Funny / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • Anything involving Fred Fredburger.
  • "Keeper of the Reaper"
    • This moment of Breaking the Fourth Wall:
      Fred: (to Flashback!Billy) Hey, are you gonna cry?
      Billy: (sobbing) Shut up!
    • Billy licking everything in his house "goodbye." When he goes to an electrical outlet...
    • Mandy's reaction:
      Mandy: (decks Billy) Lick me, and I'll rip your lips off.
    • "I can spell my name real good. F-R-E-D F-R-E-D-B-U-R...G-E-R. Fred Fredburger! Yes."
    • This bit when Billy and Mandy agree to sue for custody of Grim is hilarious.
      Billy: I'll see you in court!
      (cut to Billy standing on one end of a tennis court, dressed and prepared for a match)
      Grim (Deadpan): Wrong court, dummy.
    • Billy's idea of reassuring Irwin about the monsters surrounding him.
      Don't worry. They won't hurt you.
      Unless they decide to hurt you.
    • The scene where Fred Fredburger takes the Judge's gavel is pure gold.
    • This part of the song as well:
      Billy: Grim's the stain in my underwear!
      Mandy: Somehow I knew you were gonna go there.
    • "GIMME A BANANA!" "Gimme a banana!" "GIMME A BANANA!" "Gimme a banana!"
    • WHY did no one mention the "chocolate pudding chair"?!
      Judge Roy Spleen (voiceover while showing an armchair covered in chocolate pudding): The stains will NEVER come out of your clothes!
      (cut to Billy and Mandy, who both look genuinely scared and give audible gulps)
  • The ending of "My Fair Mandy". The middle was pretty good too:
    Grim: Hey mon, I just want to say, mon/If you'd only smile once in a while/Then maybe you wouldn't look so vile,
    Billy: Just give it a trial!
    Crabina: It's always in style!
    Mandy: This song's a big, stinky, pile.
    • And there's this exchange:
      Grim: Reality is falling apart!
      Billy: What's gonna happen to us?
      Grim: I don't know! (grabs Billy and hugs him) But I'm gonna hold ya tight and never let go!
      Billy: I love you, Grim!
      Irwin: What about me, yo?!
      Grim: Eh, you'll be fine.
    • Then there's the scene where Mindy snaps her fingers at Mandy in defiance, as if she's channeling Sassy Black Woman.
      Mindy: Last year I was Little Miss Rickets, the year before I was Little Miss Toejam, and girl I'm gonna be Little Miss Scurvy this year!
    • This rather hilarious exchange:
      Principle Goodvibes: But before we begin, let's take a moment to think about why we're all here...
      Man in audience: My wife made me come!
    • The announcement that "the plain, drab Mandy" they once knew is "dead."
      Grim: It's a figure of speech, dummy!
  • "Wishbones", where a Jackass Genie skull named Thromnambular is granting characters' wishes. When Pud'n picks it up, he wishes for "a cute little bunny that will love him." The result is a cute, pink rabbit who speaks in a demonic voice and, well...
    "Sometimes Love Hurts, Pud'n, and I love you a lot."
    • Other great moments in Pud'n's wish include a Bait and Switch moment where Pud'n is falling from a cliff just as a showman debuts "Endsville's newest tourist attraction—the world's largest pillow!"...which just so happens to be sitting next to the Endsville Cactus Farm. Three guesses which one Pud'n ends up hitting when he lands.
      • Don't forget the later battle between Pud'n and the killer bunny on the freeway, with Pud'n using various pastries (one of his many injuries ends with him in a fancy restaurant, where he lands on the dessert cart) to try to stop the rabbit, who's driving the truck carrying the world's largest pillow. Pud'n eventually uses chocolate eclairs to somehow make the pillow explode in a fiery inferno.
        Pud'n: SUCK CUSTARD!
    • Billy's wish for a "life of adventure" turns into a lengthy Jonny Quest parody. The highlight, though, is Irwin playing Hadji:
      Billy: Why you talkin' funny?
      Irwin: (in an exaggerated Indian accent) Because I am from Calcutta, in the Mystical East.
      Billy: No you're not, you live down the street! And what's that funny thing on your head?
      Irwin: (exploding with anger and with no accent) IT'S A TURBAN! IT'S WHAT I WEAR! I'M FROM THE MYSTICAL EAST! I'm in character, yo, so why don't you just GET OFF ME?!
    • When Irwin gets to use Thronambular, he wishes to be in a hip-hop music video, with Mandy as his "leading lady." Mandy is far from cooperative, and the entire incident ends with her forcing Irwin to inhale all of the air from his kiddie pool and fly into a nearby park.
