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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 

  • In "The First Cut is The Deepest", a badly beaten rape victim is being treated in the OR when its noted that she wasn't raped-she put up enough of a fight her attacker fled.
    Derek: What is she, like 5'2" 100 pounds? She's still breathing after what this guy did to her? They catch the guy, they should castrate him.
    Preston: See how shredded her hands are? She tried to fight back.
    Derek: Tried to? Rape kit came back negative. She kicked his ass.
    Preston: So, we have a warrior among us, huh?
  • When it's discovered Izzie was once a lingerie model for "Bethany Whisper" in "No Man's Land", she naturally gets mocked for it. Fed up with the various cracks, Izzie strips to her underwear in the locker room, telling everyone to go ahead and get a long look. She then smugly points out that thanks to that "shameful job" she once had, she is completely paid off on her med school debts while her fellow interns are going to need years to pay off theirs.

     Season 2 
  • In the season 2 finale:
    Adele: How dare you send those kids away? I just told my sister her baby's cancer's back, you're damned right I'm emotional. If you don't want to bend your precious rules for Camille, fine. Don't do it for her, do it for me. Do it for your wife who says nothing about your long hours, who looks the other way while you have an affair with another woman, who sobers you up when that woman left you, who stayed with you when everyone — EVERYONE — said I would be better off alone. I am not asking you, I am telling you. You're gonna make this up to Camille. You're going to prioritize the needs of your family over those of your other patients. Or. You're gonna find a new place to sleep.

     Season 3 

     Season 4 
  • "Crash Into Me"
    • Paramedic Stan is pinned in the overturned ambulance, mortally injured. The last thing he ever does is order the extraction to stop, as he noticed his partner Ray was impaled and the extraction was loosening the object, which would kill the man.
    • Bailey, after two episodes of professionally handling a neo-Nazi white supremacist's injuries, gets her revenge by sewing him up crooked. The skin was jagged, we swear.
    • George O'Malley's very calmly delivered speech to a white supremacist paramedic is all the more awesome for the circumstances that surround it. It's given very quietly, very passively and slightly homicidally as he changes the dressing on the supremacist's wound. It's even more dramatic when you consider the entire plot-line is whether or not you should let a patient's behavior dictate the care you give. George would.
      George: Well, Dr. Bailey did save your life today. A black woman saved your life at great personal cost. So maybe next time you're looking at your tattoo, and you're thinking how much better all us white guys are than everyone else, you think about that. Because between you and me, if I had been alone in that O.R.? You'd probably be dead right now. (Leans in) And, uh, since we're sharing belief systems, I believe, if you were dead, the world would be a better place.
  • A nerdy teen gets himself encased in a block of cement (to impress some popular kids and his crush) and, while everyone frantically tries to get him out, he calls himself a loser and compares himself to Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Dr. Bailey assures him that neither he nor Han Solo is a loser, and then lists all of the awesome things Han Solo has done-including in the Expanded Universe. When she's done, everyone is staring at her and she just says, "I like science-fiction. Anyone got a problem with that?"

     Season 5 
  • Several from "Dream A Little of Me", the two-part season opener
    • Three old ladies are riding in a limo when it crashes. They manage to get the driver into the backseat, apply pressure to his injures, and drive to the hospital.
    • Owen Hunt's Establishing Character Moment: He shows up in the back of an ambulance, breathing for a man through an improvised pen tracheotomy. Once inside, Dr, Webber notices he is injured and tells Cristina to patch him up. Owen insists on checking his patients beforehand, and then starts stapling his wound closed without anesthesia before handing the staple gun to Cristina.
      Owen: Can't get an angle on these, can you?
    • Christina telling Meredith at the beginning of Season 5 what most of us have been thinking for years in one little speech… which is unfortunately undercut by the immediate Laser-Guided Karma that follows.
  • Lexie's photographic memory comes to the rescue in "Here Comes the Flood" when she correctly diagnoses a patient's rare condition from an article in a medical journal.
    Lexie: British Journal of ENT, issue number 47, page 19, from 1964.
  • Mark, the hospital casanova, being a good friend and helping Callie figure out lesbian sex with a session in an on-call room after a bad first attempt.
  • Dr. Dixon confronting Dr. Bailey for taking advantage of her Asperger's Syndrome in Season 5
  • In "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)", an abused girl decides to protect herself and her mother from the abusive father. So she shoots him...sixteen times.
    • Doubles as a moment of awesome for the surgeons for managing to save the guy - as George notes, the guy shouldn't be alive with that many bullets in him.
    • At the end of the episode, the mother tells her husband she's leaving him, and not to try to find them -not that he'll be able to miss a lung and a kidney and stuck in the hospital for weeks.
  • When Bailey is given an ultimatum by her first husband, he threatened to divorce her if she took the pediatrics fellowship which would require longer hours, telling her to become a general surgeon instead. She took a third option, leaving him because she didn't want to be with someone who would give her ultimatums, though she decided to do general surgery since the divorce meant she would need to spend more time at home to take care of their son.
  • An old woman in "Elevator Love Letter" was given one month to live. She held on for three years.
  • George's Heroic Sacrifice: He pushed a girl out of the way of an oncoming bus and got hit instead.

