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Funny: R.L. Yoshi
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Let's Plays

  • Any time Max starts chanting "Koyaanisqatsi..."
  • Pretty much every conversation, argument, and debate between Max and Peter that isn't completely relevant to the game they're playing.
  • During visual novels (or anything where Max uses a facecam), Max keeps getting annoyed when his camera runs low on battery and he has to stop the game for a bit to plug it in to charge.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • The pun war between Max and Schuyler in Ocarina of Time is hilariously awful.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • Peter playing Angry Birds during a Skyward Sword recording session.
  • The voices Max and Peter give to the characters.
  • The Running Gag of Ihsoylr, the blue-clothed knight that Max hates because he has the blue tunic that he (Max) wants.
    • Max and Peter even eventually come to the conclusion that Ghirahim - or, as they call him now, Giratina or Herobrine - is actually Ihsoylr in disguise, betraying Skyloft.
  • At one point, the Wii ends up freezing on them, forcing them to start from their last save point...which was a while ago. Their annoyed reactions are very appropriate.

Welcome to Ponyville

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Max spends most of the time either trying to kill Schuyler or dying from trying to kill Schuyler.
  • While playing Power-Up Panels, Max steals Schuyler's turn (you can steal turns in Power-Up Panels by ground-pounding someone if it's their turn). Schuyler apparently didn't know you could steal turns, as he ends up very confused (and then does it to Max).
  • After Max went and got a bunch of Star Coins offscreen, he and Schuyler start another recording session...and Max has not only ended up gathering loads of lives, but he also used up pretty much all of their power-ups.
    • Schuyler then sarcastically blames their lack of power-ups on Game Gnomes.
  • "Not even eight months of waiting." Even Schuyler bursts out laughing.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • "He wants pie!"
  • He has started doing little information bits on Pokémon that can be obtained in the game when they appear; he does this for Teddiursa, but his voice is much more monotone and somewhat irritated due to him being sick and having had several failed recordings of the information bit. He lampshades this at the end, telling the viewers not to say he sounds like an "emotionless robot" because he knows he does.
  • Max declares that he has William Shatner Syndrome in the third episode.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • Max gives Kapp'n a pirate-ish voice, then gets so used to it that he occasionally slips back into its Verbal Tics afterwards.
  • The reveal that, not counting Max himself, there are only three townsfolk in Gradder (Max's town). This is supposed to happen, but Max doesn't know this, and so his reaction is hilarious.


  • He starts My Little Investigations (full game, not the demo) off by botching his intro due to needing to clear his throat in the middle of it.
    • And while showing off the main menu, he shows the options before proclaiming that's all there is in the menu, unless the viewers want to see him exit the game. He then hovers his mouse over the option to do...and then cue a sudden technical difficulties screen before cutting back.
    • His surprise when the game doesn't let him go to town square yet.
  • Max plays Super Hexagon for...about ten minutes before pulling a Rage Quit.
    • At one point, he briefly wonders if nanoseconds are a fictional concept. (He corrects himself in editing, but still.)
    • The way he expresses his anger is hilarious; it's one of the calmest cases of Tranquil Fury you'll see in a let's player. He actually has to outright say that he's angry because even he realizes how calm he's being.
    • At the very beginning, he gets taken off guard by the game starting so suddenly and not giving him time for audio-video synchronization.


Hearth's Warming Minecraft

  • In Hearth's Warming Minecraft, the intro alone is hilarious; Zero is in awe, thinking he's in Equestria...then Peter shows up. Zero isn't happy. He then says that at least Max isn't there. Max walks up instantly. Then, last but not least, Fury arrives, saying he flew in on a cloud. Said cloud instantly crashes and explodes behind the guys.
  • Peter constantly shooting Max with a crossbow.
  • The gifts for the Secret Santa all count:
    • Peter gets Max a giant wool penis, followed by killing him by dumping lava on him. Max invokes Laser-Guided Karma by temporarily kicking Peter from the server directly after.
    • Fury gets Zero two gifts. The first is a song about Zero being the Only Sane Man. The second is a musket, but since he doesn't understand how alchemy bags work, he tosses Zero an alchemy bag containing the musket...only for Zero to open it and find nothing (alchemy bags only work playerside, like Ender Chests). It takes a minute to sort this out, and when Zero finally gets his musket, he immediately trains it on Max while Peter does the same with his crossbow.
    • Max gets Fury a golden sword of justice. What's particularly funny about this gift is not the exchange, but the creation; Max takes a gold block from Peter, gets a stick, crafts the sword, and is done in under five minutes. Everyone else has to spend time running around and gathering stuff while Max just sits back and waits.
    • Zero gets Peter a nuke...but he doesn't give it to Peter. Instead, he gives Peter a remote that detonates the nuke. Cue a "TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!" sound effect as everyone backs away from the large wool box containing the nuke. And then the guys plant a Christmas / Hearth's Warming tree in the crater.
  • "All I want for Christmas is two ruby slabs~"
  • While decorating his room, Max encounters a Creeper. Cue the Cluster "AAAH" Bomb.
    Max: Uh...I've never seen that Everfree Forest creature before! (...) A Creeper came by when I was taking out the wall and blew me up...
    Fury: You said you've never seen it, but you know it's name.
    Max: I've seen it in books. Books, totally.
    • Then he doesn't have enough dirt to fill in the ground where the Creeper blew up, so he uses pink wool.
  • "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, now you're dead."


