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  • In episode 1x06, a Blutbad, in other words a werewolf of sorts, by the name of Adam Hauptmann is mentioned.
  • In Episode 11, they meet a friend of Monroe's, a Spinnetod, named Charlotte.
  • Ariel Eberhart claims she got her dragon tattoo "long before that book came out."
  • Episode 19 is titled Leave it to Beavers.
  • In "Happily Ever Aftermath", the name of the businessman that perpetrated the Ponzi-scheme is Bernard Eidekoff, which is reminiscent of real-life criminal Bernie Madoff, convicted of a Ponzi-scheme.
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  • The bigfoot investigators in "Big Feet" are named Patterson and Gimlin, after the Patterson-Gimlin film.
  • The Opening Narration in Season 2 is one big Shout-Out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • In episode 2x16 a video game designer uses the character alias of Aeryn Sun.
  • The title of the episode “One Angry Fuchsbau" is a shout out to “Twelve Angry Men”, a drama about a jury.
  • Though the episode "Cold Blooded" draws most of its influence from the myth about alligators living in the sewers, Nick is able to find the Monster of the Week's hideout by following the sound of several ticking clocks. Of course these are alligators and not crocodiles, but the connection is clear.
    • The wesen in question also bears more than a passing resemblance to Killer Croc.
    • The Vambrace Nick uses to take on the Gelumcaedus has the appearance of the Hidden Blades used by the Assassins.
      • It shows up again in the fourth-season finale, Cry Havoc, with another Shout-Out, this time specifically to Assassin's Creed: Unity, when Nick uses it to kill Kenneth, by stabbing him very slowly in the neck, reminiscent of the way Arno dispatches François-Thomas Germain in the finale.
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  • Nick, Hank and Wu are dressed in decontamination clothes aside being accidentally exposed to some minor doses of radiation, which resulted in a Ghostbusters reference.
  • In "Stories We Tell Our Young", Renard tells Nick and Hank that if anyone wants to reach him on an important matter, he told them that he'll be in "Tahiti" for the meantime.
  • The koschei wesen are a reference to the tales of Koschei the Deathless with a side-order of Rasputin the Mad Monk.
  • In "Bad Luck" the Willahara (rabbit-like wesen) victim's name is Peter and his mother's name is Beatrice.
  • Kenneth Bowes-Lyon shares a surname with the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. All the Royal Families are related.
  • The general premise of the season 5 episode "Silence of the Slams" is very similar to The Haunted Mask, which makes for a decent amount of Nightmare Fuel.
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  • The Musasat Alsh-Shabab from "Skin Deep" looks a lot like the Predator.
  • In "The Kiss" in season 2, the Mauvis Dentes' prints are matched to five murders in Europe. One of these murders took place in the city in which Hans Christian Andersen was born; Odense, Denmark.

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