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Hello, hello.

I'm a female Chinese adoptee living in Cedarpointland, Ohio, currently studying computer science and engineering through the University of Toledo (off-campus, though; it's complicated).

I remember discovering this website through a link from Bulbagarden Forums back in 2008, then proceeded to go on an Archive Binge through Parental Issues, producing a proto-version of one of my earliest story characters. I made my handle sometime in 2009, I would assume, after discovering the Unpublished Works index and feeling that I should have a page, too. (Hint: please don't do this if you ever hope to at least post your writing for viewing.) My first forum post was in the wake of The Google Incident, whereupon I managed to rather spectacularly miss everything that happened, and I became a denizen of the Writer's Block subforum and the Character Development Threads in late February 2011.

My very first online community was Bulbagarden, which I joined in 2006 with just the name Glacia because it was the Japanese name of my favorite Pokemon at the time, Glaceon. I didn't prefix it with 'Crystal' until a bit later (don't ask me exactly when) so I tend to view Glacia more as my internet 'first name'. You can call me CG, too.

These days, thanks to the craziness of baccalaureate engineering programs, I haven't had as much time as I used to in high school to hang around here. When you do see me, expect it to be somewhere in Writer's Block. I still lurk pretty much daily and read the wiki, so you're free to contact me via PM. It just might be a day or two before I can come up with a good response. In my spare time, I like to doodle, take pictures, play video games, hang out with my dogs, and make attempts to write.

I've been working on a sort-of-anthology of original fantasies (tentatively) called Rietessian Annals since 2008. Its characters can be seen in the Character Development Threads as well as on my Wattpad if you're into that.

Troper Wall here, if you'd like, as long as the administration is okay with it existing.

    Tentatively-titled plots I'm (sort of) working on that could or may already be posted for viewing someday 
Currently, all of my works take place in the same universe, focusing on a planet called Rietes. Here, human civilization began tens of thousands of Earthen years ago; technology levels run the gamut from stone-age to Crystal Spires and Togas; merfolk, dragons, and faeries control a good portion of the world, and magic is commonplace in the lives of all and incredibly diverse in how it is applied and has shaped its users.

  • The Water Bearer: An immortal, millennia-old family man discovers one night that whatever gave him his immortality also endowed him with telekinetic abilities, which manifest for the first time in the form of a dissociative episode that leaves one of his children dead and another close to it. With the help of his wife and mother-figure, he tries to heal and uncover what happened that day, and how. Includes depression, racial activism, domestic life as a plutocrat, and Food Porn.
    • The Pseudo-Retirement of a Painted Servant: A backstory piece about Tsadro Oriyand, the chief of staff for Vinicio Acquati's Castle Boreas. Following a memory-wipe, conversion into a prostitute, and forced early retirement, he tries to work out what he wants out of life, and what it means to be a Rivari.
    • The Heliocentric: One of my only direct sequels to a work. The aforementioned immortal has grown more reclusive than ever and is now obsessed with a glass sphere the size of a beach ball. Includes a Cloudcuckooland, an Amnesiac God, and still lots of Food Porn.
  • The Epic of Iris: An anthology told epic-style of the rise of Lady Iris, Phoenix of Uduinya, from servant girl to mother to carer and mentor of the downtrodden, executioner of old, stagnant empires, and war queen of the Cephasti dragon-queendoms. Includes classic Heroic / High Fantasy, social vigilantism, motherhood, and dragons, ranging from blot-out-the-sun-huge, scary, and Nigh Invulnerable to shoulder-sized, cuddly, and enjoying scratchies.
  • Shining Over Heaven: A sort-of political story that centers around the three dysfunctional personal bodyguards of a very unpopular chancellor, all taking place within a mess of a 'country' that has taken the equivalent of a hundred Earthen years to destroy itself. Includes lots of talking about life, the serving of fresh-baked croissants and tea, a boy and his kitty, and occasionally beating people up, all from the perspective of a blind protagonist.
  • The Angel of Healing: A disgruntled ex-military doctor with very advanced (and versatile) healing magics travels the aforementioned 'country' after the events of Shining Over Heaven, helping people any way he can, even if that means he has to assassinate a few along the way because it's just so easy for someone with his abilities to get away with. Includes Medical Horror, lots of ends supposedly justifying horrible means, and a man's slow descent into madness.

    Tropes Associated With Me 
  • Asian and Nerdy: Biology and computer science are fun.
  • Author Appeal: Food Porn, life science, the history of computing, horribly depressing backstories, and stoics.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: My friends have speculated that my quietness might be the reason why our degree program's resident Jerkass has personally insulted everybody (professors included) but me.
  • Big Eater: (Mostly) skinny variety; I can put away a large pizza in one sitting. (But what college student can't?) I'm also hopelessly addicted to Chipotle, the restaurant of giant burritos. Did you know that asking for extra rice makes them more likely to give you more meat for free?
  • Femme Fatalons: Whenever I let my nails grow out, they get sharp. Not jagged, just pointy and prone to catching on people wrong. And I don't even have to groom my nails in any specific manner for this to happen.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: They're all over my bedroom. eight of them are rabbits, nine if you consider Totoro a form of rabbit.
  • Good with Numbers: Good enough for computer science! I still can't add up round dollar amounts in my head and suck at working concession stands...
  • Happily Adopted: My papers say that I was abandoned at a school in Wuhan at the age of one month (at the start of the summer during record-high temperatures). Ever since I was adopted at five months, the identities of my birth parents remain unknown to this day. I don't know a lick of Mandarin (with the exception of the standard 'ni hao' and 'zaijian') and I have no desire to seek these people out.
  • Hates Being Touched: Especially my knees, which are also very sensitive to temperature and can feel a draft anywhere.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Apparently once slept through my father's police cruiser deciding that it wanted to make every noise it could possibly make (sirens included) in the dead of night once. I sleep through my alarm clock only on rare occasions, though.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Comes with the territory. That being said, if I ever say something that rubs you the wrong way, please let me know.
  • Not a Morning Person: I regularly wake on my own between seven and eight, but spend the day dragging myself around if I wake any earlier than that.
  • Real Dreams Are Weirder: My sleeping brain has no sense of narrative or continuity, and any unnamed extras who appear have no distinguishing features- not even genders -aside from being human beings.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Especially when sleep-deprived and burned out, if I'm not so out of it I have to ask my super-serious Russian differential equations professor what 8+3 is.
  • The Superego: When I GMed A Game Of Chance, the three GMs fit into a Freudian Trio arrangement. I seemed to fit into this role.

    Things I like 

    Wiki Activities 
The vast majority of my work on the wiki consists of small things like moving YMMV and Trivia tropes to their respective tabs, indexing, folder installation, page type setting, and occasionally moving a works page off Main. Very rarely will I add an actual example. Below I've just decided to list the bigger things I've done, which takes up far less space.

Pages Launched

Pages That I Have Curated To A Significant Extent

Pages That I Have Provided An Image Or Several For