  • Max and Zero finish up a mining trip. Zero leaves the cave, while Max gets distracted by more stuff...and gets killed by a Creeper when he has important stuff, such as diamonds. His Big "NO!" is amazing.
    • And then when he returns to his death point later, he finds his stuff gone, either having despawned or fallen into lava.


    Fallout 3 
  • While inputting his name, Max doesn't realize that the game doesn't let him use capslock for capital letters and forces him to use the shift key, which confuses him.
    • This also leads to the heavy implication that Max never uses his shift key; he just uses capslock for even making single letters be capitalized.
    • Further on in the character creation, Max struggles with trying to set his character's hair colour, making it look extremely blue at one point when he was trying to make it brown. And then while looking through facial hair, he comes across the funniest Badass Mustache ever, and Schuyler urges him to keep it.
    Max: All these look pretty much the- [same] (cracks up)
    Schuyler: Oh my God, just...go with this! Do it. Now. Do it.
    Max: Yes, yes, yes, yes...
    Max: (reading onscreen text) Are you sure you want this to be your character?
    Schuyler: No, but go with it anyway!
    • Even before that, Max came across "chin dusting" and Schuyler thought he said "shin dusting" and declares that to be Max's secret fighting technique.
  • Max finds a hairstyle and says it looks sort of like Skrillex. Cue Schuyler pretending to throw up.
  • Schuyler explains the stats system to Max...and when he gets to Perception, he literally only defines it as "Useless" and moves on.
  • This bit near the end of the first part:
    James (Player Character's Dad): Come here. I want to show you something.
    Schuyler: Is it the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book? Cause I've already read it. I'm an expert, I've memorized the whole thing. (Beat) Strength...perce-Peanuts...? (Max starts laughing) Endurance...Crushing my enemies...Intelligence...Assholery...and Lucid dreaming. That's what it is, right?
    Max: Good! You get a gold sticker.
    Schuyler: Good. Damn right I do.
  • The reveal of what Max's character looks like as a ten-year-old.
  • Under Schuyler's instruction, Max continues beating up Wally Mack even after the fight with the Tunnel Snakes is over. He ends up knocking out Wally right inside the classroom, and nervously backs away when an NPC starts to approach him. Then, the NPC gets stuck on a wall and walks back.
    • During the battle beforehand, Max accidentally started attacking Amata.
  • After taking the G.O.A.T. exam, Max (well, his character) is told that he will become the new Vault chaplain. "God help us all" indeed.
  • The end of episode 2, slightly paraphrased:
    Max: See you next time, when we either escape or die!
    Schuyler: Probably die.
    Max: Yep.

    Worms Reloaded 
  • The fact that Max's worms are named Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed, and his team name is Cutie Mark Crusaders.
    • And he has a second team named Bangarang and the worms are named "My", "Name", "Is", and "Skrillex".
  • Max completely forgets the controls in his first match. This leads to him doing absolutely nothing on his first turn and completely wasting an air strike a few turns later because he doesn't know how to change the angle it comes in at.
    Max: Celestia shove the sun up my ass and call my butt a candle, what do I do?!
  • Eventually, Max gets so annoyed at his failures that he slams his head into his keyboard.
  • In the second match, Max loses Apple Bloom and Scootaloo very early on. Sweetie Belle manages to kill two worms (in one turn, no less) before dying. That leaves only Babs Seed, who is in the corner of the screen, basically underground, with a piece of scenery blocking them off from the other worms. Max decides to use strategy, which means stalling while the other two players kill each others' worms, slowly blowtorching his way up to take the victory.
  • The various Epic Fails between Max and Courier Dan (mostly Max).
    • Including Max shooting a rocket that just barely passes over the head of one of Dan's worms.
  • The end of the second match between Max and Dan. They each have one worm left, and it's Max's turn. It seems like Max is easily going to win. Then he picks up and uses "Armageddon", not knowing what it does and accidentally killing not only Dan's worm but his own, forcing a draw.
  • Dan wants to test a theory that if you use the lightning strike on a dead worm's grave, it revives them. He tests this on Trixie after she dies right at the start of the game and successfully revives her. This is followed by Max deciding to get rid of Trixie right away by using his own lightning strike on her...only to heal her.