    • Billy's dad's wish is to return to his high school days, when he apparently "ruled the school." Unfortunately, his actual teen years were full of nothing but a series of beatings from everyone from the football team to a punk guy who looks feminine to a kid who simply attacks him for no reason.
    • General Skarr's wish: he wishes to be ruler of the world, so Thromnambular makes a giant statue of Skarr rise from underground, with Skarr (who's on top of it) cackling and hamming it up all the way...until the statue reaches outer space, where he promptly dies from a lack of oxygen, his body exploding with a fart sound.
  • During Big Boogey Adventure Boogey listing off everyone (and I mean everyone), including himself, who has stolen Grim's scythe.
    Boogey: Is it not true that not only was your scythe stolen by a headless man wearing a pumpkin on his neck, but was also taken by Billy, Mandy, Irwin, Billy's father, Billy's mother, Billy's cousin (Nergal Jr.), Billy's cat, Dracula, General Skarr, Principal Goodvibes, Mrs. Claus, the Secret Snake Club, the Army, Scout Troop 701, the Sleestaks, the President, the mailman, the Dingleschmidt sisters, the Boogeyman, a llama, and a turkey salad sandwich... (ominously) hold the mayo?
    • Also from the trial:
    Boogey: "I'd like to call to the stand my first witness (summons a flaming chair out of the lava, which gets sprayed with a fire extinguisher)... myself. (Sits down in chair and removes glasses) Hello, I'm the Boogeyman!"
    Mandy: *facepalm*
    • The bit with Grim chasing Skarr, but the best line has to be:
      Grim: You can't outrun Death!
      Skarr: That's why I have turbo!
      • Shortly after the above moment:
      Skarr: Hey, what does this do? (pushes a button. It fires a laser which burns through his shirt and reveals the hole in his chest) Oh. Now I remember.
    • After the gang come home having failed to catch Skarr, Harold points out that he gets fired from all of his jobs and got fired from his most recent one after eating all of the paper cups. Gladys overhears this and threatens to stab him with a heated pike.
    • Billy's musical number, "Scary-O," especially the power ballad remix at the end.
    • After Irwin single-handedly rescues Mandy from Boogey with the Power of Love and breaks the nightmare spell by kissing her, her immediate reaction is that she's still in the nightmare. Irwin then tells her otherwise, causing her to retch over the side of the boat.
    • The part where we find out that Numbuh 3 is the replacement Grim Reaper.
    • The Hole of Oddities, where they turn into hand puppets:
    Billy: AAAHHH! I'm a forearm from the waist down!
    Billy, Irwin, Mandy, and Grim: AAAAAHHHHHH!
  • "Here Thar Be Dwarves". That is all. But to list some specifics:
    • Billy goes on a picnic by himself, because Grim and Mandy refuse to go due to a previous incident.
    Billy: Please pass the egg salad.
    Billy's dad, wearing a monster suit: RAGGLE FRAGGLE! [picks up Billy and runs away with him]
    • The fact that they play this exact same flashback four times.
    • Or the part when Billy enters the dwarves' flashback, shocking everyone in said flashback.
      • Even better is when King Beardbottom admits he hates the elves because they got rich, and accusing them of knowing that cookies would be more profitable than mushrooms. Which prompts this exchange:
    Head Elf: No we didn't.
    King Beardbottom: Yes you did!
    Head Elf: No we didn't.
    King Beardbottom: Yes you did!
    Head Elf: No we didn't.
    King Beardbottom: (exasperated yell) This flashback is... over! (ends the flashback)
    • At the beginning Billy has made a huge mess in the kitchen to make one sandwich, one of the ingredients being a pink turtle, which is still alive.
    • Billy meeting and running away from a disheveled Yogi Bear. The best part is either when Boo-Boo comes out of the bushes revealing that he's now absolutely huge or when Yogi says he knows Billy is close and calls him dirty, to which Billy points out his last bath was just over two weeks ago.
      • And afterwards, Billy hides in a cave and taunts the bears that they can't get him, which Yogi agrees claiming bears are terribly afraid of caves. Boo-Boo, who has mysteriously shrunk to his original size, asks why they are so lame.
    • The part where the dwarves catapult Billy, who is disguised as an elf, into the elves' factory and he flies over Grim and Mandy:
    Grim: (helping Mandy wash a car) I wonder how Billy's picnic is going.
    Billy: (flying overhead at high speed) HEY GRIM HEY MANDY!
    Grim: That answers one question, yet raises so many others.
    (Mandy sprays him in the face with the hose)
    • The line "And here is the dwarven closet of cleaning supplies!"
    • A Drill Sergeant Nasty voiced by the R. Lee Ermey pops up to say that the battle scene would be too gruesome for the target audience, and then rambles a bit while footage of an adorable baby koala plays. He cuts it back to the action too soon, then tells an anecdote about a guy who "misread the signals in a combat situation. Now he eats everything through a mechanical straw!"
