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Memes: Pokémon
Everybody lieks mudkipz.

"What!? MEME is evolving!"

Pokémon has been around for a pretty long time by Internet standards, with the first games coming out in 1996, and has since grown to encompass many different types of media. It's also ridiculously popular, especially with nerds.

The spawning of memes was inevitable. Gotta mutate 'em all!

The Cheezburger network has a page dedicated to these, with new ones every day: Pokememes

Smogon is something of a Fountain of Memes as far as fansites go. Memes originating from Smogon are listed here. The same applies to Twitch Plays Pokémon, its memes can be found here.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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  • so I herd u liek mudkipz Explanation 
  • FUCK YEAH! SEAKING!Explanation 
  • Slowpoke in a top hat.
  • A series of Image Macros has been going around various boards of 4chan called "the Poképarents" that portray certain Pokémon as parents of various attitudes, including Charizard as a father that's never satisfied, Blastoise as a dad that's always understanding and fun, and Ninetales as a mom who occasionally goes after her own (and Gardevoir as a Hot Mom who is in turn pursued).
  • "Entei says: Everything is ok now". Explanation 
  • "Magikarp! Use Splash Attack!"
  • Ekans backwards. Arbok backwards. Muk backwards. Explanation 
    • Gyarados backwards is "Sodarayg" (pronounced "Soda Rage") Explanation .
  • [Picture of an obese person] A wild Snorlax appeared! Explanation 
    • Use the Heavy Balls! Explanation 
  • Bidoof, Bidoof, Bidoof is on fire.
    • ...I'm dying Squirtle.
    • Bidoof itself has become a major fandom meme, inspiring the Com Mons entry.
  • The chance of getting this error on Bulbapedia was so common that on April Fool's Day 2010, the forum skin changed to that of the error page.
  • Cynthia's pedophilia and awesomeness. Everyone's her bitch. Even Red. Explanation 
  • And now, some Mondegreens.
  • As of the reveal of the Generation V starters, the grass starter, Snivy, has risen to memetic popularity in no time, garnering Fan Nicknames such as Smugleaf and Grinleaf.
  • Pokémon Battles on Bicycles. Explanation 
  • Flint is Ronald McDonald. Explanation 
  • Bianca farting.Explanation 
    • She's gotta fart Superbad!
  • An Indian Elephant.Explanation 
  • ...Nidorino. Explanation 
  • Watashi wa N desu Explanation 
  • Solid Snivy, Tepig Boss, and Revolver Oshawott. Explanation 
    • Oshawhat
  • A picture of Slowpoke, often with a caption of "Slowpoke, slowpoke slowwww..." Explanation 
    • The caption "I see what you did there." with Slowpoke. Explanation 
  • A musical meme going to the song Fushigi na Kusuri involves making a trainer feed their Pokémon a Carbos, the Pokémon growing into a muscular freak, exploding from a Metapod and then turning into a Magical Girl It looks like they are trying to do this for EVERY POKČMON YET.
  • O++O Explanation 
  • There's a Foongus Amoongus.
  • Maractus and Mr. Krabs. Explanation 
  • Implying owls are birds. Explanation 
  • Meloetta and icing, specifically vanilla icing. Explanation 
  • Gen V's Pokémon have become rather popular for references to Courage the Cowardly Dog. Cofagrigus has been linked with Ramses, for instance. Explanation 
    • Golurk's appearance has been compared to Randy, a Humongous Mecha who sucked at enslaving planets.
      • And "ˇżWhat's yer offer?!".
  • When N's full name was announced (Natural Harmonia Gropius, the last sounding similar to Tropius), people took to drawing him as a Tropius, or shopping his head on a Tropius.
    • Also writing the full name as sign of negation, shock or disbelief.
  • Excadrill lends itself to a lot of Gurren Lagann references.
  • Professor House Explanation 
  • These new Pokemon look like Digimon.
  • Pokemon Trainer Gray. Explanation 
  • I'M ABOUT TO UNLEASH MY RAGE! Explanation 
    • NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY Explanation 
  • Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. how tough are you? I went into Mt. Moon. With no repels. Explanation 
  • Good/Bad Luck Trainer.Explanation 
  • I want to put my Onix in your Cloyster. Explanation 
    • I want to Squirtle your Jigglypuffs.
  • It will evolve into a Fire-Fighting type. Explanation 
  • Virizion WirelessExplanation 
  • What the underground part of Diglett looks like. One common meme has Diglett standing up to reveal a huge, muscular body. Others feature [2]s. The Cheezburger Pokememes page has one of these each 'Diglett Wednesday'.
  • During one of the US presidential debates in 2012, a Twitter comment said it should be settled with a Pokemon battle. Cue meme of the candidates starting a battle. 'Romney would like to debate!"
  • Gen V used Baton Pass! Explanation 
  • Jessie/Mewtwo fusion Explanation 
  • No es fake Explanation 
  • "It's a Pumbloom!" Explanation: 
    • "Do you remember the time when Ash caught a Pumbloom? NO!"
  • Random Lines Challenge. Explanation 
  • Crobatman and Robin/Fletchling: Explanation: 
  • You know what I don't like about this thing? It's just a fucking dog. That's it. They drew a real life dog and made it cartoony. Seriously, it looks like someone took my mom's dog and put it in the game. Older Pokemon actually had personalities to them. They had quirks that separated them from actual animals. This thing? It's. Just. A. DOG.Explanation: 
    • Because of this, Herdier is known in some places as 'my mom's dog'.
  • A wild Nicki Minaj appeared! Explanation 
  • Shiny Garchomp. Explanation 
  • Go Go Mega Rangers!Explanation 
  • Pokemon fusion pictures, ever since the Alex's Pokemon Fusion site went up.
  • Goomy is love. Goomy is life. Explanation 
    • goomy pls Explanation 
  • WHEN YOU WALK AWAY Explanation 
  • Pokémon Amie has become notorious for the ways in which some Pokémon receive maximum petting happiness may look a bit like inappropriate touching.
  • Masterball mega Electrode Explanation 
  • Espurr's terrifying unblinking stare is making it go memetic, photoshopped into horror film trailers or with Ominous Latin Chanting playing over footage of it.
  • Professor Sexymore Explanation 
  • Looker is the Tenth Doctor Explanation 
  • Professor Birch looks like JonTron! Explanation 
  • Raichu being ignored or forgotten is a common joke among the fanbase due to how Pikachu is super popular and being given "favors". With Dedenne's existence, some even humored on the idea that Raichu will be retconned as Dedenne's evolution.

  • I came when I heard you beat the Elite Four. Explanation 
  • Pant, pant... I finally got through that cave. It was much bigger than I'd expected. I got too tired to explore the whole thing, so I came outside. Explanation 
    • I came through the tunnel, but I still have plenty of energy left. Explanation 
  • Wild [x] appeared! [y] sent out [z]! [z] used [action]! It's Super Effective! Critical Hit! Foe [x] fainted! Explanation 
  • [x] wants to learn [y], but [x] can only know four moves. Explanation 
    • Alakazam can remember everything but a fifth move?!
  • HOLY SHIT! SHINY PIDGEY! Explanation 
  • I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear! Explanation 
  • Calm mind Suicune has no weak.Explanation 
  • You're training on Route 22 for Brock's Gym, your Pokémon are tired, and who do you see? GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK. Explanation 
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action! Explanation 
  • "We must have that Sweet Honey! We must use it to attract Pokémon in great numbers!" Explanation 
    • This became somewhat of an Ascended Meme in X and Y now that the player can use honey to attract a horde of Pokémon.
  • "I will defeat you with the Magikarp my dad gave me!" YOUR FATHER NEVER LOVED YOU. Explaination 
  • Lance is a cheating bastard! Explanation 
    • Lance orders his Dragonite to fire Hyper Beam at human.Explanation 
    • Lance is a pervert.Explanation 
  • Dicks Oak Explanation 
  • In HG/SS, the rival forcefully strips the player character of his/her Rocket Grunt disguise. The fanart and fan comics for this scene is honestly staggering.
  • "Whoops. Dropped my balls." Explanation 
  • Ceiling Peon is watching you infiltrate. Explanation 
  • Is the Crobat EV'd? Explanation 
    • No fish, no Dittos, no legendaries. Explanation 
  • Red. He's the biggest Memetic Badass and Memetic Sex God in the series, though recently Hilda (the female player character from Black And White) has been giving him a run for his money.
    • Red says: "..." Explanation 
  • Ethan/Lyra's Marill Is Evil. Usually Ethan's though.
  • Xatu's cry, which sounds like "TWO-TWO" (トゥートゥー) to Japanese ears.
  • Fake Pokémon, such as Mewthree. Also, Glitch Pokémon, like Missingno and M Block.
  • DON'T PUSH THE B-BUTTON!!! Explanation 
  • METAPOD used HARDEN! Explanation 
  • "I'm a heartbreaker.... My name.... Charles."Explanation 
  • In Black & White, Nimbasa City's Big Stadium contains a Shout-Out to Inazuma Eleven in which one of the soccer players tells you to "Join the training of our Pokemon Eleven!" On the Japanese art community pixiv, there is now a "PokeIre" tagExplanation 
  • Merge everything with Kyurem! Explanation 
  • Final Gambit Shedinja. Explanation 
  • The "Technology is amazing!" guy. Explanation 
  • The SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explanation 
  • D! O! G! A! R! S! DOGARS! Explanation 
  • ARE YOU READY? Explanation 
    • I AM REGGIE Explanation 
    • Server:...... Or "They forgot to get the server ready" Explanation 
  • X may think Y... BUT I DISAGREE! Explanation 
  • The Black version is longer. Explanation 
  • Flareon is the butt of all jokes that are Eeveelution-related. Stuff like "No one loves Flareon", "Eeveelutions and Flareon", and other similar stuff are spouted at the expense of the fire Eevee evolution.Explanation 
  • TrollfreakExplanation 
  • "So tell me, are you a boy? Or are you a girl?" Explanation 
    • "This is my grandson. Tell me, what was his name again?"Explanation 
    • What kind of professor can determine the sex of a quadrupedal lava monster, but not a human child? Professor Oak that's who! Explanation 
