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Real Men Wear Pink: Web Original
  • The "Pink Pulverizer", seen in Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog wears a pink mask, boots and boxing gloves. His bedroom is also pink, and filled with teddy bears and lace bedsheets.
  • A pair of fuzzy bunny slippers are a part of Doctor Steel's lounging wardrobe. (He's also been photographed with a teddy bear.)
  • Arkada of the DesuDesBrigade, a Canadian Internet reviewer of anime that makes peanut butter by smashing peanuts off of live Narwhale's skulls, is a fan of Princess Tutu and Fruits Basket.
    • Professor Otaku tops him by being a Super Gals fan. And it seems he enjoyed the heck out of Tutu as well.
    • According to them, "Real men watch Princess Tutu".
  • Lester of Awkward. is a big fan of Korean romantic comedy My Sassy Girl.
  • Spoony, upon hearing the suggestion that he was a cheerleader in high school: "Fuck you, I was in the marching band! I played the fucking glockenspiel! You don't even fucking know what a glockenspiel is!" (Hint: In marching band at least, it's this thing. Not the manliest-sounding instrument...)
    • Pfft, glocks are so manly, they should be rated M.
  • The rap battle between Yugi and Jaden have few moments of this.
    Yugi: "There's nothing girly about the Dark Magician Girl, and only Real men use Watapon..."
    Jaden: And oh, FYI, Yugi, Iíve been taking ballet for six years regardless
  • Husky Starcraft will always root for the Starcraft II player who wears pink, and is a proponent of this trope.
  • CR of Familiar Faces is a brony and proud of it, having done a two parter My Little Pony retrospective, drawing Fi M fanart, and even starting his own segment of Fi M episode reviews called "Reviews are Magic." note 
    • The late Jew Wario was also a brony.
    • As has 8-Bit Mickey.
  • PewDiePie says "Real men Scream Like Little Girls."
  • Krait, an assassin-for-hire in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, commands very high fees, in some small part because he insists that, in addition to cash, he be paid an original painting from the Romantic Period. He's especially fond of John Constable and Caspar David Friedrich.
  • In his Amazons Attack review, Linkara belts out "I AM A MAN!" and punches offscreen, only to pull his hand back and find he's holding an adorable teddy bear. Cue him gushing "Bear!" and hugging it.
  • Metal of My Music is a brony.
  • The DeviantArt group The Real Men has this trope as its driving message and seeks to demolish the Pink Is for Sissies trope.
  • Male Neopets are perfectly happy playing with girls' toys such as Usuki Dolls, receiving cutesy-looking Petpets, wearing feminine articles of clothing or even being painted girly colors such as Faerie or Pink.

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