  • The aforementioned turtle also appears in "5 O' Clock Shadows", where the trio first arrive in the shadow world while Billy laments that everything looks the same.
    Billy: Same! Same stupid rug, same stupid couch, same stupid turtle...(turtle slowly walks over) Hey! A turtle! (the turtle bites him on the nose)
    Mandy: Same stupid Billy. (smacks Billy, which causes the turtle to go flying across the room)
    • Billy and Mandy's counterparts in the shadow world. Shadow!Mandy is sweet and obsessed with unicorns, much to Mandy's disgust. Shadow!Billy is even dumber than the real Billy and his only means of communication are barking like a seal.
  • The entirety of "Everything Breaks" can probably qualify. It features highlights such as Billy smashing through the floor of his bedroom and landing at the kitchen table, throwing his bowl of cereal out the window after complaining that it's not pancakes (after which the bowl violently explodes), hijacking a school bus and driving through Skarr's garden on the way, and flooding the entire school—and that's just the first few minutes!
    • Lord Pain "punishing" going around breaking everything with him. And earlier, when they break Grim to pieces and his bones scatter across the screen.
    • Lord Pain showing Billy what his antics have wrought on his neighbors, with Harold trying to defend against an angry mob in a Frankenstein-style setting. He throws Gladys at them, to which she tells them he always gets that way during football season.
      • "...Is that a trick question?"
  • The episode when Boogie first appears and Billy and Irwin are watching TV:
    Irwin: This show is awesome.
    Woman: Hey Doc, what are you doing with my legs?! (razor sounds) AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Doc: Oh stop it, I'm just shaving you.
    • This exchange:
      Billy: Oh, Grim? The TV wants to talk to you.
      Grim: TV?
      Boogey: (Still diguised as the TV, holding a wine glass) Hello, Grim.
      (Perplexed)'' ...Hello, TV.
    • Boogie's attempt to scare a teenage boy with piercings and zits. The boy goes downstairs to the fridge, only for Boogie's face to appear on the door.
      Boogie: RAAH!
      Teenager: AAAAAH!
      Boogie: AAAAAH! (Shape shifts out of the fridge and into his normal form) What happened to your face?
      Teenager: Dude, I'm like, fifteen, we all look like this. What are you, my mom?
  • During the first half of "Prank Call of Cthulhu", when Grim provides one of his ominous warnings to deter Billy from using the Phone of Cthulhu, Billy points out that his eyes are still on fire after he's done. He asks for something to put the fire out, and Billy gives him a pitcher of coffee, a bottle of hot sauce, a barrel of acid, and a container of rocket fuel, the last of which sets most of his head on fire and he runs to the bathroom (which Harold was in) to put it out.
    • The monster who communicates by beatboxing also deserves mention.
  • In "Nergal's Pizza" Irwin, who is working at Grim's pizza restaraunt that's at war with Nergal's, annoys Nergal over the phone so Billy can pour dirty laundry into his sauce pot like Grim claims he uses in their commercial (after Nergal said Grim puts bugs in his pizza). Cue Nergal's Cluster Angrish Bomb when he sees the sabotaged pot.
    • Later on the second time Nergal Jr. infiltrates Grim's place he gets caught, and then sent back to Nergal in a pizza box. When Nergal opens the box, Jr. complains that the pizza he was on had anchovies.
    • The very beginning to that episode, when, with no warning, Nergal breaks through the surface of the earth, carrying a pizza, in the middle of a busy intersection, causing a few cars to fall into the chasm. He then proceeds to yell apologies back at the cars.
    • The TV report about the franchise war between Nergal and Grim's pizza.
    Reporter: We all remember the terrible Tong Wars...
    * shows video of two people pinching eachother with barbecue tongs*
    Reporter: Whats next? Mascots?
    Billy: *shown in a video covered head to toe with zits* PIZZA FACE!!
    • Nergal adding a secret ingredient to his pizza to compete with Grim: fairy dust. The problem is, he doesn't know what it will do, he just assumes it'll be good since it's magic. It creates giant monster pizzas that rampage through the city.
    • Near the end, Nergal Jr. swaps Granny Grim's hot sauce with ghastly elixir, the result? It turns Grim's customers into pizza-craving zombies covered in Nergal heads and tentacles. That's not all, when Granny Grim accidentally drops the elixir bottle in the sauce pot, the pot explodes, covering all of Endsville in tomato sauce, basically making the city a giant cheese pizza. It's then revealed that the whole episode was a bedtime story one of the monster pizzas was reading to his two sons.
  • "Dream Mutt" had its moments, but the funniest is when Billy's new dog, Wiggy Jiggy Jed, wants to sleep in his bed, and Billy flails his arms at him in a ludicrous fashion:
    Billy: (flails his arms with each sentence) NO!! Bad dog! This is my bed!
    • Jed being essentially a pastiche of the snarky, fourth wall breaking Hanna-Barbera characters of the 60's and 70s. Also, his evil plan of world conquest, which turns out to just revolve around taking every bed in the world.
    • Billy telling Jed to turn off his annoying walk theme song, since it's late and people are trying to sleep.
    • In the first part of the Dream Mutt "contest" where they imply Grim's going to kill the dogs Billy doesn't choose. Look on Grim's face while hellfire burns behind is hilarious.
    • Billy's rapid sleep talking:
    Billy: (Snores) Wiggy Jiggy Jed is my best friend and I love him very much. (Snores) ...But if that filthy mutt ever comes near my bed again, I'm gonna spank him with a turkey leg.
  • This exchange from "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?", in which Hoss and Eris are posing as Billy's parents:
    Eris: (indicates Hoss) This is Billy's dad, (indicates herself) I'm Billy's mom, (pulls out a trout) and this is a trout. (she proceeds to smack Goodvibes around the head with it)
    Principal Goodvibes: ...Why did you just hit me with a trout?
    Eris: Because the mackerel wasn't fresh.
    • Another moment from the same episode:
    Mandy: Rollington Academy is for...

    Billy: Geniuses! Which I is one of am!
    • And another:
    Billy: Ask me a question. Give me a challenge. Anything at all.
    Grim: Who developed the theory of relativity?
    Billy: That is a trick question, Grim. Everyone knows fruit bats are mammals.
    • Mandy then challenges Billy to tie his shoes. Billy ends up tying the shoelaces to the table legs, and flips the whole table over when he runs off to answer the door.
    • And here's one from when Hoss was regaling Goodvibes with tales of his exploits:
    Hoss: There I was, Goodacre-
    Goodvibes: Goodvibes!
    Hoss: - surrounded by twelve-foot tall zombie poop elves! Nowhere to go but-
    Goodvibes: Uh, excuse me, but how could they be elves if they were twelve feet tall?
    Hoss: It was a leap year.
    Goodvibes: But that doesn't explain-
    Hoss: You sharpshooting me, Goodpudding?
    Goodvibes: What?
    Hoss: You stepping in my cornflakes?.
    Goodvibes: No, I-I-
    Hoss: Let me tell you something about stepping in someone else's cornflakes: It's a weird way to eat cornflakes.
    • Earlier on Harold suggests that Billy build robot duplicates of himself and Gladys. Billy points out that he already did; cue flashback to giant robots of his parents Gone Horribly Wrong.
    Harold: ...oh yeah. Man, I'm still paying off that bill.
    • The fact that Billy managed to build fully-functioning giant robots, or that when he did build robot duplicates of his parents, he made them giant engines of destruction instead!
    • Delgado and Eris constantly mispronouncing Goodvibes' name. In the end, he finally just gives up on correcting them.
    • Billy's I.Q.:-5
    Principal Goodvibes: We gave the same test to a shovel and two candy bracelets... They scored a positive 17.
    • Billy does get admitted to the Rollington Academy thanks to Goodvibes giving him a recomendation after Hoss threatens to beat him up. His original suggestion was that if Billy worked hard and focused on his studies, he could have a bright future as a medical test subject. The real clincher? It turns out that Rollington Academy is actually a military school.
  • Hoss Delgado calling Mandy a "fishwoman", and her reaction to it.
  • From "The Loser from the Earth's Core":
    Nergal: And so you see, Billy, I'm a sad, sad failure. I can't ever show my face in that household again.
    Billy: (cheerfully) Well, maybe you can show some other parts of your body.
    • Not to mention...
    Mandy: Are you here to try and kill us with some convoluted scheme disguised as a cry for friendship?
    Nergal: Actually, this time I thought I'd just use this old lawn mower.
    • At the beginning when Billy comes home covered in mud, Gladys tells him not to get any on the floor. He then walks on the wall.
  • From "Creating Chaos":
    Eris: You're watching the paint dry?!
    Billy: Shh, this is the best part!
    • Billy promising Mandy and Grim that he's not going to moan or complain when he goes fishing with them...only to moan and complain when they do go fishing.
  • From "The Most Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever":
    Nergal Jr.: What's it feel like, being in love, Irwin?
    Irwin: It's like a beautiful flower inside your chest that's trying to burst out through your ribcage.
    Billy: Like my dad's heartburn!
    • Later, when Nergal is taking Mandy and Nergal Jr. to the dance.
