Quotes / R.L. Yoshi

What's up, YouTube? This is R.L. Yoshi as usual, bringing you...
Max's typical opening

Max: Oh god, the owl! I hate the owl...
Schuyler: You are interrupting, sir.
The first instance of Max's first Catch-Phrase

Max: I see your five thousand and raise you Zelda Ocarina of Time Let's Play!
Schuyler: ...oh, in that case, I only bet three thousand.
One of their many Ocarina of Time introductions

Jero: How are we still sane?
Max: We're not.
The people on the channel in a nutshell, from Fibbage, Part 1

what is honesty?
perhaps honesty is a lie in and of itself
Onscreen text from Cutie Mark Laboratories - Why Scootaloo Can't Fly, an April Fool's episode