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Hey, there.

I'm a female Chinese adoptee living in Cedarpointland, Ohio, currently studying computer science and engineering through the University of Toledo (off-campus, though; it's complicated).

I remember discovering this website through a link from Bulbagarden Forums back in 2008. That was a long time ago. I then created my handle somewhere around a year later, but didn't post in the forums until February 2011. I joined Bulbagarden with just the name Glacia- because it was the Japanese name of my favorite Pokemon at the time, Glaceon -and didn't prefix it with 'Crystal' until later, so I tend to view Glacia more as my internet 'first name'. You can call me CG, too.

I write stuff, and hang mostly around Writer's Block with occasional posts in World Building and Yack Fest. I also draw on occasion, take pictures, play video games, and Reddit.

I've been working on a sort-of-anthology of original fantasies (tentatively) called Aither since 2008. Its characters can be seen in the Character Development Threads as well as (well, will be seen) on my Wattpad if you're into that.

Troper Wall here, if you'd like, as long as the administration is okay with it existing.

    Tentatively-titled plots I'm (sort of) working on that could get posted for viewing someday 
Currently, all of my works take place in the same universe, focusing on a planet tentatively called Aitherion (and its moon). Here, recorded history began 50,000 Earthen years ago, intelligent hunter-gatherer aliens live on the moon, the planet has next to no seasonal variation, technology levels run the gamut from stone-age to Crystal Spires and Togas, and magic is commonplace in the lives of all and incredibly diverse in how it is applied and has shaped its users.

  • The Water Bearer: An immortal, millennia-old family man discovers one night that whatever gave him his immortality also endowed him with telekinetic abilities, which manifest for the first time in the form of a dissociative episode that leaves one of his children dead and another close to it, shattering his family apart. With the help of his wife and old friend, he tries to heal and uncover what happened that day, and how. Includes depression, racial activism, domestic life as a plutocrat, Food Porn, and lots of Bio Punk.
    • The Heliocentric: One of my only direct sequels to a work. The aforementioned immortal has grown more reclusive than ever and is now obsessed with a glass sphere the size of a beach ball. Includes a Cloudcuckooland, an Amnesiac God, and still lots of Food Porn.
  • The Epic of Iris: An anthology told epic-style of the rise of Lady Iris, Phoenix of Halstant, from servant girl to mother to carer and mentor of the downtrodden, executioner of old, stagnant empires, and war queen of the Cephasti dragon-queendoms. Includes classic Heroic / High Fantasy, social vigilantism, motherhood, and dragons, ranging from blot-out-the-sun-huge, scary, and Nigh Invulnerable to shoulder-sized, cuddly, and enjoying scratchies.
  • Shining Over Heaven: A sort-of political story that centers around the three dysfunctional personal bodyguards of a very unpopular chancellor, all taking place within a mess of a 'country' that has taken the equivalent of a hundred Earthen years to destroy itself. Includes lots of talking about life, the serving of fresh-baked croissants and tea, a boy and his kitty, and occasionally beating people up.
  • The Angel of Healing: A disgruntled ex-military doctor with very advanced (and versatile) healing magics travels the aforementioned 'country' after the events of Shining Over Heaven, helping people any way he can, even if that means he has to assassinate a few along the way because it's just so easy for someone with his abilities to get away with. Includes Medical Horror and a man's slow descent into madness.

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    Wiki activities 
The vast majority of my work on the wiki consists of small things like moving YMMV and Trivia tropes to their respective tabs, indexing, folder installation, and occasionally moving a works page off Main. Very rarely will I add an actual example. Below I've just decided to list the bigger things I've done, which takes up less time.

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