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03:45:04 PM Feb 19th 2014
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Hi everybody.

I know having the character sheet locked is inconvenient, but if you have a specific trope or adjustment you'd like made could you please post it over on "http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=gsjp7dldjh2dwdelcha2hu17" instead?

Thank you. Can't wait to see what suggestions you all have.

Gah, if you can also help me to code that to make it look better, I'd appreciate it.
03:39:56 PM Mar 20th 2014
I want to suggested that mover Jackson to former main character page and Scott not be listed as an official couple with Alison anymore. Has anyone suggested they add new characters like Kira or Mr. Mc Call?
03:50:09 PM Feb 7th 2014
Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. We are already into season 3B and the character page is still locked. Kira, Mr Yukimura and Mr Mc Call at the very least need to be added. Aiden and Ethan are no longer Alphas, so maybe they should be shifted down to Recurring Werewolves. Not to mention the information from the Season 3A finale.

I can certainly understand locking the page to prevent vandalism and non-contextual examples, but that means that NOBODY can update it apart from moderators and they do not seem to be updating it at all. Please consider unlocking the page so that Tropers can continue to add character relevant information to this page.
06:47:54 PM Dec 20th 2013
Moving this trope here for reworking:

  • Hot Mom: She looks pretty good for having a son in his last years of high school. And Peter Hale doesn't hesitate to point this out, either.

Hot Mom is now a disambiguation page; the example needs to be changed to whichever trope on that page fits it best, or removed outright if it doesn't fit any of them.
02:28:50 PM Aug 20th 2013
Okay, Season Three (part 1) is over with! Time to unlock the Character page!
04:38:19 AM Aug 6th 2013
I realize the moderators of this page have a startlingly low opinion of everyone's intellect but their own, based on how many times they've elected to declare that no one gets to play with the toy because one person manages to be difficult, but what brainwave had you thinking that putting Jennifer Blake in the Villains folder clearly marked as the Big Bad of Season 3 would keep anyone and everyone from deducing that she's the only non-Alpha Pack antagonist we've SEEN in Season 3 just because you spoilered out "the Darach"?
07:46:23 PM Jun 6th 2013
Someone needs to take the lock off of the character page, since we've begun a new season with some new characters.
10:43:53 PM Jul 15th 2013
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In particular, one of the members of Derek's pack in season 3, Cora, isn't even listed on the page.
07:14:12 PM Jul 24th 2013
Agreed. There's been a lot of character development, and it needs added to this page.
08:32:32 PM Jul 29th 2013
08:02:05 PM Aug 9th 2013
Someone also needs to take off Jennifer's morality pet status in relation to Derek, given the last episodes.
06:53:35 AM Jan 6th 2013
If this is an example (needs more emphasis on the personality), add it back. As-is it's just "someone is good with bows" which is People Sit on Chairs.
  • Archer Archetype: Considering that Allison is a hunter, she often uses bows and arrows in order to fight or capture her intended target: werewolves. She seems to have mastered the skill of archery rather effectively.
10:51:01 PM Dec 6th 2012
I find Dr Deaton to be quite pleasant and not at all scary (not even when he raises his voice slightly to a werewolf), yet even on the YMMV page, my protest at him (and Boyd) being labeled a Scary Black Man has been deleted. I find it to be an overused and often misused trope.
01:05:35 AM Jul 26th 2013
yeah, Dr. Deaton isn't scary AT ALL.
07:05:32 AM Aug 17th 2012
On the topic of Spoilers:

Is Derek becoming the Alpha still a spoiler, now that season 2 is over? Most of the things in season 2 wouldn't be possibly if not for his ability to give The Bite: no Kanima, no new teen wolves to distract Scott. Sure, Victoria's death and Peter's resurrection would royally spoil season 2, but there's also the matter of "the Alpha" vs "an Alpha", since one fits for the plot and the other for the show's lore, but coming up is an entire pack of Alphas and the implications that killing an Alpha is just one way to become one.

So, are we going to have to use "season 1 alpha" or what?
07:28:15 AM Aug 19th 2012
I'd vote for removing every and all season one spoilers. (For one it looks pretty silly when Peter Hale's own tropes are spoiler marked.)
12:19:26 PM Aug 1st 2012
The Ho Yay tropes for Derek and Stiles should not be regarded as YMMV, since the show people, especially the actors Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin, openly acknowledge that they are doing it on purpose, and even used Ship Tease in a fan video calling for votes for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.
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