    Left 4 Dead 2 
  • We don't even get a full second in past the intro:
    Alec: (in a weird voice) WE'RE GONNA DIE!
    Schuyler: My god, I didn't think it'd take that quick, but apparently he's turned into an old man who lives up in the mountains. His anti-zombie measures is like Home Alone, Caveman Edition.
  • Max asks if, realistically, a zombie apocalypse would actually have buildings on fire, citing that zombies likely wouldn't light things on fire. They jump down his throat about the possibility of accidental fires.
  • Alec has mods on his game so the Tank is Hank Hill, the Charger is the chocolate man, and the Hunter is Hitler.
    • And in the case of the last one, he mentions it completely out of context:
    Alec: I hear a Hitler.
    Max: (trying to explain) He has a mod...
  • At about the thirty-minute mark...
    Zero: Yeah.
    Max: Together? What are you, high school girls?!
    Alec: Maybe.
  • Max words a question wrong: (slightly paraphrased)
    Max: (after watching a cutscene with Zoey from the first game) So is it this campaign when the first game's survivors show up? I thought that was later...
    Schuyler: YOU JUST SAW HER.
    Zero: JUST saw them...
    Alec: Seriously...
    Schuyler: What do you HONESTLY think?!
    Max: No, I this the campaign where we can suddenly take control of them?
    Schuyler: Oh. No, that's not until later.
    Max: Okay! That's my question. Thank you!
  • Schuyler, Zero, and Alec have a common goal: do not let Max get the grenade launcher. But he still keeps getting it.
    Zero: Darnit Schuyler, you had one job!
    Max: (Evil Laugh)
  • After dying within six minutes, they respawn and discover that the game gave them five first-aid kits, meaning they have a random spare one lying there now. They are all subject to Mind Screw.
  • Max goes ahead of the others to explore a building in The Passing, and we get the best timing ever:
    Schuyler: Bit of a full-time job, babysitting you three.
    Zero: Hey!
    Schuyler: What? You know I'm right. Also, I hear a Tank.
    Max: (opens a door, is instantly greeted by a Tank) AH! AH! AH! AH! THAT WAS HORRIBLE TANK PLACEMENT! THAT WAS HORRIBLE TANK PLACEMENT!
  • In the first part of Dark Carnival, Schuyler starts playing the shooting game at one booth and remarks that it's the most fun he's had the entire let's play.
  • Max thinks there's technical issues afoot note :
    Max: (after a long silence) Hello?
    Schuyler: What?
    Max: For some reason, everyone was really quiet and I thought I heard people talking muffled or something.
    Schuyler: Go take your meds.
  • Max reaches his limit and leaves everyone behind to run ahead and shoot zombies, venting his anger on them.
    Schuyler: (through laughter) Max is so angry, I love it! You're learning! Go, kill the zombies with your rage alone! SCREAM AT THEM UNTIL THEIR HEADS EXPLODE! NOW YOU KNOW HOW I DO IT, CAUSE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU.
  • The ending of the finale of Dark Carnival: the helicopter arrives along with another Tank, and everyone makes a run for the helicopter. Everyone reaches it except Max, despite him having been one of if not THE closest to the copter as it arrived, because he was being swarmed by zombies and unable to move. The Tank targets the other three guys and incapacitates Zero, who is on the helicopter, before throwing a rock at Max to incapacitate him as well. Schuyler and Alec end up escaping safely, while the credits list Zero as having died, even though he was on the copter and alive, albeit knocked down.
    • And in the commentary over the credits:
    Max: (sees that he has three deaths while Schuyler has four) Hey, guess who didn't have the most deaths this time?
    Schuyler: Me! Wait...shit.
    • The "Common Infected Killed" stats give us a hilarious and awesome result: Schuyler killed 737, while Zero got one more with 738.
    Zero: I KILLED THE MOST! I KILLED THE MOST BY ONE! Take that Schuyler, take that!
    Schuyler: You are a dead man.
  • In Swamp Fever, at the very beginning, Max starts thinking too much about the tagline shown on the loading screen poster: "The Only Cure Is Dying". He asks if this is supposed to be taken in the sense that dying is the only cure, or that the cure itself is actually dying. After everyone calls him out on thinking too much about it, we get this:
    Alec: Just go into what the main thing is: Kill zombies, run away.
    Max: ...okay.
    Alec: Easy as that.
    Schuyler: Implying I ever need to run away. I'm too good for you fuckers.
    Zero: Okay, now we see Schuyler gets surrounded by Hunters and Tanks and Chargers and he dies.
    Zero: Exactly!
    Max: And then Alec died inside the safehouse!
    Alec: Shut the fuck up.
    Schuyler: No!
    Alec: YES!
    Schuyler: You cannot silence the revolution!
    Zero: What revolution?
    Schuyler: The...the...I...I'm the entire revolution. I...but to be honest, considering it's only me against you three, I'm all we need.
  • The first time they start the game, Schuyler doesn't connect for a bit, causing Max, Zero, and Alec to have to wait around for him to connect. They end up waiting too long, so the game sends a horde after them while they're still at the very start. And Alec gets dropped from the Skype call. And Max gets incapacitated. They decide to just restart.
    • The crowner is that Schuyler finally connects just as they're leaving.
  • Zero reveals he's low on ammo...
    Zero: Is there ammo anywhere nearby? Because I'm pretty much almost done...
    Max: Already?
    Schuyler: We JUST left the safehouse! What have you been doing?
    Zero: Killing the horde, that's what!
    Schuyler: So was I!
    Max: So was I!
    Alec: So was I!

