian's Wall. However, we don't know how she got into their employ or whether their intentions are considered "good", so this theory still stands somewhat.

The Resistance will serve as Season 5's villains.
With the death of the King, the Royal Family is going to have a bit of internal issues to work through before they'll be a threat again. While we've mostly seen the Laufer in a positive light, it was mainly because the Royal Family were a more immediate and bigger threat; this will give them the opportunity to show off the Laufer as Well-Intentioned Extremists willing to do anything to accomplish their goals.
  • Remember that Renard was unwilling to give Diane to the Laufer - why would he do that if the Laufer were entirely good? And now they have Diane, and their refusal to return her will likely start the conflict..
  • It seems that the Wesen cult will take the mantle of main antagonist, but the Resistance could still possibly be secondary, especially with the revelation that Meisner is in cahoots with the people who kidnapped Trubel, killed the King on behalf of Viktor, who is supposedly now the new King, and has so far not returned Diana to Adalind's custody after assassinating the King. Whatever they have been doing (or intend to do) with the creature in that cage (which turned out to be Juliette) remains to be seen.

Season Five, will feature another baby eating Wesen
Cause lets face it its to big an opportunity to miss. Nick will have to deal with a case of a type of Wesen who eats infants while still in the womb (like the Aswang's but not members of their own family). It will end up going after Adalind and try and eat Nick's baby. Nick will of course turn up in the nick of time, but will end up killing the beast in an incredibly brutal fashion. However saving her, will only end up scaring Adalind and making her more worried about what her fate (and perhaps even her child's if it takes more after her than him) will be after she gives birth.
  • Well The baby's born now, so at least part of this is Jossed, but there's still a lot of fairy tails and legends involving baby snatchers, so there's that

The loss of so many of Nick's Grimm Diaries
will be a serious problem next seasonNow that Nick's lost most of his ancestors' books in the fire, it will create problems for him next season, such as having to face multiple new Wesen blind, until he finds replacements.
  • Well, he'll still have Monroe, Rosalee, Renard, Bud and Adalind but they can't know everything so the point still stands.
  • Jossed in 5x10, when Monroe's uncle, an antique book dealer in Leipzig, comes across a dead Grimm's collection. Hank hangs that lampshade toward the end: "Looks like we got our trailer back."

Rosalee's name is a shout-out
She's named after a young girl named Rosaleen who also liked the Company of Wolves.

Historical people who were Wesen
  • H. P. Lovecraft was a Naiad, or had a Naiad ancestor, and didn't take the discovery very well. It did inspire a story, though.
  • Baba Yaga (okay, not exactly historical) was a Koschei or a Hexenbiest.
  • Erwin Rommel or Manfred von Richthofen were Steinadler.
  • Owen Chase of the Essex was an Apgadnieks.
  • Josef Mengele was a Geier. Geiers are known for particularly sadistic behavior among Wesen and considering Mengele's experiments...
  • The Iron Age Belgae, a coalition of tribes that apparently vexed the Roman Legions. Their name is usually translated to mean "those who swell (with battle-fury)", which sounds a lot like woge. Caesar also called them "the bravest" of the Gauls, indicating they put up quite a fight.

The creature locked away in Season 5 is Juliette
  • She's not dead, just gone completely off the deep end and being kept in that room
  • Holy mother of ***, this is confirmed. Juliette returns as part of The Stinger of the Season 5 midway finale, and is now in cahoots with Hadrian's Wall and Meisner.

Juliette will become Jenova.
  • Just for fun, but she has the capabilities as a Hexenbiest, and Jenova does look like her somewhat.

Diana will return for Kelly.
Diana seems to know about what people's fate are, as well as who she may trust or not; So its not out of the park that she may know that she has a little brother.

Nick will fight the Slender Man
The Slender Man is a non-Wesen creature who reached Internet fame and is able to keep taking kids because no one believes he actually exists.

The "Tony" guy Rosalee is trying to avoid is her baby-daddy
Back when she was a drug addict she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption, So even if Tony is a good guy, he's still part of a very painful memory she doesn't want to be reminded off.....or she just doesn't want to be reminded of her addict days period, time will tell.

Somebody in Black Claw found the Coins of Zakynthos
Toward the end of Season 3, Kelly sent Nick a message saying that she couldn't destroy the Coins and had to hide them somewhere. Then, the events with Diana unfold and Kelly takes her off into the sunset to raise her. So... where did she hide the coins? That's a secret that Kelly took to her grave. We can assume she hid them somewhere in the Balkans or Eastern Europe. Where did Black Claw get started, again?

Eve is short for eavesdropper
Juliette / Eve is actually a double agent working for Black Claw; the whole Eve thing is just an act to throw off suspicions.
  • Also, in "Inugami", Rachel, Renard's campaign manager and girlfriend, manages to retrieve Diana. Since Meisner was the one who assassinated the King and took custody of the child, and he would never willingly hand her over to Black Claw, it could very well be that there is a double agent among the ranks of Hadrian's Wall.

Season 5 Finale Predictions
Now that Grimm has been renewed for a sixth season, it's time for guesses about the characteristic end-of-season cliffhanger!
  • Since we've established in a WMG above that Trubel is related to Nick, one of them is going to be grievously wounded as the screen goes dark. Come Season 6 Episode 1, the other will give them blood and/or an organ transplant to save their life.
  • We find out in 5x18 that Black Claw has taken Diana from Hadrian's Wall, possibly because of a mole. This mole is going to get the base destroyed. Eve will stop him and reveal that her persona was an elaborate double agent strategy, and then obliterate Black Claw. She will then revert back to Juliette because Status Quo Is God.
  • Wu is going to gain control of his new Lycanthrope powers and save the day when everything seems to be lost. Or he'll die from them. Or be on the verge of death, when the healing stick saves him. He might come back wrong.
  • Trubel is at least going to try to depower Adalind, since she doesn't want to be a Hexenbiest anymore. This may or may not work since she already has Nick's blood inside her and she's undergone the ritual to get her powers back. This will also depower Juliette, because of how entangled they are.
  • What HAS happened is Juliette is apparently back, but Diana's part forces an extremely uneasy Enemy Mine between Adalind and Renard. Diana is responsible for the Big Bad's death. Jossed on the mole possibly; the base was destroyed, but no one was there to stop it and Meisner was killed. Neither Nick nor Trubel are currently mortally wounded.

Diana will be part of the Big Bad Ensemble for Season 6

Season 6 will be the final season of Grimm and bring closure to most, if not all, of the major plot threads.

The Reapers will return in Season 6.

Diana will be instrumental in the season 6 finale.
  • There is already talk about an important date, which could mean the end of the world. There was also talk of Diana's birth being an important event in earlier seasons, so this could very well be her purpose.

In this universe, Hans Christian Andersen was a Grimm
In S2E2, "The Kiss", we get a Freeze-Frame Bonus, that the Mauvis Dentes' fingerprints is linked to a murder in Odense, Denmark. This is where Andersen was born. We can assume that Andersen, like in real life, didn't have any direct descendants. But who is to say that there aren't non-direct descendants around somewhere.

Otherkin are actually Wesen that reveal who they are through face paint & mask versions of their woged selves and using the names Kehrseite know them as
It's one big joke they like to play on Kehrseite.

Monroe's full name is Monroe Monroe.
There's no other way around the fact that Monroe is his first name. His friends, his wife, his parents, everybody calls him that. However, in "The Seven Year Itch", you can clearly see his wife's full name on a hospital screen, and it says "patient: Rosalee Calvert Monroe". So that means it's got to be his last name too. Unless that's always been Rosalee's full name since before they married... but that would be a phenomenal coincidence.

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