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YMMV: Akame ga Kiru!
  • Base Breaker:
    • Esdeath; she's either a Badass who acts as a worthy adversary against Night Raid, or she is a broken Villain Sue who is just too boring, and predictable, to watch as you're always expecting her to just effortlessly win her fights.
      • Taken Up to Eleven with the in-fandom arguments about whether or not Esdeath is just irredeemably evil or an emotional and psychological wreck who's a product of her environment rather than someone who is inherently evil. Opinions are all across the board with varying degrees of vitriol. Do not even dare to touch upon the topic of her being redeemed unless you want the conversation to erupt into pointless bickering.
    • Kurome started off as mostly a boring character no one was really interested in aside from being Akame's crazy sister. However, she ends up garnering a lot of hate for what she did to Chelsea's corpse after killing her off. Afterwards, she starts showing a much more loving side to her through major Ship Tease with Wave, but some fans just can't bring themselves to forgive her. Showing off her Yandere qualities after turning Ran (who was on the verge of death) into another one of her clone fighters hasn't won her any favors either.
    • The Official Romanisations by Gangan Joker. Many names such as River, Borick and Shere where changed to Liver, Bolic and Sheele, and some letters were removed.
  • Broken Base:
    • Some fans are pointing out that they're tired of the constant displays of the corruption of the Empire, claiming that it's done for "shock value" in the same way a Snuff Film does. Others don't mind at all, since all the displays are a reminder of why the corrupt individuals need to die.
    • An ongoing debate regarding the overall manga is, whether or not, Takahiro is making the right choice regarding how he writes Akame ga Kirus character deaths. On one side, you have those who love the fact that Takahiro actually has the balls to kill off his established characters; keeping the readers invested as to who lives and who dies. On the other have those who couldn't care less about who is about to kick the bucket, because these characters die off so suddenly that they never receive any proper Character Development to truly hit the reader where it hurts.
    • Lubbock's death in the anime. Was it infuriating because it felt rushed and occurred much earlier than it did in the manga, or was it still very saddening and shocking due to the way his death was executed?
  • Complete Monster:
    • Syura, the twisted son of Prime Minister Honest, is driven by a desire to surpass his successful father, and puts together a group of vicious psychos known as The Wild Hunt in order to hunt down the Night Raid. Syura wastes no time terrorizing the populace in attacks where innocent people are butchered and men, women and children alike are raped by him and his squad. Syura himself treats his “playthings” horribly with a tendency to kill them, all the while daring someone to challenge him as he is the son of the Prime Minister and thus untouchable. When he actually captures a member of Night Raid, Syura subjects him to hideous torture, including crushing one of his testicles, to get him to speak. When he encounters the widow of a genuine Imperial war hero, Syura wastes no time raping and murdering her while one of his men has her young daughter right on top of the husband's grave. Spoiled, selfish, monstrous and consumed with nothing more than a need to satisfy his own desires and cruelty, Syura is the worst the dark world of Akame Ga Kill has to offer.
    • Champ, one of the Wild Hunt, is a Monster Clown who was imprisoned for being a pedophiliac serial rapist and serial killer. During an early raid of the Wild Hunt, Champ notices a little boy and kills a woman trying to stop him from raping him. Champ comments how he enjoys killing the children before they can become "filthy adults" and later rapes and murders the daughter of a dead imperial war hero right on top of her father's grave while Syura handles her mother. It is revealed that a member of another Imperial Squad, the Jaegers, named Run has joined simply to get revenge on Champ for slaughering his entire class from the days when he was a teacher. When confronted with this, Champ comments he's violated and killed so many kids he can't even remember the class until his memory is jogged. His only emotion is disapointment that them screaming for Run to save them ruined his fun.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Probably one of the darkest shonen manga series ever released in the last years. The main characters, while likable, are assassins. Some of the antagonists can be likable and because Anyone Can Die prepare for several Tear Jerker. Then the manga's second arc the apathy is taken Up to Eleven with the appearance of villains who are pure evil.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Esdeath is a brutal, sadistic Social Darwinist who simply has no comprehension or empathy towards weaklings. However, because of her genuine likability outside of combat, her frequent Pet the Dog moments, her hilarious scenes with Tatsumi, and her genuine care for her subordinates, many people respect her far more than most of the villains in this series. As a result, some fans feel she's redeemable, or see her simply a product of her environment.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Name any Night Raid member not named Tatsumi or Akame, and you'll find that they all have some form of a fanbase. Mein however, became the front-runner amongst the Night Raid darkhorses (most likely due to her Tsundere stereotype); especially in the later chapters where she officially became Tatsumi's girlfriend.