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 


  • The description of the video is a funny moment in and of itself:
    About 45 minutes of playing doctor, scaled down to half an hour of playing murderer.
  • The custom thumbnail for the video shows Max in a doctor's coat (over his usual hoodie and hat outfit), apparently attempting surgery. He has a heart in his right hand, broken glass in his left hand, an Oh Crap expression on his face, and various items on the table next to him (including a can of Five Alive and a sonic screwdriver).
  • In Max's first attempt at the game, due to not knowing how to rotate the hand (or rather, not knowing that you can at all), he ends up failing at picking up most of his tools and knocks just about all of them off the table. It takes several minutes just to finally get his patient to start losing blood.
    • And then his astounded reaction when he accidentally discovers how to rotate his hand...mere seconds before the patient dies.
  • He goes to pick up a metal board on the table, curious as to whether it's part of the table or an actual thing. He ends up getting the board stuck in the patient's ribcage and decides he is now a cyborg.
  • "Sir, you're not going to have any of your ribs or your lungs after this...probably won't last longer than, like, a, minutes, maybe." (Beat) "But you will have a new heart, and that is all that matters!"
  • Realizing his patient is (once again) about to die, he gives up and just throws his saw into the patient's body. "There's your new heart. I quit."
  • After destroying the patient's ribcage during one of his attempts, Max quips...
  • Less than thirty seconds into his final attempt...
    Max: Let's think this through rationally, folks... (tries to pick up the hammer, but ends up accidentally flinging it offscreen as soon as he picks it up) ...I lost the hammer.
  • "Okay, get this lung outta he- ...okay, I grabbed a rib instead. Okay, I got the- ...I...the lung is the rib now...they are one...they are Legion."
  • When attempting to pick up the saw at one point, he ends up shoving it off the table and instead gets his arm stuck in a clipboard. No, not on a clipboard; inside the clipboard. His hand sticks right through it. And then he gets it off by violently shaking his arm around, yelling "Get it off!" like it's a bug or something.
  • In his final playthrough, he successfully performs the heart transplant...but due to ignoring or losing most of his tools, he completed the transplant by (properly) using only one item aside from the new heart: broken glass. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
    • And when putting the new heart into place, he fails at carefully placing it in the right position, so he just bats it with his hand a couple of times. It works.
    • His disbelief at the success and his victory cry also count. "I CAN BE AN SURGEON!"
  • The second playing of the game, where Peter plays and Max watches, opens up with this:
    Peter: (talking to Max, who is off camera) You set up a lot more stuff than I do, like...absurdly. Um...for me to record, I just boot up Bandicam, turn on Audacity, and I go. Meanwhile, you got your mic, and...your facecam...
    Max: (walking into view) Yeah, well that's because I am a professional let's player and recorder and...all that other stuff...
    Peter: Yet my videos are in HD.
    Max: Yeah, shut up, play!
  • Peter goes to grab the sheet and ends up getting his arm stuck in it, similar to how Max did with a clipboard in his own playthrough.
  • Peter spends a lot of time trying (and failing) to break the patient's ribcage open without using any of the real tools. It takes him over four and a half minutes to actually start breaking the bones.

Full Steam Version

  • At the beginning, while briefly talking about the game at the starting area, Max casually grabs the keyboard and claims he's going to steal it.
    • Upon actually starting the operation, in response to the transition:
    Max: Waaah, I'm high!
  • Max gets his hand stuck on the metal rods of the cart beside the patient. He can't get his hand out and has to restart.
  • His constant difficulty with the sheet covering the patient's stomach.
  • Max discovers that he has no idea how to use a hammer. At one point, it gets stuck in his middle finger - yes, in his middle finger.
    • When the hammer proves useless to him, he throws it away (and has it land perfectly upside-down), then goes for the drill. On his second attempt at grabbing the drill, it flies offscreen.

  • Sam starts shooting at Max for no reason. Max takes this as the initiative to start a duel, which Sam accepts and utterly destroys him in.
    Sam: Yoshi, you are now my bitch.
  • This somewhat paraphrased conversation, after someone questions what they've done to deserve this ("this" being a huge swarm of powerful enemies):
    Sam: I'm not allowed to leave America anymore.
    Max: Yeah, there's a reason I stay in my room all the time. I actually have a ball and chain around my leg.
    SwiftEthan: Wow, that's pretty hardcore. What'd you do?
  • Anytime someone Drives Like Crazy. Max is usually the worst offender, but Sam and Swift get their moments.
    • At one point, Swift drives off, and Max starts running after him, yelling for him to come back. Swift refuses at first, but then decides to...and promptly drives backwards at top speed back to Max, slamming into him. This is made even funnier due to the fact that Max doesn't notice Swift until the last second and he actually screams in surprise.
  • When they find T.K.'s corpse, Max makes...some odd jokes.
    • And then he and Sam battle in the area.
    • Later, Max challenges Swift to a fight. As soon as the fight begins, Swift instantly kills Max using Mordecai's special, which involves sending Bloodwing to attack. Everyone cracks up at the idea that Brick was defeated by having a bird thrown at him.
      • They later have a rematch with "no birds", and Max wins with the use of rapidfire rockets.
  • Max has developed a tendency to open a menu whenever someone tries to initiate travel, just for the hell of it. note 

    Cards Against Humanity 
  • The beginning to the first episode:
    Max: And welcome to...a lot of stupidity.
    Blue Breeze: Also known as Cards Against Humanity.
  • Max has difficulty pronouncing Dleifragcat's username, and Blue asks where it even came from. It's Garfield backwards with "cat" at the end.
  • Pretty much all of the rounds reduce at least one person to hysterical laughing.
  • The black card one round is "When I'm in prison, I'll have _____ smuggled in." Max, being the Card Czar, acts as though the card is actually about him, and asks what he will have smuggled in "besides a computer".
    Blue: Try fitting that up your ass.
  • Near the end of the first part, Brice is one point away from winning, but is now the Card Czar. Shadow remarks how they're safe for at least another round.
    Brice: That's what you think, until I activate my cheat codes. (rapid typing)

    Resident Evil 5 
  • Episode 1:
    • The description of the first episode describes the let's play as (paraphrased) "a chubby Canadian in the body of a buff American government agent partnered with an American in the body of an Asian woman".
    • Near the beginning of the first episode itself, Max declares that the true game is trying to pronounce all the names in the opening credits. Actually, the commentary over the cutscenes in general.
    • Max refuses to believe that the game takes place in Africa, and keeps drawing comparisons to his own home country, Canada, in ways that seem like some cross between Self-Deprecation and Take That.
    Max: People hate Americans, they live in the middle of nowhere, and they're slowly being taken over by a dark malevolent force. This is Canada!
    • Max and Dan meet a man in a back alley and act like he's their drug dealer.
    • They decide to make a counter for their baseball jokes (which, presumably, were made as a substitute for the inevitable football jokes that they'd be compelled to make, since they're both fans of ProtonJon). And one for Fallout references.
    • While Max is learning controls, Dan jumps out the window they're supposed to jump out, distracting Max in the middle of his sentence - mostly because Max had been looking around the room, and noticed Sheva jumping out the window just from the corner of his vision.
      • Speaking of distractions, they quickly get distracted from their quest to...knife rats.
    • During one fight, Dan ends up knifing a guy in the face through the window. Max has to go back in editing to confirm that happened. And then Max promptly shoots a Majini in the balls.
      • And then punches a Majini backwards, smashing through a door that just opened and into another Majini. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
    • When Dan dies and the cutscene of being slaughtered by the Majini plays:
    Dan: Hey, let us go into the light, guys! It's...light, and...shiny, and, ow... (You Are Dead)
  • Episode 2:
    • As of the second episode, they now have a counter for the ProtonJon references they make.
    • Dan hops down from a ledge directly in front of Max, startling him in an almost inversion of the window incident from the first episode.
    • The following:
    Dan: Alright, so...are we ready for this? Or do you need more time to adjust- [to controls]
    Max: (running up the stairs past Dan) LEEROOOOOOOOOY... (triggers cutscene)
    (Beat, wherein Max eventually begins corpsing)
    • Max mishears "Cephalo" as "Stephalo" due to Xbox Live being screwy. He then calls it a Stephalo from then on.
    • After finding Captain DeChant's dead corpse, Max shoots him in the head. Dan is horrified.
    Dan: We'll make sure your death wasn't in vain...after Chris shot you in the head!
    Chris: Wait, you want us to go in there alone?!
    Dan: We can't play baseball with two players!
    HQ: Delta Team have been dispatched and are on their way.
    Max: Delta Team? Man, they're the worst players we have! Their pitcher can't even throw to home base!
    Dan: Their pitcher can't even throw past the mound!
    Max: Their pitcher can't even throw! He doesn't have arms!
    Dan: Whoah, whoah, whoah...
    Max: Have you seen him try to throw with his mouth? He's like a snake!
  • Episode 3:
    • Max knifes a tripwire bomb. He takes no damage.
    • "Aww, look at the cute little OH GOD!"
    • They take a break from their mission to try and get the "Be the Knife" achievement, which involves knifing an enemy's crossbow arrow out of the air. Their main obstacle isn't in getting the timing right, but in the enemy's horrible aim. At someone standing perfectly still.
    • When a dog pounces on Max, he "becomes an opera singer".
    • "People who know me are gonna be very surprised that I'm so nonchalant about killing dogs. ...I hope nobody was standing outside my room when I said that."
    • The difficulty they have with the truck on the bridge...there's a reason the description is simply "Mothertrucker."
    • When Dan has Sheva examine a chainsaw on a table, the description is "A chainsaw? Not your usual kitchen utensil." Max claims that people probably said that about the fork, and the conversation only gets weirder from there.
    • Similar to the first episode, Max hooks a Majini back through an open door and into more Majini. This time, however, he knocks him into three other Majini.
    • The fight with the Chainsaw Majini is in general pretty funny, mostly because of their commentary.
    • Right before the quicktime events with the Majini on motorcycles:
    Max: Are we about to get involved with...biker gangs?! Mom never let me have a motorcycle!
    • Reading out their scores at the end.
    Max: I got cock-beenote , you got back-bee.note .
  • Episode 4:
    • More of a Funny Background Event, but when sorting inventories at the start, Max offers three hand grenades to Dan. Dan scrolls down, sees that he has five hand grenades...and still says "Sure, why not."
    • Max finds a long document. "Type 2 Plagas..." (mashes A button) "Speed read! Okay, done."
    • The guys encounter more of the mutated dogs, and one of them jumps on Max...only to immediately blow up and die, much to Max's and Dan's confusion.
      • What actually happened: The dog walked underneath a wire to activate a bomb, but when it jumped onto Max, it touched the wire and triggered the bomb, causing an explosion that killed the dog. Notably, Max couldn't tell even in editing exactly what happened, and admittedly it's hard to tell without rewatching several times.
    • Max continues to call Cephalos "Stephalos".
    Max: Looks more like a stepmother to me.
    • Finding a dancing Majini, whom Dan decides is psyching himself up for a baseball game.
    • After knifing a box and getting attacked by a snake inside, Dan seems intent on finding said snake again.
    Dan: where's that snake that bit me?
    Max: I think he's just slithered away. I don't think you'll find him again.
    Dan: No no, he's...he's around this place. And I will find him. And I will kill him. And then I will record it, so I will fall asleep to it every night.
    Max: ...okay, that's...
    Dan: This is the price you pay for damaging me! (sees the snake, shoots it, and picks up the white egg it drops) Plus I get an egg.
    Max: Oh yeah, that's pretty good too.
    • When they come to a gate they have to raise for each other, Max takes his time raising it and even lets it fall back down when it was almost up. Dan takes it a step further by dropping it as Max is going through, which actually damages Max, to their surprise.
    • Max misunderstands Dan's order when trying to enclose a Cephalo in a tunnel, and so while Dan's fighting the Cephalo on his screen, Max is just running around all confused. You can even see Max in the background of Dan's screen running right by the fighting.
      • He then shows up at the end of the fight...
    Max: Hi! What'd I miss?
    Max: Even the apocalypse? Man, I knew I should've set my alarm...
    Dan: Yep. You missed the apocalypse.
    • Dan asks if he should combine his two green herbs to make a "good game herb" (their Fan Nickname for a G+G Herb). Max tells him no, and to leave them as they are. Dan, either through being Sarcasm-Blind or just rolling with it, proceeds to say "Okay" and move to the next area, leaving the herbs separate.
    • Their reaction to Ricardo Irving. And when Dan declares he likes Irving more than Wesker, he suggests combining them to make Albert Irving (or Ricardo Wesker).
    • Dan attempts to shoot a BSAA emblem on a faraway roof...with a handgun. He misses a total of ten times.
      • And the little messages Max puts in editing under the count of his missed shots. "PLEASE. STOP TRYING." "EVEN I NEVER DID THIS BAD." "THIS HURTS TO WATCH."
      • While this goes on, Max shoots at a Majini and ends up shooting an explosive in his hand, causing him to explode. He's very surprised by this, since he apparently didn't even notice said explosive.
    • "That guy was wearing a polo shirt. I think I just killed a zombie Chuggaaconroy."
    • Max's footage for the last little bit of the chapter is lost, and with it, the game audio and their commentary. So in editing, he just speeds up Dan's footage to give an abridged recap of what happened to the tune of some fast-paced music.
  • Episode 5:
    • Max comes to the realization that, five episodes and about three hours in, he has yet to actually introduce Dan - they only know it's him because of the onscreen text and video descriptions.
    • We finally get to see the odd headphone setup that Max has, rather than him just talking about it. He has one pair around his neck, the mic of which is connected to his computer, and is wearing another pair, the mic of which is connected to his Xbox, so he's talking into two mics at once. It must be seen to be believed.
    • They give El Gigante some mix of Hulk Speak and baby talk.
    Max: (as the monster lifts the car Chris and Sheva are hiding behind) "PEEKABOO! I SEE YOU!"
    Dan: "PEEKABOO! DIE!" (monster attacks; misses) "AWWW, I MISSED!"
    Max: (as it starts chasing them) "YOU NO GET AWAY!"
    • "And now, boat!"
      • "The most awesome kind of boat: the fan boat." "You can stay cool and go along the water!"
  • Episode 6:
    Dan: Alright, there shouldn't be anyone on the way in, but on the way out...we are going to be slammed.
    Dan: Yes.
    Max: Sounds mother's cooking. (he and Dan start cracking up) I tried to think of something that wasn't sexual, okay?
    • And then, immediately after the above, as they're looking for the dock:
    Max: So, where do we park?
    Dan: This is why I don't like going to the movies!
    Max: Yeah, all the good parking spots are taken by freaking wooden poles...there we go.
    (they find the dock, pull in, and hop off)
    Max: Okay, hopefully they don't notice that we don't have a handicapped sticker.
    • Due to pressing the Context-Sensitive Button at the wrong times, Max keeps failing at jumping down from a ledge. He ends up kicking over the ladder and two torches, one of which hits and damages Dan, before he successfully gets down.
    • The incident with the drawbridge...if you're familiar with this section, the following line should give you enough of a clue as to what happens.
  • Episode 7:
    • When they come across a Tricell campsite, Dan heads into the tall grass:
    Max: Careful, snakes in the grass.
    Dan: Yes, but there's also money in the grass. (snake jumps past him) Whoah!
    Max: Snakes and money!
    Dan: It's the best and worst of both worlds!
    Max: What about a snake made out of money?
    Dan: Ooh, that's even cooler...
    Max: What about money made out of snakes? What if snakes were the currency and therefore snakes were money?
    Dan: And live snakes were worth more than dead...
    • Max throws an egg at the back of Dan's head. Dan doesn't even notice. And when Max tells him what he did, he gets mad at Max for wasting the egg.
    • Dan gets attacked and sent into "dying" while on a ledge that Max already jumped down from, making it impossible for Max to save him.
    • Their discussion of the Chainsaw Majini returning, which escalates into treating it like a movie sequel.
      • While dealing with the Chainsaw Majini, Max is sniping at him, and ends up killing him just as Dan runs at him intending to do a melee attack. So, instead, Dan accidentally jumps off the ledge.
    • The guys fail the timed mission by roughly one second due to Max taking a quick detour to check a house for treasure.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky 
  • His disbelief at the "put your finger on the screen" bit, as since he's playing on an emulator on his computer, he can't do this. Instead, he has to hold the mouse on the screen and hold the button down...and it actually gives him an (according to himself) accurate result.
  • Max manages to fail the first dungeon. It was more due to Artificial Stupidity, but still.

