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1 LordIronHat20th Mar 2011 05:42:06 PM from Up hill, both ways
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I have been brainstorming recently on this kind of thing. I have a few ideas for supers that I dont think have been tried yet. I am looking for more ideas though, so I wanted to see what other people could come up with so that I could come up with something.

Since I could not find any preexisting threads for this, I chose to make one. I would like this thread to be at least somewhat formal and organized.

So, anyway, here's how this thread works. Post an idea for a super hero/villain/whatever. You may comment and critique (but don't be an ass about it).
Include gender (if the character has one), age and his/her/its alignment (good, evil, ect.).

Describe appearance as clearly as possible.

Describe what makes him/her/it so super; as in powers, weapons, gadgets, mutations, skills, or whatever. If possible, elaborate on how the stuff works.

Give a description of his/her/its personality and what their motivation is.

Be sure to describe any key characteristics.

Dont worry if your idea isn't fully thought out, post what you have and edit it later if you want to.
Here's an example of the format that I would like to see it in. For this example I will just use a placeholder named Firepuncher.

You may change the format If you dont want to use this one, as long as you make it clear enough to get the idea across in a comprehendable manner. Name: Firepuncher

Real Name (optional): Bob Ferbert

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Alignment: Hero

Appearance: Caucasian guy with spiky red hair. Average build. Wears a black leather jacket over a red t-shirt, blue jeans and mismatched shoes.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Has the power to touch fire without getting hurt. Carries a crobar because he can't afford better tools. Fire shoots from his fist when he punches. No idea how it works.

Personality: Firepuncher is a smooth-talking ladies-man who spends most of his time drinking and trying to pick up girls. He is a bit shallow and has a gambling problem and as a result he lives in an appartment on the bad side of town. Rather than get a good paying job, he chooses to fight crime because its not as boring as having a job.
One last thing; feel free to be as brief or elaborate as you want.

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I actually just created a hero, He's sort of Ripped From The Head Lines.

Super name: Un-Reactor

Real Name (optional): Classified

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Alignment: Hero(Punch Clock)

Appearance: He wears a cape and spandex with a breathing mask. His outfit is mostly green and yellow with a red and yellow radioactivity symbol across his chest, and he wears a full head mask.

Powers, weapons, ect.: He can near instantly absorb and draw to him any amount of radiation or heat and nullify it within his body. He is also immune to both radiation and heat. He has a limit he can hold up to 10 Chernobyl's worth of energy anymore than that though and he'll explode big enough to wipe out half the western sea board.

Personality: The Stoic

Bio: Create by the US government after the 2011 reactor incident to restore the world faith in the worlds ability to protect themselves while sustaining nuclear energy. He is sent out whenever a reactor is damage to absorb it's energies and cool it so works can repair it without worry of radiation sickness. He must be kept in a special cell while he sleeps made of 100% lead and filled with ice water.
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3 dRoy21st Mar 2011 02:00:21 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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Not exactly a supervillain, but one from my Urban Fantasy Light Novel

Name: N

Real Name:??? He's an Unreliable Narrator

Age: 24

Alignment: Villain

Appearance: Looks like 18, jet black hair, half Caucasian, half Japanese, clothes depending on his mood, but mostly brown jacket, turquoise shirts, and ragged jeans.

Powers, weapons: High intellect and extremely fast observation and information process, martial arts, and a taser. He can observe enemy's movements and predict next ones, finding weaknesses and such. He's most The Chessmaster, though.

Personality: Troll meets Anything That Moves who does stuff For the Lulz. Chaotic Neutral, but is also VERY friendly to the heroes, helping them with their homeworks, baking cake for their birthdays... '''
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4 doorhandle21st Mar 2011 03:14:53 AM from Space Australia!
Real Name :Stricken from all records by his own decree. Goes by Doctor Slecht

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Alignment: Villain, but the benevolent sort.

Appearance: Caucasian, Technically bald but with visible stubble. Never, ever takes off his goggles. When supervillin', wears a nanotube-reinforced lab coat over similarly made pants and t-shirt. Decks himself out in black and blue. About forty, but very fit and looks slightly younger than he is.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Like all Mad Scientists, Dr.Schelct has Super Intelligence, which also has Super Reflexes within the package. As such, he uses his keen eye and insane reflexes to be The Gunslinger (type A+D), in addition to his small robot army, his scientific aptitude, and his wits. Personality: Usually grim and dour, and very pessimistic, due to two decades worth of failure and the fact he can’t even pull off a bank job without being foiled by extenuating circumstances. Get quite excited whenever he’s winning, or has a new toy to play with, although this seldom lasts. Used to fight for his own idea of a utopia, but when that fell out he fought for the money, and now he continues the supervillian business just to avoid being put in jail due to the fact all his crimes form up several consecutive life sentences, and out of s sense of spite.. Believes that magic is a lie and that science also applies to it, despite much evidence to the contrary.

