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Drinking Game / Grimm

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  • Take a drink whenever:
    • Anyone Woges
    • Anyone names a Wesen species
    • A lamp gets broken
    • The Key is mentioned or shown
    • The location changes to Europe
    • Anyone uses a weapon from the trailer
    • Anyone goes to the trailer when Nick is not there
    • Any main character tampers with evidence or goes outside the law
    • The Grimm books are in a language Nick can't read
    • Nick tells a Wesen he won't hurt them
    • Hank or Juliette asks Nick if someone is Wesen, or if someone just Woged.
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    • Monroe speaks German
    • One of Monroe's clocks is shown
    • Monroe's routine is interrupted
    • Renard is shirtless
    • Renard receives a foreign language phone call
    • Wu eats something
    • One of Wu's jokes falls flat
    • Juliette or Rosalee does something badass
  • Drink twice whenever:
    • Any magic, potion, medicine, or concoction is used.
    • Any "normal person" or group of people sees a Wesen Woge (or already Woged). Does not count if they already know about Wesen.
    • Reapers appear
    • A new Wesen species is introduced
    • Adalind does something idiotic for whatever reason.
  • Finish your drink whenever:
    • Nick tells someone about Grimms and Wesen
    • A historical figure is revealed to be Wesen
    • Monroe's house is decorated for a holiday
    • Any Grimm other than Nick or Trubel appears. Only counts once per episode.
    • The episode's villain turns out to be supernatural, but NOT Wesen.

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