     Season 6 
  • Arizona's "Good Man in a Storm" speech to Callie's father.
  • Callie calling out her father in season 6 episode 5 for disapproving of her sexuality.
  • In "Give Peace A Chance", a lab tech asks Derek to operate on his inoperable tumor, which has wrapped around his spinal cord. Derek opens him up and then spends ten and a half hours looking at it. The next day, Derek does in for real. With the support of the entire Seattle Grace team, he performs a marathon twenty-one hour surgery, cutting away at the tumor bit by bit, and then cuts a random blood vessel on a blind 50/50 chance to either get the tumor or paralyze the man. And he pulls it off.
    • Lexie gets her own moment as well. Appointed Derek's minder, she brings in Mark so Derek has someone to bounce ideas of off, and later straight-up orders Derek to take a break after he stress-pukes.
  • In "The Time Warp" Bailey is shown to have been awesome even as an intern when she chews out her Jerkass attending for being too eager to operate instead of looking at the patient's history and symptoms properly.
  • Alex unhesitatingly reaches out to help a young mental patient with her condition, on nothing more than his innate soft spot for children and a hunch she isn't crazy. And he doesn't hesitate to pick Lexie's brain for ideas.
    Alex: I know crazy. I-I grew up with crazy. I dated crazy. And I don't think this girl is crazy.

     "Sanctuary"/ "Death And All His Friends" 
Yes, this gets its own folder. Because despite being Nightmare Fuel practically the entire time, everyone gets a chance to shine. Taking it from the top:
  • Alex manages to drag himself into the elevator with one arm after being shot in an attempt to get away.
  • April, despite falling into a pool of her friend's blood, manages to not be a gibbering wreck the entire time and manages to mostly calm down.
  • Derek leaves his office after declaring the lockdown, telling April that this is his hospital and his responsibility.
  • Mark and Lexie find Alex and immediately rush him to a conference room and work to save his life.
  • Derek meets Gary and refuses to show any fear. He doesn't run away, he doesn't talk down, he doesn't flinch. Derek looks him in the eye and nearly manages to talk Gary- whose entire purpose at the moment is to kill Derek- into standing down.
  • Owen and Teddy exfiltrate the hospital with the patient they just operated on, then Owen runs back inside to be with Cristina as Teddy blocks a police officer from stopping him.
  • After Derek gets shot, Cristina drags Meredith back to the supply closet and tell her that if she want to leave, Meredith will have to go through her. Meredith does.
  • Cristina's legendary operation on Derek.
    • Jackson set her up for success, calmly ordering April to tell the nurses to prep for surgery and reassuring Cristina that she can do this
    • Cristina preforms life-saving surgery on Derek, with a gun to her head. She ignores Gary and continues operating as he threatens to kill her.
    • Bohkee gets her own moment when she sneaks Cristina a clamp while Gary is distracted.
    • Owen storms in, promises to kill Gary if he hurts Cristina, then makes his move as Gary prepares to shoot Meredith. He gets shot, but points for trying.
    • Meredith, realizing what is going on, walks into the room and offers to die:
      You want justice, right? Your wife died. I know what happened. Derek told me the story. Lexie Grey is the one who pulled the plug on your wife. She's my sister. Dr. Webber, he was your wife's doctor. I'm the closest thing he has to a daughter. And the man on the table, I'm his wife. If you want to hurt them the way that you hurt, shoot me. I'm your eye for an eye.
    • Jackson unplugs Derek from the monitor, fooling Gary into thinking he is dead. In about ten seconds, he gets the idea, pulls it off the instant he gets the chance, and get Cristina to go along with it.
  • Webber, off duty when the shooting stared, evades the police barricades, gets into the hospital, and seeks out Gary. Knowing he is a target, he walks right up the the man, turns down the offer of a drink, and proceeds to very literally talk him to death, convincing him to use his last bullet on himself.

