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  • A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script:
    • In this The Silmarillion fic the story abruptly stops shortly after Luthien makes her choice, and before she, Beren and Huan go to confront Carcharoth for last time.
    • The author wrote several spin-offs narrating in greater detail and in prose some important bits. In her notes she says that her intention was writing more spin-offs and having all of them published at the same time that the corresponding parts of The Script.
  • Back to the Frollo stared several plot arcs that ultimately were never concluded. Malus and his gypsy gang were mentioned as antagonists but never got full arcs, and Esmeralda is unceremoniously dragged away and her fate is never discussed again.
    • The same is true for most of the rest of Crazed Writer's Frollo-centric stories, espeically What REALLY Happened, which began as an explanation for why Frollo isn't actually the villain but quickly descended into Danisha and Frollo romance.
  • Boy Scouts ½: This series used to have a pretty strong (and The X-Files inspired) arc about a shadowy conspiracy by some of the older adult Scout leaders. This arc, other then the occasional reference, was dropped after Mike Quadrozzi, one of the authors who once worked on the series, stopped doing so.
  • The Dead or Alive doujinshi by Hellabunna, REI: slave to the grind: REI 06: CHAPTER 05, ends with Kasumi's classmates stating next time she will make her public debut in the park, but the following chapter, REI 07: CHAPTER 06 does not pick on this, instead focusing on a fat man meeting Kasumi between train trips.
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  • Pokémon fanfic Clouded Sky was originally intended to be the second in a series of four, but the author decided not to make the third and fourth, leading to certain plot elements being set up without ever receiving any payoff. The meaning of these elements and the author's original plans are all explained in a postscript after the epilogue.
  • One of the main characters of the Sonic X fanfic Don't Keep Your Distance is Star, one of Dr. Eggman's robots who turns good and helps the other protagonists. Star cannot speak, communicating only in gestures and ambiguous robot noises, but it is implied early on that it actually cannot understand the animals' speech; this is quickly abandoned, likely for convenience.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover, the opening of Vaults is set up to produce different results depending on who activated it and under what circumstance they did so. In the sequel, this notion disappears entirely and they are given a different purpose.
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  • Friendship Is Magic: The Adventures of Spike: The "Spike Party Anthem" arc was cut unceremoniously short, and the arc that was meant to come between it and the "Canterlot Wedding" arc was cut out altogether. Both were a result of the author's computer crashing and losing all his notes for those arcs.
  • In the House fanfic "Incarceration", there is a conversation between Chase and Foreman where they decide not to tell House who's been running the hospital while he was in prison after Cuddy left. This is not resolved in the fic, which focuses mainly on House's relationship with Wilson and his efforts to get him paroled. The author later revealed it would have been Cameron who had taken over administration.
  • The Golds: Mr. Gold was going to go out and get Rose himself, first going to Moe French and then to Gaston to test his memory-preserving spell. He was just about to leave when he is contacted by a newly awakened Belle telling him that she's coming home.
  • Scootertrix the Abridged:
    • The series creator Jack Getschman originally planned to reveal at some point near the end of the series, that Pinkie Pie was Evil All Along, something that was even foreshadowed by the fact that the very few other Fourth Wall Breakers shown at that point, were antagonists of some kind, But as the show went on, Getschman realized Pinkie was acting too nice for a supposedly evil character. He specifically noted that her showing compassion for Rarity in episode 14 was the last straw. So he scrapped that particular plot twist and says he has a completely different arc planned for Pinkie.
    • Early episodes have an odd gag where others would compliment Rarity on her generosity. Or Rarity would call someone else generous, then a Sting would play while the camera zoomed in on Rarity's face. Then the joke just stopped. Getschman apparently doesn't even remember what that running gag was supposed to be leading up to.
  • Superman fanfiction Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, deals with the hardships of the descendants of Superman and Supergirl in the far future. In the fourth chapter a character is fed up with the Family Law which dictates there can only be one Superman and the rest of relatives are supposed to hide their powers. So, he declares he won't pretend to be a normal human again, and a large number of relatives support him. However that subplot was quickly dropped.
  • In Tales of the Emperasque, there was supposed to be an arc exploiting a /tg/ joke that claims Leman Russ was turned by Warp into Spice and Wolf's Hulu. The canon!Leman and Hulu!Leman would meet and hijinks would ensue. However, the author decided that the idea is stupid and the girl who was supposed to be Hulu!Leman was retconned into reborn Sister of Silence and then forgotten about.
  • The Young Stag has Arya's Roaring Rampage of Revenge arc completely removed from the story.


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