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  • In the second episode, chain of custody rules over a case of attempted rape which was foiled by the victim biting her attacker's penis off leads to the immortal line:
    Meredith What am I supposed to do with a penis?
  • In episode 9 of the first season, George contracts Syphilis and undergoes a Humiliation Conga resulting in Meredith giving him a Penicillin injection in his butt with Cristina and Izzy watching to their very great amusement. The best part was when the infection was traced, resulting in George attacking Alex screaming:
    • The fact that the episode's plot centered on the fact that everyone in the hospital staff sleeping around had resulted in a full-blown syphilis outbreak.
  • In season 3 episode 2, Christina meets Burke's parents while she's straddling him in her underwear.
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  • In the season 7 episode "That's Me Trying", Owen puts the residents through a trauma certification drill, instructing them that they have to keep as many of their dummy patients "alive" as possible and that a "rescue helicopter" will be along in nine minutes. As hours go by with no imaginary helicopter, it becomes clear that this was an Unwinnable Training Simulation. But when April and her group are down to their last two dummies, she flips out and refuses to give up, first claiming that she can hear the helicopter, then stealing a nearby ambulance (which was supposedly "wrecked" due to being part of the accident) and driving them round to the front of the hospital. Owen has to tell her they won to snap her out of it.
  • Anyone want to argue with my extra special vagina vote?
  • In season 7, during Cristina's BSOD arc, she temporarily begins working as a bartender, to hilarious results. Seriously, one of the FUNNIEST episodes this troper has ever seen.
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  • Derek being in the elevator with Meredith, Addison and Rose, and Mark's subsequent reaction.
  • Everyone thinking that the Middle Eastern patient is Bono because he has guards. From the same episode, Lexie shooting ping-pong balls at everyone, including one of said guards.
    • What was particularly funny about it is that about five seconds earlier, Lexie had confiscated the ping-pong ball gun away from Alex for doing the exact same thing.
  • Mark's penile fracture.
  • Alex meets a bear.
  • Callie denying that she and Erica are a couple. Then declaring she's a huge fan of penis.
  • Meredith on morphine.
  • Bailey's reaction to seeing panties on the bulletin board under "Lost and Found".
  • The Dirty Mistresses Club.
  • When the gang become residents, they start going through files on the interns, trying to figure which ones to pick. Finding them, Bailey openly laughs "you think I actually chose any of you people?" As several of the gang have honest "you didn't?" expressions, Bailey points out their various flaws when they started and then just hands them interns at random, clearly hoping they get some of the same pain they gave her.
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  • In the Backdoor Pilot for Private Practice, Addison's lampshading of the status of elevators in Grey's Anatomy— first the long monologue about how nice it is to be somewhere where the elevators aren't aphrodisiacs (to a man she's never met), followed by her conversations with the "Elevator Gods". It's made much more hilarious because it is such a lampshade.
  • Catherine's mariage proposal to Weber. She lampshades how what she is doing is going against everything she believes, but she is willing to do it anyway, because she loves him, and because this kind of romantic gestures are a part of what he is, and by doing so she tells him that she accepts him and that she is willing to take the leap. Her gesture is so over the top and unexpected (she makes her declaration in the middle of the hospital, with roses and candles everywhere) that it is already quite funny in itself. But what tops it is Richard's answer:
    Richard: (deadpan) About damn time!
  • In Season 5, Episode 4, Cristina going to Dermatology and being left speechless by how happy everyone is. And then Meredith and Izzie show up, stare, and talk about how much they wish they could be dermatologists.
  • Attracted to a female firefighter patient, Arizona asks Richard for advice on how to find out if she's interested.
    Richard: Well, I guess you could write a note on corners and I can try to pass it to her.
    Richard: Of course, it is!
  • A newly single Arizona hooks up with a gorgeous Italian woman at a bar. Deluca returns home to find them on the couch half-naked. He's about to leave but stops and he and the woman start to have a raging argument in Italian as Arizona just sits there, utterly baffled as she looks from one to the other.
    • It turns out Arizona's date is none other than Deluca's sister. Deluca leaves as his sis tells Arizona her real name. Then they go back to making out on the couch.
    • The next day, Arizona is still happy about this, thinking it was just a fun one-night stand...and then discovers Deluca's sister is doing research at Grey Sloan.
  • The sister wants to do a study and Bailey sums up "you want to let a patient masturbate just so you can monitor their brain?" As it happens, Bailey has been annoyed at having to wear heels all day and lets the woman do it.
  • Black Comedy as Meredith tries to have the interns find an abdomen she can use for a female transplant. One shows her a woman who's been dead for three days ("Is that a problem?"); the second shows someone who has had a shotgun blast to the abdomen ("you can't fix it?") and the third has a man and just looks confused why Meredith walks away.
  • A female convict is brought in complaining of pains and some suspicion she's pregnant. During the check, a gunshot suddenly erupts from her stomach and the bullet hits another patient in the leg. Everyone is freaking out trying to figure out the source until...
    Arizona: Did you...put a your vagina?
    (after a pause, the woman slowly nods as everyone just stares in wide-eyed disbelief. Black Comedy at its finest)
  • April is already having an awkward time with a frantic, screaming pregnant woman when her husband shows up...Matthew, the paramedic April left at the altar to run off with Jackson.
    Woman: This is April? (starts to scream even louder)
  • In one scene of the episode “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper”, Ben is buying hot dogs on the street when he gets a call from Webber about Miranda Bailey's situation. In his panic, he drops the hot dogs and runs off. What makes this funny is that the camera focuses on the hot dogs.
  • Jackson is dealing with his mother wanting to take part in a genitalia operation as "you have no filter."
    Catherine: Come on, my birthday is coming up. Think of this vagina as your gift to me.
    Jackson: Now, I'm going to smash my head in with a hammer to forget you just said that.
  • In a truly twisted but hilarious moment, April is carefully draining a hematoma in the ear of a rugby team manager. A nearby player throws a ball which bounces off a desk, deflected by a moving stretcher to hit April...who then accidentally cuts off the woman's ear. Her look of horror is utterly priceless and that's before Deluca slips on the ear like a banana peel to knock himself out, at which point the patient finally realises her ear's been cut off.
    • While Bailey and Richard are discussing the event with the legal team Alex walks in asking to give his 12 year old patient medical marijuana, everyone's face is priceless.
    • Richard and Bailey meet the teen's father, who starts talking about all the technical stuff of the surgery. Bailey smugly asks if the guy is a doctor and he replies he's not...he's a medical malpractice lawyer. Richard just backs up as Bailey's smile freezes.
    • And at the end of the night, Bailey and Richard are seen watching security footage of the whole thing and laughing their heads off.
    • Early in the same episode two interns hear discussion for a game night between the doctors but aren't sure if they're invited. At the end of the episode after the game night has ended they show up, Maggie just shuts the door in their face.
  • In the "documentary" episode, Alex sings a Justin Bieber song to a young girl who has to have an MRI, to keep her calm during the procedure. The camera pans to show the tech looking at Alex with the funniest look imaginable on his face.
  • Cristina meeting Alex's brother.
    Cristina: He's so nice! Angel spawn! *to Alex* Why can't you be nice like your brother?
    Alex: *highly annoyed* Why can't you?
    Cristina: Fair enough.
  • In "Judgement Day", right before a big presentation event, Arizona shares with everyone cookies she got from a patient...which are filled with medical pot. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In the penultimate episode of season 14, Alex is brought in to check on a patient...Olivia, the nurse he infected with syphillis way back in the first season. It takes him a moment to recognize her as she puts her hands over her young son's ears and asks if Alex is still doing it or "moved on to gonorrhea?"
  • Alex and Jo's wedding is a comedy of errors.
    • First, Jackson, Maggie, Bailey, Ben, Richard, Katherine and various interns are all at a church, curious as to how Alex and Jo have so many friends they've never seen. It's only when the bride walks down the aisle that they realize they're at the wrong wedding. They try to sneak out with Levi "Glasses" Schmitt tripping. Bailey is almost out the door...and then the bride's mother suddenly collapses.
    • Amelia finds Meredith drinking and downcast and jumps to one conclusion: "You're secretly in love with Alex!"
      • She later asks if it's Jo Meredith is in love with.
    • Breaking tradition, Jo and Alex sneak into a barn for a "quickie" and get locked inside.
    Jo: I'm gonna scream now, ok?
    • Alex manages to break a window in time for Jo to realize the barn has a skeleton in it.
    Jo: He was an organ donor.
    Alex: I think that ship has sailed.
    • Deluca asks which side is for someone "who was in love with the bride before the groom beat him up?"
    • Teddy shows up at the hospital, fresh off a 12-hour flight and wondering where everyone is. Without a moment's hesitation, Bailey tells her to scrub in for a surgery.
    • Jackson and Matthew finally have a talk on how April left Matthew at the altar to run off with Jackson but is now back with him. Matthew admits he's a Christian but wants to punch Jackson.
    Jackson: Would it make you feel better if I told you I just lost a quarter of a billion dollars?
    Matthew: Yes. Yes, it would.
    Jackson: Happy to help.
    • The wedding planner pulls a drunken Deluca to do a speech. He starts ranting on his past with Jo and Alex before he's dragged off. The planner then announces that she accidentally ate some shrimp and is having an allergic reaction.
    • Meredith gives Deluca a pep talk and he kisses her. He's sorry about it as he realizes "this was not a seduction."
    Deluca: Am I fired?
    Meredith: No. But I am flattered.
    • The gang do their best to help the wedding planner out, including cutting open her throat. The sight of the blood makes Glasses faint...right onto the wedding cake.
  • Bailey freaking out when a spider comes out of one of the giant warts on a patient's hand.
  • Cristina answering April's phone in a nasally voice for her when Mount Sinai and Case Western call to withdraw their job offers after April fails her boards. Her response to Case Western is especially hilarious:
    Cristina: Well, you know what? I am an awesome surgeon. And I would've rocked your stupid little program so it is your loss. Go to hell!
  • Alex is in a rush to get to a party at Meredith's and when told "the other Dr. Karev" is in the waiting room, he tells his assistant to tell her to meet him at Meredith's place...unaware the other "Dr. Karev" Is his mother.
  • Megan is at first ecstatic to hear Teddy has had Owen's baby, assuming they finally got together. As soon as she hears it was a one-night stand and Tom walks in to talk about the house he and Teddy are buying, Megan just laughs while berating her brother as a "dum dum."
  • Amelia is hiding in an X-Ray room and ranting about her sex life. Maggie spins her chair around to reveal Bailey standing in the doorway with a trio of young students there for a class project.
    • Minutes later, Catherine is upset to find a solider has lied about having a "support system" for an artificial graft. She marches out, declaring to everyone "I am not giving that man a penis today!" Cue Bailey and the kids.
    Bailey: Any questions about urology? (kids all raise their hands)
  • Going into labor, Teddy is less freaked out about the pain and more upon learning that Owen had a fling with Carina.
    • Carina asks Teddy to "spread your legs for me" on the table. Teddy and Owen just give her "you had to pick those words?" looks.
  • As Meredith is taking responsibility for insurance fraud, Alex and Richard come in and have their I Am Spartacus moment. Meredith tries desperatly to shut them up and Bailey is furious, reminding them that they're not interns and that this is not an LVAD wire. The way the whole scene plays out is just hilarious.


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