    Nergal: Heeeey, would you kids like to listen to some music?
    Nergal Jr.: Sure, Dad.
    Nergal: Yeah, I bet you would.
    * Beat*
  • Much of "Fear and Loathing in Endsville". Notably, the Johnny Cash Affectionate Parody song that spans the episode, as well as what happens when Dracula and Grim are starving in the desert.
    Giant Scorpion: My babies!
    Dracula: Well maybe if you didn't make your babies so delicious, Dracula wouldn't have to eat 'em!
    Grim: Oh, give me a break!
    • Also, the creepy trucker, who even freaked Dracula out with his hobby of making sunglasses from discarded nails, thinks THEY are too weird, and decide to set off on his own after the crash.
    • "Vampires don't suck!" "They scrape!" "And lick!" *Wriggles his tongue* "Scrape!" "And lick!" *Wriggles his tongue*
  • Any time Billy's face gets blown or ripped off:
    • The beginning of "Tricycle of Terror" has him crash his bike into a tree and he flies off, grinding his face across the road and looking up at two girls working a lemonade stand, his face now ripped clean open much to their horror.
    • In "Reap Walking" when he's making waffles (despite the fact that he obviously has no idea how to), he puts his mouth on the egg beater while it's still on, which then rips off his face. He says the batter tastes smooth.
    • In "The Loser from the Earth's Core" when Nergal pulls out a push mover that he borrowed he throws it away and it lands on Billy's face, tearing it clean off.
    • In "Billy & Mandy Save Christmas" when the trio arrive at the North Pole, Billy wanders into a cave with what looks like a wampa and a rebel trooper who is dangling from the ceiling and the former rips off his face. When he comes back out he tells Grim and Mandy "Santa has sharp nails".
    • In "Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure" when Future!Billy (from the post apocalyptic Endsville ruled by Mandy and later by Fred Fredburger after he alters the timeline) goes back to the future he blows Present!Billy's face off, after which Present!Billy states "I like that guy".
    • During Grim's first story in "Short Tall Tales" Billy (as Pecos Bill) gets his face ripped off while battling the tornado.
  • "Substitute Creature":
    • The scene where Pud'n runs in fear after seeing the skull from a biology skeleton in the toilet (Billy replaced the skeleton with Grim in an effort to cheat his way through a test, a plan which backfired horribly since it was a math test and he told Grim it was history, which is Grim's best subject). He runs straight into a janitor and they both tumble down the stairs. Later on when he sees Nergal Jr. wrapping Ms. Butterbean in his tentacles, he runs into the janitor AGAIN (who now has a cast and bandages) despite the latter's obvious attempts to get away. Then they fall out the window... from the top floor...which gradually pans out and reveals the school is located on a tall mesa overlooking a desert.
    • When Billy replaces the biology skeleton with Grim he comments "Billy, you said we were going to the morgue."
    • Billy's reaction to Grim saying he's not good at math: "What's math?"
    • Mandy gives Irwin a telescope only to punch him and force it into his eye socket.
    • Later on after Jr. has taken on Ms. Butterbean's form he reveals that Billy drew a doodle of a clown with a flamethrower in place of an actual answer. Billy tries to remedy it by giving it a pirate hat.
    • When Billy and Sperg are in detention Mandy is still there simply because she wanted to watch Sperg get his comeuppance. She shows him her test paper has an A with 6 pluses.
    • When Jr. is torturing Sperg offscreen Billy points out "Sperg's got the same bunny underwear I do!"
    • At the end Pud'n looks in the toilet again and sees the skull is gone, but then looks up and sees Ms. Butterbean stuck to the ceiling with packing tape. It's only after he sees Grim that he faints.
  • In "Irwin Gets a Clue" there's a scene where Hoss and Irwin are in the former's truck and since's he not paying attention to the road at all he ends up driving into Snagglepuss, Yogi, Boo-Boo, and Huckleberry Hound. All of them except for the first one get caught on the windshield before flying off.
  • The beginning of "Detention X" where Billy assumes he accidentally killed Ms. Butterbean with a rancid apple (he didn't). His exaggerated reaction is what seals it:
  • In "Runaway Pants" when a muscular Irwin and Jr. race to the bus stop Billy tries to join in, but since he's out of shape, after leaping forward he becomes exhausted upon taking a single step:
    Billy: My legs! (cringing) My lungs.
    Mandy: Face it, dweeb, you're out of shape.
    Billy: It isn't true!
    Mandy: Whatever. See you at school.
    • When Billy and Jr's plan to pass the fitness test goes awry:
    Grim: Billy's out of control! Somebody do (realizing that Mandy's lack of enthusiasm sums up how both of them should feel) ...some...thing. (to Mandy) You're right. He's gone. Let's go sell his things.
