Shout Out: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • The intro sequence of the show has a bit where Grim's head is ablaze and laughing with a swirly background behind him, referencing the intro to Grim and Evil, back when the series shared a timeslot alongside Evil Con Carne.
  • Hoss Delgado is a blatant reference to both Ash from the Evil Dead series and Snake from Escape from New York.
  • Their version of Dracula is not only black, but he's based on Redd Foxx.
  • One episode was a straight-up parody of God-Emperor of Dune, with Mandy in the Leto II role, Billy in the Duncan Idaho role, and Grim still as Mandy's servant.
  • The Father's Day episode includes an appearance by Country Bears lookalikes.
  • Dune gets another Shout-Out in the beauty pageant episode, when one of the tests turns out to be gom jabbar.
    Mindy: It burns! (removes hand from the box)
    Pirate judge: Arr, that'll cost 'er some points. (other judges nod)
  • And yet another Dune reference: At the end of the episode "Scary Poppins," Mandy uses the Bene Gesserit Voice to command the neighborhood adults to attack the nanny.
  • And another Dune ref: The Secret Snake Club's second attempt to summon a big snake involved a thumper.
  • "This... is my DOOMSTICK!"
  • And there's Vampire Santa quoting the Deadites' catchphrase:
    Vampire Santa: I'll swallow your soul!
  • Several examples involving Dungeons and Dragons. "Wand of Magic Missile — I'm never gonna use that thing..." said offhandedly by Grim as he rummages through his trunk of magic stuff in the basement. Obviously a reference to 2nd Edition D&D as wands of magic missile in that version of the game really were useless.
    • A subtle one in the Wrath of the Spider Queen special with the dark elves working for Velma Green.
  • The creators of the show claimed that Big Boogey Adventure special was an indirect shout out to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, since like Wrath of Khan, a minor, one-time villain makes a comeback in a movie length special.
  • Pinface is a blatant reference to Pinhead of Hellraiser fame.
  • "You kids ruined half of me bedknobs and all of me broomsticks."
  • "Billy and Mandy Begins" had Shout Outs to Indiana Jones, The Silence of the Lambs, Airplane, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters. The title itself might also be a reference to Batman Begins, since that episode aired around the same time that movie came out.
  • General Skarr in command of his army of plants: "Bloom and grow! Bloom and grow FOREVER!"
    • Later in another episode, Skarr's mutation makes him resemble the eponymous alien minions from Pikmin.
    • He's also a parody of Herr Starr from Preacher, being a bald, one-eyed villain subject to various humiliations throughout the series.
  • In "Billy and Mandy Vs. the Martians", Grim casts a spell that gets Billy's nose stuck to an alien space ship. When Billy asks him to cast it again to undo it, Grim says he can't because it has a ten minute cooldown.
  • And in the movie, during the race in River Styx, you can actually hear the Monkey Island theme playing, maybe.
  • "Dickie! Come out and PLAAAAYY!"
  • "This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was...
  • Skarr gives one in his first Canon Immigrant appearance, getting into a battle mech and shouting "Take my love, my pain, and alllll of my anger!" (Not a direct quote to the series in reference, but still a clear Shout-Out).
  • In the episode "Wishbones", Pud'n was being chased by a truck that resembled Optimus Prime.
  • An episode revolving around Grim and Dracula driving through the desert entitled "Fear and Loathing in Endsville", complete with a title card evoking Ralph Steadman's signature style of illustration.
  • "Son of Nergal" has the kids sent off to "winter camp" - where the axe-wielding counselor is named John Jack Daniel Torrance.
  • Billy is admitted to a prestigious dancing academy, whose headmistress is actually a witch who feeds on her students to retain her immortality. This is a Whole Plot Reference to Dario Argento's Suspiria.
  • The name "The Chocolate Sailor" is a nod to the George Bernard Shaw-inspired operetta "The Chocolate Soldier".
  • And Terminator gets one when Billy asks the ghost of Lord Byron for "a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range" (Lord Byron wisely steers him away).
  • The episode "Hurter Monkey" contains a lot of them; you've got the Terminator, The Matrix, John Woo (with Disturbed Doves and Dual Wielding), Grim's Christopher Walken-esque attorney Harvey as mentioned below, Se7en, and Family Guy. Also Dickie at one point calls Grim Skeletor.
    Dickie: I admire your simple life, Grim...
  • More than one episode shouts out to the famous anime AKIRA, but in particular Mandy is seen riding Kaneda's Cool Bike.
  • In the episode where they went to Japan, Mandy's clothes and her list made it look like she was gonna kill Billy (even the music from Ironside played).
  • Nigel Platter and Toadblatt's School of Sorcery? And Lord Moldybutt- * BOOM*
  • Grim's attorney talks like Christopher Walken.
  • Their version of Pandora looks oddly similar to another certain chara-OH wait Pandora. Har har.
  • The first time we meet Baron Von Ghoulish in the Christmas Special (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) he's humming "Singing in the Rain".
  • In "The Firebird Sweet", Grim directly references the 1939 movie Drums Along the Mohawk when the group was about to enter a factory via the sewer... then says that he was referring to the director's cut when Mandy questions the authenticity of his claim.