Other Projects

    The Drawing Board 
  • The first episode has Max and Chaz building a giant TNT out of wool...with over twenty thousand blocks of real TNT inside it.
    • The ensuing explosion when they inevitably set it all off ends up not only crashing the server, but resetting to before they set it off!
  • Max is making a stone tower up to start the base of the TNT. After he starts the base, he goes to take down the tower...and his two wolves teleport onto the top. Cue a quick freakout, then him having to carefully lower them block by block to the ground.
  • While playing "Would You Rather?", Max's first two options he gives Chaz are apparently so disturbing he bleeps them out in editing.
  • Chaz makes a remark that Max doesn't like, so he turns Chaz's creative mode off and punches him off the side, causing him to fall to his death.
  • The second episode, Pixel Peter, has Max and Chaz attempting to build pixel art of Peter. They fail at making it accurate, so they turn it into a rather hilarious caricature instead.
    • And then they burn it, which Max reveals was his plan all along.
  • Peter left a comment on the second episode actually expressing approval of "Pixel Peter".
  • The fourth episode is, rather than an actual building project, a video of Max and Chaz building a long rail to get the "On A Rail" achievement...but Chaz doesn't know Max is recording.
  • In episode 5, Max and Chaz are building when Peter suddenly comes on the server and distracts them, temporarily derailing what they were doing.
    • Also, near the end of the episode, Max proclaims that the game is complete, actually referring to it as the Knife Game. Peter, who evidently hates the Knife Game (or at least the song about it), threatens to blow the game up.
  • Episode 6: Peter's Present. Max and Chaz decide to give Peter a birthday gift of letting him burn away Pixel Peter.
  • In episode 7, Max brings Peter in instead of Chaz to build a giant automatic potion brewery. It requires loads of redstone circuitry, and so Max often expresses confusion and awe at what Peter's doing.
    Peter: You just gotta know how to comparator.
    Max: Yeah, I don't know that.
    Peter: Well now you do!
  • When building roads in New Letropolis, Chaz remarks how the emerald symbol on the front of Zero's house (which is actually Japanese for "Zero") looks like the face of an old man. Max is confused at first, looks...and then cracks up as he starts seeing it as that as well, and says he'll never be able to un-see it.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Chaz comes across the Snowdrop shrine, he asks what it is. There's a static cut, and when we get back to the video, Max is flying back to New Letropolis and the chat shows that he just kicked Chaz from the game.
    Max: (after a beat) Anyway.
  • Episode 10: Froot Loops. At the very beginning, in reference to the meme "help i accidentally build a shelf", Max interrupts the usual video intro to call Chaz over to help...because he accidentally built a bookshelf.

    Super Vexation Saga 
  • Super Vexation Saga resumes with Super Mario Bros. 2, which opens with this:
    Max: Yes master!
  • When they start Sonic the Hedgehog 3, they now have a camera recording them in real life, and act surprised by it. Peter even calls the camera a demon.
  • The intro, as of Super Mario Bros. 3, is a Doctor Who intro parody using a Wii Remote as the TARDIS. Enough said.
  • Everything involving the bed in Super Mario Bros. 3, in particular Peter constantly falling behind it.
    • Also in Super Mario Bros. 3, Max and Peter declare that, no matter what video game you're playing, there's a way to teabag or masturbate in it. Max says that's even possible in Tetris, and Peter asks how, clearly disbelieving. Max suggests stacking the Tetris blocks up to resemble a dick with a hand on it.

  • In Adventures in Ponyville, he named his pony Five Alive. And made her his official female ponysona.
  • He also shows off how, in Rainbow Dash's minigame, Twilight grants you wings so you can fly around and destroy clouds...even if you're already a pegasus, leading to redundant wings.
  • "You and your...friend who you apparently have..."


  • In his Challenge Foolishly Accepted of Poker Night at the Inventory, when Strong Bad wins one game and begins his animation of shovelling chips into his pile, Max skips the animation. The shovel stays floating in the air above the table. Max is understandably confused by this.
  • Everything in the "What the Hell?" Moments videos.
    • Special mention goes to Minecraft #2, where Max and two other people fight the Enderdragon...then return to the surface world and find a giant swarm of Enderdragons for no reason.
  • THE GODDAMN BATMAN sings. Every one of them.
  • Throughout Max's vlog of Canterlot Gardens, he goes full Deadpan Snarker at every available opportunity.
    Max: (after learning that Legends of Equestria has not yet implemented quests) So much for Legends of E-QUEST-tria.
    • Also at Canterlot Gardens, according to Max himself, apparently what people kept recognizing him because of was his Creeper hat.
  • His video ALICORN TWILIGHT SPARKLE.avi, featuring him "reacting" to the revelation that Twilight Sparkle would become an alicorn in the season three finale, mocking the Fan Dumb and their overreactions. Basically, he discovers the news...and commits suicide by jumping off a porch.
    • The blooper reel of him jumping off said porch multiple times also deserves mention. On two occasions, he tries to jump, but fails and doesn't even get over the fence. And according to Word of God, he hit his crotch on the fence one of those times.
  • The third season of Classification: Awesome opens up with Max being thrown into his room and forced to continue making reviews. At the end of his first review, he declares he's finally done, and leaves...only to be thrown back in.
    Max: Oh, come on!
  • Pretty much the entire Whose Line is it Anypony panel at BronyCon 2013, which Max was a part of, counts as this. Highlights that involve Max include his bit as the Hollywood Director; leaving after the first set of games only to run and stumble back onstage when he realizes he wasn't supposed to leave; and declaring at the very end that the entire panel was just an elaborate plan to StreetPass with the audience.
  • Let's Play Sleep.
  • It's unlikely that anyone expected Max of all people to make a song that could be deemed "Not Safe For Work", but...well, here it is.
  • All of the ".mir" videos.
  • During a livestream of Mirror's Edge, in one level, Max makes a point of showing an odd example of Police Are Useless mixed with Artificial Stupidity. In one level, when Faith is being chased by police ordering her to not run, Max listens to them and stops running, standing around and looking back at the police for a good minute or two. The police just stay there, continuing to yell at her to stop running and turn herself in. Max has fun with this, then eventually turns and runs off, then complains when the police now start chasing, saying they had their chance.
    • His general incompetence at the game.
    • The people in the chat start counting up the things Max "breaks": body parts (from falling to his death), physics, the stream (it crashed a few times), and...hearts. Max is confused by the last one.
    • Max says that he would let's play Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) if he had a copy. The chat proceeds to talk about how he can get a copy through a strange ritual and summoning Satan. And then someone logs in as Satan in the chat.
  • In another livestream (which later becomes a "What the Hell? Moment" video), Max plays Castle Crashers with Pony Vegeta, Lord Umber, and Ice. To make a long story short, Max is moderately new to the game and everyone else has experience. Guess how all the battles went.
    • At one point, Max eats a sandwich and begins wailing on Lord Umber, who is the only remaining player besides himself still alive. Max defeats Umber and goes to the menu screen afterwards... except he didn't, because somehow, the lag caused by bad Internet connection resulted in Max's game glitching and making him see it as though he won, but accoridng to everyone else, Max just ran around the field blindly and continuously missing Umber, who eventually killed him and won.
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