Web Video: SciShow

"Here at SciShow, we hate not knowing things."
Hank Green

SciShow is one of the Web Video Edutainment Shows hosted and created by Hank Green, known for being the younger half of the Vlogbrothers.

The show is divided up into different sections. "Infusion" talks about such popular topics as solar energy and climate change in great detail. "Dose" is a section of quick videos of obscure topics, such as Tardigrades and Foldit gamers. "News" is a weekly section devoted to quick news stories that have happened recently. "Breaking" is devoted to one breaking news story.

A Spin-Off channel called SciShow Space has been launched in April 2014. It has three rotating hosts: Hank Green, Reid Reimers, and Caitlin Hoffmeister. The channel focuses on astronomy and other space-related information and news updates.

The SciShow channel can be found here. The SciShow Space channel can be found here.

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Sci Show