  • Mandy (off-camera) smells smoke after Grim and Billy accidentally torch the carpet. Mandy tells them that if she finds a scorch in the carpet that "I'm opening up a can of Powerpuff on you two." Also, in the Kids Next Door crossover, Billy answers the door, sees the Kids and says "You're not the Powerpuff Girls!"
    • It's worth noting that The Powerpuff Girls was originally intended to target an older audience. And it was going to be called "The Whoopass Girls". Now take what Mandy said, replace "Powerpuff" with "Whoopass", and it all makes sense.
  • "Alas, poor Grim! I knew him Billy!" They get it closer to the real thing than most people, who substitute "I knew him well" for "I knew him Horatio", or some other variant.
  • Princess Morbucks was spotted in the background in the beauty pageant episode.
  • "Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears" has Billy urging contest-entrant Mandy on with "Big money, no Whammys!"
  • "Chickenball Z" has Billy and Mandy competing against each other in a martial arts tournament, where both have glowing yellow hair and raise their power by shouting. Here it is.
  • The taboo on saying Moldybutt's name references, well, the taboo against saying Voldemort in Harry Potter.
  • While in a giant robot, Scar shouts "Take my love, my pain, and all of my anger!"
  • Sperg tossing Billy's bicycle over a sidewalk cliff, "This is Where the Sidewalk Ends Baby!" The cliff is also a reference to the book's cover.
  • In Big Boogey Adventure, the Boogeyman goes into a pipe, complete with the Warp Pipe sound from Super Mario Bros.
  • In one episode, Mandy demands that they leave the beach because she's tired of, among other things, an annoying dog that won't stop biting the back of her swimsuit, a la Coppertone (thankfully, Mandy is wearing a one-piece suit).
  • In the episode "Crushed," Mandy receives a makeover a la Sandy from Grease, with a heel-crushed lollipop in place of a cigarette.
  • In "Grim in Love," Grim and his date recreate that one scene from When Harry Met Sally, except Malaria fakes her death.
  • In the episode "Smarten Up" Billy’s cat Milkshake eats an intelligence enhancing bookworm that was meant for Billy. After Billy complains about never being able to pass a math test now that the worm is gone Milkshake states “…I'm very well acquainted with matters mathematical. I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical.” These are lyrics from the “Major-General's Song” from the 1879 opera The Pirates of Penzance.
  • From the same episode: Malaria and Grim dance the twist in a scene almost exactly like Mia and Vincent's in Pulp Fiction.
  • Sperg's band Purple Filth is likely named after the real metal band Purple Popcorn.
  • At one point, Grim dives through Portal Pool and accidentally winds up in a sauna with some Japanese salarymen. He then reassures one of them that he's still got a few months left.
  • Part of the initiation into the Secret Snake Club involves choosing between a red cupcake and a blue one, and their oath contains the phrase "by Grabthar's hammer."
  • When the main three get into a shape-shifting fight with Eris's Apple of Discord, Grim is turned into the weird-looking creature that Daffy became in "Duck Amuck", complete with a defeated "You're despicable."
  • Mandy's line, "We accept you. We accept you. One of us." is a shout-out to the lyrics of "Pinhead" by The Ramones, itself a shout-out to the 1932 film Freaks.
    • A lot of the random lines that Mandy says after the opening titles qualify as these. Another example is when she says, "The call is coming from inside the house." This is a shout out to the famous Wham Line from When a Stranger Calls.
  • When Billy is asked what weapon he wants for a roleplaying adventure, he shouts "Warhammer!".
    • Nergal and his Nergalings might be a shout-out to Warhammer 40,000's Chaos God of Decay, Nurgle. Nergal's words to his son about romance sound suspiciously like Nurgle's attitude toward Isha, whom he imprisoned in his lab. Both beings are the namesakes of the Sumerian deity Nurgal.
  • Billy sees what looks like the shadow of a giant spider on his ceiling. He looks down to see that it is just Bubbles' stuffed octopus on top of his lamp.
  • One episode has a bunch zombies in a plane which has Air Voorhees written on its side.
  • "Don't look at me! Don't you look at me!"
  • Grim's scythe 2.0 (from "Sycthe 2.0") is an homage to Kitt from Knight Rider, complete with the scrolling red light and the voice of William Daniels.
  • After being busted for using the Lord Moldybutt suit, Toadblatt says, "And I would have gotten away with it too, if wasn't for you meddling kids and that stupid dog!"
  • The Dinobonoids from "Fiend is Like Friend Without the "R"" and "Toys Will be Toys" are a parody of DINOSAUCERS.
  • At one point, Billy's Dad goes off into a rant when he realizes that Mandy does not in fact live with them:
    "You mean to tell me that Mandy isn't our daughter? This whole time I thought she was! And what now, you say she isn't? So tell me... who does Billy belong to? How much of my life is a lie? Is our marriage fake? What about this house? My shirt? My underwear? Is this all part of some interplanetary conspiracy to make me think I'm a lowly construction worker?
  • In the episode "Brown Evil, part 1" (which in itself is a shout out to almost every zombie movie ever made), there is a moment where Billy says this as he goes to face the zombie horde:
    Billy: Alright, zombies! You wanna smell what Billy the Baker is cookin'?
  • From the go kart episode: "Butt out, Princess Wanna-Know-Ke!"
  • Wrath of the Spider Queen has Grim's memory that is a clip from Bimbo's Initiation.