Might post more people later.

Also, N sounds like a fun guy.

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5 MadassAlex21st Mar 2011 03:25:08 AM from the Middle Ages.
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I don't know about the details, but it would be cool to have a Superhero whose super powers are dangerous for himself and others and so he becomes The Chessmaster in order to solve problems. Any use of his actual powers would be major plot events.
6 dRoy21st Mar 2011 04:18:48 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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[up][up] Very, VERY fun...unless you are part of one of his diabolical plans (which he tries to avoid using), then you are screwed, big time.
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Real Name (optional): Lola Kilton

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Stout redheaded girl with glasses and a goth-lite look. Tends to scowl a lot.

Powers, weapons, ect.: She can sprout very strong prehensile black piano wire. For all intents and purposes they're very thin Combat Tentacles. They can support her weight easily, but she hasn't tested their limits much.

Personality: Out for herself, mostly. She helps others in need, but she is master of the Mundane Utility and doesn't go looking for trouble or people to save. She uses her powers a lot and doesn't really bother to hide them - she's a bit of a celebrity in her sleepy little town. Although she, as previously mentioned, scowls a lot, she's quite pleasant to be around if a bit militaristic in her feminism.

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8 LordIronHat21st Mar 2011 05:00:52 PM from Up hill, both ways
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Alright, here's the first one that I came up with so far.

Name: Lasher Real Name: Never had one Gender: Believed to be male (Not yet confirmed) Age: Lasher is believed to be an adult, but his chronological age may be closer to 6-9 years old. Allignment: Villain

Appearance: As you may have guessed by now, Lasher is not human. Lasher is believed to be the result of extreme mutation and may or may not have been human. Lasher is 7 feet and nine inches in height and walks on two legs. He has an exoskeleton and has a gaunt, hunch-backed build. The exoskeleton on his chest resembes a ribcage and the section of his body connecting his abdominal area is more narrow than his torso and tailbone. Has large, boney arms and his hands can reach his knees while standing up straight. His neck hunches forward and the back of his head cannot be seen when standing behind him. He has an insect-like face with four very small eyes that are pitch black, a mouth full of sharp teeth and two large black trendils that hang down from the sides of his mouth. He also has a spiny carapace covering his upper back. His body is primarily a dull, blackish-green color.

Another good way to describe him is that he looks like a Fallout 3 Mirelurk combined with a Tyranid Warrior. Just in case you even know what those things are, it may make more sense that way and saves you a bit of reading.

Powers: Lasher gets his name for one thing and one thing only, his whips (wips? I forgot how it's spelled). Lasher has two retractable tentacles, one extending from each of his forearms. These tentacles are about as thick as an average man's arm down their entire length. They have sharp hooks at the ends and have small spines running down their lengths. While the tentacles are fully articulate, lasher prefers to use them to lash his foes (obviously) to death, an easy feat since each strike hits with enough force to flip a car. The tentacles can extend up to 40 feet. Furthermore, his exoskeleton is resistant most low-calibre firearms, while his carapace is nearly as resistant as tank armor. To make things worse, if lasher loses one of his tentacles, it will grow back in less than five minutes, and any lost body parts can regenerate over the course of a few days, including his head which he can survive without (though he'd be unable to see or hear).

Bio: Lasher's origins are a mystery, but after multiple encounters with him by law enforcers, much about him has been learned. Lasher has frequently displayed an ability to think on a level equal to humans. While lasher does not seem capable of speaking human languages (due to not having the appropriate mouth structure), he does seem to understand English and a limited amount of Spanish. Lasher is considered a villain because he instantly attacks any human he sees, and often roams into small towns and villages for no seemingly no reason other than to simply terrorize the locals. Fourtunately, while he always leaves many injured victims, his kill counts are usually low, often only including law enforcers and people who try to fight him. It is believed that he has a sense of superiority over humans, another theory suggests that he has a grudge against them. Reguardless, he doesn't seem interested in anything ambitious, at least everyone hopes he's not.

