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Web Comic: L's Empire
Mr L: Excellent, everything is mostly going somewhat according to my vague plan.
—Luigi showing he has no idea what he's doing.

L's Empire is a webcomic hosted on SmackJeeves written by Gamermaster and his younger brother SubrosianDimitri, that follows Luigi leaving Mario and then going off to form his own "Empire." To accomplish his vague goals, he enlists a gay clown, a narcissistic robot, and a mentally unstable green guy with a spear. Hilarity Ensues.

The comic updates 8:00 AM EST every day, except when the authors get lazy. Also the Authors have a habit of putting A LOT of information in their author comments, so a good chunk of the tropes are All There in the Manual.

Has nothing to do with that other L.

Tropes used include:

Life & DeathSmack JeevesMMBN 7 The World Tournament
Lovecraft Is MissingFan WebcomicsMarauder Shields
Legacy Of BlazeTroper WorksMasters Of None

alternative title(s): Ls Empire
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