Western Animation / Bimbo's Initiation

All doors lead to HELL!

We are the members of Do-It-Or-Die!
Dee-I, Dee-I, Dee-I!
Watch us make Bimbo, as easy as pie!
Dee-I, Dee-I, Dee-I!
We are, tough you bet!
Filled with college pep!
Bring him on, we cry!
Dee-I, Dee-I, Dee-I!
B! I! M! B! O! BIMBO!
—The opening song.

"Bimbo's Initiation" is a 1931 Fleischer Studios short in the Talkartoons series, centered on the cartoon dog Bimbo (with a few appearances of Betty Boop), who happens to be a victim of an underground cult called Do-It-or-Dienote , who for whatever reason want him to "be a member", forcing him to go through a series of life-threatening situations. Hilarity naturally ensues.

This short is in the public domain and can be viewed here.

This short provides examples of: