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Let's Plays

    Various - 2013 and Earlier 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • The pun war between Max and Schuyler in Ocarina of Time is hilariously awful.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • Peter playing Angry Birds during a Skyward Sword recording session.
  • The voices Max and Peter give to the characters.
  • The Running Gag of Ihsoylr, the blue-clothed knight that Max hates because he has the blue tunic that he (Max) wants.
    • Max and Peter even eventually come to the conclusion that Ghirahim - or, as they call him now, Giratina or Herobrine - is actually Ihsoylr in disguise, betraying Skyloft.
  • At one point, the Wii ends up freezing on them, forcing them to start from their last save point...which was a while ago. Their annoyed reactions are very appropriate.

Welcome to Ponyville

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Max spends most of the time either trying to kill Schuyler or dying from trying to kill Schuyler.
  • While playing Power-Up Panels, Max steals Schuyler's turn (you can steal turns in Power-Up Panels by ground-pounding someone if it's their turn). Schuyler apparently didn't know you could steal turns, as he ends up very confused (and then does it to Max).
  • After Max went and got a bunch of Star Coins offscreen, he and Schuyler start another recording session...and Max has not only ended up gathering loads of lives, but he also used up pretty much all of their power-ups.
    • Schuyler then sarcastically blames their lack of power-ups on Game Gnomes.
  • "Not even eight months of waiting." Even Schuyler bursts out laughing.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • "He wants pie!"
  • He has started doing little information bits on Pokémon that can be obtained in the game when they appear; he does this for Teddiursa, but his voice is much more monotone and somewhat irritated due to him being sick and having had several failed recordings of the information bit. He lampshades this at the end, telling the viewers not to say he sounds like an "emotionless robot" because he knows he does.
  • Max declares that he has William Shatner Syndrome in the third episode.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • Max gives Kapp'n a pirate-ish voice, then gets so used to it that he occasionally slips back into its Verbal Tics afterwards.
  • The reveal that, not counting Max himself, there are only three townsfolk in Gradder (Max's town). This is supposed to happen, but Max doesn't know this, and so his reaction is hilarious.

Fallout 3

  • While inputting his name, Max doesn't realize that the game doesn't let him use capslock for capital letters and forces him to use the shift key, which confuses him.
    • This also leads to the heavy implication that Max never uses his shift key; he just uses capslock for even making single letters be capitalized.
    • Further on in the character creation, Max struggles with trying to set his character's hair colour, making it look extremely blue at one point when he was trying to make it brown. And then while looking through facial hair, he comes across the funniest Badass Mustache ever, and Schuyler urges him to keep it.
    Max: All these look pretty much the- [same] (cracks up)
    Schuyler: Oh my God, just...go with this! Do it. Now. Do it.
    Max: Yes, yes, yes, yes...
    Max: (reading onscreen text) Are you sure you want this to be your character?
    Schuyler: No, but go with it anyway!
    • Even before that, Max came across "chin dusting" and Schuyler thought he said "shin dusting" and declares that to be Max's secret fighting technique.
  • Max finds a hairstyle and says it looks sort of like Skrillex. Cue Schuyler pretending to throw up.
  • Schuyler explains the stats system to Max...and when he gets to Perception, he literally only defines it as "Useless" and moves on.
  • This bit near the end of the first part:
    James (Player Character's Dad): Come here. I want to show you something.
    Schuyler: Is it the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book? Cause I've already read it. I'm an expert, I've memorized the whole thing. (Beat) Strength...perce-Peanuts...? (Max starts laughing) Endurance...Crushing my enemies...Intelligence...Assholery...and Lucid dreaming. That's what it is, right?
    Max: Good! You get a gold sticker.
    Schuyler: Good. Damn right I do.
  • The reveal of what Max's character looks like as a ten-year-old.
  • Under Schuyler's instruction, Max continues beating up Wally Mack even after the fight with the Tunnel Snakes is over. He ends up knocking out Wally right inside the classroom, and nervously backs away when an NPC starts to approach him. Then, the NPC gets stuck on a wall and walks back.
    • During the battle beforehand, Max accidentally started attacking Amata.
  • After taking the G.O.A.T. exam, Max (well, his character) is told that he will become the new Vault chaplain. "God help us all" indeed.
  • The end of episode 2, slightly paraphrased:
    Max: See you next time, when we either escape or die!
    Schuyler: Probably die.
    Max: Yep.


  • Sam starts shooting at Max for no reason. Max takes this as the initiative to start a duel, which Sam accepts and utterly destroys him in.
    Sam: Yoshi, you are now my bitch.
  • This somewhat paraphrased conversation, after someone questions what they've done to deserve this ("this" being a huge swarm of powerful enemies):
    Sam: I'm not allowed to leave America anymore.
    Max: Yeah, there's a reason I stay in my room all the time. I actually have a ball and chain around my leg.
    SwiftEthan: Wow, that's pretty hardcore. What'd you do?
  • Anytime someone Drives Like Crazy. Max is usually the worst offender, but Sam and Swift get their moments.
    • At one point, Swift drives off, and Max starts running after him, yelling for him to come back. Swift refuses at first, but then decides to...and promptly drives backwards at top speed back to Max, slamming into him. This is made even funnier due to the fact that Max doesn't notice Swift until the last second and he actually screams in surprise.
  • When they find T.K.'s corpse, Max makes...some odd jokes.
    • And then he and Sam battle in the area.
    • Later, Max challenges Swift to a fight. As soon as the fight begins, Swift instantly kills Max using Mordecai's special, which involves sending Bloodwing to attack. Everyone cracks up at the idea that Brick was defeated by having a bird thrown at him.
      • They later have a rematch with "no birds", and Max wins with the use of rapidfire rockets.
  • Max has developed a tendency to open a menu whenever someone tries to initiate travel, just for the hell of it. note 

The Drawing Board (Minecraft building series)

  • The first episode has Max and Chaz building a giant TNT out of wool...with over twenty thousand blocks of real TNT inside it.
    • The ensuing explosion when they inevitably set it all off ends up not only crashing the server, but resetting to before they set it off!
  • Max is making a stone tower up to start the base of the TNT. After he starts the base, he goes to take down the tower...and his two wolves teleport onto the top. Cue a quick freakout, then him having to carefully lower them block by block to the ground.
  • While playing "Would You Rather?", Max's first two options he gives Chaz are apparently so disturbing he bleeps them out in editing.
  • Chaz makes a remark that Max doesn't like, so he turns Chaz's creative mode off and punches him off the side, causing him to fall to his death.
  • The second episode, Pixel Peter, has Max and Chaz attempting to build pixel art of Peter. They fail at making it accurate, so they turn it into a rather hilarious caricature instead.
    • And then they burn it, which Max reveals was his plan all along.
  • Peter left a comment on the second episode actually expressing approval of "Pixel Peter".
  • The fourth episode is, rather than an actual building project, a video of Max and Chaz building a long rail to get the "On A Rail" achievement...but Chaz doesn't know Max is recording.
  • In episode 5, Max and Chaz are building when Peter suddenly comes on the server and distracts them, temporarily derailing what they were doing.
    • Also, near the end of the episode, Max proclaims that the game is complete, actually referring to it as the Knife Game. Peter, who evidently hates the Knife Game (or at least the song about it), threatens to blow the game up.
  • Episode 6: Peter's Present. Max and Chaz decide to give Peter a birthday gift of letting him burn away Pixel Peter.
  • In episode 7, Max brings Peter in instead of Chaz to build a giant automatic potion brewery. It requires loads of redstone circuitry, and so Max often expresses confusion and awe at what Peter's doing.
    Peter: You just gotta know how to comparator.
    Max: Yeah, I don't know that.
    Peter: Well now you do!
  • When building roads in New Letropolis, Chaz remarks how the emerald symbol on the front of Zero's house (which is actually Japanese for "Zero") looks like the face of an old man. Max is confused at first, looks...and then cracks up as he starts seeing it as that as well, and says he'll never be able to un-see it.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Chaz comes across the Snowdrop shrine, he asks what it is. There's a static cut, and when we get back to the video, Max is flying back to New Letropolis and the chat shows that he just kicked Chaz from the game.
    Max: (after a beat) Anyway.
  • Episode 10: Froot Loops. At the very beginning, in reference to the meme "help i accidentally build a shelf", Max interrupts the usual video intro to call Chaz over to help...because he accidentally built a bookshelf.

    Various - 2014 

My Little Investigations

  • He starts My Little Investigations (full game, not the demo) off by botching his intro due to needing to clear his throat in the middle of it.
  • While showing off the main menu, he shows the options before proclaiming that's all there is in the menu, unless the viewers want to see him exit the game. He then hovers his mouse over the option to do...and then cue a sudden technical difficulties screen before cutting back.
  • His surprise when the game doesn't let him go to town square yet.
  • Max encounters a glitch caused from the game running too long: the ground turns into a black void, and soon, so do other objects in the environment. He's forced to restart the game to make it go away.

Super Hexagon

  • Max plays Super Hexagon for...about ten minutes before pulling a Rage Quit.
  • At one point, he briefly wonders if nanoseconds are a fictional concept. (He corrects himself in editing, but still.)
  • The way he expresses his anger is hilarious; it's one of the calmest cases of Tranquil Fury you'll see in a let's player. He actually has to outright say that he's angry because even he realizes how calm he's being.
  • At the very beginning, he gets taken off guard by the game starting so suddenly and not giving him time for audio-video synchronization.

Battle Chess: Game of Kings

  • Dan opens up the first episode with the Steam Train intro. Max adds, deadpanned: "Aaaand sued for copyright."
  • Their conversations over the fight animations, as well as their incredulous and/or surprised reactions to the same.
  • Max checkmates Dan in four moves. Without realizing it.
  • "Welcome to my garden! Don't trample on the flowers!"
    • "We're as small as the flowers!"
  • Their second game goes on for a long while... and then ends abruptly due to a connection issue.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

  • His disbelief at the "put your finger on the screen" bit, as since he's playing on an emulator on his computer, he can't do this. Instead, he has to hold the mouse on the screen and hold the button down...and it actually gives him an (according to himself) accurate result.
  • Max manages to fail the first dungeon. It was more due to Artificial Stupidity, but still.

The Walking Dead: Season One

  • The Running Gag of saying "bacon" whenever Macon shows up.
  • The description of the first episode? "Nothing will end well. Nothing."
  • When the car hits a walker in the opening cutscene, Max expresses disbelief at how just hitting a guy with a car could cause it to flip out as much as it did.
    Max: We didn't run into a huge tree, that sent us flying into like... an explosion.
    • He then decides that the walker must have picked up the car and threw it.
  • When Clementine remarks that Lee isn't her dad, Max snarks "Well, we can get some tests done if you want, but..."
  • "Chet, how bout you help?"
  • After getting woken up by Kenny: "Whoah god, get out of my face, mustache!"
    • "But I bet your daddy scared [the spiders] all away, huh?" "Are you saying I'm ugly?"
    • "Dad, we're gonna build a fence! There's a tractor and everything!" "You look like an asshole."

     Various - 2015 

Board Game Online

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • At one point, Peter ends up calling Max "Greg".

Will You Press The Button?

  • Near the end of the video, they have a question that involves Justin Bieber. Enigma thinks that he had retired, and Max ends up Googling the artist to see if this is true.
    Max: Justin Bieber is now in my search history. It is all your fault, E.
    • Funnier when you consider that Bieber hadn't retired when the video was made, so Max had it happen for nothing.


  • Originally pronouncing the game as "Hue-nee Pop" rather than "Honey Pop". And somehow not catching on when he discovers "munie" and calls it "mew-nee".
  • If you don't take the game too seriously, seeing Max constantly miss out on getting four or five tokens in a row is rather amusing.
    • Or when he screws up a chance to get three Joy tokens in a row (which gets you an extra turn). At one point, he has an obvious and easy chance to get an extra turn...then does a move that screws it up, and immediately after laments the fact that he could use an extra turn.
  • His first reaction to meeting Kyu is along the lines of "get out of my house!". His second reaction is "put some pants on!".
  • He reacts with surprise when Nikki shows up to a date at a carnival in pajamas.


  • While setting up, Dan notices that the date and time on Max's Wii are completely off. Briefly, Hilarity Ensues as they try to fix it.
  • Max's voiceover of Glass Joe's intro sequence:
    Max: (Not Even Bothering with the Accent) Bonjour! Oui oui! Au revoir! Croissant! (Beat) Wait, no, that's a baguette!
    • "You know what the worst part is? He [Glass Joe]'s still more ripped than I am."
  • Max, imitating Disco Kid: "Aw yeah! Ooh! Ooh! Oh yeah! Eh, yeah! This is gonna be fun! I am on so much meth right now!"
    • Max, on Disco Kid's intro sequence: "Look at him dance! Look at my trophies! Look at my breakdancing! LOOK AT THAT SHINY THING!"
  • After getting a star on Great Tiger, Max immediately uses it, while Great Tiger has disappeared. Great Tiger ends up teleporting back in, just in time to get Star Punched in the face.
  • Want to know how bad a time Max has on Mr. Sandman? It has its own video. And is longer than the video of the first two circuits.
    • He lost to Mr. Sandman thirteen times.
  • Dan is there to be Max's Doc Louis and offer helpful tips. Sometimes he doesn't have helpful tips to give.
    Dan: What's your favorite type of video game? Mine's chocolate!
  • In Title Defense, Max is on the receiving end of many Curb Stomps Battles from Glass Joe.
    • And at the start, Max was mocking him, saying things like "Look at him! He thinks he can take me!"
  • Max points out how Von Kaiser's new training montage is basically just him reading a newspaper, cutting his hair, and looking angry.

Courage is Magic (My Little Pony Dungeons and Dragons)

  • Max has a Running Gag of just randomly tossing out a Wham Line to change the course of events right when people let their guard down, such as "You're suddenly facing a bunch of timberwolves!" or "You walk in and everypony is dead!"
  • Dan's character is an ultra-powerful shadow earth pony... named Dan.
    • Also, there are three characters with names that start with R: Reflect (Rhino), Ruby (Enigma), and Raven (Wren). And then there's Dan.
    • Let's talk about Dan for a moment. Due to his character customization as an earth pony, he gets a +5 whenever he pushes, pulls, slides, or lifts something. He then took a merit that doubles this. This, in addition to his strength of 3, and his tendency to make use of clever wordplay so half the stuff he does can be seen as pushing, pulling, sliding, or lifting, means he almost always has a +13 to any strength check. Max allows this.
  • Max's first action as Dungeon Master: tells the party to either go up a mountain or through a forest. They choose the forest. The mountain collapses.
  • Dan randomly decides to buck a tree. His aforementioned super-high strength and the roll he gets merge to create an outcome where Max declares bucking the tree causes a domino effect that knocks down every single tree in the forest. Dan then takes a tree with him, and Max lists it in his equipment as "entire freaking tree".
  • During a fight with three timberwolves, Raven (Wren) responds to an attack by screaming. Max tells her to roll. The result is that she screams so loud the timberwolf decides against attacking her.
    • Dan gets attacked by a timberwolf, and lets it attack him from behind so that he can, on his next turn, jump in the air and land on his back crushing the timberwolf against the ground. He then just slaps the timberwolf on his turns until it surrenders.
    • One timberwolf is literally bucked to the moon.
  • Once the group arrives at a town, Raven runs off into the town to steal people's food. Max has her perform a thievery check, and she manages to steal a chocolate cake and an apple pie.
  • They spend an hour and twenty minutes going through a library, a general store, and a blacksmith. Highlights include:
    • At the library, all four have to roll to determine what books they get. Dan, Wren, and Enigma get helpful books. Rhino fails his roll and can only get a coloring book. And he gets frowned at by the librarians for not coloring inside the lines.
    • At the general store, in order to afford some equipment, Dan attempts to talk the female shopkeeper into lowering the price. He gets a critical failure and she makes it more expensive. He then tries to flirt with her, and she agrees to give it to him for free in exchange for "an hour in back".
      • And this "hour in back" gives Dan a boost to some stats when dealing with females. (Or some guys.)
    • Enigma suggests that Reflect (Rhino's character) wants to buy "panties to sniff".
    • Wren constantly tries to get the others to buy more food, even though they have plenty.
    • The blacksmith falls for Ruby, but she rejects him. Max says he then slits his own throat before revealing he was joking.
  • After getting trapped in a mysterious hotel, Dan attacks the wall several times. Max has him do various rolls each time before just saying "Nothing happens". He later reveals that he was just having fun watching them squirm.

    Various - 2016 

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • It's kind of funny how this was apparently the first video game Max ever played, yet he's never beaten it.
  • Max pulls off a glitch that makes the Deku Scrub playground significantly easier (he tricks the Rupees into falling onto the floor by equipping and unequipping a transformation mask) to the complete shock of Rhino.
  • They give the postman Waluigi's voice.
  • Max acknowledging the straightforward nature of the game's first three-day cycle by titling the second episode "You All Probably Know How This Day Goes".

    Various - 2017 
  • Pokémon Puzzle League has Max give Lt. Surge a voice that Peter remarks sounds like Mario's voice from Hotel Mario. Cue Max showing that he can actually imitate said Mario voice perfectly. Peter legitimately starts to Go Mad from the Revelation.

    Worms Reloaded 
  • The fact that Max's worms are named Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed, and his team name is Cutie Mark Crusaders.
    • And he has a second team named Bangarang and the worms are named "My", "Name", "Is", and "Skrillex".
  • Max completely forgets the controls in his first match. This leads to him doing absolutely nothing on his first turn and completely wasting an air strike a few turns later because he doesn't know how to change the angle it comes in at.
    Max: Celestia shove the sun up my ass and call my butt a candle, what do I do?!
  • Eventually, Max gets so annoyed at his failures that he slams his head into his keyboard.
  • In the second match, Max loses Apple Bloom and Scootaloo very early on. Sweetie Belle manages to kill two worms (in one turn, no less) before dying. That leaves only Babs Seed, who is in the corner of the screen, basically underground, with a piece of scenery blocking them off from the other worms. Max decides to use strategy, which means stalling while the other two players kill each others' worms, slowly blowtorching his way up to take the victory.
  • The various Epic Fails between Max and Courier Dan (mostly Max).
    • Including Max shooting a rocket that just barely passes over the head of one of Dan's worms.
  • The end of the second match between Max and Dan. They each have one worm left, and it's Max's turn. It seems like Max is easily going to win. Then he picks up and uses "Armageddon", not knowing what it does and accidentally killing not only Dan's worm but his own, forcing a draw.
  • Dan wants to test a theory that if you use the lightning strike on a dead worm's grave, it revives them. He tests this on Trixie after she dies right at the start of the game and successfully revives her. This is followed by Max deciding to get rid of Trixie right away by using his own lightning strike on her...only to heal her.
  • In a more recent playing (a year after the last one), Max has a team named "Yes Sir!" with the individual worms named after people he works for: Blue Ink, Al Ross, Keikoandgilly, and...Courier Dan. Since Dan is his opponent, this causes some expected name confusion.

    Left 4 Dead 2 ( 2013 incomplete playthrough) 
  • We don't even get a full second in past the intro:
    Alec: (in a weird voice) WE'RE GONNA DIE!
    Schuyler: My god, I didn't think it'd take that quick, but apparently he's turned into an old man who lives up in the mountains. His anti-zombie measures is like Home Alone, Caveman Edition.
  • Max asks if, realistically, a zombie apocalypse would actually have buildings on fire, citing that zombies likely wouldn't light things on fire. They jump down his throat about the possibility of accidental fires.
  • Alec has mods on his game so the Tank is Hank Hill, the Charger is the chocolate man, and the Hunter is Hitler.
    • And in the case of the last one, he mentions it completely out of context:
    Alec: I hear a Hitler.
    Max: (trying to explain) He has a mod...
  • At about the thirty-minute mark...
    Zero: Yeah.
    Max: Together? What are you, high school girls?!
    Alec: Maybe.
  • Max words a question wrong: (slightly paraphrased)
    Max: (after watching a cutscene with Zoey from the first game) So is it this campaign when the first game's survivors show up? I thought that was later...
    Schuyler: YOU JUST SAW HER.
    Zero: JUST saw them...
    Alec: Seriously...
    Schuyler: What do you HONESTLY think?!
    Max: No, I this the campaign where we can suddenly take control of them?
    Schuyler: Oh. No, that's not until later.
    Max: Okay! That's my question. Thank you!
  • Schuyler, Zero, and Alec have a common goal: do not let Max get the grenade launcher. But he still keeps getting it.
    Zero: Darnit Schuyler, you had one job!
    Max: (Evil Laugh)
  • After dying within six minutes, they respawn and discover that the game gave them five first-aid kits, meaning they have a random spare one lying there now. They are all subject to Mind Screw.
  • Max goes ahead of the others to explore a building in The Passing, and we get the best timing ever:
    Schuyler: Bit of a full-time job, babysitting you three.
    Zero: Hey!
    Schuyler: What? You know I'm right. Also, I hear a Tank.
    Max: (opens a door, is instantly greeted by a Tank) AH! AH! AH! AH! THAT WAS HORRIBLE TANK PLACEMENT! THAT WAS HORRIBLE TANK PLACEMENT!
  • In the first part of Dark Carnival, Schuyler starts playing the shooting game at one booth and remarks that it's the most fun he's had the entire let's play.
  • Max thinks there's technical issues afoot note :
    Max: (after a long silence) Hello?
    Schuyler: What?
    Max: For some reason, everyone was really quiet and I thought I heard people talking muffled or something.
    Schuyler: Go take your meds.
  • Max reaches his limit and leaves everyone behind to run ahead and shoot zombies, venting his anger on them.
    Schuyler: (through laughter) Max is so angry, I love it! You're learning! Go, kill the zombies with your rage alone! SCREAM AT THEM UNTIL THEIR HEADS EXPLODE! NOW YOU KNOW HOW I DO IT, CAUSE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU.
  • The ending of the finale of Dark Carnival: the helicopter arrives along with another Tank, and everyone makes a run for the helicopter. Everyone reaches it except Max, despite him having been one of if not THE closest to the copter as it arrived, because he was being swarmed by zombies and unable to move. The Tank targets the other three guys and incapacitates Zero, who is on the helicopter, before throwing a rock at Max to incapacitate him as well. Schuyler and Alec end up escaping safely, while the credits list Zero as having died, even though he was on the copter and alive, albeit knocked down.
    • And in the commentary over the credits:
    Max: (sees that he has three deaths while Schuyler has four) Hey, guess who didn't have the most deaths this time?
    Schuyler: Me! Wait...shit.
    • The "Common Infected Killed" stats give us a hilarious and awesome result: Schuyler killed 737, while Zero got one more with 738.
    Zero: I KILLED THE MOST! I KILLED THE MOST BY ONE! Take that Schuyler, take that!
    Schuyler: You are a dead man.
  • In Swamp Fever, at the very beginning, Max starts thinking too much about the tagline shown on the loading screen poster: "The Only Cure Is Dying". He asks if this is supposed to be taken in the sense that dying is the only cure, or that the cure itself is actually dying. After everyone calls him out on thinking too much about it, we get this:
    Alec: Just go into what the main thing is: Kill zombies, run away.
    Max: ...okay.
    Alec: Easy as that.
    Schuyler: Implying I ever need to run away. I'm too good for you fuckers.
    Zero: Okay, now we see Schuyler gets surrounded by Hunters and Tanks and Chargers and he dies.
    Zero: Exactly!
    Max: And then Alec died inside the safehouse!
    Alec: Shut the fuck up.
    Schuyler: No!
    Alec: YES!
    Schuyler: You cannot silence the revolution!
    Zero: What revolution?
    Schuyler: The...the...I...I'm the entire revolution. I...but to be honest, considering it's only me against you three, I'm all we need.
  • The first time they start the game, Schuyler doesn't connect for a bit, causing Max, Zero, and Alec to have to wait around for him to connect. They end up waiting too long, so the game sends a horde after them while they're still at the very start. And Alec gets dropped from the Skype call. And Max gets incapacitated. They decide to just restart.
    • The crowner is that Schuyler finally connects just as they're leaving.
  • Zero reveals he's low on ammo...
    Zero: Is there ammo anywhere nearby? Because I'm pretty much almost done...
    Max: Already?
    Schuyler: We JUST left the safehouse! What have you been doing?
    Zero: Killing the horde, that's what!
    Schuyler: So was I!
    Max: So was I!
    Alec: So was I!

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 


  • The description of the video is a funny moment in and of itself:
    About 45 minutes of playing doctor, scaled down to half an hour of playing murderer.
  • The custom thumbnail for the video shows Max in a doctor's coat (over his usual hoodie and hat outfit), apparently attempting surgery. He has a heart in his right hand, broken glass in his left hand, an Oh, Crap! expression on his face, and various items on the table next to him (including a can of Five Alive and a sonic screwdriver).
  • In Max's first attempt at the game, due to not knowing how to rotate the hand (or rather, not knowing that you can at all), he ends up failing at picking up most of his tools and knocks just about all of them off the table. It takes several minutes just to finally get his patient to start losing blood.
    • And then his astounded reaction when he accidentally discovers how to rotate his hand...mere seconds before the patient dies.
  • He goes to pick up a metal board on the table, curious as to whether it's part of the table or an actual thing. He ends up getting the board stuck in the patient's ribcage and decides he is now a cyborg.
  • "Sir, you're not going to have any of your ribs or your lungs after this...probably won't last longer than, like, a, minutes, maybe." (Beat) "But you will have a new heart, and that is all that matters!"
  • Realizing his patient is (once again) about to die, he gives up and just throws his saw into the patient's body. "There's your new heart. I quit."
  • After destroying the patient's ribcage during one of his attempts, Max quips...
  • Less than thirty seconds into his final attempt...
    Max: Let's think this through rationally, folks... (tries to pick up the hammer, but ends up accidentally flinging it offscreen as soon as he picks it up) ...I lost the hammer.
  • "Okay, get this lung outta he- ...okay, I grabbed a rib instead. Okay, I got the- ...I...the lung is the rib now...they are one...they are Legion."
  • When attempting to pick up the saw at one point, he ends up shoving it off the table and instead gets his arm stuck in a clipboard. No, not on a clipboard; inside the clipboard. His hand sticks right through it. And then he gets it off by violently shaking his arm around, yelling "Get it off!" like it's a bug or something.
  • In his final playthrough, he successfully performs the heart transplant...but due to ignoring or losing most of his tools, he completed the transplant by (properly) using only one item aside from the new heart: broken glass. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • And when putting the new heart into place, he fails at carefully placing it in the right position, so he just bats it with his hand a couple of times. It works.
    • His disbelief at the success and his victory cry also count. "I CAN BE AN SURGEON!"
  • The second playing of the game, where Peter plays and Max watches, opens up with this:
    Peter: (talking to Max, who is off camera) You set up a lot more stuff than I do, like...absurdly. Um...for me to record, I just boot up Bandicam, turn on Audacity, and I go. Meanwhile, you got your mic, and...your facecam...
    Max: (walking into view) Yeah, well that's because I am a professional let's player and recorder and...all that other stuff...
    Peter: Yet my videos are in HD.
    Max: Yeah, shut up, play!
  • Peter goes to grab the sheet and ends up getting his arm stuck in it, similar to how Max did with a clipboard in his own playthrough.
  • Peter spends a lot of time trying (and failing) to break the patient's ribcage open without using any of the real tools. It takes him over four and a half minutes to actually start breaking the bones.

Full Steam Version

  • At the beginning, while briefly talking about the game at the starting area, Max casually grabs the keyboard and claims he's going to steal it.
    • Upon actually starting the operation, in response to the transition:
    Max: Waaah, I'm high!
  • Max gets his hand stuck on the metal rods of the cart beside the patient. He can't get his hand out and has to restart.
  • His constant difficulty with the sheet covering the patient's stomach.
  • Max discovers that he has no idea how to use a hammer. At one point, it gets stuck in his middle finger - yes, in his middle finger.
    • When the hammer proves useless to him, he throws it away (and has it land perfectly upside-down), then goes for the drill. On his second attempt at grabbing the drill, it flies offscreen.

    Resident Evil 5 
  • Episode 1:
    • The description of the first episode describes the let's play as (paraphrased) "a chubby Canadian in the body of a buff American government agent partnered with an American in the body of an Asian woman".
    • Near the beginning of the first episode itself, Max declares that the true game is trying to pronounce all the names in the opening credits. Actually, the commentary over the cutscenes in general.
    • Max refuses to believe that the game takes place in Africa, and keeps drawing comparisons to his own home country, Canada, in ways that seem like some cross between Self-Deprecation and Take That!.
    Max: People hate Americans, they live in the middle of nowhere, and they're slowly being taken over by a dark malevolent force. This is Canada!
    • Max and Dan meet a man in a back alley and act like he's their drug dealer.
    • They decide to make a counter for their baseball jokes (which, presumably, were made as a substitute for the inevitable football jokes that they'd be compelled to make, since they're both fans of ProtonJon). And one for Fallout references.
    • While Max is learning controls, Dan jumps out the window they're supposed to jump out, distracting Max in the middle of his sentence - mostly because Max had been looking around the room, and noticed Sheva jumping out the window just from the corner of his vision.
      • Speaking of distractions, they quickly get distracted from their quest to...knife rats.
    • During one fight, Dan ends up knifing a guy in the face through the window. Max has to go back in editing to confirm that happened. And then Max promptly shoots a Majini in the balls.
      • And then punches a Majini backwards, smashing through a door that just opened and into another Majini. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • When Dan dies and the cutscene of being slaughtered by the Majini plays:
    Dan: Hey, let us go into the light, guys! It's...light, and...shiny, and, ow... (You Are Dead)
  • Episode 2:
    • As of the second episode, they now have a counter for the ProtonJon references they make.
    • Dan hops down from a ledge directly in front of Max, startling him in an almost inversion of the window incident from the first episode.
    • The following:
    Dan: Alright, so...are we ready for this? Or do you need more time to adjust- [to controls]
    Max: (running up the stairs past Dan) LEEROOOOOOOOOY... (triggers cutscene)
    (Beat, wherein Max eventually begins corpsing)
    • Max mishears "Cephalo" as "Stephalo" due to Xbox Live being screwy. He then calls it a Stephalo from then on.
    • After finding Captain DeChant's dead corpse, Max shoots him in the head. Dan is horrified.
    Dan: We'll make sure your death wasn't in vain...after Chris shot you in the head!
    Chris: Wait, you want us to go in there alone?!
    Dan: We can't play baseball with two players!
    HQ: Delta Team have been dispatched and are on their way.
    Max: Delta Team? Man, they're the worst players we have! Their pitcher can't even throw to home base!
    Dan: Their pitcher can't even throw past the mound!
    Max: Their pitcher can't even throw! He doesn't have arms!
    Dan: Whoah, whoah, whoah...
    Max: Have you seen him try to throw with his mouth? He's like a snake!
  • Episode 3:
    • Max knifes a tripwire bomb. He takes no damage.
    • "Aww, look at the cute little OH GOD!"
    • They take a break from their mission to try and get the "Be the Knife" achievement, which involves knifing an enemy's crossbow arrow out of the air. Their main obstacle isn't in getting the timing right, but in the enemy's horrible aim. At someone standing perfectly still.
    • When a dog pounces on Max, he "becomes an opera singer".
    • "People who know me are gonna be very surprised that I'm so nonchalant about killing dogs. ...I hope nobody was standing outside my room when I said that."
    • The difficulty they have with the truck on the bridge...there's a reason the description is simply "Mothertrucker."
    • When Dan has Sheva examine a chainsaw on a table, the description is "A chainsaw? Not your usual kitchen utensil." Max claims that people probably said that about the fork, and the conversation only gets weirder from there.
    • Similar to the first episode, Max hooks a Majini back through an open door and into more Majini. This time, however, he knocks him into three other Majini.
    • The fight with the Chainsaw Majini is in general pretty funny, mostly because of their commentary.
    • Right before the quicktime events with the Majini on motorcycles:
    Max: Are we about to get involved with...biker gangs?! Mom never let me have a motorcycle!
    • Reading out their scores at the end.
    Max: I got cock-beenote , you got back-bee.note .
  • Episode 4:
    • More of a Funny Background Event, but when sorting inventories at the start, Max offers three hand grenades to Dan. Dan scrolls down, sees that he has five hand grenades...and still says "Sure, why not."
    • Max finds a long document. "Type 2 Plagas..." (mashes A button) "Speed read! Okay, done."
    • The guys encounter more of the mutated dogs, and one of them jumps on Max...only to immediately blow up and die, much to Max's and Dan's confusion.
      • What actually happened: The dog walked underneath a wire to activate a bomb, but when it jumped onto Max, it touched the wire and triggered the bomb, causing an explosion that killed the dog. Notably, Max couldn't tell even in editing exactly what happened, and admittedly it's hard to tell without rewatching several times.
    • Max continues to call Cephalos "Stephalos".
    Max: Looks more like a stepmother to me.
    • Finding a dancing Majini, whom Dan decides is psyching himself up for a baseball game.
    • After knifing a box and getting attacked by a snake inside, Dan seems intent on finding said snake again.
    Dan: where's that snake that bit me?
    Max: I think he's just slithered away. I don't think you'll find him again.
    Dan: No no, he's...he's around this place. And I will find him. And I will kill him. And then I will record it, so I will fall asleep to it every night.
    Max: ...okay, that's...
    Dan: This is the price you pay for damaging me! (sees the snake, shoots it, and picks up the white egg it drops) Plus I get an egg.
    Max: Oh yeah, that's pretty good too.
    • When they come to a gate they have to raise for each other, Max takes his time raising it and even lets it fall back down when it was almost up. Dan takes it a step further by dropping it as Max is going through, which actually damages Max, to their surprise.
    • Max misunderstands Dan's order when trying to enclose a Cephalo in a tunnel, and so while Dan's fighting the Cephalo on his screen, Max is just running around all confused. You can even see Max in the background of Dan's screen running right by the fighting.
      • He then shows up at the end of the fight...
    Max: Hi! What'd I miss?
    Max: Even the apocalypse? Man, I knew I should've set my alarm...
    Dan: Yep. You missed the apocalypse.
    • Dan asks if he should combine his two green herbs to make a "good game herb" (their Fan Nickname for a G+G Herb). Max tells him no, and to leave them as they are. Dan, either through being Sarcasm-Blind or just rolling with it, proceeds to say "Okay" and move to the next area, leaving the herbs separate.
    • Their reaction to Ricardo Irving. And when Dan declares he likes Irving more than Wesker, he suggests combining them to make Albert Irving (or Ricardo Wesker).
    • Dan attempts to shoot a BSAA emblem on a faraway roof...with a handgun. He misses a total of ten times.
      • And the little messages Max puts in editing under the count of his missed shots. "PLEASE. STOP TRYING." "EVEN I NEVER DID THIS BAD." "THIS HURTS TO WATCH."
      • While this goes on, Max shoots at a Majini and ends up shooting an explosive in his hand, causing him to explode. He's very surprised by this, since he apparently didn't even notice said explosive.
    • "That guy was wearing a polo shirt. I think I just killed a zombie Chuggaaconroy."
    • Max's footage for the last little bit of the chapter is lost, and with it, the game audio and their commentary. So in editing, he just speeds up Dan's footage to give an abridged recap of what happened to the tune of some fast-paced music.
  • Episode 5:
    • Max comes to the realization that, five episodes and about three hours in, he has yet to actually introduce Dan - they only know it's him because of the onscreen text and video descriptions.
    • We finally get to see the odd headphone setup that Max has, rather than him just talking about it. He has one pair around his neck, the mic of which is connected to his computer, and is wearing another pair, the mic of which is connected to his Xbox, so he's talking into two mics at once. It must be seen to be believed.
    • They give El Gigante some mix of Hulk Speak and baby talk.
    Max: (as the monster lifts the car Chris and Sheva are hiding behind) "PEEKABOO! I SEE YOU!"
    Dan: "PEEKABOO! DIE!" (monster attacks; misses) "AWWW, I MISSED!"
    Max: (as it starts chasing them) "YOU NO GET AWAY!"
    • "And now, boat!"
      • "The most awesome kind of boat: the fan boat." "You can stay cool and go along the water!"
  • Episode 6:
    Dan: Alright, there shouldn't be anyone on the way in, but on the way out...we are going to be slammed.
    Dan: Yes.
    Max: Sounds mother's cooking. (he and Dan start cracking up) I tried to think of something that wasn't sexual, okay?
    • And then, immediately after the above, as they're looking for the dock:
    Max: So, where do we park?
    Dan: This is why I don't like going to the movies!
    Max: Yeah, all the good parking spots are taken by freaking wooden poles...there we go.
    (they find the dock, pull in, and hop off)
    Max: Okay, hopefully they don't notice that we don't have a handicapped sticker.
    • Due to pressing the Context-Sensitive Button at the wrong times, Max keeps failing at jumping down from a ledge. He ends up kicking over the ladder and two torches, one of which hits and damages Dan, before he successfully gets down.
    • The incident with the drawbridge...if you're familiar with this section, the following line should give you enough of a clue as to what happens.
  • Episode 7:
    • When they come across a Tricell campsite, Dan heads into the tall grass:
    Max: Careful, snakes in the grass.
    Dan: Yes, but there's also money in the grass. (snake jumps past him) Whoah!
    Max: Snakes and money!
    Dan: It's the best and worst of both worlds!
    Max: What about a snake made out of money?
    Dan: Ooh, that's even cooler...
    Max: What about money made out of snakes? What if snakes were the currency and therefore snakes were money?
    Dan: And live snakes were worth more than dead...
    • Max throws an egg at the back of Dan's head. Dan doesn't even notice. And when Max tells him what he did, he gets mad at Max for wasting the egg.
    • Dan gets attacked and sent into "dying" while on a ledge that Max already jumped down from, making it impossible for Max to save him.
    • Their discussion of the Chainsaw Majini returning, which escalates into treating it like a movie sequel.
      • While dealing with the Chainsaw Majini, Max is sniping at him, and ends up killing him just as Dan runs at him intending to do a melee attack. So, instead, Dan accidentally jumps off the ledge.
    • The guys fail the timed mission by roughly one second due to Max taking a quick detour to check a house for treasure.
  • Episode 8:
    • For a lot of the episode, the two of them spend time trying to find a BSAA emblem, using vague instructions and a bad reference image from a walkthrough. They end up missing it and constantly looking for it in places where it isn't, to the point where Max just skips ahead in editing. They go back and get it in The Stinger.
    • Dan's summary of the little exposition blurb he sees on a loading screen: "There's a viral threat in a city. Let's destroy it with missiles!"
    • "RELEASE THE KRAKEEEEEEEEN... I'm sure nobody's made that joke already."
    • The lampshading of Attack Its Weak Point:
    Max: Aim for the bulges!
    Dan: Isn't that the rule of every single...
    • While fighting Irving, Max has trouble distinguishing what side he (Irving) is on. Dan helpfully chimes in that, using sailing terminology, Irving is "on starboard side". Irving then vanishes, appears at the back (stern) of the ship, and grabs onto it with his tentacles; this prompts Max to exclaim "He's on tentacle side!"
      • During the same fight, Max gets put into a dying state and is stuck between the turret and the edge of the ship, unable to move for some reason until Dan heals him and he gets hit again.
    • Max's final score is B-A-S-S. He promptly declares, of course, that he "dropped the bass". And in The Stinger, he gets a score of B-S-A-A, which is extra funny since their goal was to get the BSAA emblem they missed. Dan, meanwhile, gets A-A-A-A, which Max reads as "AAAAAAAAAA!"
  • Episode 9:
    • The video starts with Max inexplicably having a lot more money... well, it's inexplicable until they sheepishly reveal they performed the "rotten egg glitch" offscreen.
    • "Headsets are popular." "I know!"
      • We also learn that, in order to make his double headset setup more comfortable, Max had to shave in between recording sessions.
    • A Call-Back to an earlier joke:
    Chris: If there is a connection, what does that mean for Africa?
    Max: This is Canada, not Africa, Chris. It means nothing for Africa.
    Dan: Is this Canada in the summer?
    Max: This is Canada on the summer solstice. Every other day, there's snow, but the summer solstice is a very dangerous time.
    Dan: Which is why your nickname is Winter Solstice.
    Max: Yep! One of my, like, fifty million names.
    • When the spider enemies show up, Max immediately notes that they have six legs rather than eight and therefore are not real spiders. The video description, as such, says the following:
    These spiders aren't real spiders! POSERS!
    • Max going Knife Nut throughout this stage to try and get an achievement leads to some hilarious fails from him as he charges into battle swinging a weak knife, and often accidentally hitting them with a melee attack and missing the chance at a kill with the knife.
    • Max asks "Do bugs have faces?" Dan immediately replies the affirmative. Max is disappointed at how that conversation went nowhere.
    • One section of the level has an Involuntary Group Split... which Max and Dan get around and reunite after within forty seconds, and that's with Max messing around and getting slightly turned around at points. Max is very incredulous at that split supposedly being something major (unaware that it was designed to be brief).
    • Bit of a Funny Background Event: after falling through a trapdoor, Max remarks that their landing stance reminds him of Spider-Man. Cue spiders coming out of the ground. Neither of them note the timing on this, though.
    • "Handgun... gold... shotgun... by your powers combined, I am Captain Open-A-Treasure-Chest!"
    • Dan's description of an upcoming segment is a deadpan "This is the part where we have to run like maniacs."
    • "Follow the girl with the discus."
    • The guys using their powerful upgraded weapons to take down the boss of the stage in next to no time.
    • "Noooo! Beaky, why are you working for him?!"
    • At the end of the video, we learn that Dan has a Sawk in Pokémon named Wesker, and Max gave him a Throh heavily implied to be named Chris.
  • Episode 10:
    • The description of the video reads "Sun, I am disappoint."
    • Just about every time either of them gets hit by the sun laser in the first part of the stage.
      • The first moment comes when Dan runs into the laser immediately after Max said they had nothing to worry about. (He was referring to something different, but still.)
      • A later one has Dan get hit while running for the shade, and ends up getting knocked into the shade by the laser.
      • Max claims that the sun laser "is what happens when you believe Luna is best princess". Dan continues to defend his liking of Luna and is immediately hit by the laser again.
    • At one point early on, onscreen text says to pay attention to Dan's screen. Do so, and you'll see him attempt to slit an enemy's throat... only for Max to punch it out of the way, causing Sheva to continue the animation and, basically, slit the air's throat.
    • Max snipes a guy...
    Max: There. He's not dead... he's not alive anymore. (laughs) He's not dead anymore! I resucitated him!
    Dan: How dare you work for the enemy!
    Max: I revived him, with bullets! ...and besides, it's not my fault they offer a good dental plan.
    • "Earth. ...what were the other two?"
    • When they reach the bottom floor of the laser puzzle, they have to deal with spider enemies, and have a relatively difficult time. When they die and have to come back and redo it, Dan just brings a grenade launcher loaded with flash rounds and lays waste to them with no problem whatsoever.
    • Max walks into a laser and dies. There's literally no other way to put it. No excuses, no being pushed, nothing. He just walks into a laser.
  • Episode 11:
    Max: You read that book! That book didn't know what hit it!
    Dan: Consider that book read.
    Max: I consider that book green.
    • Apparently Max would give his mother "evil" flowers for Mother's Day.
    • As soon as they walk in to a room full of animals in cages, Max blasts a goat with his magnum and kills it. Dan takes a while to actually notice.
    • It takes them three tries to get through the lickers. The first time, rather than sneak through like they do the other times, Max just starts shooting the lickers and gets Dan killed in seconds.
      • On the third try, Max ends up getting the Heart Stopper achievement entirely accidentally.
    • The boss of the area shows up: a gigantic spiderlike B.O.W., and...
    Max: (happily) I'm gonna name him Fluffy!
    • Their food-related one-liners while fighting said boss whenever they toss a grenade into its mouth.

    Wheel of Fortune 
  • The intro:
    Max: This is RLYoshi, and...
    Jero: This is Jero, hello.
    Max: Aaaaand...
    Rhino: Rhino!
    Max: Aaaaaaaaaaand...
    Jero: What "and"? There's just three of us.
    Max: This is my hand puppet! (as the others crack up, in a fake "hand puppet" voice) Hello!
    Jero: (through laughter) I don't wanna know!
    Max: (still in puppet voice) My name is Derek!
  • The three play as their Xbox avatars; Max, on the far left, is normal-looking and in regular clothes. Rhino, in the middle, also looks normal, aside from an eyepiece and odd-looking shirt. Jero, the last one... looks like Deathstroke.
    • This leads to Max and Rhino sometimes referring to him as Deathstroke.
    Rhino: Deathstroke, if you would start us off, and not kill anyone.
    Max: That would be an event.
    Jero: No promises.
    Max: Event: Death.
  • In the second toss-up of the first part, Max buzzes in too early and realizes his solution of "TABBY CAT" doesn't fit in due to the placement of the A. So he puts in "TABAYCAT".
  • The entire Song/Artist puzzle has them all stumped for a good amount of time, particularly because they seem to think it's a song or an artist for a brief time.
    • Max, on what he thinks the answer is: "Is it "Banananama by Barry Ma-na-na"?"
  • "I pressed C!"
  • None of them know what the answer to the first minigame is. Max's first answer, "A Posh Thirdogofare", plants the idea in Rhino and Jero's heads that the second word is Posh, leading to "A Posh Thirdigifare" from Rhino and Jero not even filling it all in. The answer was "A Busy Thoroughfare", so they weren't even right with "Posh"!
  • Everyone keeps getting half-cars.
  • In the third minigame, Rhino is the first to try and solve it, and Max acts as though he knows the answer...then Rhino fails, it comes to Max, and he realizes he doesn't know it. And then he realizes when Jero's trying to solve it and has literally one second left on the clock.
  • Max's attempt at solving the final puzzle? "SLUTBOSS WHOOOR"
  • Rhino reaches the bonus round; he fails, but the prize he landed on turned out to be $100,000. Max gets very angry because he got the million-dollar wedge earlier; if he had gotten to the bonus round and landed there, he would've gotten the million, because $100,000 is the envelope the million dollars replaces in the wheel.
  • Part 2 starts with Max and Jero yammering on about their guesses for Ten Little Roosters. Funny because it's just out of nowhere.
  • The very first toss-up, "BITE OF PECAN PIE", has Max thinking it's "BITE OF PETAL ICE".
  • Max has to stop and restart Roxio because of its glitching. In the pause when there's no footage, he instead has a test screen with "ROXIO SUCKS" flashing onscreen in text until the footage starts up again.
  • Rhino goes abnormally quiet for a while. Max proceeds to ask if his microphone is muted. It was.
  • One eight-letter puzzle under the category "Person" comes up. Some turns later, an S and an L are on the board as the first two letters. Max promptly states he knows what it is. He does; it's "SLOWPOKE". And he gets the Jackpot with it!
    • And at one point, as one of his random statements to throw the other guys off, Max says "It's Slaking." He and Rhino then both say "Pokémon" simultaneously. And they were right; it is a Pokémon!
  • Despite having pretty much the entire puzzle spelled out for him otherwise, Rhino is unable to solve "SONG SUNG BLUE BY NEIL DIAMOND". The part he can't figure out? "NEIL DIAMOND". Which, at this point, has "NEIL _I_MON_" spelled out.
  • Max lands on Bankrupt a bit too much...
    Max: Alright! Box cutter, aaaand... (wet cutting sound)
    Jero: (through laughter) Oh god! I think he did it!
    Rhino: That sounded juicy!
    Jero: (still laughing) Yeah, it did! I'm scared... Max? Max? You okay buddy? ...Max?
  • Max, once again, says he knows the answer to a puzzle when all that's up is a single R. He doesn't; he thought it was "ORLANDO BLOOM", but he realizes the B is already used. However, he's half right; the answer is "ORLANDO MAGIC", and everyone's increasingly surprised reactions that he got "ORLANDO" correct is hilarious in and of itself.
    • Also, the loud gasp Jero does when he realizes the answer.
  • Max seems to have a knack for figuring out fitting answers early on, and then being hit-or-miss with whether or not the letters match up. In a minigame, he figures out the last two words of "WHIPPED EGG WHITES", but isn't until he's trying to solve that he finds the first word out, having previously thought it was "CHARRED EGG WHITES".
  • Max buzzes in to a toss-up. Rhino just mutters "old magazines", which is the answer. Max thanks him, because he was about to put in "fly magazines". No, we don't know where his mind was for that either.
  • Max's attempt to imitate Jero's earlier gasp causes him to choke.

    Castle Crashers 
  • Max starts the series off by listing off everyone's knight colors and abilities in the following way:
    Max: So I'm shocking, Tim is chill, Rhino's full of gas, and E's hot.
    Enigma: ...did you just call me hot?
  • Max gives his "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOR?" Catch-Phrase again, and Enigma is the first person ever to ask him if that was a reference to Mega Man X. Turns out Max had never known that's what it was from... he then edits in a clip of the original scene the quote is from.
    • Said scene gets repeated in the next episode when he says it again.
  • Max goes to jump on "Yoshi" (the dinosaur you can ride). Onscreen text says to keep an eye on him. He jumps on the dinosaur and is promptly dropped from the sky onto the left side of the screen, because the dinosaur is needed for a cutscene.
  • This, from episode 2:
    Rhino: Watch out for muscly bears.
    (said bears come on and Max gets hit)
    Max: AHHHHHHH! How could I ignore such a specific warning?!
    Rhino: Watch out for muscly bears? (starts laughing)
    Max: That's like, "Watch out for a gigantic wrench falling from the sky!" You get hit by the wrench; "How did I ignore that?!"
    Enigma: Why did I ignore that?!
  • A glitch during the catapult part causes Enigma to be stuck on a single plane for no discernible reason while riding a horse, and forces them to restart. They become paranoid of the horse this time.
  • When bad guys come from both sides, Enigma asks who will take what side. Max offers to take the left. Rhino says he'll do the same. Max promptly switches over to the right because he doesn't want Rhino taking his hits.
  • In the battle for the second princess, Max is taken aback when he somehow wins, taking down a weakened Rhino and Tim at the same time.
    • He then teabags Rhino.
  • In part 3, Enigma mentions how his sister just got Pokemon X and Y and already had a Greninja. Max remarks that it would be a lot more impressive if she started with a Fennekin.
  • Max declares he is going to "sandwich this door".
    Max: Back away! This door is my biiiiiiitch!
  • During another arena match, Enigma and Tim start swinging at each other and constantly missing, which Max refers to as "one of those high school girl fights".
  • Max declares that, while on the ship, everyone has to speak in a pirate voice. It doesn't catch on, to his disappointment.
  • At one point, after Max chants "screw that cat" a few times due to leaving behind a cat pet, Enigma randomly asks "Would you screw your cat?"
    Max: (dumbfounded) What's the alternative?!
    Enigma: ...neutering it?
    Max: I would neuter it! Would I rather have sex with my cat, or neuter it? I would rather neuter it!
  • When the spaceship comes to abduct them, Tim and Enigma just let it happen, while Max runs in circles around the area to avoid being caught. The spaceship ends up going faster and faster, to the point where Max avoiding it is almost a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Rhino, who still has not been caught, is then immediately caught when the ship rushes over to him at the speed it was chasing Max, apparently deciding it doesn't want to waste any more time.
  • When showing off a cameo to the left of the start in the spaceship, Enigma asks if there's anything else, and when told no, starts saying "So no game?" Max jumps on this.
    Max: No, Super Smash Bros. is not off to the left.
    Tim: Aw, really? Lame.
    Max: I think they might have Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, but…
    Tim: Ew.
  • The outro to part 3:
    Max: I say what I want!
    Rhino: And you want what you say?
    Max: A life. Money. Experience. Levels. (Beat) Cock.
  • "Sometimes you gotta get hit in order to kill people. Life lessons from Max Allan!"
  • While fighting the corn boss, Max comes to the realization that, being the electric knight, he would be the one needed to cook the popcorn that comes off the boss because microwaves use electricity. Enigma protests that, as the fire knight, his heat is necessary instead. Max explains that Enigma would burn it, while he would make it actually edible…
    Max: ...and then Rhino poisons it, and Tim freezes it for later. So yeah, we're all set for movie night!
  • Tim accidentally blowing the horn just as they exit a shop, causing the sound to carry out onto the map screen.
  • The guys randomly start talking about Pokemon, and we learn that Enigma thinks Muddy Water is a Ground-type move.
    • And Tim thinks Hippowdon is Water and Ground-type.
  • Max has a very… interesting interpretation of how he attacks Medusa with his magic, based on the position of his attack.
    Max: I am electrocuting her vagina! I am shocking her pussy!
    • Max accidentally uses a sandwich during the fight, becoming very big, and while attacking Medusa, they go behind a wall in the foreground and Medusa lets out a pained cry that sounds a lot like a moan. As Max says, "take of that what you will".
    • Max also tries using the horn on her, saying "Let me blow her!" Medusa immediately attacks him with a shocked expression.
    • At the end, we discover that Tim and Rhino got twenty and twenty-one kills respectively over the course of the entire level, while Enigma got fifty-five. Max? Six.
  • While dealing with a horde of enemies…
    Tim: Do they come infinitely?
    Max: (snickers) I do.
  • Max positions himself so that Rhino's animal, a tiger, is floating in front of his head. He declares that he now has a "tiger face".
  • While entering the boss room, Enigma manages to somehow get stuck in the door before being randomly dropped down from the ceiling a couple feet away.
  • At the end of part 4, Enigma and Max both go off somewhere (in real life, not the game). Enigma gets back first, and the group decides to go buy potions while waiting for Max. When Max still isn't back, they decide to 'stack' on his player character… and then Max makes his grand return.
  • The guys discover that, while fighting Recyclops, letting him stomp you into the ground and not getting out keeps you from being attacked by the "zombie" (the Conehead Groom, as Future Max notes as his actual name). However, they also discover that this doesn't keep him from attempting to attack you… by standing on top of you and flicking back and forth between the direction he faces, making it look like he's dancing on your head.
  • "Magic doesn't do much to dead people!"
    • "Except bring them back."
  • While fighting the final boss, during the shield phase, Max uses his magic and the boss changes to his red shield one frame after Max started his attack. Twice.
  • The final blow to the final boss is Max, Tim, and Rhino simultaneously dive attacking the boss, knocking off the last fifth or so of his health in one fell swoop. The funny comes when Enigma swipes at the boss as he's dying afterwards.
    • And takes the weapon.
  • Due to the font of the credits, Max misreads "David Orr" as "David Drr", pronounced "Durr".
  • "You did adult things on Newgrounds, didn't you Rhino?"
  • In the final princess battle, they agree to let Enigma have the princess. Max elects to try and let himself die to the NPC shooting arrows by standing in the line of fire. Rhino comes up and kills Max normally.


Part 1

  • Max attempts to have everyone give an introduction without giving any prompts for specific people to introduce themselves. There are seven people counting himself. Funny enough, instead of everyone talking over one another, they all go silent and wait for each other to talk.
    • The only two people who introduce themselves without some sort of prompt, excluding Max himself, are Enigma and David - and even then David waits until after Max has to tell Zero he doesn't care about the order. (Jero also claims to have introduced himself, but we never hear it.)
  • David consistently chooses silly answers. Almost always they're Max's or Spark's lies. Spark, in turn, frequently guesses David's lies.
  • The first question basically asks about a woman who returned home to find something stolen while her neighbors just watched. Amongst the answers are "Driveway", "Vagina", "Virginity", and "Daughter's Virginity". "Driveway" is actually the correct answer, much to everyone's confusion.
    • Also, Max is the one who put in "Virginity". Enigma of all people put in "Daughter's Virginity".
  • "In 1518, hundreds of people in Strasbourg became afflicted with a bizarre condition that rendered them unable to stop..."
    • ENGLISH INVASION David's lie.
    • GAY MARRIAGE Spark's lie.
  • "In 1726, a British woman named Mary Toft convinced doctors that she had given birth to..."
    • JACK THE RIPPER Enigma's lie.
    • GEORGE W BUSH David's lie.
    • THE DOCTOR Max's lie.
    • RLYOSHI Spark's lie.
    • The correct answer to the above question was "rabbits". Someone asks how. Spark quips:
    Spark: Dude, she let a rabbit fuck her! That's how babies are made!
  • One question comes up that Spark knows the answer to, screams that he knows the answer to, puts in a lie similar to the answer to fool others, and feels very proud about knowing the answer to. He almost runs out of time before he remembers to actually choose it.
  • "In a 1999 interview with US Weekly, actress Lucy Liu revealed that she once had sex with a..."
  • "Pentheraphobia is the constant fear of your..."
    • DUCK IS WATCHING Zero's lie.
    • When Jero and Zero are the only ones to get the above question right, Max declares them to be "the -ero brothers".
  • For no discernible reason Spark and Jero - and to some extent even Zero, Rhino, and Enigma - begin making quacking noises and yelling "Affleck!"
    Jero: How are we still sane?
    Max: We're not.
    • The English David is very confused by this, learns it's an insurance company, and just shrugs it off by saying "I don't care, I'm not American."
  • "Budget hotel chain Travelodge reported that between 2006 and 2007 about 95% of sleepwalkers found in their hotels were ______ men."
    • FUCKING Spark's lie.
    • HALF David's lie.
    • GAY Max and Enigma's lie.
    • NAKED The truth. Again everyone is surprised.
  • "Mohammed Khurshid Hussain is in the Guinness Book of World Records because he is able to ______ very quickly with his nose."
  • Zero accidentally makes a typo. Thus, with his lie inserted into the question, we get: The city of Olney, Illinois organizes an annual event in order to fedd squirrels.
  • "In 2013, the Romanian government, facing financial hardships, started taxing a group of people they had never taxed before. They started taxing..."
    • PEDOPHILES Spark's lie.
    • POOR PEOPLE Max's lie.
    • AMERICANS David's lie.
    • GYPSIES Enigma's lie.
    • WITCHES The truth. Surprise all around.
  • "Props to the person who spelled 'psychology' wrong, by the way." It was Jero.
  • "A Rhode Island middle school discovered that some students were crushing Smarties candy and then snorting the dust. So they sent an email to parents, warning that a side effect of this activity could be ______ in their kids' noses."
    • SUGAR AND BOOGERS Spark's lie.
    • RAINBOWS Rhino's lie.
    • DANGEROUS David's lie.
  • The third round's Final Fibbage is "What Dr. Edgar Parker legally changed his first name to, in order to help his dental practice." David being David, he chooses the obviously wrong answer of "#FREEEDGAR2014" (Spark's lie). Literally everyone else (barring Zero, who didn't answer) chose the correct answer of "PAINLESS".

Part 2

  • The intro: the guys attempt to make a sentence, one word at a time. The first time, it screws up because Dan and Enigma talk at the same time. The second time, they somehow end up doing letters only. They succeed the third time, and their sentence is: "Chairs are awesome, but they suck. They suck, breaking every single hour around the house. And they suck."
  • The return of Derek the Hand Puppet from Wheel of Fortune. And this time, he has a duel with his rival, Gary the Glove.
  • Spark joins a few minutes into the game right as Max was mentioning his name.
  • "Johnny Depp was made an honorary member of the Comanche Nation and given a descriptive Comanche name. His Comanche name, Mah-Woo-Meh, means..."
    • "JERO IS SUPER SEXY" Spark’s lie.
    • "ENTER YOUR LIES" Dan’s lie.
    • "MY WOMB" Max’s lie.
  • They discover that the game spelled "invincible" as "invicible".
  • "The first and only dog to be given rank in the United States Armed Forces was named Sergeant..."
    • "SPRINKLES" Max’s lie.
    • "ASS-BITER" Peter’s lie.
    • "THIS IS NOT A LIE" Spark’s lie.
    • "FIDONKERS" Dan’s lie.
    • Max decided to read all the lies in a Drill Sergeant Nasty voice, making for a rather hilarious sentence spoken in such a loud, angry tone.
  • A funny little improv musical number:
    Spark: (in tune to the Bob the Builder theme) Boooob the Builder!~
    Max: (still in tune) Can we shut him up?
    Dan: (singing along same as Spark) Boooob the Builder!~
    Max: (still in tune) Don’t you start now too!
    (everyone cracks up)
  • "In 1988, George H.W. Bush celebrated Halloween by dressing up as..."
    • "HITLER" Spark’s lie.
    • "PRESIDENT" Jero’s lie.
    • "HIMSELF" The truth, which Max apparently entered at first.
  • Spark says he’s going to write a sex fic between Max and Peter. Peter is squicked out, while Max tells him to name it "Super Ejaculation Saga".
    • The reason Spark decides on this? A hilarious series of events. First, Peter chooses a lie in the aforementioned Halloween question, "Napoleon Bonaparte", which was Max’s lie, and Max quips the pun "Napoleon Bon-a-Peter". Enigma mishears this as Max saying he wants to "bone Peter", which Max vehemently denies before bringing up how someone once sent him a shipping fic of him and Peter.
    • Max also declares that he and Peter need a Portmanteau Couple Name. Enigma suggests Pax, and Max decides their couple name is "PAX East".
  • They decide, in their second game, to change their names. They end up with:
    • Max as Littlepip
    • Rhino as Deathclaw Jr
    • Courier Dan as Fred Fazbear
      • After introducing his name, he then quietly hums Freddy’s iconic tune, then follows it up with a loud "SCREEE". Max edits in a picture of Golden Freddy rushing towards the camera.
    • Enigma as Snowdrop
    • Jero as The Mad King
    • Peter as Shovel Knight
    • Spark as Blackjack
  • In the background, we hear a dog barking, then the sound of a microwave. We then get this:
    Rhino: Did someone just lock a yapping dog in a microwave?
    Max: You weren’t supposed to hear that, Rhino. Now I have to lock you in the microwave too.
    Spark: I’m making food! I haven’t eaten all day!
    Jero: Sparky, nooooo!
    Dan: And I thought I was crazy!
  • "The 1995 Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year went to the book Reusing Old..."
    • "GRANDMA’S VAGINA" Spark’s lie.
    • "TOILET PAPER" Jero and Rhino’s lie.
    • "ANIMATRONICS" Dan’s lie.
    • "TAMPONS" Peter’s lie.
    • "SHIT" Enigma’s lie.
  • "When soccer player Stefan Schwarz signed with Sunderland in 1999, the team made sure that his contract specifically prohibited him from traveling to..."
    • "JAIL" Enigma’s lie.
    • "THE MOON" Peter’s lie.
    • "SUNDERLAND" Dan’s lie.
    • "OUTER SPACE" The truth.
  • Jero selects "lung" when it’s his turn to pick, stating that he "needs more lungs". When Max inquires as to why, Jero says it’s for his collection. Of body parts.
  • Max sheepishly admits that he has a "funny story" after Spark says that Max will never touch a vagina. Said story turns out to be that Max basically accidentally delivered a light Groin Attack to a girl at school with his open hand.
  • "Benjamin Moore paint color 787 has the strange name Grandma’s..."
    • "FUNERAL" The game’s lie.
    • "COOKIES" Jero and Enigma’s lie.
    • "SEX SLAVE" Spark’s lie.
    • "PANTIES" Peter’s lie.

Part 3

  • This is the first video on Max’s channel with a female participant.
  • The video starts with a splash sound, and Max claims it’s the sound of him drowning hamsters in the background. It’s just so out of nowhere that it’s hilarious.
  • The return of Derek the Puppet and Gary the Glove fighting, this time voiced by Max and Dan respectively. Derek wins by stabbing Gary through.
  • This is the first video with both Dan and Zero in it. The result? Dan proves to be Always Someone Better to Zero, frequently getting points from him, and they become clear rivals.
  • "Metrophilia is sexual arousal caused by..."
    • "CROSSDRESSING" Dan’s lie.
    • "YOUR MOM" Wren’s lie.
    • "CLEANING FISH" Zero’s lie.
    • "THE NEW YORK METS" Max’s lie.
  • "Evergreen Cemetery includes an odd statue of Jesus wearing…"
    • "A LAMPSHADE" Max’s lie.
    • "A THONG" Wren’s lie.
    • "A SUNHAT" Rhino’s lie.
    • "NOTHING" Dan’s lie.
    • After the above, round two begins, and the transition screen shows a lamp being turned on. Cue Rhino: "Speaking of lampshades…"
      • Max then says "Round two, RAP!", and Dan busts out the first part of the verse from the referenced song near-flawlessly.
  • "A Brazillian [sic] environmental group launched a campaign in 2009 to save the rainforest by urging people to pee in..."
    • "THE AMAZON RIVER" Wren’s lie.
    • "EACH OTHER’S MOUTHS" Enigma’s lie.
    • "MY MOUTH" Max’s lie.
  • "In October of 2013, eight sixth-graders from a New York college prep school were hospitalized after someone released _____ in a classroom."
    • "HUMMINGBIRDS" Wren’s lie.
    • "THE T-VIRUS" Dan’s lie.
    • "THE KRAKEN" Max’s lie.
    • "A DEADLY FART" Enigma’s lie.
    • "AXE BODY SPRAY" The truth. Only Zero gets it.
  • In the Final Fibbage of the first round, Zero is in the lead, with Dan in a close second… and then three people - Zero included - pick Dan’s lie, and Dan picks the right answer alongside Max. Not only does Dan pull out a great win with a lead of 5500 points, Max pulls ahead of Zero, bumping him into third.
  • Bit of a meta example: after the first round, they decide they can go for "one more round". A little under fifteen minutes have passed in a one hour video. You can tell how this goes.
  • "ROAD TRIP! When in Port Vila, Vanuatu be sure to check out their post office, which is unusual because it is..."
    • "FUNNY" Zero’s lie.
    • "SHAPED LIKE A MAILBOX" Enigma’s lie.
    • "WELCOMING AND EFFICIENT" Turns out to be the game’s lie, surprisingly, because Wren and Rhino both put in "UNDERGROUND".
  • "According to a 2010 study, one child in the U.S. was injured every 46 minutes by a..."
  • "The Backyard Brains company sells a device that lets you control _____ with your mobile phone."
    • "YO MOMMA" Wren’s lie.
    • "ANIMATRONICS" Dan’s lie. Again, only Zero picks it.
    • "VIBRATORS" Max’s lie.
  • "CELEBRITY TWEET! 4:32 PM - 22 May 2012 @lindsaylohan Tweeted: "_____ is the best medicine.""
    • "CRACK" Zero’s lie.
    • "KICKING ZERO’S ASS AT FIBBAGE" Max’s lie, surprisingly, rather than Dan’s like is assumed.
    • "ALCOHOL" Rhino’s lie.
  • "A science student in Nepal has created an innovative solar panel that is far cheaper to make than a traditional solar panel, because it’s made with..."
    • "PRINCESS CELESTIA" Wren’s lie.
    • "GARBAGE" Dan’s lie.
    • "CHEESE" Max’s lie.
    • "HUMAN HAIR" The truth, surprisingly. Max is especially surprised because he chose it by accident.
  • "WELCOMING AND EFFICIENT" returns again in the Final Fibbage of the second round, but we don’t know who submitted it. If you pay attention, though, you can tell it was Max's lie
  • Max mishears Dan saying "I am from Texas" as "I am Texas", and decides it’s the sequel to I Am Bread where you are the entire state of Texas.
  • "Chad Orzel wrote the book How to Teach _____ to Your Dog."
    • "GEOMETRY" Dan’s lie.
    • "TRICKS" Zero’s lie.
    • "SHIT" Rhino’s lie.
    • "ENGLISH" Max’s lie.
    • "MORSE CODE" Enigma’s lie.
    • "DRAGONS" Wren’s lie.
    • "PHYSICS" The truth. Only Max gets it, and he only chose it because he likes physics.
  • Rhino: "Speaking of lampshades..."
  • "A man in Watertown, New York, claims to have been happily married for over 25 years to his wife Teagan, who strangely is a..."
    • "TURTLE" Rhino’s lie.
    • "MAN" Max’s lie.
    • "HORSE" Zero’s lie.
    • "WIDOW" Wren’s lie.
    • "STATUE" Enigma and Dan’s lie.
    • "MANNEQUIN IN A WHEELCHAIR" The truth, to everyone’s shock.
    Rhino: (singsong) One of these things is not like the other…
  • "Gloucestershire, England is home to the Cotswold Olimpicks, the highlight of which is the traditional _____-kicking competition."
    • "HEAD" Dan’s lie.
    • "BALL" Zero and Rhino’s lie.
    • "BUTT" Wren’s lie.
    • "MIDGET" Enigma’s lie.
    • "NAZI ASS" Max’s lie.
    • "BRICK" The game’s lie.
    • "SHIN" The truth.
  • In the Final Fibbage of the third round, one of the answers combines two previous causes of shock: "WELCOMING AND EFFICIENT WHEELCHAIR MANNEQUIN". And this time, Max reveals he put it in.
  • "According to a University of Barcelona study, surprisingly, 5% of people have absolutely no emotional response when they..."
    • "SEE A PET DIE" Enigma’s lie.
    • "ORGASM" Zero’s lie.
    • "ARE HURT" Rhino’s lie.
    • "GET STABBED" Wren’s lie.
      • Max’s response to this being a lie? "Come on, I’ve stabbed tons of people and they haven’t had any emotional response to it!"
    • "DIE" Dan’s lie.
  • While reading out one question, instead of saying "a Jamaican cruise", Max slips up and says "a Jamaican curse". He doesn’t even notice this until the others point it out.
  • "According to a University of Jena study, the people who have the most memorable faces are _____ people."
  • The fourth round’s Final Fibbage: "Cause of death of an Indian stuntman who died while crossing a river on a zip-line attached only to his ponytail."
    Rhino: A gunshot wound. (...) Urinary tract infection.
    • "CHOKING" Rhino’s lie.
    • "DEATH" Unknown whose lie.
    • "LOOKING FABULOUS" Word of God says it's Wren's lie.
    • "STUPIDITY" Unknown whose lie.
    • "HEART ATTACK" The truth. Extra surprising because Zero had jokingly suggested it out loud beforehand.

Part 4

  • A meta example: Max accidentally put out part five before this one, somehow.
  • The intro:
    Max: (in the tune of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman") Do you wanna film a let's play? (Beat; still in tune) I don't know the lyrics!
  • Spark's name for the first round is Obama.
  • "After an allergic reaction to steroids used to treat asthma, a 28-year-old woman started growing __________ on her head instead of hair."
  • Spark, apparently getting into character as Obama...
    Spark: (in a deeper voice) Thank you. I just want to say...I'm not a liar. I'm a politician.
  • Wren, realizing she has zero points going into the Final Fibbage, decides she wants to try and make it the entire game without earning points. She fails.
  • "Name of the Rhode Island School of Design's penis-shaped hockey mascot."
    • BONER JONES Unknown whose lie.
    • MR. DINGY Wren's lie.
  • In the second round, Max uses Chode Byron as his name. Spark uses Markiplier.
  • "The Michelin Man's strange, official name."
    • STAY PUFT MAN Dan's lie.
    • IDK By process of elimination, Wren's lie.
    • PUFF DADDY Rhino's lie.
    • PHILLIP MYBUTTHOLE Technically unknown, but almost certainly Max's lie.
    • HI Spark's lie.
  • For the third round, everyone goes with names that start with L. Most people just pick something random, while Spark goes with "Lashonda" and acts like a Sassy Black Woman as the game goes on.
  • "Cambridge University economist Ha-Joon Chang holds an unpopular opinion. He insists that the __________ changed the world more than the Internet."
    • HE'S CHINESE! Spark's lie.
    • PLAYBOY CHANNEL The game's lie.
    • HOLOCAUST Max's lie.
  • When the L-name game crashes, they redo it with W names. Spark once again goes out of the ordinary with the name "WWWWWWWWWWWW".
  • "A study conducted at Tufts University by psychology grad student Nicholas Rule found that people have the ability to point out __________ in a crowd."
    • GEORGE TAKEI Max's lie.
    • KJSGKJGDHKERD Spark's lie.
  • "From the fine print for the original iPod Shuffle: "Do not __________ iPod Shuffle.""
    • TALK ABOUT Max's lie.
    • SHAKE Rhino and Enigma's lie.
    • SHUFFLE Dan and Spark's lie.
    • EAT The truth.
  • "The movie G.I. Jane was translated to __________ Female Soldier in China."

Part 5

  • In this video, Mobius makes a grand return after his Chuck Cunningham Syndrome! First thing we see from him is that he's named himself "Mobius2Fest".
    Mobius: I must proceed at a high velocity.
  • "Sponsored by the Calvary Lutheran Church, people in Fort Worth Texas can now attend the unconventional Church-in-a-__________."
    • ASS Mobius's lie.
    • HOLE (which, for bonus points, was directly to the right of ASS) The game's lie.
    • TACO Blake's lie.
  • "William Shatner raised $25,000 for Habitat for Humanity by selling his __________."
    • TESTICLES Mobius's lie.
    • PUBIC HAIR Rhino and Enigma's lie.
    • UNDERWEAR Max's lie.
    • KIDNEY STONE The truth.
  • In the second actual round, Mobius names himself "Mobius3Slow".
  • "At 2:45 a.m. one day in June 2013, a man in Orlando, Florida was arrested for walking up to a police officer and punching his __________."
    • BALLS Wren's lie.
    • DICK Mobius's lie.
    • CARPET Enigma's lie.
    • HORSE The truth.
  • "In 2007, Golden Laurel Entertainment published a violent board game called Kill the __________."
    • PRESIDENT Max and Rhino's lie.
    • ORPHANS Mobius's lie.
  • In one round, everyone decides to join with food names. Mobius takes this literally and names himself "Food".
  • The final question deserves special mention: Max offhandedly remarks how of the answers given, only two of them - "Muffle" and "Prickle" - could be the answer. The others seem to agree, as those are the only two choices that get picked. "Muffle" was Max's lie, and "Prickle" was the truth, which Max chose. Since the votes are an even split, Max gains a total of 7500 points and wins the game.

Part 6

  • After several seconds of trying to get the others to be quiet, Max begins his intro: staying completely silent and just waiting for the others to inevitably crack up.
  • "Ben and Jerry only started making ice cream because it was too expensive to make __________."
    • LOVE Max's lie.
    • ICE CREAM Mobius's lie.
    • PEOPLE BUY THEIR CONDOMS Silver's lie.
  • "In 1976, boxing legend Muhammad Ali released an educational children's album titled "Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. __________."
    • ROGERS Enigma and Silver's lie.
    • SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY Mobius's lie.
  • At one point, Max randomly starts comparing himself and Dan to Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix and wonders who's who. Silver remarks that Jero is "the little girl who drives the car" (Vanellope).
  • "The staff at the Edible Canada restaurant posted a sign in their bathroom that instructed men to __________."
    • SAY "TUTA-MAN" Wren's lie.
    • EH? Max's lie.
    • NOT EAT THE TOILETS Silver's lie.
  • While setting up for the second round...
    Max: (reading Silver's nickname) "The Reason You All Suck"...
    Dan: Wait, how did he get all that in there?
    (everyone breaks down laughing)
    • Mobius joins afterwards with the name "Goddammit".
    • And then Jero joins with the name "Just Kill Me".
  • "A 2013 Pakistani game show caused a controversy when their grand prize was a __________."
    • CHANCE TO SHOOT A HERETIC Silver's lie.
    • SUICIDE BOMB Mobius's lie.
    • SLAVE Rhino's lie.
    • WOMAN Jero's lie.
  • For one round, the guys decide to try and form a sentence using their names. The sentence we get: "A man named / Anne / Was killed / By Dan and / His retarded accomplice / Godtheotpshipper / Waluigi / Saved them".
    • The best part is that Jero named himself Waluigi, and makes the famous "WAAAAH" sound whenever he gets points.
  • Max goes along with the Waluigi Running Gag by, with the exception of the first question, putting in a Waluigi-centric lie every single time (questions have been heavily paraphrased):
    • In 2010, customs officers intercepted a truck trying to smuggle 28 tons of WALUIGI.
    • A chemistry teacher was fired for taking several of his students on an unauthorized field trip to a MUSEUM OF WALUIGI.
    • A sequel to Beetlejuice called Beetlejuice Goes TO WALUIGI'S HOUSE was written but never made.
    • Blake Shelton once tweeted "Just fell down and gashed my hand open while running from WALUIGI... Don't ask."
    • Shiro Cosmetics sells an eye shadow called "WALUIGI Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon."
    • The name of the man on the Quaker Oats label: WALUIGI.
  • When Jero, nicknamed Waluigi, wins the round, Max edits in this viral Vine video.

Part 7

  • Everyone starts off with Ace Attorney shouts as their names. Except Enigma, who has Professor Layton's "Hang on!"
  • "According to Forbes, the average income for an "ice cream taster" is $__________ a year."
    • DELICIOUSNESS Dan's lie.
    • 5 BILLION Enigma's lie.
  • "In a 2013 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 27% of voters thought __________ should be subjected to a special tax for being so annoying."
    • JUSTIN BIEBER Jerry's lie.
    • PEWDIEPIE Dan's lie.
    • RLYOSHI Max's lie.
    • KANYE WEST Enigma's lie.
    • THE IRS Rhino's lie.
    • DEATH Wren's lie.
    • HIPSTERS The truth.
  • "The fastest-growing baby name for girls in 2012."
  • For the second round, everyone puts in the name they'd have as the opposite gender. Enigma puts in Blake Belladona.
    • Max accurately predicts Jerry will go with Jenny.
    • Dan calls himself Erin, which is the more feminine spelling of his middle (and preferred) name Arron.
    • Wren goes with Ryan. Which is Rhino's actual real name.
  • The Final Fibbage of that round is "What is Miley Cyrus's real name?" The answers include Miley, Milly, and Milley.
  • In the outro, Rhino (and, to an extent, the others) repeat their name multiple times while signing off. Rhino ends it by adding "...and George Takei."

Part 8

  • The intro...there is no description of the events that unfold.
  • Tim appears in a Fibbage video for the first time:
    Tim: (for his intro) This is Tim. I have pizza. Don't talk to me right now.
    • And since he named himself "TimT", Max keeps calling him "Timt", pronounced how it's spelled.
  • Enigma's username is "Mister E Pony! *Cheers*" and he asks Future Max to put in cheers in editing. Max says to put "boo" in. Future Max puts in a Boo from Mario cheering.
  • Max remarks that he's feeling sick, and Dan says the rest of them will carry the commentary...
    Max: Rhino, I would tell you to shut up, but you always do anyway.
    (airhorn noises)
  • "Utah's Lehi City Council approved a request to change the name of __________ Road because it sounded sort of dirty."
    • ROAD Wren's lie.
    • PHUCK Tim's lie.
    • DIRT Dan's lie.
    • DONG Jerry's lie.
  • Conversation between rounds somehow drifts to Octavia and what her voice likely sounds like. Max notes it'd be funny if she had a Boston accent.
    • And in his imitation attempt, he says "Wanna listen to my cello, bitches?", but pronounces it 'sell-o'. It takes a moment for him to realize, and then everyone breaks down laughing.
  • "People in Damariscotta, Maine hold an annual race where they use __________ as boats."
    • HOLLOWED-OUT PEOPLE Max's lie.
  • After another connection issue and crash, they restart and decide to use websites as names. They also introduce themselves in ways that represent their website.
    Max (YouTube): I'm going to change everything about myself every few weeks, and nobody will like any of the changes, but I'm gonna force them to adapt to them anyway.
    Rhino (Wikipedia): I am Wikipedia. I know everything about everything. (Citation needed.)
    Tim (4chan/Reddit): You find this wart on the bottom of your foot, then you scratch it, then it turns into a bloody scab. That's 4chan and Reddit.
    Enigma (Equestria Daily): I am where you go to find everything you need to know about pony news! (Max: Except fan fiction, because that never gets past unless they personally like it!)
    Wren (Wattpad): I'm Wattpad! People are constantly writing stories on me every day; even though sometimes they may get deleted, they'll still find a way to redo them!
    Dan (Normal Boots): I'm Normal Boots. ...I honestly have not gone to this website, so I couldn't tell you. (Max: You're where JonTron and Peanutbuttergamer are.)
    Jerry ( Praise Lord Gaben!
  • "In the late 17th century, London was victimized by a man named Whipping Tom, who would randomly spank people and scream "__________!""
    • ABSOLVED Dan's lie.
    • GIDDY UP Jerry's lie.
    • BAD DOGGIE Enigma's lie.
    • THAT'S MY HORSE Tim's lie.
    • FOR THE KING Rhino's lie.
    • Rhino mentions how he considered putting in "For Science!!"

    Resident Evil 6 
  • The intro to the first episode: Max starts off by reading the credits, but as soon as he says "Capcom Presents", his watch beeps and interrupts him.
  • Max invokes Alternate Character Interpretation on Leon and decides he's an angsty, emo Jerk Ass.
  • Max, before realizing how much ammo he actually has, thinks he wasted all of it. By attempting to shoot a friendly NPC for no reason.
    • Actually, he shot the NPC because Dan said not to.
    • He later takes up kicking the NPC. This happens at a perfect time, just as Leon asks said NPC as part of a scripted event if he's alright. This leads to Max and Dan making a Running Gag of attacking while yelling "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?"
    • Also, Dan-as-Helena's cry while using melee kicks:
    Dan (as Helena): Nyeh. Nyeh.
  • Max discovers one of Leon's finishing moves and is elated to find out that it's an RKO.
    • Also, Dan discovers one of Helena's finishers (a "twister-type move" according to him)... but it doesn't show up on camera because Max didn't see it. Dan is disappointed.
  • Context for the unaware: Leon and Helena are on a college campus during this mission, and dialogue reveals that the infection spread and got to all the students that had been on campus. Max twists this into a Family-Unfriendly Aesop of how you shouldn't go to school. (He then edits in a quick disclaimer saying to stay in school.)
  • Max and Dan crawl under a set of bleachers and Max decides it's their new base, and a "tree fort". Later, while climbing over the bleachers, Max discovers that you can't climb over the top part, so Leon is just constantly bumping into a knee-high set of seats like it's a wall.
  • The first instance of finding comedy in taking cover: Max accidentally takes cover beside a dead body sitting in a seat in a classroom...
    Max: Hup! (takes cover right beside the body)
    Dan: Psst! Are you okay?
    Dan: (cracks up)
  • They find a Serpent Emblem, leading to a Here We Go Again! reaction when they realize they're just like the BSAA Emblems from Resident Evil 5.
  • Their logic behind how the new herb system, where the characters just eat the herbs yet somehow heal their partner if nearby, is that they really like watching each other eat. It almost sounds like Erotic Eating.
    • Immediately after:
    Dan: (sees an obvious electric trap) I don't think we wanna go that way.
    Max: (Beat, then walks right into the electricity and gets hurt) We don't.
    Beat, then both start laughing
    Dan: I can't believe you actually did that!
  • In the train section, both Max and Dan get run over by the train at separate times. Dan yells "I hope this train goes to New York!", and then asks Max where his train had gone. Max answers Swahili. Which, as he points out after, isn't even a place. It's a language.
  • Upon finding remote bombs, they try to invoke Unflinching Walk by blowing the bombs up behind one another. They both fail.
  • The way Max takes out one zombie: he pulls its legs out from under it, causing it to smash its head on the floor when it falls.
  • For several minutes, they try to figure out where to go next, not realizing the obvious scaffolding to their right that they need to climb.
  • They stop to "play pool".
    Max: We're playing things the way I used to play them at home. (unloads several shots into the balls still in the triangle) Alright, your turn!
  • Dan dies three times to an ambulance. Max is sure to point out the Irony.
  • When their escape bus is running over a zombie, Max realizes that the bus's wheel is grinding on the zombie's crotch. He sounds very distressed when he notices.
  • They seem to have a Running Gag of making running gags. Chapter 2 of Leon's campaign introduces... the victory dance.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 
  • Rhino, who is co-commentating, is surprised that in this game, you can name your horse (normally called Epona). He jokingly suggests calling the horse "Rhino" after himself (since Max already named Link "RLYoshi")... while Max is already moving to input that name.
    Rhino: I will buck you off one of those cliffs you keep driving me near.
  • Rusl constantly changing the subject leads Max to declare he has ADHD.
  • The sexual-sounding nature of Ilia bathing Rhino (the horse, not the person).
    • And immediately after, the two discover (or in Max's case, remember) that the game lets you choose the horse's name, but not gender:
    Max: (reading the dialogue) Rhino is a girl too, so you have to treat her nice like one!
  • The questioning of the furnishing in RLYoshi's house (the in-game one, not Max). Such as his lack of bed, his pictures of goats and village kids on the walls, and a gigantic pitchfork.
  • The voice Rhino gives Malo. And then they decide he's a dark lord.
  • Max's description of the first real thing you do in the game: a long fetch quest. Complete with random images for visuals.
    Max: I have to get the cradle for [Colin's mother]; she'll take me to the house, give me the fishing rod; I have to use the fishing rod to get fish; by getting the fish, I'll bring the cat back to the store, and then I can buy the slingshot. Which I need money for.
  • When told to retrieve the cradle, Rhino apparently misinterpreted, thinking that a baby was in the cradle. So when they get the empty cradle back, he remarks how the monkey stole the baby, "and now it's going to grow up and become king of the jungle."
  • Max struggling to fish.
  • Max drinking the milk he got in order to scoop up bee larva. He remarks it was a bad trade.
    • Technically, it wasn't; he scooped up ten bee larva, which each restores a quarter-heart, meaning he'd restore two and a half hearts. The milk only had one serving, which restores three hearts. Since the bee larva can also be used as fishing bait, it mostly evened out.
  • Their characterization for Malo gets perfect thanks to some of his lines.
    Malo: I command you to tell us.
  • Max shows off what happens in this game if you attack a Cucco too much: you temporarily become the Cucco.
  • In contrast to giving the young kid Malo a very deep voice, Rhino gives the husky and (presumably) elderly mayor a voice that sounds like Mickey Mouse after inhaling helium.
  • When passing Malo while chasing Talo and the monkey, Rhino ad-libs for him.
    Malo: The rest is up to you, RLYoshi... my dark apprentice.
    • Max then proceeds to jump off the rope bridge immediately after.
    Rhino (as Malo): I am not proud.
  • Max takes over two and a half minutes to do the second goat herding minigame.
  • When Ilia is chewing out both Bo and Link, they give each other a look that Max likens to the sort of look a father and son would share when their wife/mother respectively is yelling at them.
  • Max turning Colin's line "I don't want to learn about swords or anything, but can you teach me how to ride a horse sometime?" into something rather dirty by switching "horse" and "swords".
  • This conversation at the end of the second part, after Link comes across the dark wall of twilight:
    Rhino (as Malo): The dark lord has risen.
    Max: Oh, this is Malo's house!
    (Link is pulled through into the twilight)
    Rhino (as Malo): Link, the dark lord has rewarded your service. Now...what you must give up your mortal form!
    (the Triforce on Link's hand glows, and the shadow beast holding him throws him away)
    Max: No! My hand glows, and it keeps you away!
    Rhino (as Malo): No! You are a secret servant of the Bright Father!
    (Link transforms into a wolf)
    Rhino (normally): Link, are you going Super Saiyan?
  • When Rhino is reading Midna's lines, and she gives a controller input as part of a tutorial, he switches to a deep and monotone voice for the input before going right back to his Midna voice.
  • The two of them (particularly Rhino) being clear Shippers On Deck for Link and Midna.
    • Which, incidentally, does not prevent them from acknowledging Midna's frustration with Link.
    Rhino!Midna: (after Link falls from a ledge) Ugh, what are you doing? Just fly! ...oh wait, you can't fly? Well, you just dropped from a 6 to a 5.
  • At one point, Midna separates from Link and waits for him on the other side of a fence. Max jokes that when Link shows up, she'll be lying back, eating Doritos, and playing video games.
  • Rhino, as Midna, decides to describe to Link what a "tower" is.
    Rhino!Midna: It looks like a penis.
  • They remark on the vast amount of expressive faces Midna has, then comment on how Link has...fewer. As they put it: "Surprised, angry, and neutral."
  • "Everyone, we must defend ourselves from the forces of Malo!"
  • Max calls Zant "chameleon head". Rhino is happy that they thought the same thing.

  • Max's version of the opening narration.
    • Or just Max's snarkiness and mild cynicism throughout the game in general.
  • When first encountering Flowey, Max believes him when he calls his attack "friendliness pellets" and attempts to collect as many as possible. He misses them, even though they're aimed directly at him.
  • After Toriel calls Max on his phone a couple times, Max seems to be getting a bit annoyed, at least by how she has to keep letting him know it's her calling.
    Max: I don't have any other contacts on this thing, you know!
    • On the topic of Toriel, when she leads Max through one of the puzzles, he contemplates going back and solving it himself to spite her.
    • When she tells him to stay put, it takes him about two seconds before he disobeys her.
  • One puzzle involves having to walk through a specific path over parts of the floor that will collapse and drop you down to the floor below if you fail. Technically, what you're supposed to do is fall down, see an outline of the path below, remember it, and go back up and follow it, completing it through trial and error. Max completes it on his first try through walking a random path. Rhino and Jero are suitably surprised.
    • For the record, Max had never played the game before.
    • Followed by Rhino inexplicably humming a few notes from the Doctor Who theme.
  • Examining the oven and seeing it to be spotless causes the narration to assume Toriel uses fire magic to cook. Max, having no apparent knowledge of Toriel's fire magic, is astonished at how the main character apparently jumps to that conclusion.
  • Rhino notes how when Toriel is deliberately avoiding hitting your SOUL, her fire magic resembles someone just sprinkling pepper.
  • Max's response to Sans and his "whoopee cushion in the hand trick".
    Max: What kind of whoopee cushion is small enough to fit in your hand?!
    Jero: That kind.
  • Rhino and Jero make the best duo for Sans and Papyrus respectively. While Jero's Papyrus voice doesn't quite match up with the fandom portrayal, their tone and emotion is perfect.
    • Papyrus's reactions to Sans's puns is basically a more family-friendly version of how Jero reacts to Max's puns.
    • When Sans and Papyrus have their comedic 'look back and forth between each other and the human' moment, there's no dialogue, but Rhino and Jero still do little grunts ("Hm? Hm..." from Rhino, "Eh- Eh-" from Jero). When they start spinning around, Jero screams while Rhino goes "Wheeeee!"
  • Part 2 ends with Max going "And we'll see you..." not finishing the sentence before the fade out. Part 3 begins with Max going "This time!"
  • Max tries to genuinely solve Sans's word search. In fact, he and Rhino start actually calling out words as they find them.
  • Max constantly talking to Sans, who at that point only says "what's up?", forcing Rhino to say it over and over again.
  • Max's first death is to... Greater Dog.
  • "I'm gonna go into the house of the person trying to catch me!"
    • "Oh, it's locked."
  • At the end of Max's date with Papyrus, when his blue "dating meter" extends all the way to the right, and happens to be extending directly towards Papyrus's face, Max declares "SUCK MY BLUE DIIIIIIICK!"
  • Their jokes and remarks about Monster Kid having no arms.
  • Rhino forces Max to keep humming to Shyren and watch all the text.
    Rhino: Congratulations, you just went through all the stages of being in a band.
  • Max mistakes piles of garbage for treasure.
  • After hearing the song "Bird Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap", Max decides he wants the song played at his wedding. And his funeral.
  • Max's reaction to the Temmies. You really just need to see it.
    • Jero voicing the Temmies with a high-pitched voice, then giving a simple low-pitched one to "Bob".