     Season 7 
  • Dr. Hunt unleashes a Training from Hell trauma certification, which given this is Seattle happens in the pouring rain.
  • April threatening to run Dr Hunt down with an ambulance when he was giving them lessons in trauma surgery.
  • In "Disarm", Christina comes out of her Heroic BSoD by following a group of ambulances to what turns out to be a mass shooting at a college; she then saves a man's life by cutting open his chest and using her own hand to stem the blood in the ambulance', and she stays with him and participates in the surgery when they get him into the Seattle Grace OR. Made even more awesome by the fact that the patient in question was the shooter.
    • Karev saves a 15 year old girl's leg by physically blocking Dr. Stark who was about to cut it off needlessly.
    • The episode ends with a moment of awesome for the whole cast. Dr Webber announces that they received 26 of the victims and none of them died.

     Season 8 
  • The "letter of recommendation" Bailey delivers about Meredith in the season eight premiere.
    Bailey: "You want me to write a recommendation for Meredith Grey... To whom it may concern, Dr. Meredith Grey is an excellent example of the kind of resident you absolutely should not hire. She undermines groundbreaking clinical trials, she has absolutely no respect for rules, authority, or as it turns out the oath she made when she became a doctor. She will most likely tarnish the reputation of you, your doctors, and your hospital. Sincerely, Dr. Miranda Bailey."
  • "What is It About Men": Owen ordering an OR for a broken jaw, then producing said broken jaw by knocking a man twice his weight unconscious in one punch. Then later on explaining to him that no, he won't apologize, and that hurting his patients and his staff is not acceptable. All after being made Chief of Surgery a few episodes prior. Papa Wolf or what?
    Owen: Book OR 2 for a possible concussion and a broken jaw.
    Nurse: We have a patient with a broken jaw?
    Owen: We're about to.
    • A patient gets his own moment as he stands up to the rampaging man-while on crutches-and tells him this isn't right.
  • In "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", a man thinks his girlfriend's pet lion is attacking her. He responds by sticking his hand down the lion's throat to stop it. Richard is massively impressed by the deed.
  • Towards the end of Season Eight, the five residents have to take their Board Exams, and April, err, let the stress get to her. Resulting her attacking a cocky rival via body blow. And starting a barroom brawl. Who'd have thought that tiny thing had it in her?
  • Alex ditches the board exam to be with his intern Morgan as her infant son dies. As a result, he misses and thus fails the first of his exams. Then he gets into it with his examiner over why he was late. The result? Not only does Alex pass, he gets a job offer...from Johns Hopkins, one of the top hospitals in the country.

     Season 9 
  • It's revealed that, after the plane crash, Cristina remained awake for all four days to take care of the others.
  • In "Walking On A Dream", Meredith gets on an airplane again for the first time since the plane crash.
  • In "Readiness is All", Matthew stages a massive flashmob in the ambulance bay to propose to April, roping in a bunch of his paramedic buddies and recruiting a couple dozen people for it. Half the hospital shows up to watch.

