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Real Men Wear Pink: Video Games
  • League of Legends: Taric is a Magic Knight wearing giant gem-studded pieces of armor and weaponry and has an extremely deep voice. He also designs costumes for theatric plays, has a LEGENDARY pink suit of armor and most of his dialogue is about how gems are both functional and stylish.
  • Adam Jensen, the main character of Deus Ex: Human Revolution - his trademark Badass Longcoat is inscribed with artistic roses. Though, it is still dark coloured and roses - being thorny and all and with their long history in heraldry - are considered relatively masculine as flowers go. But they do have a place in culture as a whole as bordering this trope.
  • Mr. Champloo of Disgaea 3 makes Home Ec the most Hot-Blooded subject there is.
  • A lot of the older male heroes of Final Fantasy (the first through sixth games - all of the characters designed by Yoshitaka Amano) utilize scarves and heels in their outfits. Special mention goes to Cecil Harvey, who wears purple lipstick of all things.
    • And a tiara, once he becomes a Paladin.
  • Cloud from Final Fantasy VII really fits the trope. Because real men crossdress.
    • There is also Sephiroth. As Crisis Core tells us, real men use a whole bottle of perfumed shampoo and conditioner daily and then smell of roses and vanilla.
  • Final Fantasy XII: Reddas - real men wear pink pants.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki in Persona 3 is very fond of cooking and is a regular viewer of the family cooking show — although, as shown in one of the omake videos in the FES expansion pack, he would have preferred the rest of SEES not to realize this.

    He's also a big softy when it comes to animals. Take him to the film festival, and his response to the "Amazing Pet Adventure" films is a shocked, "The river... it just... washed that dog away..." He then turns to keep you from seeing him cry.
  • Persona 4
    • Deconstructed with Kanji Tatsumi, The Big Guy whose interest in crafts and sewing caused him to be mocked by others for not being "manly", which in turn led him to cultivate a tough and violent attitude, which still caused others to reject him, this time out of fear. It also gave him a bit of a complex about his sexuality thanks to people assuming that his hobbies are a sign that he's gay.
    • The Player Character can play the trope straight, since depending on the player's choices he can be a very good cook and work at several part-time jobs involving caring for children, and he can also be quite gung-ho about the cross-dressing competition.
  • BlazBlue:
    • Adding to the list of videogame chefs is...Ragna the Bloodedge. Yes, that Ragna.
      • Add in Jubei, who despite being a cat is a massive badass. He's also a one-man five-star restaurant, and taught Ragna how to cook.
    • And in the spiritual precursor Guilty Gear, there's Potemkin. More powerful than an armored division, capable of delivering four tons of pressure with two fingers. Now, you might be asking, "Two fingers? How would that be common knowledge?" And no, so shut up. Well, it's because of what he dislikes: pencils that can't withstand said four tons of pressure. And his most treasured possession: a pencil case that can withstand being trampled by a dragon. He's an artist, and apparently quite an avid one.
    • Iron Tager, a tricked-out, super-strong cyborg. One of his hobbies? Making ships in a bottle.
    • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Battle Butler to House Alucard, is one of the Six Heroes (the aforementioned Jubei is another). He wears a pink ribbon on his neck (or his tail in wolf form), most likely at the bequest of Madame Rachel, and does a decent amount of cooking for her as well. These detract from his GAR not one bit.
  • Super Robot Wars: Elzam V. Branstein Ratsel Feinschmecker: Real Men pilot Goth-Loli 'bots, cook World-Class gourmet, and of course (coupled with Sanger Zonvolt) Ride Each Other.
    • Only real "men" (bioroids, actually) of Shadow Mirrors have the gall to ride on the battlefield riding an angel-shaped mecha with skirt and boobs, painted on pink. You won't see it in OG, though, you only see it in Advance, and only if you use Axel.
  • Viewtiful Joe is a Tokusatsu-style action hero whose costume features a distinctive flowing pink scarf.
  • The uber-manly yet pink-clad Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter. On the other hand, Dan was clearly meant as a Joke Character, so his pink uniform is more of a jab at his worthlessness as a fighter.
    • Unless you use him in Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha, or Street Fighter IV, that is. Lethal Joke Character ahoy!