  • In the wake of the Gen VI announcement, frequent memes have popped up to troll the fanboys/girls who were denied their Ruby and Sapphire remakes.
    • HOENN CONFIRMED!Explanation 
      • SINNOH CONFIRMED!Explanation 
      • KANTO CONFIRMED!Explanation 
  • TM87 memes Explanation 
  • Level 9 and under Reshiram/Zekrom: Explanation: 
  • "Hah! You better have Burn Heal!" Explanation 
  • Essentially anything related to the speculated new type being Fairy prior to the announcement.
  • Sylveon the Dragon Slayer Explanation 
    • Because of this and the official art showing Sylveon seemingly clashing with a Hydreigon, there's a budding Shipping between the two, with a rather meek/teasing Sylveon toying with an annoyed/cowering Hydreigon
    • still not confirmed still not confirmed still not confirmed Explanation: 
  • Fletchling/Talonflame is r e l e n t l e s s.Explanation: 
  • They wanted me to battle, but I was born to DANCE! Explanation 
  • TEAM FLARE BOSS Explanation 
  • Mega [insert name of Mon here]. Explanation 
    • Yanmega note  and Meganium were Mega before it was cool.
    • Adding "Mega" to sundry Game Breakers, such as Mega Garchomp and Mega Terrakion. Became Hilarious in Hindsight now that Garchomp indeed has an Mega Evolution... that's slower than regular Garchomp.
  • Due to Mega Ampharos's looks, there have been variations of calling the Pokémon's name, from Amfabulous to Amfabio.
    • Also, Mega Ampharos in advert of L'oreal.
    • More like Mega Amphabulous.
  • YOU CAN SIT ON BENCHES! Explanation 
  • Sneaky Pebbles.Explanation 
  • "When is the Dark-type going to get a Gym?" Explanation 
  • GENWUN: Cross-pollinated from the Transformers fandom term "GEEWUN", this is used to mock anyone who thinks the first generation (Red, Blue, and Yellow) was the best and that any other generation sucks.
  • You don't have enough badges to train me! (Usually with an image of a rampaging animal)Explanation 
  • Professor Sycamore from X and Y and his uncanny resemblance to the teacher from the anime Kill la Kill.
    • He's also a common visual headcanon for Nightvale's beautiful and perfect scientist Carlos.
  • Espurr and its interesting expressions quickly shot up to meme status after it was first put into Pokemon-amie.
  • Jingle jingle, motherfucker, I kill dragons Explanation 
  • Diggersby tho? Explanation 
  • Spamming Lysandre/Fleur-De-Lis' face in BGMs is becoming notable in Japan.
  • Snorlax took six generations/17 years to get up. Explanation 
  • Pokemon Bank will never be released. Explanation 
    • Please understand. Explanation 
    • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give bank Explanation 
  • Welfare Pokemon Explanation 
  • "It's been 3,000 years..." Explanation 
  • Slurpuff is a Counter to Mega KangaskhanExplanation 
  • *TRUMPETS* Explanation 
  • RIP Tabitha 2002-2014. Explanation 
  • The large and ill-placed spike that Metagross gains as Mega Metagross has already spawned just the kind of jokes and memes you'd expect.
  • Croissant Spaceship. Explanation 
  • IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!! Explanation 
  • Mega Slowbro's inherently funny design and awkward look turned it into a meme as soon as it was accidentally uploaded on the Internet.
  • Mega Diancie's eerie resemblance to Madoka 's ultimate form also quickly became a meme as soon as it was revealed.
    • Likewise, Mega Audino's resemblance to Kyubey, coupled with the fact that May's Pokemon Contest outfit makes her look like a Magical Girl.
  • Based Pachirisu. Explanation 
  • Where's Wally? Explanation 
    • I FOUND WALLY Explanation 