     Season 10 


     Season 11 
  • In "The Distance", Amelia performs a marathon 18-hour operation to remove Dr. Herman's massive brain tumor.
    • When she panics after opening and realizing what she's in for, Richard walks in to give her a pep talk.
    • Trying to insert radioactive seeds to prevent the tumor coming back, Amelia struggles to do so in the heavy protective gear. So she removes it, placing highly radioactive devices in a brain with only a latex glove to protect her.
      Meredith: That was...
      Amelia: Really dumb?
      Meredith: No, badass.
    • Stephanie, assisting with the operation, passes out at the 13 hour mark. Four hours later, she wakes up and rushes to the OR, where Amelia lets her close.
      You started this with me, you should finish
    • Unfortunately, Dr. Hrman is left blind, leading Stephanie to tearfully note "We were so close." Amelia is having none of it.
      "We were more than close, Edwards. Dr. Herman lost her sight to her tumor. We took revenge on the tumor by killing it. By tearing it out and decimating it and decreasing its odds of killing Nicole by 100 percent. By sending death running like a crying bitch. By telling death to screw himself. That is the battle, and it is the only battle worth fighting. You should be on a high right now. And you should be chasing that high for the rest of your life. You defeated death. Mere mortals cannot do that. Only we can."
  • April's method of dealing with the loss of her infant? Volunteer as a trauma surgeon in Syria
  • "Time Stops/You're My Home":
    • Dr. Deluca's introduction: On his way in for his first day as an intern, he stops at the massive tunnel collapse and assists a pregnant woman.
    • A man is trapped in his car, and the surgeons sent into the field to assist can't do anything, as he would die before he got to the hospital-Meredith compares him to poor Bonnie from Season 2's train crash. April refuses to give up on him, and at the end of "Time Stops", arrives at the hospital with the entire car strapped to a tow truck.
      April: You were right. If he were closer to the hospital he'd have a chance. So let's give him that chance.
    • Most of the hospital turns out for an all-hands effort to save the man, culminating in a hell-for-leather sprint through the halls for the elevator to the OR.

     Season 12 
  • From the season 12 premiere, we have Callie calling out a patient's homophobic mother for wanting to send her daughter to an anti-gay camp. The same woman later gets punched by Maggie, because she was yelling in her face for supposedly filling her daughter's head with garbage. The other surgeons approved because quite honestly she had it coming, made better by when Maggie went to apologize, the father said she didn't have to apologize, that the mother was the one who should be doing so, and that when his daughter got better, he would take her with him when he leaves his wife.
    Bethany Tanner: You have some nerve coming here.
    Steven Tanner: Bethany...
    Maggie: Mrs. Tanner, I would like to apologize. I was totally out of line before...
    Bethany Tanner: To think I trusted you to treat my daughter.
    Steven Tanner: Bethany!
    Bethany Tanner: I am suing you, and everyone else we have met in this god-forsaken—!
    Steven Tanner: BETHANY, SHUT UP! No one is suing, no one is pressing charges, the only one who should be apologizing is you! We almost lost our child today! She almost died! We are not sending Jess away! This stops now, do you hear me? It stops now!
    Bethany Tanner: Steven, what are you saying?
    Steven Tanner: This stops! Or I am gone. I will leave, and I will take Jess with me, and you will never see her again! I don't care if she’s gay! I care if she's loved, I care if she's happy! And that is what you should care about! What is wrong with you that you don't?!
  • Arizona calling Callie out for her selfish behavior, in regards to who deserves custody of Sofia.
  • April goes full on Mama Bear when she goes into labour at Meredith's with only Ben to help with delivery. When they discover the baby's in breach and she needs a C-section. Without missing a beat she immediately identifies the best room to operate and despite being clearly terrified, stays calm and orders Ben to prioritise the baby over her.
    • Ben gets one too, safely delivering April's baby and performing the procedure under far from ideal circumstances with limited resources and having to essentially being talked through the whole thing by Arizona and a freaked out Jackson and Miranda.

     Season 13 
  • "In the Air Tonight": Meredith and Riggs are on a flight that encounters heavy turbulence, injuring several passengers.
    • Perhaps most notably, Meredith drains a brain bleed in-flight. She hasn't done Neuro in six seasons, and now she's doing brain surgery with a syringe in heavy turbulence. And the guy lives!
  • "True Colors / Ring of Fire"
    • Alison was attacked and almost raped, and fought back by driving her car over a cliff, willing to die if it meant stopping the assault.
    • Stephanie is taken hostage by the rapist and forced to help him escape. When the pair are trapped by a lockdown with a young girl, Steph refuses to allow Erin to be taken hostage and when he tries starting a fire to open the doors, Stephanie takes advantage of this by dousing him in flammable liquid, setting him on fire.
    • When the burning man runs for the lab's gas tanks to blow them up, Stephanie runs after him to prevent this. Failing to stop the explosion, she pulls Erin out from under a machine and stitches her up.
    • Stephanie picks her up and runs through fire to escape, with only a wet blanket to protect her, and makes it to the stairs. Then, realizing her keycard is several floors below, Steph runs back down the stairs into the fire to retrieve it so they can escape to the roof.
    • Ben, having seen Steph before the explosion, is the only one who knows where she might be. Unable to figure out her location on the blueprints, he offers to lead a team to find her. As Miranda and the police and firefighters object, Ben grabs a turnout jacket.
      Ben: You coming or what? runs into the hospital trailed by police and firefighters
    • Erin codes on the roof, forcing Stephanie to do CPR with burned hands. Found by Ben's team, she rides the gurney all the way down to the ER maintaining CPR and stays with her until Erin is safe. In her own words:
      Stephanie:I deep-fried a rapist. I dove through a wall of fire. I did not do all of that so that this little girl could die, okay? I saved her. I saved her. I saved her. I saved her, Dr. Bailey.
    • Trapped by the lockdown, Jackson's first response when it is lifted to to search for Steph. Sure, there's a rapist on the loose holding her hostage and the hospital just exploded and is on fire, but rescuing people from fires is old hat.
    • Stuck in surgery, Riggs keeps working despite the fire just a floor away.