    • IV points out that his gi used to be white, but got mixed in with red laundry (you can see that the color's a bit uneven in Dan's 3D model, especially around the torn sleeves). Doesn't stop him from taking it to battle, so it still counts.
    • In Alpha, a much-bishier-than-usual Ken sports long, flowing, blond hair tied back into a ponytail with a red bow.
  • Regal Bryant of Tales of Symphonia is the Team Chef of the group, and is also The Atoner who could kick your ass With His Hands Tied. (And he does, in fact. Regularly.) Not to mention he wears a... belly shirt.
    • Zelos runs around in a pink vest shirt. He also has very nice hair. And a worldwide harem
    • Try Reid, from Symphonia's spiritual predecessor Tales of Eternia. Pink, embroidered "man-bra", as it has been described elsewhere on this wiki. The boy can cook, which is as well, since he's also a Big Eater. And he's as close as the team has to a Team Mom, serving as a cautious, responsible foil to Farah's brash impulsiveness and Meredy's childish curiosity and enthusiasm (compare to every other series lead). He also has a good case to be the straightest-played lead in the entire series, and he's got the potential to wield the power of Seyfert.
  • Jowd wears a pink artist's smock in Ghost Trick. Though, arguably, when you're in jail for murdering your wife, your manly reputation is probably not such a big deal.
  • Ace Attorney's Miles Edgeworth embraces his trope as he wears a magenta blazer with matching trousers. And on the off chance that it's actually red, there is also his totally-not-sissy-but-incredibly-manly ruffles. In one Breaking the Fourth Wall commercial, he has a pink Nintendo DS.
    • All of the buttons on the touch screen of his own game are magenta/pink.
    • Subverted, however, with his half-way closeted love of the children's Show Within a Show The Steel Samurai. Edgeworth spends a lot of time trying to pretend he doesn't like it as much as he does.
    • Furio "The Tiger" Tigre from Trial and Tribulations. Ruthless loan shark and spiked-haired lawyer impersonator extraordinaire... drives a pink moped.
    • Detective Tyrell Badd, a grizzled noir man in a zany world, a Memetic Badass whose very name has 'bad' in it...constantly sucking a pink lollipop. It does not at all detract from his manliness.
    • Not to mention Phoenix in his dashing blue suit... and pink tie.
  • Arachnos Spymaster Vridian in City of Villains loves his soap operas and is not ashamed to admit it.
  • In Champions Online, the members of PSI do not only wear pink tights, but their Psychic Powers are also shown as pink energy. The rival New Purple Gang mooks hang a lampshade on it.
    • Grond of all villains is shown to have a soft side: He keeps a photo of his wife and son - hidden in an old bomb shell.
    • Also Dumb Muscle Armadillo. While he Would Hit a Girl, he couldn't resist one smiling at him.
    • Naturally, every player can make his character an example of this trope.
  • Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts may have auburn-pink hair, a penchant for flowers, and the ability to confuse gamers, but trust us when we tell that his huge-ass scythe isn't for show.
    • Some of the gender confusion was alleviated in Re:Chain of Memories when he gains a manly voice in both versions.
  • Real knights also wear pink, as Ragnar of Dragon Quest IV will have you know.
    • The warriors in Dragon Quest III also wore pink armor with wings on the helmet, whether they were a gigantic, stern-faced man or a temperamental, no-nonsense woman.
    • Dragon Quest IX has two examples for the male hero. First there is the initial Celestrian outfit, with alternating zig-zag lines of pink and yellow. It is entirely possible to defeat the first boss, and the only one fought solo, Hexagoon while wearing this shirt. Then, when you reach level 40 in the Minstrel class (strong enough to beat the final boss), you can undertake a quest, the completion of which earns you a bright pink Flamenco Dancer's shirt.
  • Kirby proves real men ARE Pink.
  • One of Captain Falcon's alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. is pink. His Falcon Punch isn't fazed one bit by this.
    ProtonJon: Valentine's Day Captain Falcon! Here's here for you, ladies...
    • Similarly, one of Snake's palette swaps is a neon pink-orange camo suit. You don't get any manlier than Snake.
    • Dedede looks like a straight out pimp in his pink outfit. (even has the Playboy logo on the back!)