    • Irwin has been working out in preparation for the fitness test, and tries to impress Mandy with his new, muscular upper body. Mandy's response? Yanking off one of his chest hairs, making him scream in pain.
    Mandy: Do the same thing with your personality, Irwin, and we might have something to talk about.
    • Billy has Jr. turn into a pair of magical pants so he can ace the fitness test, but Jr doesnt know how to control a transformation into a non-living object, and ends up losing the ability to stop running or turn back. The result? Billy ends up on a cross-country marathon, similar to the one performed by Forrest Gump. He never figures out how to stop and is still running by the episode's end.
    Billy: I HATE MY PANTS!!
  • Practically everything that comes out of Sir Raven's beak.
  • This exchange from "Daddy's Little Spider":
  • The montage from "Lil' Porkchop" with Billy tending to Porkchop. Billy doesn't realize he needs water and keeps exposing him to heat, starting by taking him to a playground (on what Billy says is the hottest day in the history of the world) and putting him in the sandbox, then taking him to a tanning booth which burns him to a golden brown, and finally taking him to a spicy food restaurant where after eating the food he yells in pain and falls through the wall, then crumbles into a pile.
  • The entire clown episode.
    Grim: *repeatedly shaking Billy back and forth* "Stop being afraid of clowns! Stop it you ninny! STOP! BEING! AFRAID! OF! CLOWNS!"
    • Billy's Inner Frat Boy's epic rant:
    Inner Frat Boy: Aw, clowns aren't scary, Billy.
    Billy: They're not?
    Inner Frat Boy: No, they're just different. And just because someone's different, or thinks different than you, doesn't mean you should be afraid of them. It means you should be angry at them! HOW DARE THEY BE DIFFERENT?! WHAT?! MY WAY OF LIFE AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YA?!
  • Irwin's alter egos in "The Secret Snake Club", including Jimmy the Jackal, Mr. Magic Muttonchops, and Debbie.
    • Followed by his being dragged away by the Feds and protesting "This episode was supposed to be about snake nerds! SNAKE NERDS!"
    • The CIA trying to track down a criminal on jetskis:
      CIA Director: Leaky Colon, you are wanted by the United States government! Pull over immediately!
      Leaky Colon: No! (outspeeds them)
      CIA Director: Darn it! That usually works.
    • Billy's CIA interview. "I have a rash on my butt!"
  • From "Night of the Living Grim", after a sketchy underworld doctor attempts to treat Grim's "Encroaching Doom Syndrome":
    Doctor: We did everything we could, but I'm afraid your friend is... ALIVE!
    Grim: *Quickly sits up* What!?
    (Camera cuts to everyone (including Mandy)'s stunned reaction)
    Grim (Confused): What?
    (Beat, Billy faints, and all the doctors run out of the room, screaming)
  • In the episode where Billy is replaced, there's one scene where the rooster belches as the sun comes up. Made funnier by the fact that chickens are incapable of that function.
  • In "Ecto Cooler" when Billy consults Harold on having a spectral arm (which belongs to the ghost of Lord Byron) in his throat, he freaks out upon seeing it, then becomes an emotional wreck frantically asking how that could have happened to his son. Made more hilarious by the fact it's ridiculously out of character for him (though Harold at least seems to care for Billy more than Gladys).
    • Mandy gets her own ghosts: Attila the Hun, Rasputin, and Abraham Lincoln.
    • In the same episode Billy assumes that Sperg's weakness is his mom after analyzing the old-fashioned MOM heart tattoo on his arm. He writes an "ode" to her, which in actuality is just a bunch of libel culminating in him saying that she's so ugly, staring at her will cause your head to melt. Sperg's mom then actually shows up, crushed by Billy's words, and is actually quite attractive from Non-Standard Character Design, but when Principal Goodvibes looks at her the flesh on his head actually melts off.
    Goodvibes: (laying on the floor, head now just a skull with eyes) Could someone get me a tissue?
  • The Gainax Ending of "Billy Gets an A": Grim and Mandy go back in time to prevent Grim from changing Billy's test score to an A, which resulted in Billy becoming a genius and many other characters except Grim and Mandy becoming the opposites of their normal selves. Their first attempt fails when present Grim distracts past Grim and Billy takes the latter's scythe and changes his grade himself. The two Grims go back further to convince Billy to study and he does, but still fails. With three Grims in tow, they fail going back to stop Billy from being born, then they fail going back to stop Billy's Japanese ancestor from being married, then further and further until eventually there's a whole bunch of Grims at the dawn of time who run away simply because a dinosaur with Harold's coif burps. Present Grim asks how all of it will end... then it cuts to a "The End!" card.
  • Billy's breakdancing (with a full bladder) in "Terror of the Black Knight".
