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YMMV: Akame ga Kiru!
  • Base Breaker:
    • Some fans are pointing out that they're tired of the constant displays of the corruption of the Empire, claiming that it's done for "shock value" in the same way a Snuff Film does.
  • Broken Base: Kurome started off as mostly a boring character no one was really interested in, but then garnered a lot of hate for what she did to Chelsea's corpse after killing her off. Later on, she starts showing a much more loving side to her through major Ship Tease with Wave, but some fans just can't bring themselves to forgive her.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome:
    • Tatsumi has several using the Teigu he inherited from Braht.
    • Mein's entire second fight against Seryuu, and for being the first character to actually survive the blatant deathflags.
    • Wave's well-deserved punch on Shura in chapter 46.
      • Chapter 47 Wave knocking Shura the fuck out bare handed in a fair fight, and Shura is a martial artist!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Probably one of the darkest shonen manga series ever released in the last years. The main characters, while likable, are assassins. Some of the antagonists can be likable and because Anyone Can Die prepare for several Tear Jerker. Then the manga's second arc the apathy is taken Up to Eleven with the appearance of villains who are nearly Complete Monster.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Wave and Bors stand out as the most likable members from the Jaegers despite their actions.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • While Mein already had a lot of fans, supporters of the Tatsumi/Mein ship exploded in number after Mein's battle against Seryuu, where Tatsumi rescues Mein from Seryuu's Taking You with Me attack. And then they became an Official Couple in chapter 45.
    • Tatsumi X Esdese holds a strong following amongst those who still hold out hope that at some point down the line, Tatsumi will reform her.
    • There is also Wave X Kurome although fans see it unlikely to the several death flags.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: When you're first reading through chapter 1, it starts off looking like a fun, innocent, adventure following Tatsumi's escapades around the capital city and landing a job as the bodyguard for a cute rich-girl. After that...
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Tatsumi, hands down. He can be plausibly paired with almost every female character in the manga.
  • Memetic Mutation: Prepare to see forums involving the word "deathflag" due to the large amount of major characters dying.
    • A translation of the title: Akame Kills!
  • Moral Event Horizon: Due to the dark nature of this manga, there are sure to be many, be it major-characters, side-characters, or even background-characters, that have crossed this point. The more famous examples being:
    • The woman who shelters Tatsumi in the first chapter; being discovered to have tortured to death the people she brings to her home; including the two friends Tatsumi was traveling with prior to the start of chapter 1.
    • Seryuu's brutal murdering of Schere.
    • Team Wild Hunt raping and killing Bors' wife and child on his grave.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh boy where do we begin? The tortured people from chapter 1?
  • The Scrappy:
    • No character (at least before team Wild Hunts introduction) receives more hatred amongst the fandom then Seryuu due to her psychotic sense of "justice" and for having practically no redeeming qualities to her character outside of looking cute when she's not in her insane nut-job persona, and being the cause of Schere's brutal death certainly won her a lot of hate. No one felt an ounce of remorse for her when she kicked the bucket in chapter 38. In fact, its one of the most loved chapters of the manga!
    • Shura and his team Wild Hunt members shot up to this status instantly the moment viewers had to read through their brutal murderings of Bors' wife and child in chapter 46.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Wave punching Shura in chapter 46 brought the smile to several readers. Probably surpassed even the famous scene where Simon punched Rossiu.
  • Tear Jerker: Lots of deaths generate this reaction to readers. For a nonviolent example, Tatsumi having a dream where his late friends tell him to move on is also sad.
  • Too Cool to Live:
    • Braht and Schere; both were among the more powerful and nicer of the Night Raid, the former even being considered on Edesse's level.
    • The newcomers of Night Raid, Susanoo, and Chelsea, also apply.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Nyau
  • Villain Sue: Esdese. Never mind being the most powerful fighter in the setting, she most exemplifies this trope effortlessly beating half of Night Raid and then freeze frigging time to stop Susanoo from killing Night Raid's target. No repercussions, nor anyone capable of beating her are in sight as of Chapter 42.

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