Wow, That was a lot of stuff right there.
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Real Name: Aira Owess

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Short Caucasian woman with remarkably mouse-like features, a chubby waist, round face, dusty blonde hair and gray eyes.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Aira Owess causes all supernatural creatures and phenomena to conform to the laws of reality (and therefore cease existing) if she focuses at them hard enough. I.e., ghosts and poltergeists disappear, psychic powers suddenly fail, and magicians are left without their spells. On the flip side, any supers in the area who rely on supernatural sources for their powers have to resort to more "realistic" ways of fighting. Also, her power can only target things that she is aware of.

Personality: Aira is serious and stern. She perpetually appears unimpressed with whatever she sees, and is frequently told that she is an old, cold hag. Not that it bothers her or anything, she knows she's hated.

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I've found that I prefer Differently Powered Individuals over straight American superheroes/supervillains. People likes those are what my Urban Fantasy story revolve around.

  • Real Name: Lucio Alessandri
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Looks about 30, but is actually about 3,300
  • Alignment: Anti-Villain is the best way I can describe it.
  • Appearance: Red-haired with matching eyes and a handsome face. Has a muscular, broad-shouldered build, and wears all white robes trimmed in red.
  • Powers, weapons, ect.: Control over the wind, and Super Strength.
  • Personality: Crafty and intelligent, yet very kind. Hates fascism, Machiavelli, feudalism, rule by way of divine right, and any other ideology that tramples on individual rights or gives authority to people who did nothing to earn it. He also hates madmen in positions of power and will do anything in he can to dispatch them from rule. Lucio is not afraid to kill, and hopes to create a world where all individuals are equal and free from the bindings of class and birth.

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11 doorhandle22nd Mar 2011 01:56:52 AM from Space Australia!
Got another one. Both the Team Pet, and The Ace.

Real Name (optional): Atticus Lento, or BRINEFUCKER THE BASTARD-SPHENISCFORM, depending on who’s talking and what mood they are in.

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Awesome.

Appearance: like a typical Adélie penguin, although his species is actually defined as Penguin-analog.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Seems to have the constancy of rubber, merely bouncing if he is stuck by significant force, and is also fireproof. Can swim AND fly at nigh-mach1 speed, and can burrow though the ground at almost the same speed. He can also spin like a drill, and can peck at things with the force of a jackhammer. Is very a very capable contortionist, possesses mad Parkor skills, and and is capable of snapping a man’s neck with his bare flippers.

Personality: Mute, and ultimately unknowable, only letting out a WARK at the optimum (read Funniest) time. Either a sociopath of epic proportions or simply doesn’t consider anything equal to WithPenguins a fellow penguin. Seemingly quite intelligent and possibly abrasive, And he spends a lot of time dope-slapping members of his team with his flippers. Backstory: The group picked Atticus up while wandering the arctic part of The daemon dimension… Or rather, Atticus picked them up, and followed them around. While Dr.Sclect initially doubted his capability, he eventually became a well-valued member of the team, partially when an entire troupe of demons was rendered to screaming panic when he popped out one of their air vents. Aside from this, all that is known is that this creature is no mere penguin…

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Real Name: Terrance "Terry" Terror AKA The Terrible Avenger.


Age: 25

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: 6ft' 1in tall. Caucasian. Short blonde hair. Lean build. Wears a black catsuit, complete with cape, domino mask and utility belt. Usually wears a symbol of a stylised skull wearing a domino mask.

Powers/Abilities: Possesses no Super-powers. Olympic level Athlete and Gymnast. Proficient in Boxing and Karate. Skilled in sciences (specialising in Death Rays and Doomsday Machines). Expert in Sabotage. Crack shot.

Weapons: Utility belt includes Flash Bombs, Air-pressured magnetic Grapple gun, Tranquilliser darts, Knockout gas pellets. Suit also contains Electromagnetic soled boots. Carries and Tranquilliser Gun complete with alternate Stun-Gun mode.

Personality: A pretty nice guy, even villains can't deny that. Completely oblivious to how people, especially women, perceive him. A 'plays by the rules' kinda guy. Generally a pacifist (only uses Stun-Gun against Robots). Loves being a superhero.

Bio: Once upon a time, back in the old days, Terry's great-grandfather was none other than the greatest mad scientist of all time, Professor Thomas Terror. It was Prof. Terror was one of the greats, so much in fact that even his teenaged daughter Tiffany got in the act despite her father's constant failures. It wasn't till Prof. Terror's 'Archnemesis' The Sentinel retired that he finally quit, realising the fun of it all left with the man who gave his life meaning.

The Professor soon moved on. He even managed to transplant his brain in a jar. Tiffany moved on too. She got married, had kids and became a grandmother. It was during the summer of The Sentinel's return whereTiffany was to take care of her grandchildren, Timmy and Terry. It was also the time where Prof. Terror got his groove back. Reforming the partnership with his daughter and bringing his great-grandchildren along.

At first Timmy and Terry made fun of it all, agitating the Professor with how nonsensical his plans were. Terry would even go behind his family's back and sabotage their plans, all in good fun of course. It was as they were growing older that Terry started to notice how his big brother was changing. He was, well becoming more like his great-grandfather. Time went by and Timmy was becoming more and more villainous, soon inheriting the title of Professor Terror.

Partly ashamed of his family, and partly missing the excitement of it all, Terry decided to become a superhero.

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Real Name: Belinda Honeyfield

Alter Ego: Queen Bee

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Short black hair with a bluish tint to it and blue eyes; as Queen Bee she wears a black and yellow striped long-necked Leotard of Power (with transparent fake bee wings on the back) over a shiny black jumpsuit, yellow gloves with black fingers, yellow boots with fake bee wings on the back of the ankles, and bee wing-shaped glasses with a fake bee on the center.

Powers/Abilities: Bee-based powers such as flying, being able to communicate with all kinds of bees, and creating and controlling honey a la waterbending.

Weapons: A bee-shaped gun that shoots poisonous honey, yellow and black striped tranquilizer darts

Personality: Somewhat cold and bitter, takes her duties seriously, constantly worries about people she cares for

Bio: Belinda is the oldest daughter of Bevis Honeyfield, formerly known as a superhero named The Wasp (the The is part of the name) who retired after defeating his arch-nemesis and marrying his Love Interest Sarah Shay, now Belinda's mother. One night, after Bevis returns from work, Belinda catches him getting a message from a mysterious woman who tells him to stop an out of control robot as The Wasp. Remembering he's too old for the job now, Belinda yells at him at dinner and he tells her to know her place. Outraged, Belinda confeccionates a bee-themed superhero costume of her own, planning to go in his place as The Wasp's successor, Queen Bee.

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15 feotakahari29th May 2011 04:12:58 PM from Looking out at the city
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Looks like fun. I created a whole bunch of supers for a universe I never wound up actually writing. I'll stat up the most powerful one here:

Name: Libra

Real Name: Marcus Taylor*

Gender: Male

Age: At least 30

Alignment: Reluctant hero

Appearance: Tall and dark, though not exactly handsome. Pureblooded African, with "American" added only by immigration. Clearly spends a lot of time at the gymn.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Temporary Mega Manning of one other super who's in close proximity. This can be someone he's trying to fight, or someone he's allied with. If all else fails, he can also hit pretty hard.

Personality: High Power Levels in this setting are generally linked to neurosis—in his case, an obsession with balance. He'd gladly be a villain (of the bank-robbing sort), since he's sick of seeing them constantly defeated by heroes. However, as the most visible black super in America, he feels obligated to be The Paragon and try to counteract the imbalances caused by racism. He's less than comfortable with the position this puts him in.

And one more for fun:

Name: Nails

Real name: Who knows? She was just some homeless girl.

Gender: Female

Age: Around 25

Alignment: Perpetual follower. Initially a villain, but can be convinced to follow a hero.

Appearance: Has to be ordered to do most things, so thin due to undereating. Perpetually unkempt. Grows her hair long, and wears her clothes ragged.

Powers, weapons, etc.: Manifests Energy Blades that take the form of Wolverine Claws. The only thing she's known to enjoy is slashing people with them and watching the blood well up.

Personality: Basically an Empty Shell, having undergone the psychic equivalent of being vivisected and sewn back together with fishing line. Absolutely devoted to her "boss," whoever that boss may be. Physically sadistic, but not emotionally, and doesn't seem to understand that other people have emotions (since she lacks so many of them herself.) Lacks a conscience in the conventional sense, but her boss can usually convince her to leave someone alive.
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Mind if I post some of my City of Heroes characters? I've thought up unique storylines and such for each one.
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18 fruitstripegum14th Nov 2011 04:59:50 AM , Relationship Status: Singularity
Well, I don't mind. I don't know if anyone else does, though.

Anyway, here's MY characters:

Windraiser - a Muslim woman who possesses air manipulation abilities (which she uses to fly as well as fight), and wears a suit with flat heels and a scarf and a hooded cape to cover nearly her whole body, her eyes being the only thing showing (hero)

Flame and Frost - a homosexual couple with fire (Flame) and ice (Frost) manipulation abilities, they often fight as partners and rarely separate (heroes)

That's all I've got so far, unfortunately. The only other thing I know for certain is that Flame and Frost are male.

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[up] I like your ideas. Especially the full-body cape.

And now, here's mine:

Name: Whiteout.

Age, gender, affiliation: 18-19, male, Lawful (Punchclock) good

Appearance: He's got blonde hair, pale skin, and irises nearly devoid of color. You could say he's almost albino, but his skin tone is still close enough to normal that his eyes are the only thing that give him away when he's off the clock. He's well-muscled, if a bit on the scrawny side, and fluctuates between being the second and third-tallest member of his team, depending on how another member uses her powers. His uniform consists of a white motorcycle helmet with a blue visor, jeans, and generic form-fitting white spandex on his upper body (think Underarmor). His hands are always uncovered, and he dislikes touching other people with his hands.

Powers: His powers allow him to absorb thermal energy, "life energy," and, after months of Training from Hell, electrical energy. After absorbing it, his body converts the energy into beams that can be fired from his hands and, after some more Training from Hell, the soles of his feet. His powers also allow him to use the extra energy to power his muscles, allowing him to mimic certain superpowers, such as super strength for a short period or super speed over a short distance. However, taking it too far always carries the risk of extreme injury, as he has none of the Required Secondary Powers to back up the mimicry. Also, while regular humans are far more common than superheroes, supes' with energy-related powers are by far the most common, meaning that there's a high chance of any villain he faces being able to use his powers against him. To get over this hurdle, he's become something of a brawler.

Personality: Normally quiet and reserved, he only "comes alive" either in the heat of battle or when relaxing with the rest of his team, especially after a major victory. Because his powers are always somewhat active and cannot be shut out by wearing gloves (they tend to smolder a little), he dislikes formal gatherings because of having to repeatedly refuse handshakes. Because being a superhero in his verse requires servitude to the government to stop supervillains at any cost, most super-humans undergo extensive genetic modification or transformation into non-super-humans in order to be able to live their own life. Because of the need for some superheroes to defend the country, he was denied entry into the program, but after meeting people who he couldn't hurt simply by touching them (Cole and Agni), they formed their own team, taking in other super-humans who were denied modification. He's the de facto leader, but Agni and Cole take it upon themselves to make sure it doesn't go to his head.
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This guy is essentially Heart Is an Awesome Power personified.

Name: Origami

Age, Gender, Alignment: Early 20s, Male, Chaotic Good

Ability: Just as his name suggests, Origami's superpower is...origami. Strictly speaking, he possesses the ability to 'fold' and 'unfold' absolutely anything physical and some things that are only partially physical. His signature move is 'unfolding' his opponents into a large, square sheet of white paper. A highly creative person by nature, he has developed this ability to the point where it is capable of basically anything. Flash Step? Teleportation? Accomplished by folding space. Super Speed? Super Reflexes? Accomplished by 'unfolding' time so that he can appear to move faster than everyone else. Night Vision? Accomplished by 'unfolding' the wavelengths of infrared light to shift it into the visible spectrum. Primarily, his weakness is that he can only fold or unfold one thing at a time.

Personality: As befits a Showy Invincible Hero, Origami's behaviour is very old-school superhero-style, as in extremely camp and Large Ham-ish. Despite this, he's actually very intelligent, as evidenced by the degree to which his simple-sounding ability has been developed. Has a fondness for childish pranks.

Never really had a clear idea what he looked like.

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21 dRoy14th Nov 2011 08:37:37 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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My Urban Legend hero:

Name: The Doctor

Age: 15 and few months (he's a very near future version of one of the main characters)

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Bibiliotheca Vigilis, the guardians of library.

Alignment: Neutral Good with some shades of Chaotic Good

Appearance: Modernized and militarified version of traditional plague doctor; a fedora, thick dark blue trenchcoat, military boots. He's around 5 feet 8, but uses an illusionary magic to make himself look few inches taller, more distorted, and generally more terrifying. He also wears a mixture of gauntlets and weighted gloves that somehow manage to grant him full usage of his hands, and knees+elbow protectors.