  • In "Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator," the singing dinosaurs and Hoss's reaction to them:
    "He's raising an unholy army of singing dinosaurs."
  • In "Company Halt", Grim and Mandy are in their living room discussing how General Skarr always gives them a creepy look, and then Grim says he's doing it right now. We then see that Skarr's face is pressed right up against their window with a deranged grin on his face. It's the comic timing that really makes this scene work.
    • In the same episode, Billy and Grim are playing football in the yard, and Billy is frantically shouting "Grim! Over here! I'm open! GRIIIIIIM!"—Grim's standing about two feet away from him.
  • In "Mandy Bites Dog", Mindy gives Saliva a harsh "Reason You Suck" Speech after he licks her, but then Saliva snaps and scares the crap out of Mindy. As she flees, he tries to imitate Cerberus leaping through the air, but falls on his back.
    Mandy: (facepalm) Nobody saw that, right?
  • The first time hearing Dracula speak, and realizing that it's friggin' Blacula.
    "Corny!? You callin' Dracula corny!? *CHOMP*"
  • From "Toys Will Be Toys":
    Billy: (in tears) Oh, Grim, why do the good die young?
    Grim: Well, usually because I get confused.
    • When the Jurassic Creeps try to get by Grim by hiding behind an unconscious Milkshakes that they previously shot with a laser:
    Grim: Milkshakes, where are you going?
    Triceratron: To destroy all that is good. I mean, meow.
  • When Hoss Delgado shows up in "Brown Evil:"
    Mandy: It's Hoss Delgado!
    Grim: It's Hoss Delgado?
    Billy: IT'S PAT THE BAKER!
  • Billy's Humiliation Conga montage in "Dumb Luck", particularly when he ends up pouring a lump of expired milk on his cereal then gives it to Milkshakes, who licks the milk and becomes stunned.
  • In "Test of Time", when Billy and Mandy use Grim's universal remote to go to the future, they see that it's apparently taken Billy 42 years to write a report.
    • The ending: Billy, Mandy, and Old Billy end up causing a Time Crash and Billy gets sent back to the Stone Age, where he falls in love with a cavewoman. Cut to millions of years later where Billy is the genetic ancestor of all human life on Earth, and everyone has his eyes, nose and intellect. And due to Rule of Funny, the change has apparently affected animals as well.
  • From "The Firebird Sweet":
    • The radio ad for Frosted Golden Apple Scraps:
    Announcer: Hey kids, are you tired of the same old wretched breakfast cereal your mom makes you eat? Are you tired of your mom?!
    (Billy nods in agreement)
    Announcer: Well, then try new Frosted Golden Apple Scraps! Packed full of daily recommended doses of BARFOFLAVIN and DILDEEN #9. So ACT NOW!
    • At which point Billy hijacks his dad's car. Harold then asks if Billy is insane, because they just drove by a donut shop without getting anything.
    • Billy and Harold driving through the supermarket's front wall, and discovering the Frosted Golden Apple Scraps boxes are huge. It then cuts to Harold mentioning it was a good thing he had that ball of twine to get the cereal home... so they could tie Billy to the car roof while shoving the cereal inside the car.
    Billy: I think I see a low bridge coming up!
    • When the phoenix clamps its beak around Billy's head and Billy is trying to tell Mandy and Grim where it came from, he can't say "It came from the box of Frosted Golden Apple Scraps" because every time he plucks one of the phoenix's feathers to make it disappear, it reappears and cuts him off, so the third time he yells "It came from the cereal box!"
  • A lot of the little "Mandy" moments that appear after the opening titles are either this or Nightmare Fuel. Surprisingly, one of the funniest ones didn't have Mandy in it at all.
    Billy: Huh? Where am I? (looks toward the viewer) Who are you people?
    • One of this troper's personal favorites was one that did have Mandy in it... but she wasn't alone.
    Mandy: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
    Grim: (pops up excitedly) Oh! I do! I do!
    Mandy: (Gives Grim a "WTF?" look)
  • Pretty much all of "Billy and Mandy Save Christmas", from the fact that a Mall Santa (General Skarr) is enough to start a huge brawl to the fact that the real Santa is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.
    • Billy telling Skarr his long Christmas list, which includes a peg leg, a 3-way radio, a shetland pony, an automatic shoe buffer, an eskimo, a baby antelope, Aquaman underpants, ringworm medication, a staple gun, robotic fingers, a fourth nipple, a condo in Miami, a monkey blender and a battery-powered battery charger.
    • Immediately after that:
    Billy: How come you only gots one eye? My weirdo next door neighbor only has one eye. (Beat) That guy's a real freak-monkey, y'know?
    Skarr: Have you been relieving yourself on me this whole time?