     Season 14 
  • During the hospital hack, Dr. Parker manages to get the blood bank open via the misuse of a defibrillator, then undoes the hack in a few minutes.
  • Jo goes out of her way to try to talk Jenny out of marrying her abusive ex. The very next day, as Paul is hospitalized with a concussion, the two woman talk again and Jenny decides to press charges. Angered, Paul attempts to attack her but hits his head and suffers post-concussion syndrome, leaving him braindead. Jo, still legally his wife, opts to immediately pull the plug and donate his organs.
  • Season 14 episode 14, Owen getting a bunch of rowdy football players to stop misbehaving in the hospital when being responsible for one of their friends losing an ear didn't do it.

     Season 15 

     Season 16 
  • In the 350th episode, Meredith is on the verge of losing her medical license in a hearing...until Alex brings in a massive pack of people Meredith has treated over the years (including her very first patient from the pilot), who testify they wouldn't be alive if not for Meredith. Needless to say, the board lets her stay on as a doctor.
    • In the same episode, it’s revealed that one of the doctors on the board is Paul Costello, the doctor who killed Derek. When he brings up the events surrounding Zola’s adoption while questioning Alex at the hearing, Meredith goes off and gives a long overdue and much-deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Paul.
      Meredith: (stands up) Alan Brown, Farrah Alazari, Deborah Greene, and Sam Carter.
      Paul Costello: Dr. Grey, we have your list of patient testimonies here, you don’t need to repeat them.
      Meredith: Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I’ve ever lost, I remember every single one of them.
      Paul Costello: Ok. Um... thank you for that.
      Meredith: You don’t get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter. If you wanna take my license, and make sure I never see another patient again, then you do that, but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter’s name, because you are the one who killed her father. You don’t remember me. (walks towards him) But I remember you. As the coward, who stood over my dying husband, the love of my life, and you didn’t even attempt to do Burr holes, after he failed to get him a head CT! Burr holes! I was doing Burr holes as an intern! That one night should’ve cost you your entire career, but instead, you’re sitting up here judging me? You don’t deserve to judge anyone.
      Paul Costello: (visibly shaken and stammering) Your Honor, if we could, um... take a short recess to evaluate the situation... see if Dr, Grey's, uh, Conflict of Interest, is, um...
      Meredith: (slams a hand on the board table) MY CONFLICT OF INTEREST?! My medical license should not be in this man’s hands. He is dangerous!

     other/unsorted seasons 
  • "You don't get to call me a whore."
  • Every single interaction between Cristina and Dr. Thomas.
  • Owen and Arizona are checking out a doctor whose patients have odd results in their cancer treatments. They do a visit as a couple with Arizona told she has breast cancer. Racing to the hospital, they check it out to find Arizona is fine. They realize the doctor is actually poisoning his patients to make them think they have cancer so he can charge them for "treatments." Arizona is outraged at how many women have gone through this agony and that's enough for Owen to snap. Confronting the doctor in his office, Owen shoves him into a chair and starts threatening to inject the guy with the same stuff he's used on his patients. The guy is utterly terrified just as sirens wail. Owen remarks "they're with me," revealing he'd called the cops and was just doing all this to give the guy a dose of what he did to his patients.


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