    • Wave and Bols stand out as the most likeable members of the Jaegers, despite their actions. Ran qualifies as well after finally getting some screen-time to build his character in chapters 47 and 48; proving to also be a rather likable Jaeger member who many have jokingly nicknamed as the "Suzaku" of Akame Ga Kiru due to his desire to change the empire's system from within.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • While Mein already had a lot of fans, supporters of the Tatsumi/Mein ship exploded in number after Mein's battle against Seryuu, where Tatsumi rescues Mein from Seryuu's Taking You with Me attack. And then they became an Official Couple in chapter 45.
    • Tatsumi/Esdeath holds a strong following amongst those who still hold out hope that at some point down the line, Tatsumi will reform her (despite Tatsumi himself believing that she's beyond saving).
    • Tatsumi/Akame is one of the most popular pairings, with fans noting the amount of chemistry between them and the less subjective fact that they resemble the classic P.O.V. Boy, Poster Girl Love Interest dynamic. This is typically the most voted pairing in all sorts of polls across internet.
    • There is also Wave/Kurome, due to their chemistry resembling that of Akame and Tatsumi, but more "official" rather than brother and sister like the latter two.
    • Lubbock/Najenda started picking up steam around the time of Lubbock's Cold-Blooded Torture at the hands of Syura, and his consequent attempt of escaping with keeping his loyalty to Night Raid intact as proof enough that Lubbock deserves to be with the woman he's been failing to seduce time and time again. Then he gets killed the next chapter...
  • Growing the Beard:
  • Holy Shit Quotient: When you're first reading through chapter 1, it starts off looking like a fun, innocent, adventure following Tatsumi's escapades around the capital city and landing a job as the bodyguard for a cute rich-girl. After that...
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Tatsumi, hands down. He can be plausibly paired with almost every female character in the manga.
  • Memetic Mutation: Prepare to see forums involving the word "deathflag" due to the large amount of major characters dying.
    • A translation of the title: Akame Kills!
    • The imageboards noted how Akame in the anime adaptation kinda physically resembles Shino, especially when making chibi faces, and just ran with it.
    • Justice! A reference to Seryu's obsession with bringing justice to criminals; the girl can barely utter a sentence without the word justice in it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Due to the dark nature of this manga, there are sure to be many, be it major-characters, side-characters, or even background-characters, that have crossed this point. The more famous examples being:
    • The woman who shelters Tatsumi in the first chapter; being discovered to have tortured to death the people she brings to her home; including the two friends Tatsumi was travelling with prior to the start of chapter 1.
    • Team Wild Hunt raping and killing Bors' wife and child on his grave.
  • Narm:
    • In the first episode, Akame slits a guard's throat. The guard then proceeds to explain to the audience that this is 'a fitting fate for one such as me... whose true nature is rotten' (not in an internal monologue, mind you - he actually says this while there's a dirty great hole in his windpipe) before slumping over, dead. It's exactly as silly as it sounds.
    • From episode 6, Seryu is a Large Ham extraordinaire. She's got machine guns in her tonfa. Sheele destroys them and chops her arms off. But Seryu's got machine guns in the stubs where her arms used to be. Sheele destroys those too. Then it's revealed that she has a machine gun in her mouth. Ridiculous enough on its own, but Seryu's expressions throughout the fight just push it waaaay over the line.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh boy where do we begin? The tortured people from chapter 1?
    • Seryu. While at first coming off as a sweet, bubbly Knight in Shining Armor, by the time she dies, she's proven herself to be the most brutal, completely insane psychopath in a setting full of psychopaths.
    • The utterly insane expression on Aria's face as she rants about her reasons for the aforementioned torture. The rant itself also qualifies, describing the people she horribly kills as nothing but cattle and sounding like a Voice of the Legion.
    • "Just got a new one to my collection!" It's a collection of faces. From people.
    • Honest's reaction to Syura's death. It looked like he brainwashed himself.
  • The Scrappy:
    • No character (at least before team Wild Hunt's introduction) receives more hatred amongst the fandom then Seryuu due to her psychotic sense of "justice" and for having practically no redeeming qualities to her character outside of looking cute when she's not in her insane nut-job persona, and being the cause of Schere's brutal death certainly won her a lot of hate. No one felt an ounce of remorse for her when she kicked the bucket in chapter 38. In fact, its one of the most loved chapters of the manga!
    • Shura and his team Wild Hunt members shot up to this status instantly the moment viewers had to read through their brutal murders of Bors' wife and child in chapter 46.