    • Might be there only because Kirby is pink, but there is a pink color for Meta Knight - the Bad Ass of the Kirby series.
    • Donkey Kong's only item of clothing is a monogrammed tie, which can be pink with the right team color.
    • And then there's "Gayweegie"...
  • Jack Turner, Mighty Glacier and bad guy overall from the Art of Fighting games is portrayed like this in his (English) Art of Fighting 2 ending: The "Neo Black Cats" gang that he talks about is actually going to be a creative dance group, unbeknown to his followers. Not necessarily canonical, though, as most of the English endings for said game seem to be jokes.
  • Suikoden's Georg Prime, the world's greatest swordsman, has an incredible sweet tooth. He even has cheesecake in his inventory when he joins you.
  • Castlevania: Newer protagonists are far too pretty to count, but the oldschool Belmonts fit this perfectly, seeing how they were brawny macho men who ventured out to battle evil in outfits that would have been considered somewhat revealing on a female character.
    • Real men wear tiny leather mini-skirts!
  • Amano Hyo from The Last Blade wears a flamboyantly pink kimono patterned with bright red flowers. His weapon is only a stick, and he doesn't see this as something bad, because it means he can slam people over the head with it even more than required by a better weapon before they're knocked out.
    • Annoyingly, he tends to show up about half way through the game, which makes him the first serious opponent. Also, there is actually a sword inside that stick...
  • Shinobi on the Game Gear had a Pink Ninja. His Weapon of Choice? Bombs, bombs, and more bombs.
  • Starman from Pro Wrestling. While his entire skin is pink (in addition to a purple painted star on his face), he is an accomplished acrobat.
  • Roy Koopa, probably the biggest and meanest of the Koopalings from the Super Mario Bros. games, is also bright pink and wears magenta shades.
    • In New Super Mario Bros. Wii his shell has been recolored a darker purple... the top of his head and shades are still pink, though.
  • In former instances of Koei's Dynasty Warriors franchise, Blood Knight Lu Bu's costume always fittingly consisted of gold, red and... purple? In the lastest sixth installment of the series, he dropped the purple for a mostly black and red full body armor, but instead got some nice make-up. Of course, nobody would ever dare to question Lu Bu.
    • Ikaku Madarame of Bleach wears similar eye-makeup. It's shorthand for "Bad Ass" in both Chinese traditional theater and Kabuki theater.
  • Link, in several installments of The Legend of Zelda, wears tights...or no pants at all. Hey, ya gotta be a MAN to wear tights!
    • In real life many medieval societies had men who wore skirts without being seen as feminine (indeed woman wearing them might've been considered cross-dressing). It's possible Hyrule is like them, with might make this not this trope.
    • And in the The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords mythos, when he draws the Four Sword and is split into a quartet, one of the Links dresses in lilac purple.
    • When he enters the Dark World, in A Link to the Past, he turns into a pink rabbit. Before he gets the Moon Pearl, that is. The best part: it is explained in game that your form in the Dark World represents your inner self. In that same game, Link's sprite also has pink hair (though this may be due to a limitation of the SNES's palette at the time).
  • Street Fighter's Hugo and his family from Final Fight and various other Capcom games wear trademark leopard-print tank tops. Doesn't help that licensing issues resulted in his constant companion Poison being declared a transsexual.
  • Almost every male in Valkyria Chronicles has some of this about him. Team Captain Welkin loves going on nature hikes and has discovered six new insect species, and big man Largo, who carries around the VC equivalent of a bazooka as his personal sidearm is an avid vegetable grower and actually gets combat bonuses from standing near vegetables.
  • It's... arguable how Badass No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown is, but any anime-loving Troper has to respect how he can go out and kill people while wearing a pink ensemble of made-to-order merchandise for his favourite anime. Incidentally, it's the most expensive outfit.
    • Also, his favourite anime is a Magical Girl show featuring incredibly Moe characters, and if Sylvia's comments are anything to go by he knows how to give massages too. He also loves his cat.
  • Judging from Metal Gear 2, Solid Snake is into women's figure skating.
    • However, given the figures necessarily required for said women to remain athletically competitive, this might be a subliminal subversion that flows nicely with the programmers' tendency to put up photos-as-posters throughout the series...of their wives in highly revealing swimsuits/underwear.