     Let's Plays 

  • Any mention of Pokémon Speak in the anime is now bound to bring up people mentioning Hodor from A Game of Thrones and treating him as if he was a Pokémon himself.
  • BROCKOBAMA!!!Explanation 
  • Garybombing threads
    • "Silly Gary."
    • Gary liking bara Explanation 
  • Team Rocket is blasting off agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn! *twinkle* Explanation 
  • Pikachu! The horn! Explanation 
  • Gary was here. Ash is a loser. Explanation 
  • Yo, fuckin' Snorlax owns in this movie! He's saving ALL THE POKEMON! He's more ripped than you, man! Explanation 
    • No, dick, it's Wigglytuff.
  • Bitch be TRIPPING balls! Explanation 
  • Ash's Charizard defeated Blaine's Magmar IN THE VERY HEART OF THE VOLCANO ITSELF! Explanation 
    • From the same site, Ash's Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile has constantly been called CLINT FUCKIN' EASTWOOD whenever he appears.
  • Pyramid King Brandon is "insert character here"'s father.
  • Diglett dig, Diglett dig.... TRIO TRIO TRIO. Explanation 
  • I wanna be the very best / Like no-one ever was / To catch them is my real test / To train them is my cause! Explanation 
  • "Who's that Pokémon?!" Explanation 
    • IT'S PIKACHU. It's Koffing! GODDAMMIT! AAAAAAAAAAAAA Explanation 
    • It's Rick Roll.
    • "It's a Jigglypuff seen from above!" Explanation 
  • Trainers, which one of these Pokémon evolves into Seviper? <commercial break> Okay trainers, if you guessed Arbok, you were right!
    • WRONG! Explanation 
  • Giovanni achieved status as a Memetic Badass for apparently punching out a Blissey, and because "not even an orgy is enough to satisfy his libido".
  • These donuts are great! Jelly filled are my favorite! Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut! Explanation 
    • SANDWICHES DON'T ROLL! Explanation 
    • "Who wants rice balls?" Explanation 
  • BYRON LOVES THINGS! Explanation 
    • I LOVE BASTIODON! *background explosion*
      • USE IRON DEFENSE! *background explosion*
    • I LOVE MY WIFE! *background explosion*
  • Remarkable! Explanation 
  • Ash steals a motto. Explanation 
  • In the early 2000s or so, the meme amongst Team Rocket fans was "I WANT A DOUGHNUT". It was considered James's catchphrase (even though he only said it once), and led to him being associated with doughnuts in general, especially jelly doughnuts. It even spawned a short webcomic, The Adventures of James and the Slightly Obese Cop with the Doughnuts, in which James used various disguises and tricks to steal doughnuts from a policeman.
    • A link, if one exists, would be worthy of worship.
    • There was also a Running Gag that James' boots were magical, because both times he kicked a Pokémon while wearing them, that Pokémon evolved immediately afterward.
  • Pikachu in a highchair. Explanation 
  • PIKAFIELD!! Explanation 
  • The Triangle Shades that Ash's Squirtle wears sure look familiar. Yep, they sure do.
  • AND YOUR GALOSHES, TOO! Explanation 
  • "IT'S TASTING TIME!" Explanation 
    • Because of Cilan's food gimmick and the fact that his Pokémon look like food (Pansage looks like it has head-broccoli), there are dozens of threads claiming that he plans to eat his Pokémon.
  • The name's PINGAS! Explanation 
  • Pikachu and ketchup. Seemingly forgotten (or maybe not) by the writers, but not by the fans.
  • How many fanarts have depicted Ash as the Chick Magnet while Brock cries his heart out in the background? TOO MANY.
  • Fruit Salad, yummy yummy! Fruit Salad, yummy yummy!! (The song is from The Wiggles though.)
  • Best Wishes episode 14 seems to have spawned a minor meme among Japanese artists. Specifically, where Cilan gets possessed by a Yamask mask. There are a hilarious number of "Dentomasu" pictures floating around.
  • A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, and these men are gonna do it with or without a beautiful girl at their side!Explanation 
  • The nineteenth episode of BW led to many pictures of Cilan looking evil. Pictures of him laughing over a traumatized Cabernet or looking smug have led to many Death Note jokes. Not to mention, jokes about him raping a traumatized, crying Cabernet.
    • Before that, there were many jokes about Cilan being secretly evil (such as him stealing Ash's egg and replacing it with a fake, eating his Pokémon). This episode "confirmed" it.
  • For some reason, this image of Paul drinking orange juice (from DP episode 100, Aiding the Enemy!) has become something of a meme in Japan. Search "Shinji" on any Japanese fanart site and you're bound to find tons of pictures of Paul sippin' OJ. Explanation 
  • Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devil. Explanation 
  • According to the Pokédex, Alakazam's IQ is OVER FIVE THOUSAAAAAAND!!!
  • Dento/Cilan isn't gay. He's FABULOUS. Explanation 
  • Sexy Gabite now shows up way too often in Youtube Poop.
  • Thanks to BW010, fans begin to call Trip's Servine a masochist. Explanation 
  • Venustoise. Probably the most well known fake Pokémon, due to it actually being in the anime as an illusion.
  • Ash Ketchum... he's an ass man. (Link NSFW)
  • "You can't do this. I won't let you." Explanation 
  • YOUR PENIS. Be quiet or Brock will steal it. Explanation 
  • "I'll use this frying pan... as a drying pan!" Explanation 
  • Ash sent in a million postcards to get that hat.
  • Officer Jenny Is An Idiot. Explanation 
  • I AM A FLAMING MOLTRES!!!! Explanation 
  • After the blackout at the 2013 Super Bowl, many fans have joked about the cause being Team Rocket, due to the trio's Dynamic Entries.
  • "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines you who are." Explanation 
  • "He has two badges!" Explanation 
  • Red's Jolteon fails at life Explanation 
  • Celebi is now called the Onion Fairy in some circles, thanks to this tumblr post.
  • Red is better than Ash!
  • Who is gonna win da Ashbowl? Explanation 
  • A logo changes everything. Explanation 
    • Serena is really changing the tone of the anime. Explanation 
    • Flanderizing Serena into a Clingy Jealous Girl bordering on Yandere is popular on sites like Cheezburger.
  • Dj'ohlt! Explanation 
  • Psycho Mega Lucario. Explanation 
  • BASED DIRECTOR Explanation 
    • STATUSQUOFAGS BTFO! Explanation 

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