  • Ship Sinking: No couple is safe.
    • The second half of chapter 52 has definitively put an end to Tatsumi/Esdeath ever happening, as she reluctantly ordered Tatsumi's execution because of his refusal to accept her.
    • Tatsumi/Akame also was sunk since Tatsumi becomes an Official Couple with Mein.
    • The Wave/Kurome pairing took a massive hit once Kurome kept Run as a corpse puppet rather than allowing him to die peacefully. Wave was furious at her inability to understand why it's such a bad thing. However there's still hope for them; he was furious, but at the same time he pitied her both for her physical and mental condition. And he pretty much vowed to not any burdens of battle fall on her.
    • The Lubbock/Najenda ship also ended, because Lubbock was killed by Izou while trying to escape imprisonment in the second half of chapter 52.
    • Tatsumi/Mine has ended too, at least in the anime, now that Mine has been killed as of episode 21 of the anime. Whether or not this will occur in the manga (considering how Lubbock's death was changed from the source material) is up for debate.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Wave punching Shura in chapter 46 brought the smile to several readers. Probably surpassed even the famous scene where Simon punched Rossiu.
    • Several Wild Hunt members who met their end in chapter 48 got this reaction. Especially the clown.
    • Syura getting garroted in chapter 52 was sweet, sweet catharsis.
  • Tear Jerker: Lots of deaths generate this reaction to readers. For a nonviolent example, Tatsumi having a dream where his late friends tell him to move on is also sad.
  • Too Cool to Live:
    • Bulat and Sheele; both were among the more powerful and nicer of the Night Raid, the former even being considered on Esdeath's level.
    • The newcomers of Night Raid, Susanoo and Chelsea, also apply.
    • As of chapter 52 part 2, Lubbock has joined the list of casualties, courtesy of Izou.
    • As of episode 21 of the anime, Mine has also joined the list of casualties.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • With Episode 19 making multiple changes, such as shortening the Borick Assassination Arc by removing Wave's battle with Akame, Mine and Lubbock, Esdeath's development of Maha Padma and her battle against Najenda, Susanoo, Leone and Tatsumi and Susanoo's Heroic Sacrifice. The anime did rectify this somewhat by having Su's Heroic Sacrifice and Esdeath's use of Maha Padma later used in episode 21.
    • Episode 20 completely skips the Wild Hunt mini-arc, has Syura as an Anti-Climax Boss, and has Lubbock dying in a completely different way than in the manga. The fans are pissed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Many characters that were killed off sometimes get called out for this. Particularly if you're a firm believer that these people never received any proper Character Development to truly feel anything towards seeing him/her go.
    • Chelsea is a huge victim of this trope, followed somewhat by Susanoo. Chelsea had some interesting interactions with the cast, particularly Mine. Despite being built up as having as much kills as Akame, and being considered the only true assassin of Night Raid, she gets killed off by Kurome. It almost seems like they brought her in solely to expose some of Kurome's abilities. There are debates in the thread as to why people should feel sorry for someone they barely knew, while others defend her development, claiming she had more than Bols.
    • Many fans of the manga are very upset that Syura did almost nothing in the anime (besides fight Lubbock) and that his impact in the anime was reduced to nothing but him being a Villain of the Week. It really didn't help that the anime felt like it was building up to the Wild Hunt arc, only for it to fall flat.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: While he doesn't shy away from killing once the plot starts, Tatsumi exhibits many traits of a typical shonen hero (naivete, potential, merciful nature) as opposed to his experienced but jaded teammates.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Hands up everyone who thought Nyau was a girl? Turns out he's a young boy.
  • Villain Sue: Esdeath. Never mind being the most powerful fighter in the setting, she most exemplifies this trope effortlessly beating half of Night Raid and then freeze frigging time to stop Susanoo from killing Night Raid's target. No repercussions, nor anyone capable of beating her are in sight as of Chapter 42. Boss even says herself that they would need an entire army plus ten Akame-level teigu users, just to take on Esdeath by herself, and even then it's not a sure thing.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The bloodshed, gore, grimdark setting, Tear Jerkers and numerous characters being killed off left and right, you think this is a seinen work right? Well, the manga was published under the Gangan Joker magazine, which is a shonen magazine.
    • It sometimes feels like a shonen version of Berserk with many of the major characters dying, Crapsack World, extreme badassery, etc.
    • Given their similar fighting scenes and amount of Shout Outs, it also resembles what Naruto would look without the ninja flavour.

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