    • Big Boss likes cute things, a little more than you'd expect. In Metal Gear, he insists on asking Snake if the enemy uniform is a 'cute little sailor suit', and in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater he loves the Ga-Ko camo, because "What's wrong with being cute?" He also develops a fondness for the Oyama face paint (which emulates a woman's makeup), and - let's not start on the "Love Pack" in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
  • From Flashback, we have Conrad Hart, a fearless government agent who fights aliens. He wears a pink shirt in all versions except the Genesis and Sega CD ports.
  • Ace Combat 6 has downloadable Idolmaster-skinned planes, including a pink F-22, but none of these are Joke Characters.
    • Gryphus One from Skies of Deception has a cutesy cartoon bird on his insignia along with the Southern Cross.
  • Unzan of Touhou Project is a giant pink cloud. He's also by far the manliest character of the series that has had any screentime at all. Granted, that's not a crowded field, but still...
  • Doom: The original berserker-packin' man-and-a-half's reason for blowing up hell? The demons killed his pet bunny. Named Daisy. Seriously, play the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom and see for yourself.
  • While not ripping the faces off of representatives of the living dead, Lovecraftian horrors, and/or demon lords, player characters in World of Warcraft may spend their free time learning to cook, sew, and pick flowers. And yes, there is pink armor.
    • Herbs. Grognok gather herbs.
    • Paladins are notorious for getting the pink treatment. Their Tier 5 armor set from the raids in The Burning Crusade was all bright sparkly lavender in color. Their Tier 10 armor set from Wrath of the Lich King features a plate skirt. And in the default raid U.I., every character's name appears in a different color based on his/her class: warriors are tan, priests are white, mages are light blue, etc. ... guess what color paladins are!
  • In Fate/stay night Archer himself, epitome of manliness, enjoys cooking, cleaning and making tea. Not that he really gets the opportunity to do so more than ten minutes into the game or so but...
    • As does Shirou, who also owns a pink apron on top of it. Although the housekeeping side of him is only shown before he starts doing anything badass.
      • He still does quite a bit even after he starts fighting. At the end of the Unlimited Blade Works route, right before the final battle, Shirou decides to get pumped up for the fight... by cooking everyone a gorgeous dinner. Also, in the True End of Heaven's Feel, he starts to make a big meal for everyone, and this is after he literally turned his entire body into swords.
  • Minsc from the Baldur's Gate series, a hulking beast of a man whose weapon of choice is a BFS, has a pet hamster. Named Boo. He also takes time out from smashing bad guys with a sword longer than the average troper is tall to watch said hamster play with squirrels.
  • Sengoku Basara
    • Chosokabe Motochika is The Captain of an infamous Pirate crew, sports a Bad Ass eyepatch, beats his enemies to a pulp with an anchor and has abs you could grate cheese on. He also wears a full pink and purple ensemble, complete with Flower Motifs. Plus his nickname is "Demon of the Western Sea". When he was younger? People called him "Little Princess".
    • Then there's Maeda Keiji, a six-foot-something-tall muscle-bound tank who fights with sakura petals, enjoys dancing, wears flowers in his hair, has an adorable pet monkey, and frequently gives heartfelt speeches on love, even while brutalizing enemies with his BFS.
  • Duke Nukem kills robot armies, kicks alien ass, and shits down their throats... he also likes to watch Oprah, and wore a pink vest in his original incarnation.
  • In Pokémon, the female Nidoran line is indigo, while the male line is pink/purple.
    • In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, a big burly Roughneck trainer named Kirby is in the Lost Tower and has a Cleffa as his lone Pokémon.
    • Mega Evolving a shiny Garchomp (normally not very different looking from its usual colors) gives you this trope if the dragon is male.
  • Cormano Wild, from Sunset Riders, is a Mexican who wears a hot pink sombrero with a lighter pink poncho. And he's a shotgun-toting badass who breaks empty tequila bottles over his own head.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog. In Sonic X and its comic adaptation, as a Mythology Gag based on him being a defender of nature in the original games, Sonic really loves picking flowers. Striking compared to his fellow franchise characters and especially considering his Personality Powers.