    Billy: Eh, 'tis the season for giving.
    • One of the mall patrons beating up Skarr while another holds him back:
    Man: This is for making us believe!
    Skarr: (whining) No, please! It's just a job!
    Man: Merry Fist-mas, jerkwad!
    • The trio leaving the mall after it catches fire:
    Grim: How come every time I take you kids to the mall, it burns to the ground?
    Billy: I blame the economy.
  • In "Opposite Day" Grim attempts to play a game with an impossibly impractical controller that looks like a satirized version of the Nintendo 64's controller and complains that he can't hold it. On closer inspection it has about four handles, one of which is a gun trigger, fifteen or more buttons, three control sticks, six lights, three holes and two steering wheels.
  • In "Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me?", there's Billy's verbal smackdown toward Grim when he criticizes the movie Billy rented:
    Grim: This video is the biggest load of hoo-ha I've ever seen! Why do you insist we watch this stupid thing?
    Billy: Am I the only one who understands the complexity of this ambitious cinematic masterpiece? This movie isn't stupid! You're stupid!
    Grim: (in tears) Oh, Billy, why you gotta be like that, mon? (runs away)
  • The Stinger of the Codename: Kids Next Door crossover shows a couple posters promoting five fake crossover specials called "Ed, Edd, N' Mandy", "Evil Camp Carne", "Class of Numbuh 3000", "My Gym Partner's a Mandark" and "Samurai Mac".
  • The entirety of "Billy Idiot", a parody of Billy Elliot. Billy reveals that it's his lifelong dream to become a great dancer, and he has been accepted into the prestigious Pollywinkle Dance Academy. However, Billy's dad opposes this, due to his own crushed dreams of dancer stardom. However, he relents, and drops Billy off at the academy, only for it to to turn out that the head mistress, Mrs. Pollywinkle, is a black witch who feeds off the souls of talented dancers. Billy's dad ends up facing off against her in a dance-off.
    • The much-hyped "Mabuhay Shuffle" dance routine, which is stated to be the hardest and most dangerous dance move possible, is hilariously underwhelming and is more commonly known as The Chicken Dance, complete with an altered version of the song playing in the background... which then causes a tremendous explosion somehow.
    • After all that, Billy decides that dancing is for girls.
  • In "Zip Your Fly", Fly!Mandy tries to ask for help from Billy's Dad after she gets stuck on flypaper. His response makes Mandy realize "which side of the family Billy got his brains from":
    Billy's Dad: I get it! You're one of those talking flies that try to look like people!
  • Harold's punishment for Billy for breaking his expensive motorcycle in "Hog Wild":
    Billy's Dad: (nonchalantly) No TV for one hour!
  • Several moments from "Duck!"
    Harold: Hey, a duck!
    (Smash Cut to Harold behind bars)
    Harold: What the heck just happened?!
    • Grim's prediction on the Duck's progress.
    Grim: At the rate this duck is getting people into trouble, I predict this cell will be full in about...four hours.
    (two hours later; the cell is overflowing with people)
    Grim: Man, he's working fast!
    • The Running Gag of authority figures making ready-to-explode faces during Mandy's turn with the Duck, including her coach, the librarian, and finally Principal Goodvibes.
  • At the beginning of "Modern Primitives", Billy tries to dig down to the center of the earth, and Mandy tells him that the core is about 1,000 degrees celsius and that he "boil like a lobster". This inspires Grim to have an Imagine Spot of him putting a Billy-lobster into a boiling pot and triggering a large explosion.
    Mandy: I'm pretty sure sure we were just having the same fantasy.
    • Billy's excitement at finding ice, which Grim reminds him is actually permafrost.
    Billy: Well, I guess that explains the caveman I found.
    (cut to the frozen caveman, who is none other than Fred Flintstone!)
    • The one time Fred says anything other than his Catch Phrase is when Billy asks what his name is, but Billy still doesn't understand Fred so he decides to call him Jake Steel.
    • The montage of Billy cleaning Fred up: hosing him, waxing his back and revealing his spine when he rips off the wax paper, shaving him and causing the skin on his head to split into flaps revealing his skull, then when Billy's done he dresses Fred as Mandy with a matching wig.
    • The ending, where Billy and Fred are found in the far future by two giant alien overlords, one of whom removes the top of Fred's head and eats his brain. Fred is fairly indifferent to having his brain removed and just grumbles to himself again.
    • The end credits scene, where Billy shows up at the Rubble residence making random noises until Barney clubs him. When Betty asks who it was, Barney responds "proof against evolution".
  • Pretty much the entirety of "He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot".
    "That thing clawed me face off!"
  • The entirety of "Chocolate Sailor". ESPECIALLY the ending.