Powers: He's connected to the reality itself and can subconsciously use a power called Defiance, which can defy the rules of physics and such in order to achieve what he is determined to do. It only works when he is truly determined, though. If you can manage to catch him off guard and snipe him, he's a goner. However, once Defiance kicks in, it is nearly impossible to stop him. It almost takes an entire Badass Crew consisting of the most badass members from a Badass Army to take him down.

He also has power, granted by the gauntlet, to redirect physical energy. For example, he can nullify the impact from a bullet with his finger, provided he saw it coming.

Ability: He is very good at parkour and krav maga.

Equipment: Modified Injection Shooter-Assault Version, a gun that fires needles that shoots medicine into people's body. His favorite tends to be paralyzer. It is also a primary tool of his mission.

Personality: Mostly benevolent. He was sent back to the past from few months after, where the apocalypse disguised as urban legend comes true and plagues the city with demonic viruses by opening up a portal to the Otherworld. His task is to find out how it was caused and inject cure into people who are infected with the demonic viruses that function as connection pillars. He finds his statue as the most popular urban legend in the city rather amusing.

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22 Philosopher14th Nov 2011 01:37:16 PM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
Name: Mr. Cliche

Real Name (optional): Mr. Cliche!

Gender: ??? Human?

Age: ??? Twenties?

Alignment: Hero?

Appearance: Wears dried blood brown military boots, brown pants, a red shirt and a ski mask.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Mr. Cliche has the ability to use cliches. His powers are formed from the ideas of people and the more people that have an idea that is the same the more powerful it becomes. Every turn of a mental age Mr. Cliche dies and is reborn anew in the image of the populace.

Personality: Insane. Try combining everyone together and tell me what you get besides insane. Though there are some common traits from day to day in this form. Mr. Cliche is a glory seeker, proud, genre savvy, loves to shove it in his foes face when it gets the upper hand. Mr. Cliche does refer to its self as male in this form, and likely is male - for now.
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23 fruitstripegum19th Nov 2011 04:01:12 PM , Relationship Status: Singularity
Here's another of my characters!

Gizmo Girl - a girl who uses various gadgets to fight crime, and wears a white minidress, green cape, green gloves, green boots, green belt and green mask (hero)
24 feotakahari19th Nov 2011 08:17:22 PM from Looking out at the city
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So, I just discovered Master of Your Fate, and a story idea's been percolating for the past day and a half. I might actually be able to use my superhero setting for something! I feel like I need to get this idea down, but I don't want to start working on it when I have another story half-finished, so for now, I'll do this as a sales pitch of sorts.

Sandra is young, beautiful, and wealthy, and she spends every evening at a bar or a dance club. Men and women alike fall prey to her charms, though of late, only one man has drawn her attention. She takes pleasure in the perfection of her face, but she can't shake the feeling that it shouldn't be perfect—that she should be hiding scars, whether under a mask, or by less natural means.

Julienne is a maid in a rich man's house, dusting and cleaning all day long. She's dainty and feminine, and proud to be so—prouder still now that her master has begun to show interest in her. When she dusts under the furniture, she sometimes tries to lift it out of the way, but she reminds herself that she's not that strong.

Margaret is to be wed today, after a whirlwind courtship with the first man who's really loved her. She knows her past was painful, and she keeps it from her mind, thinking only of the future they will share. She keeps a tight rein on her temper—when she loses it, she barely feels human.

Claire is a statue, sculpted from solid granite, capable of thought without knowing why that should be so. Her sculptor is to her a god and a father combined, and her only wish is that he would show her his love. She is content to be silent and still, and it scares her to imagine motion—stepping off her plinth, and running faster and faster . . .

Roland is the foulest villain alive, and the world itself bends to his will. But long ago, he led a team of heroes, known to the world by flashy code names, but known to him as his friends Sandra, Julian, Margaret, and Claire. Long ago—or perhaps it was but a day. It's hard to tell, with a strange man's voice constantly whispering into his ear, telling him exactly what to do.

The Dream Weaver watches them all, keeping them in line. If they awaken, they will destroy him—unless, of course, he can render them . . .

. . . Powerless.

(Yeah, this story's gonna be a mix of "artsy" and "pulpy," with a bit of "royally fucked-up" thrown in.)

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Quick question - is this gonna be a Deconstruction?

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