    • The most notable example is the Sonic X episode 9. In both versions, Sonic's friends go for a day at the beach, while he goes on a hike before laying down in a field of flowers. He returns with two flowers, putting them in a vase and exclaiming how beautiful they are and how they match the room interior perfectly.
    • Lampshaded by Knuckles in the English dub of episode 5, in response to Sonic brandishing a flower.
    • In Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie, "Sonic's favourite clothes" are shown. They're pink.
    • Super and Hyper Knuckles.
    • Gaining two power cores in Sonic Generations (three on hard mode) makes Sonic go into a pink boost, rather than the usual blue one, to defeat Shadow.
  • Once you defeat Quick Man in Mega Man 2 or Plug Man in Mega Man 9, using the powers Mega Man receives from them (Quick Boomerang and Plug Ball respectively) will turn him pink.
  • Sten from Dragon Age: Origins killed an entire family with his bare hands, wears massive plate mail, wields a large two-handed sword, is a bad ass warrior ... and enjoys relaxing with a little flower picking.
    • Leliana notices and has several dialogues where she tries to come to terms with him being a 'softie', as she puts it. We don't believe him when he says the flowers are 'medicinal'. Also, Sten likes cookies, and plans to introduce them to his homeland. As well, Leliana teases him after catching him playing with a kitten, despite his protests that he was "Merely helping it train..."..."Sof-tee..."
    • The gifts he values most are paintings.
  • One of the quests in Ultima VII has a man accused of stealing a the honor flag of a fighter's guild. To save him from dying in a duel, the player can take his place or convince a retired soldier to sew a new one. It is strongly implied that the soldier shows true valor, as most of the other fighters are merely concerned about fighting duels.
  • Mass Effect has the potential to make every single male squad member into one of these, with the infamous pink Phoenix armour. This includes Shepard, naturally.
    • Mass Effect 2 includes the ability to customize the colors of Shepard's armor—so you can invoke this trope yourself by giving male Shepard hot pink armor.
      • And the opening includes Kaidan in a set of heavy Phoenix armor if he is alive and Liara wasn't romanced.
    • Jacob Taylor enjoys watching Old Yeller.
    • Turian Friendly Sniper Garrus's file in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC features his combat playlist's top 5. These include the turian imperial anthem, two dance-mix songs, a tune from the apparently incredibly popular asari porno Vaenia...and "Fire in the Courtyard" from the turian/quarian romance movie Fleet and Flotilla. Possible Foreshadowing for his Pair the Spares hookup with Tali in 3 if neither was romanced - Tali is not only a quarian, but a huge fan of Fleet and Flotilla who knows the words to half the songs off by heart.
  • Malik of Tales of Graces has a very special DLC costume. It needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Isaac Washington from House of the Dead: OVERKILL. Scary Black Man and Badass Cowboy Cop who blows away mutants with Guns Akimbo, is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Big Bad for killing his father, and almost literally can't go a minute without dropping a Cluster F-Bomb. Also manicures, hates bugs, and was visiting his mom when the mutants attacked.
  • In Sigma Star Saga, a Kril wearing gold insect wings is a pretty girly thing, as the females grow these when in love. Said wings are detachable, and are sometimes given as a gift to her boyfriend. The average Male Kril wouldn't wear them, but Star Pilot Recker does, and with pride. The powerup is even called Girl Wings.
  • Captain Reginald von Winslow, the sun-baked old seadog in Tales of Monkey Island, wears pink frilly underwear.
  • According to the dye descriptions in Fable II, pink is an ominous color in Albion. One dye color is 'Insatiable Butcher Pink'. Dyeing all of your male avatar's clothes in it subtly increases how much the civilian populace fears you.
  • Mira Han's mercenary company in StarCraft II has all its armor and uniforms painted pink. Like the hair of their boss.
  • Hagel Boldness of Atelier Rorona (and reappearing from many other Gust games) is a huge, burly man's man whose massive, tree-trunk-sized arms were built working the forges... and who is not at all sensitive about his lack of hair, likes to design cute, frilly dresses in his spare time, and breaks into tears just thinking about dear ol' mama. And there's nothing the least bit unmanly about any of those things, got it?!