    RL Yoshi's Minecraft Party 

The Pinwheel

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: at the start, before all the switching around due to turn order, everyone's packed ice pedestal has a humorous sign on it instead of their names.
  • The very introduction: just as Max is trying to do an introduction, Rhino cuts him off to say it himself. Max just silently walks away as the others laugh and try to call him back.
    Max: Blame it on Rhino!
  • Rather than Max explaining how the game works, he already set up a "tutorial room" to teach them how to play. Specifically, he used commands to get their heads as items in-game, and built it so that Tim, Rhino, Jero, and Zero are explaining how the game works... to Tim, Rhino, Jero, and Zero.
    • Also, the tutorial room is labelled as "THE CHAMBER OF GREAT KNOWLEDGE". Below it, in brackets: "(Tutorial)"
    • In the tutorial, after explaining how forks in the road work, they come to explaining each of the spaces:
    "Jero": I landed on a gold space and got five gold!
    "Rhino": I landed on a diamond space and got a random item!
    "Zero": I landed on an emerald space and triggered a random event!
    "Tim": I landed on an iron space and nothing happened. Fuck you guys.
    "Tim": No, seriously, nothing happens when you land on these.
    • The tutorial even has the "NPCs", for lack of a better term, engage in providing examples for various items or events. This includes Jero being the victim of Rhino using a sword (and losing money in the Money Swap event), Tim losing his packed ice, and Max providing a cheerful "That's me!" when he gets mentioned in the description of the name tag.
  • Zero calling Max "a huge donger". Twice.
  • Tim's response to the reveal of the giant board: "Too. Much. Free. Time."
  • A bit of meta humor: Max mentions how the board looks like "a pinwheel wearing headphones". Apparently he liked that interpretation, considering in the video title, he officially named the board "The Pinwheel".
  • Zero's first roll is a cookie, which is a one. His second roll is a carrot. Which is a two.
  • The first minigame is called "Getting Stoned", and the goal is to dig through a gigantic stone block to find a single diamond ore... and Max discovers (or rather, is informed) that he forgot to enchant the players' pickaxes with Efficiency.
    • And Zero falls off immediately while Max is still describing the minigame.
  • Rhino uses the shop. And uses his helmet to pay, because he would lose gold by shopping. Zero immediately does the same. And when Max asks Jero if he wants to do the same thing:
    Jero: I'm actually going to do this legitly. Fuck both of you.
  • Jero's second turn lands him on an event space. Said event is Creeper Player, which summons a Creeper... which is Max wearing a Creeper's head and lime green leather armor.
    • And the Creeper's vision is all green.
    • The Creeper's first turn allows him to get both Tim and Zero, who are both within four spaces of the start, immediately robbing them of ten gold and screwing Tim over from potentially getting packed ice.
  • Their immediate reaction to the description of the game Who Ya Gonna Fall: "Aw shit, he made Bumper Balls!"
  • Tim's armor attempts to run away from him.
  • The guys get confused about the path splits, mostly because of having two splits right next to each other, and so Max ends up constantly breaking his own rules about it. This leads to a few arguments and lots of confusion, often resulting in someone saying "fuck it" and just doing whatever.
    • Future Max even lampshades this in some onscreen text, mentioning how they are well aware of their rule-butchering but decided to change the rules to match their playing style rather than the other way around.
    • When Rhino complains about the rule-breaking, Max gives a great line:
    Max: I make the rules. It's only illegal if I don't like it. And I don't like you. So, you might wanna quiet down.
  • Tim rolls three bread in a row.
  • After Jero and Rhino both use their boots, they attempt to give them to Max at the same time, and end up picking up each other's boots.
  • The first two-on-two game, "Capture the Wool", has one member of each team (Jero and Rhino on one team, Tim and Zero on the other) run through a small obstacle course with cactus, a lava jump, and dispensers shooting arrows and fire. The other member stays on their base and snipes at the opponent. Rhino snipes Tim right into the lava, winning it for himself and Jero by default. Jero continues to try running through, but dies at the dispensers.
    • Also, when Max tells them to decide who runs and who snipes...
    Zero: (already walking into their base) I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it?
  • While Max is giving directions to Zero, who's counting spaces, Tim chimes in with "And then go fifteen paces weast".
  • Jero lands on an event space and causes Ice Melting. Only one player, Zero, has ice at all; as Max says, it's entirely possible nothing could happen, since if a player with no ice is selected it still counts as the event being over. Zero still gets chosen.
  • Tim lands on a skeleton and gets to steal gold. Max asks everyone to reveal how much they have; Zero has ten, Rhino has twenty, and Jero is crying as he admits he has thirty. And then he suddenly declares that he has a diamond helmet and is immune to gold theft. Max is disappointed that he didn't just keep that a secret and make Tim waste his money.
  • Zero saying everything is "rigged". Max gets annoyed because he's afraid people will believe it.
  • One minigame, "Place Yer Bets", has Rhino fighting off eight enemies while the remaining three each bet on what they think will be the last thing Rhino kills. They try to strategize their choices out loud without clueing Rhino in, being as vague as possible, and then Max quips...
    • After the minigame, upon returning to the board, Rhino walks away and buries himself under the dirt. When he digs back out, Max thinks it's someone invisible breaking blocks, only to see Rhino pop out and go "Oh, it's just Rhino" and move on.
  • Jero gets screwed over by Exact Words: the rule of using a helmet when losing gold is, as said earlier, used by Rhino and Zero to shop for free. Max eventually declares that people can only do this once, as Jero insists on. Later, Jero wants to shop, but doesn't want to give up his helmet... and so he is unable to shop so long as he has his diamond helmet.
  • Similar to hiding in the dirt, Rhino hides under the gray wool on the board. Jero walks over, breaks it, and uncovers him, both trying to hold back laughter until Max notices.
    • And then, due to a glitch, when Jero puts the wool back, it doesn't actually go back and seems to disappear from his inventory... except that Max and Rhino can both see it. So Jero is saying he doesn't have the wool anymore while holding it in front of them.
    • Shortly after, Rhino runs away after being hit by Max and hides behind an obsidian structure. Nobody notices.
  • Tim uses his Ender Pearl, landing directly on the ice, while it's only five gold.
  • Just how broken Boat Busters is.
  • An interesting editing oversight; in the last few seconds of part 2, Max's "corner camera" appears again... while his "middle camera" is still active. So he just covers part of Jero's perspective.
  • Rhino strips the 'zombie' (armor stand with dyed leather clothes and a zombie head) of all its armor, leaving just the head, and puts it on. He and Jero laugh about it until Max notices and demands "Guys, put his clothes back!"
  • Tim lands on the skeleton... while everyone has a diamond helmet.
  • When giving everyone bedrock for one minigame, Max decides against tossing it. Instead, he fills his inventory, turns off "Keep Inventory", and kills himself so it goes all over the place.
    • Rhino making chicken noises as he runs around.
  • Max pronounces Jero and Zero the opposite way - "Jeer-o" and "Zare-o".
  • For "Confusion Corridor" - a two-on-two game where both members of a team must go through a series of doors to find each other, with some doors impossible to go through - Tim uses a name tag, making Max play in his stead. Since Max built the game, he goes through instantly, only finding an incorrect door once, and the game is over in seconds.
  • "Can I swap my iron sword for that iron sword?"
  • "Sword, Armor, Zombie" is just a funny concept: Minecraft rock-paper-scissors.
    Max: The sword kills the zombie. The zombie breaks the armor. The armor blocks the sword.
    • The first matchup: Tim and Rhino both wear chestplates.
    Rhino: Uh, this is awkward.
    Jero: Well, one of you is gonna have to change!
    • At the start, Max made sure everyone set their spawns, because he had a feeling people would die. At the end, when Tim questions why, Max says he had expected anyone who chose Sword to be an asshole and kill people.
    Tim: So you were expecting us to be dicks.
    Max: To be fair, it's you guys.
    Jero: He has a point.
  • Rhino has to get rid of an item, and chooses to give up his name tag. Max is dejected.
  • Max: "I guess you're just screwed either way you twist the driver."
  • When asked if he wants to use an item, Jero responds "Nein". Max presumably tries to say "Nine items? Okay, which ones?" but instead says "Nine items? Okay, how many?"
  • Tim rolls a five and lands on a diamond space...
    Tim: (counting spaces as he walks) One. Two. Three. Four. Fuck.
  • Somehow, even though the chance of getting an item for winning a minigame or landing on an item space is evenly distributed (all of them have a one in nine chance), people keep getting Iron Swords.
  • Max remarks how nobody's gotten an apple from the dice roller. Rhino immediately rolls one.
    • He also calls Max by his actual name instead of "Yosh" for once. Max's response is "thank god".
  • "Hey guys, look! It's a vulnerable person!" "Hey guys, look! It's a dead Rhino!"
  • The minigame "Housewarming Party" is essentially a luck-based game; there are ten houses, three of which will kill you when you step on the pressure plate in the middle. One kills you by spawning zombies, another by spawning TNT, and another by dumping buckets of lava on you. Zero is the first one to choose a house and the first house he chooses spawns zombies on him. The zombies then walk out of the house and start chasing everyone.
    • And then on Rhino's first turn, he gets the TNT house. He then walks on the pressure plate over and over to spawn as much TNT as possible before it blows him up.
    • The last two contestants get down to two houses remaining and agree to just pick one each and enter at the same time. Tim gets the lava house and Jero wins. Max, having remembered incorrectly, originally thought Jero was going to lose. This is the guy who built the minigame.
  • The next minigame is called "A-Bridged Series".
    Tim: Did you get Team Four Star on this?
    Max: No, I got Team Five Star, that means they're actually good.
  • Jero has to stop his recording due to running out of space. His screen in all minigames from then on still has his name in the corner, but his footage is replaced with a dark test screen.
  • Zero randomly shouts "FUTURE MAX! GOTTA GO FASTER!" Future Max is confused, and replies "...okay? What did you want from me?"
  • When Max says that requirements for Bonus Ice only started being counted on turn eleven, but people still don't get to know what the requirements are, Rhino quips "Quick, everyone do everything".
  • A brief conversation about sticky notes turns to maple syrup, which turns to zombie apocalypse jokes, which turns to Rhino cutting himself off while saying "fashioning" and making everyone think he was about to say "fapping".
  • "That'll be money, please."
  • Max's body attempts to interrupt him...
    Max: (to Jero) You got a one, so, you... you... (belches, everyone cracks up)
    Jero: I got a vomit? I got a... I got a what?
  • Rhino develops temporary Elmuh Fudd Syndwome. "Come visit my friend up here, Mr. Wither Skeweton!"
  • Just the name of the minigame "Sniper No Snipi-BOOM!"
    • When people start punching one another and Zero claims self-defense, Max's response is, paraphrased: "Don't retaliate! I'll kill him, but if you fight back I have to kill both of you!"
    • Tim punches Rhino into the lava right before he gets teleported, and an exasperated Max has to drop splash potions of healing onto him until the fire wears off.
    • A possibly unintentional bit with the footage arrangement: when Max goes off to the left on Rhino's screen, he immediately appears from the right on Tim's, and their footage is right beside one another, making it look like Max literally went from one corner of footage to the next.
  • "Commit suicide and come back to me so we can continue our game!"
  • When it's time for Minigames For Max, Max develops a Voice of the Legion (complete with echo!) and proclaims "I! DEMAND! SACRIFICE!"
    • Max says "in these chests..." while explaining what to do, and both Tim and Jero immediately begin looking through the multitude of chests on the wall, not noticing the chests directly behind them that actually have the stuff Max is talking about.
    • The task for the minigame is to create as much mushroom stew as possible, so it's basically a rapid clicking mission, if you know about shift-clicking. Tim doesn't. So he gets seven mushroom stew compared to Rhino and Zero filling up a whole large chest each and then some. (Jero only gets eight, presumably for the same reasons as Tim, but we don't see his footage.)
    • Max says that everyone can open their crafting table before starting. Rhino opens a chest instead. It contributes to him making the most stew in the end, surprisingly. Granted, that isn't the point of Minigames For Max - there's one loser rather than one winner - but still.
    • At the end, Max uses the /kill command on everyone to send them back to the game board... but forgets to let everyone get their stuff first.
    Max: I didn't think! I'm not a very good evil overlord!
    • Just the hilarity of Max killing everyone with commands to send them back. As Rhino calls it: "Sudden Player Death Syndrome."
  • Right after robbing Tim of all his items for losing a Minigame For Max, Max asks Tim if he'd like to use an item on his turn.
    Tim: (annoyed) I don't have any items, you fuckhead.
    Max: (laughs) I know.
  • Tim wins a three-floor Spleef minigame while still on the second floor, by standing back and watching Zero and Rhino dig each other into the lava.
    Tim: How to win at Spleef: Don't.
  • Max, panicking, warns people not to wander around after teleporting them to the "A Weighty Opinion" game because they'll fall off the building and die. Zero ends up doing it ten seconds later. And then Tim punches Rhino off.
    • The command block to drop the anvils is labelled "DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT". And before pressing it, Zero declares in a deep, creepy voice: "YOU WILL ALL DIE!"
    • Max "possesses" Jero, and Rhino immediately asks him for his opinion on science. Jero then punches him and says he can't control his hand.
  • The description of part 6, which is an hour long, says it all: "A lot of stuff happens over the course of these three turns. And no, this isn't the last episode."
  • After a small sequence of events that would be too long to describe here, Jero eventually says "I take offense to that" when Max remarks that he never listens. Max then provides him with an actual fence item and says now he "can take a fence to that".
    • And Jero puts the fence down by Rhino's tower of packed ice.
  • The discussion of a rhino walking into a shop to buy a shotgun to protect his family.
  • In the minigame "We're Going For A Dive", Tim finds the diamond in his third chest and attempts a sneaky escape. He gets over halfway to the surface before Zero notices, and he easily makes it without being killed.
    • Also, because of the requirements of the above minigame, they had to reset their spawn to some beds... and away from the spaces.
  • The "last five turns lottery", or "Slaughterry", is just a fight to the death. Not a lottery in any way at all.
    • After learning they're at the last five turns:
    Jero: Day 15 in the game. Max is still a douche.
    Rhino: Night has still only fallen once.
  • Tim: "You walked in front of me when I was tossing."
    • And then he doesn't even realize what it means.
  • "Pro tip: being sick sucks."
  • When Max sits atop his giant ice throne, Rhino and Jero both make Compensating for Something jokes. Max steps forward and gets in their (specifically Jero's) face with a diamond sword, until he gets dropped into the lava... and rises out and chases Jero around.
  • Tim attempts to use his name tag for "Armor Harm" in Minigames For Max. Which, for the record, Max is supposed to directly host. Everyone kind of cracks up laughing, then questions if it can happen, and finally Max decides "No."
    • During the minigame, Jero approaches the throne, and Max declares "I always liked you, Jero". Tim interjects "He's lying!"
    • The first time Tim tries to give armor, he wears it instead. And the first time Rhino gives it, he throws steak first instead.
    • "Ah, yes! My wee boots!"
  • When Rhino finally uses the Wither Skeleton to steal packed ice, Max tells him to say it in private text chat to keep it suspenseful, and even blacks it out of the video so we can't see who's losing ice. It ends up being Zero.
    • Also, the others trying to appeal:
    Zero: Rhino, we've been through so much together! Don't do this!
    Jero: Rhino, I've been fucked as much as you! Please!
    Zero: Rhino please!
    Tim: I'm in last place, I don't care.
    • And while faking them out, Max declares that Rhino took from himself, even breaking a piece of ice off his tower briefly.
  • When the minigame "Have Your Cake And Eat It" results in a tie for second place between Tim and Rhino, Max nonchalantly tells them to "play chicken in the fire pit".
    • They end up doing cactus instead, and when Tim dies, he is incredulous as to how Rhino didn't die before him despite going into the cactus first. However, he displays this confusion in a way that just makes him seem like an idiot.
    Tim: (dies) What?
    Max: Tim died, so Rhino gets it...
    Tim: How?
    Max: died.
    Tim: I don't understand.
  • Max, while doing the Creeper Player's turn, lands on a skeleton space and decides the Creeper can steal gold. He decides who to steal from by having everyone vote... and we get two votes for Rhino and two votes for Tim. So Max has to decide anyway.
    • And when he makes his choice, he dresses as the skeleton, and the green Creeper vision becomes greyscale to signify the skeleton.
  • On Zero's turn, he spends a while counting spaces after coming to a split path, contemplating which one to take. It turns out that, due to the number of spaces he moves, he ends up on the same space regardless of the path he takes.
  • During Jero's turn, Rhino bounces up to Tim (as in is constantly jumping), punches him, and bounces away silently. Tim's only response is a simple "Why?" Max, Zero, and Jero pay no mind to any of this.
  • It cuts to Rhino's turn and we see that he's underground again. When Max asks if he's going to use an item, he responds in a rather sour tone, "I don't have any."
  • While preparing for the "Last Stand" minigame, Max goes to the bathroom. He returns later and remarks that he feels like he just gave birth.
    Tim: What the hell?
  • Everyone starts humming or doing Scatman impressions. Max's contribution, due to a shot voice and general exhaustion, is a deadpan "Sca-ba-da-bleh".
  • The third-to-last turn has Zero, Jero, and Tim getting cookies (one space), and then Rhino gets a carrot (two spaces). Definitely a slow turn.
  • Tim and Jero's utter incompetence in the parkour minigame.
  • The point of the minigame "Cow-nting" is based off of games from the original Mario Party series, such as "Roll Call": Max spawns tons of cows, and people try to guess how many there are. But for some reason, the game doesn't let Max spawn cows, so he has to use zombie pigmen instead.
    Jero: You suck as a host!
    Jero: Because of the shitty host!
    • Also, Rhino guesses the exact number of zombie pigmen!
    • When giving out the item prize for winning the minigame, Max accidentally gives it to Zero instead of Rhino.
    Rhino: It's like this game actually is rigged!
  • Zero uses an Ender Pearl on the last turn and lands two spaces away from the packed ice. He rolls a one. And promptly uses the /kill command on himself numerous times in response.
  • After a Running Gag of Max asking players if they're going to use items, only to get a hostile "I have none" response, he finally remembers to just not ask Rhino. Rhino remarks that he actually has an item; a compass. Max wheels on him with a frustrated "Are you gonna use it?!" and he responds with an equally frustrated "Sure, why not?!"
  • The interaction in the final minigame, which is just a simple fight to the death (in a field with fire and lava), and Tim uses his name tag so Max fights for him:
    Zero: Everyone gang up on Max for being a shitty host!
    Max: Technically you're ganging up on Tim…
    Rhino: I'd say everyone pile on Max for taking all your items.
    Max: be fair… I didn't take everybody's items.
    Zero: He didn't take mine.
    Max: So Zero, help me?
    Rhino: He took your block, Zero.
    Max: I didn't take them. Random-
    Zero: Well, that was kinda by chance. He didn't really have too much of a say in that…
    Max: Also, some of you guys chose to take Zero's stuff, Rhino!
    Zero: Yeah, Rhino!
    • Also, after Jero is dealt with, Zero goes after Rhino. He kills him and then dies of flame, so Max wins for Tim.
  • While announcing the winner, Max lets everyone go into creative mode so long as they don't cheat. Zero then grabs some packed ice and makes a gigantic tower of it, declaring himself the winner.

    Special Minecraft Videos 

2014 Christmas Special

  • The Cold Open has the five messing around before starting, including Tim attempting to put himself in the fireplace, only to not be able to fit. Max punches him and accidentally puts out part of the fireplace, relights it, and then starts lighting the floor on fire.
  • In the actual intro, Max begins singing 'Deck the Halls', only to trail off and say (in tune) "I don't know the words". Zero promptly socks him.
    • And then when introducing everyone, Max struggles with Zero, who keeps running circles around him rather than saying his name.
  • The first activity is to decorate Christmas trees. Everyone except Jero and Rhino does something stupid:
    • Zero, instead of decorating the tree he was given, makes a new one out of emerald blocks and decorates that one instead.
    • Tim covers his tree in armor stands and puts a snow penis on top.
      • And Rhino adds vines to the balls to make it "more accurate".
    • Max, after struggling to remember how to make fireworks, decides to set his entire tree on fire.
    • Jero and Rhino actually go for more normally-decorated trees, prompting this:
    Max: I think Jero is the only one who actually tried.
    Zero: (irked) Excuse you.
    Rhino: (offended) Ex-cuse me?
    Zero: I would set your tree on fire, were it not for the fact that it was already on fire!
    Tim: I mean, look, even my tree is hard!
  • Jero clearly has no idea how to power a beacon. He right-clicks to open it up and tries to put in a sapling.
  • Zero stares up into a beacon and proclaims he is staring into the void. Rhino flies over and breaks a block, shutting it off. Then Rhino does the same thing as Zero in another beacon.
  • Tim claims the armor stands and various mob heads on his tree "represent the various cultures coming together for Christmas". Nobody buys it.
    • He also has a ring of TNT around the trunk. You can guess how long it takes from when Zero notices it before the inevitable happens.
    Tim: Well, I guess I don't have a tree anymore.
  • Max, similar to what Tim did, first tries to say that his burning tree represents "the wars that were fought before we came to rest on Christmas". People keep putting him into survival mode while he's on it, so he adds that the tree also represents how "people are assholes" and he set his own tree on fire so that nobody else could.
  • By the end of the first activity, everybody's tree, along with a large amount of earth, is blown up by TNT.
  • Max: "So who wants to know what the next activity is?"
    Tim: I don't.
  • Zero killing Max with a single punch in midair. Doubles as a minor Crowning Moment of Awesome for his timing.
  • For the Spleef activity, Max has set up a chest full of enchanted diamond shovels. Zero steals all of them and begins tossing them into the air like confetti.
  • Tim: "Everyone's a winner in Christmas! Except for Jews."
    • Rhino: "He's not wrong."
  • The unexpected zooms that come on Zero's screen when he chants "DIE! DIE! DIE!"
  • Just the setup for the snow forts and snowball fight challenge has a few:
    • You can see from the beginning that Zero has given himself a diamond sword. This will come into play later.
    • Max and Jero, as Team Endgame, are against Zero on his own and Tim and Rhino, as...
    Zero: Team Rhino.
    Tim: Team Get Carried.
    Max: Team Assholes.
  • Tim and Rhino's building area is right over a cave full of zombies, and one gets out, hitting Tim once while he's crafting before dying immediately.
  • All three teams (well, two teams and Zero) have their own fort ideas and strategies:
    • Tim and Rhino have a sort of fighting arena with a basement. Their plan is for Rhino to invite a member of the opposing team(s) to a duel, only for Tim to be hiding in the basement and dig the floor out from underneath them to beat them up.
    • Max and Jero have two floors of a narrow hallway, with a deep pitfall on the second floor to trap enemies and a secret escape passage via Ender Pearl.
      • Jero ends up falling into the pitfall while they're still setting up and Max has to get him out.
    • Zero builds himself a sniper tower. Despite not having a bow.
  • The events of the fight play out as such (beware, unmarked spoilers):
    • First, the two teams decide to ally against Zero, due to him having built a sniper tower and being basically inaccessible if they're busy fighting each other. However, Rhino betrays them and kills Jero, who chants "BETRAYAL! BETRAYAL!" as Max and Tim focus their efforts on Zero.
    • Meanwhile, Max discovers that Zero has a diamond sword, and Zero kills him, Tim, and Rhino with it before Max disqualifies him for having something he wasn't previously given. He also plays a slow-motion replay in editing to prove that Zero actually used and killed people with the diamond sword (and as a result, makes all of them sound drunk with long drawn-out screams).
    • Now that it's down to Rhino and Tim against Max, Rhino enacts his plan with the basement. However, Max declares that he "did not agree" and just starts attacking Rhino before he finishes his grand introduction, running away before Tim can get him, and instead causes Tim to give Rhino fall damage by digging the floor out from under him.
    Tim: Rhino, your plans suck ass!
    • Max leads Tim and Rhino to his and Jero's base...and discovers that Jero, while showing Zero their base, had torn it apart. He gets cornered, but manages to kill Rhino while Tim falls down their pitfall trap. Max blocks him in and goes to recover while Tim towers up, and the two have a final showdown...that abruptly ends when Max, low on health, throws his Ender Pearl to escape. And dies of fall damage from the pearl, giving the win to Tim (and Rhino).
      • Even better: Tim had half a heart left. If Max had stuck around a bit longer to take one more swing, he would've won.
      • Also of note is Max's reasoning for how he caught on to Rhino's plan: they had just played Spleef.
  • Max declares that they have ten minutes to do their ice sculptures. It takes... longer.
    • Max also puts down a single block of ice and declares he's done.
  • Zero builds multiple things, from a sword to a skeleton face to an Ender Pearl, because it takes so long.
  • Tim makes a comment on Jero's build:
    Tim: Jero, that is the smallest grip for any sword I've seen.
    Max: Bet you know about grips on small swords.
    Zero: Ooh. Get burned.
    Tim: I said 'small grip on a sword', but okay...
  • Max spends a while building an icy underground chamber, while invisible, just a few feet away from everyone else without them noticing. He then silently comes to the surface, drinks milk, and starts building a block of TNT out of ice. Which he then fills with actual TNT.
    • And the purpose of his underground chamber? A mob and lava trap. With a sign on the wall over a chest that says "SACRIFICES TO THE GREAT LORD OF SNOW DEKARGILAFH".
  • Afterwards, when voting for who had the best sculpture:
    Max: Who votes Tim had the best one? (Beat) ...who votes Jero had the best one?
  • To introduce the Secret Santa activity, Max calls out everyone's colors, and it cuts to each person's screen as he says their name. We get to Zero's screen and see that he's shaking his camera around like crazy. Nobody comments on this.
  • At the start of Secret Santa, Max says to be in survival mode for as much of it as possible. It doesn't take long before everyone's in creative mode anyway.
  • Max tells everyone to give themselves a stack of steak. He then chants "Stack of steak! Steak in a stack! Steak stack!"
  • Tim finds Gligori, a snow golem Jero built, stuck in a hole...
    Tim: Hey, little guy. Do you want me to end your suffering?
    Jero: No! Don't kill him! Release him!
    Zero: He's like, (robotic voice) "KILL ME."
    Zero: No.
    Max: (still robotic voice) "I WISH FOR PEACE... AND REST... (sounding like he's shutting down) PLEASE... END MY... SUFFERING... I... CANNOT... SELF... TERMINATE..."
  • The following, while Jero is mining some diorite, and pronounces "vein" as "vine":
    Jero: I'm actually mining up a vine [of diorite] right now, if you want me to...
    Jero: Vein. Not vine. Sorry.
    Max: It's vein-ing, it's pouring...
    Tim: (in tune) The viewers are snoring.
  • Max gives two reasons for why Peter isn't in this Christmas special after appearing in the previous one: first, he's busy with stuff, and second, because the gift Peter gave Max in the previous Christmas special was a wool penis.
    • Complete with a flashback to that event.
  • Max being on a bit of a pun streak, more so than usual.
    Max: (after Rhino died, then discovered diorite) Guess you could say you were in a dire-ite situation.
    Max: (after Rhino finds granite) Don't take it for granite.
  • After getting poisoned by a witch, Jero proceeds to say "Ow" every time the poison damages him. Every. Single. Time.
  • Jero wants shelter inside the present Max is building...
    Jero: (swinging his sword at the door) Knock knock.
    Max and Rhino, maybe others: Who's there?
  • Max says "Good thing fire tick is off!" The others get worried. He's referring to how he plans to use lava lighting for the inside of his present.
  • Tim is the least vocal about what he's doing for his present which is for Max, but whenever we cut to his screen, we see it's a blue box full of wolves. As in absolutely fucking full of them.
    • And then they despawn before Max opens the present.
  • As the guys start talking about TV shows and games, Rhino makes a remark how in Game of Thrones, the spoiler is not who dies, but rather who doesn't die.
  • Max claims that Peter is seven foot two. Everyone is shocked.
    Rhino: Question. Is he human?
    • In the "Tabletop LP" of Mastermind, that gets corrected; at the time, Peter was only six foot two. But he is now six foot seven, so...
  • Max: "I am now bleeding from seven orifices."
    • Which leads to Rhino telling about the time when he was in kindergarten, and rather than playing like the other kids, he chose to stare at a fireplace until he got a nosebleed.
  • When Tim finishes his present, he just sits there. When Max finishes his present, he runs around excitedly mining, jumps into lava, respawns at the house, and then proceeds to randomly place all the stone and ores he mined in front of the house while yelling "Wheeeeeeeee!"
    • When Zero finds it, he tells Max, deadpanned, to "jump off a cliff, repeatedly". Max complies. And is disappointed when it doesn't kill him.
  • Interesting Book Ends: In the first activity, Jero is the last one to finish, and the other four grow impatient as he takes so long. Same thing happens in the final activity.
  • The various ways Max, Tim, Rhino, and Zero pass the time while waiting on Jero:
    • Zero takes the unused Bottles of Enchanting from the chest and tosses them into the air to surround himself with the experience points, utterly blinding himself.
    Max: We decorated a Christmas Zero!
    • Covering Zero's skeleton face ice sculpture with skeleton heads.
    • Covering Rhino's Creeper ice sculpture with TNT.
      • Which looks like a crown. They call him the God Creeper.
    Tim: What is the God Creeper's name?
    Rhino: George.
    Max: With five Es.
    Rhino: Yes.
    • Rhino and Zero cover the top of the bedrock building in TNT.
    • Max briefly sings "Let it Go" in his demonic Batman voice.
    • The four gather around to punch a note block together, making it go by extra fast. Max comments how it sounds like a TARDIS.
      • And then to show off how note blocks make different sounds depending on the block they're placed on, Max puts four note blocks on separate blocks, and he, Zero, Rhino, and Tim form a "band", just rapidly punching their selected blocks.
  • Max: "First person to go first..."
  • The gifts are as follows:
    • Jero gave Rhino a wolf, which he could tame, name, and lead around, along with custom armor and a sword from the excess iron he mined. The funny part is when the dog actually dies in the celebratory TNT explosion at the end and he has to get a new one.
    • Rhino gave Jero several large copies of his Taskmaster mask, made out of different materials. Max remarks on the impossibility of Jero being able to wear them.
    • Max gave Zero an elaborately-designed room inside the present with lava lighting, gems in the floor, item frames, and redstone patterns, with a chest containing enchanted armor (called Lunar Armor), bow (called Lunar Shot), and sword (called Mirror's Edge). Zero is, while not an Ungrateful Bastard, pretty deadpan in his response.
    • Zero gave Tim a gigantic model, to scale, of an armor stand. Tim loves it.
    • Tim gave Max...nothing. He tried to get him a box absolutely full to the brim with wolves, but they despawned. Max instead chose to just spawn his own.
  • And, lastly, the ending photo: Max is crouched with a diamond sword, while Zero is aiming a bow at the camera; Tim is, for whatever reason, holding a bone; and Rhino is in the middle with his dog, while Jero stares at him over his shoulder menacingly.

The Museum of RLYoshi

  • The concept of a museum with rooms and exhibits each for Max, Zero, Rhino, Tim, Dan, and Jero is hilarious in and of itself.
  • Jero returns, thanks to having a new computer; previously, as seen in Yoshopoly, he could barely move and had connection problems, but can now run Minecraft properly. His first words? "I LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
  • The entrance door, when opened from the inside, leads to a single-block pool of lava surrounded by bedrock, and a sign saying "Get the fuck back inside." Upon finding it, Tim happily hops in, saying "Cool, a hot tub!"
    • Also in the entrance, the buttons for each room are marked by player skin heads. However, the heads have not fully updated; so Zero and Rhino's heads on the wall are their pony skins from Mirror and Sol, despite them currently being in human skins, and Dan's head is his usual skeleton self despite him currently being in a Papyrus skin.
  • Rhino's room:
    • The first exhibit is his "shipfic notepad". It consists of forty-nine blank pages, and on the fiftieth page, "And then they fucked."
      • At first, Jero took the notepad and a minor chase ensued.
    • Next is the "world's largest bucket of milk". It has a ladder leading to the top, and everyone proceeds to start knocking one another off. Zero and Rhino end up dying from this while Jero successfully makes it to the top. Then after everyone else gets teleported up, Tim jumps off and dies, and Dan remarks how he has low health, prompting Max to punch him twice to kill him.
    • There's a six-sided die as well. Reflecting Rhino's usual dice-rolling luck, every roll is a 1.
  • Tim's room:
    • Because of his tendency to try and break out from Minecraft maps and run away, one exhibit is the "Pickaxe of Escaping". Except the label lengthens it to "The Timothy Pickaxe of Boring Game Escaping".
      • Related, if you look carefully at some parts, you see every room is encased in bedrock, likely because of this tendency of Tim's.
    • The hieroglyphs part of the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes bomb is also there. Tim mutters "PTSD" upon seeing it.
      • There's also the option for people to try solving it by pressing buttons on the side in the right order. It's impossible; every combination results in an explosion.
  • Zero's room:
    • One of his exhibits is "the world's greatest hot tub", which is a pool of lava. On the side is a button that gives fire resistance. Tim hits the button and the effect is given to someone else, so he climbs in and starts burning to death.
    Tim: (completely deadpan) Ow. Ow. Pain. Ow. (dies)
  • Jero's room:
    • The first exhibit is a "Waluigi hat". Zero takes it and puts it on, infuriating Jero.
    • Next up is a plate of spaghetti. The signs by it are, word for word, Papyrus's note when you first encounter his spaghetti plate, and Max has Jero read it.
    • Third is the Waluigi Windmill, in reference to Fortune Street (and, to some extent, Mario Super Sluggers). It's an actual windmill.
    • The last thing in Jero's room is a recreation of the star on Steven's shirt, and the sign just reads "And Steven!"
  • Dan's room:
    • First up is "Door Breach Training". A pressure plate opens a door...and then makes the hallway beyond it disappear, dropping Tim into the abyss when he goes in, a reference to a glitch Max and Dan encountered in their first episode of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.
    • The recreation of the "Skeleton VS Zombie War", which is essentially a lot of armor stands dressed up as armored skeletons or zombies, with Dan leading the former. Max comes up with a story about how the zombies had resources, but the skeletons had strategy, keeping watch on all sides in their attack and also sneaking up from behind, clenching the victory. During this, Zero is stripping off the zombie leader's diamond armor.
  • Max's room:
    • The Helix Fossil is present, of course.
    • The second exhibit is his burning tree from the 2014 Christmas special.
    • One exhibit is "the greatest command block". It's just the kill command.
    • The GG button is also there, and pushing a button on top actually makes it say GG in the chat, and Max hits his real life button along with it. The third time, he hits it so hard it falls out of his hand, jiggles the battery, and cuts off the voice.
  • After all the rooms, everyone just starts messing around. Tim breaks the pudding in his room, Zero tries long-ranged sniping, and Max punches people off Tim's giant armor stand before jumping off himself.

Let's Race

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (with Courier Dan) 
  • What happens when Max tries to edit the race late at night? Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) meets Sonic X. Hilarity Ensues as seen here.
    • And then he puts it at the end of the ninth part. And we get to see the glitch at the start of that scene in all its glory.
  • Max basically MSTing the characters' dialogue.
  • Max spends several episodes claiming that he'll catch up in Radical Train. When Dan gets there first, he repeats this... and then Dan clears the first part with only one death, and the Super Speed segment in one try! Cue Max pulling a 10-Minute Retirement by getting up and loudly leaving the room.

     Pokémon Zeta and Omicron (with Rhino) 
  • Max names his starter, a Magby, Gavin.
    • And later, he catches an Abra, and names it "ITS NO USE". Whenever he sends it out, he yells that phrase, stretching it out longer and longer each time.
    • And he can't think of a name for his Shellder, so he mashes random keys and gets "sghwhvs235". He goes with it.
  • Scientist Charizard.

     Portal 2 (with Rhino) 
  • Max and Rhino decide to start an actual conversation rather than just commenting on stuff in the game. Max randomly comes up with the topic of cake. After a few minutes, he finally realizes he just brought up cake in a Portal game.
  • While it doubles as Yank the Dog's Chain, it's pretty funny how Max pulled back ahead of Rhino: when they both get to the "old facility" part of the game, Rhino walks right by a slightly open doorway that they're supposed to shoot a portal through, mistaking it as being aesthetic. Max immediately catches on, passes through, reclaims the lead, and then solves the next puzzle in a minute or two while Rhino flounders.

Social Media


  • His current icon, also used on the main page, which looks like Max is simultaneously frustrated, confused, and disgusted by whatever game he's playing.
    • Someone asked on Tumblr what game he was supposedly playing in the icon. Max responded that it was either a Jackbox game, or 100% Orange Juice!.
  • During a livestream of Mirror's Edge, in one level, Max makes a point of showing an odd example of Police Are Useless mixed with Artificial Stupidity. In one level, when Faith is being chased by police ordering her to not run, Max listens to them and stops running, standing around and looking back at the police for a good minute or two. The police just stay there, continuing to yell at her to stop running and turn herself in. Max has fun with this, then eventually turns and runs off, then complains when the police now start chasing, saying they had their chance.
    • His general incompetence at the game.
    • The people in the chat start counting up the things Max "breaks": body parts (from falling to his death), physics, the stream (it crashed a few times), and...hearts. Max is confused by the last one.
    • Max says that he would let's play Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) if he had a copy. The chat proceeds to talk about how he can get a copy through a strange ritual and summoning Satan. And then someone logs in as Satan in the chat.
  • Jero officially becomes Jesse Cox's bottom bitch. See here.
    Max (in comments): Jeronimo "Bottom Bitch" Ramirez
  • In a Quiplash stream, he discovers he forgot to change the "cover up" image (to hide the room code so people couldn't get in early) from his placeholder in testing to a plain black screen. So whenever he goes to cover up, it shows a picture of his dog.