  • Among the list of insults that Umberto levels at Tommy in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the claim that he is exploiting this trope, dressing effeminately so that people will assume he's a tough guy.
    • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a couple missions feature the Ballas ambushing the Grove Street Families in a hot pink car. While CJ can't get any pink clothes, he can get a pink mohawk.
  • The Pink Knight wades into every battlefield, slaying countless enemies and powerful bosses dressed in pink armor and firing off rainbows and stuffed animals as magic.
  • Dwarves in Dwarf Fortress currently don't have any tastes in fashion programmed in, and will wear the most expensive garment they can find, regardless of make. Which means it's pretty typical for your horde of Eldritch Abomination-slaying, Hell-conquering angry beer-soaked beards on legs to be wearing a superbly-dyed, embroidered, jewel-encrusted masterwork silk dress under their full plate armor.
  • Raven from Tales of Vesperia wears a pink shirt and a purple Badass Longcoat. He's also talented at cooking desserts, though he only learned how for the sake of appealing to the ladies, since he doesn't actually like sweets.
  • In Episode 2 of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, during the cutscene following Charles' defeat, Gabe (who is a brute in his 1920s incarnation) comes out of the kitchen with a pie, while wearing a pink apron and pink oven mitts.
  • In Medium level (the easiest) of I Wanna Be the Guy, the Easy-Mode Mockery includes a bow in the Kid's hair. However, he's still a grade-A Badass for surviving the Guy's Death Courses.
  • The Sniper knits in his spare time. (Perhaps it's a manual dexterity exercise...)
    • The Heavy's second Halloween costume? A pink tutu with matching fairy wings and tiara.
  • The King from Half-Minute Hero is a giant of a man with an intense personality and pink flowery pajamas.
  • Crash Bandicoot wears pink boxers with red hearts, as seen in several of his many death animations.
  • Ranmaru in Pokémon Conquest dresses in an incredibly effeminate way, to the point where he is mistaken for a woman in the Female Warlords scenario. He competes anyway, both to prove he's capable, and to not spoil anyone's fun. His transformation outfit makes him even more effeminate. Before he destroys the battlefield with his Lucario.
  • In Borderlands 2, Mister Torgue, who's basically Rated M for Manly: The Character, thinks unicorns are awesome. In addition, it's possible to invoke this with any of the characters via pink skins for their clothes and vehicles.
    • In the Tiny Tina DLC, at the end of a sidequest that's a Whole Plot Reference to Game of Thrones, Mordecai reveals that his favorite show is what appears to be Downton Abbey. Brick is not impressed.
      Brick: "Oh my god, this show sounds stupid"
      Mordecai: "YOU'RE STUPID!"
  • Frederick of Fire Emblem Awakening is a rather large man and an absolute beast of a tank, which seriously comes in handy on the highest difficulty (to the point that the first few levels have been nicknamed "Frederick Emblem" because he's the only one capable of surviving them). He also wants to knit everyone matching gloves (what color should they be?) and is distracted by Panne's fuzzy rabbit ears.
  • One of the ghosts from the first Luigi's Mansion, Biff Atlas, is a kind bodybuilder who loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies, you ask? They apparently symbolize purity.
  • Chimera Beast: The Eaters are a horrifying, amoral Horde of Alien Locusts that gain the powers of those they devour. You play as a pink one.
  • This can show up in any multiplayer game that allows you to create your own name. You'll often see a lot of "Death Bringer!" style names, on people who aren't that great. Meanwhile, the guy calling him/herself "Pink Fluffy Angel" is destroying you. Real men don't need to advertise how Bad Ass they are, they just destroy you.
  • Metal Gear Rising stars Raiden, quite possibly the most powerful cyborg in existence, and his feet are fitted with high heels. True they're functional and can be used to grip a sword in his feet, but they're still high heels.
  • Little Mac from Punch-Out!! wears a pink tracksuit during his training montages. He also spends most of the game beating up opponents that are at least twice his size.
  • In The Last Federation, apparently the Burlusts have a Sweet Tooth.
  • Idura from Lufia II is one of their most powerful henchmen, and while not overly powerful compared to your party he still gives you a run for your money across three battles and manages to take down your strongest party member permanently. He wears a bright pink suit of armor.

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