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Awesome: R.L. Yoshi

Let's Plays and Gaming Videos

  • He ends the final battle of Ocarina of Time with a Call Back to an earlier joke:
    Max: Ganondorf... YOU MADE THIS SUCK!
  • In Battletoads, he beats Clinger Winger in eight minutes - boss included. And he gets the least deaths so far on that level.
    • His sheer determination throughout Battletoads, particularly in The Revolution.
  • A minor one; he doesn't freak out during Slender, at least not extremely, and even has fun with the game.
  • In Minecraft: The Walls, getting two kills within a couple minutes of each other.
    • And then in The Walls 2, effortlessly killing John, cornering and slaughtering Fury, and then instantly turning around to kill Zero and win the round.
      • Especially cool when you realize that in the first Walls, Fury and Zero were the only ones he was never able to even scratch, but here he took them down in mere seconds.
    • He continues this in the second round. He again kills Fury, and while Xeno kills Logan, he proceeds to kill Xeno right away. Over the course of two rounds, Max acquired 5 of the 6 kills that occurred, never died, and stayed surprisingly levelheaded. Took a Level in Badass indeed.
  • Max and Peter getting 100% in Friend Connection in Wii Party.
  • In Super Vexation Saga, Peter pulled ahead very easily at first until Max began his comeback.
    • Awesome moments that happen during an episode are actually counted in the final results as "epic wins". There are also "epic fails" for, well, Epic Fails.
  • In Hearth's Warming Minecraft, the Secret Santa area is covered by a force field that runs on an infinite power source. Who built it? Was it Peter? Was it Zero? Nope; it was Max. Compared to how he acts in the regular Tekkit series, the fact that he can build something like that now is pretty cool, and indicates either Obfuscating Stupidity or Took a Level in Badass. Either way, awesome.
    • This Tumblr post explains that it was mainly Obfuscating Stupidity. Max states that he's a lot better at Tekkit than he lets on, with his only problems being a bad memory for crafting recipes and difficulty acquiring materials.
    Max: I can set up quarries, forcefields, complicated Rube-Goldberg Machines to mass produce wool dye...I just have trouble getting the materials to make the machines I know I need. (...) I’ve watched tutorials, read the wiki, experimented, and more...problem is, most of that happened during the bulk recording of the Tekkit series, and due to upcoming plans, it wouldn’t make sense for me to suddenly become smart (or become smart at all, really), so I just kept acting dumb.
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 starts off with Max constantly failing, discovering glitches, and being snarky as per usual. After he evidently tires of the game, he declares he'll try it only one more time. In this attempt, he actually completes the heart transplant, while only properly using one tool: broken glass. Max himself is amazed that he succeeded.
    Max: Broken glass can be a hero!
    • In the second video, Peter is playing and Max is watching. Peter manages to complete the surgery in one attempt, despite joking around for a large portion of the video. He ends up taking just a few seconds over ten minutes.
  • In Left 4 Dead 2, Schuyler proves how much of a Badass he is, especially against Witches.
    • He even sounds happy about a normally negative stat in Dead Center's final scores.
    Schuyler: (sounding genuinely proud) "Disturbed the Witch the most." Yep! I certainly did!
    • In addition, Schuyler also killed the most Hunters, Chargers, Jockeys, and common Infected. Zero killed the most Boomers and Smokers, as well as second-most common Infected; Alec killed the most Spitters and took the least damage. Max got nothing major in the final scores, naturally.
  • "The Passing" in Left 4 Dead 2 shows us that the entire let's play will likely be a battle for the top between Schuyler and Zero.
  • The Drawing Board, episode 1: Max and Chaz build a giant TNT block out of wool and fill it with real TNT. The explosion crashes the server and consists of over twenty thousand blocks of TNT.
    • In episode 2, near the beginning, you can see some structures in the distance that resemble a giant chest and crafting table - and they're pretty accurate.
  • The recreation of Monopoly in The Drawing Board, which is surprisingly accurate and creative. And in the beginning of the episode, much like episode 2, you can just see some other amazing structures (including a giant golden sword) in the distance.
  • N.O.V.A. for Adventures in Ponyville is somewhat cool in how Max presents different strategies and tips that other people likely wouldn't think of if they're just playing the game casually. Shows how much Max can really pay attention.
  • Episode 5 of The Drawing Board finally lets us see what appears to be the Hub City of the guys' Minecraft world - New Letropolis - and it's amazing.
    • There's also the topic of that episode, which is recreating the Knife Game in Minecraft. The end result is a rather small structure, but it works, and the fact that the two of them managed to actually make it work is surprising, considering that they were both making things up as they went.
    • Also, there's Peter's unplanned appearance. What makes it particularly cool is how he proceeds to, after helping a bit with helping the guys learn how hoppers work, create a game of his own back in New Letropolis in the time it takes Max and Chaz to wrap up their own thing. Though to be fair, it WAS a rather simple game that he had created before.
  • Episode 81 of Skyward Sword. Max and Peter finally reach and battle Koloktos, and Peter is the one controlling. Because of a horrible start, he's soon down to very low health and has to drink their Guardian Potion just to stay alive. Yet he has an amazing come-from-behind victory, despite being taken down to half a heart of health, thanks to using the "Iron Knuckle Tactic" of making the boss destroy the pillars to acquire hearts. "You can't best the Best" indeed.
    • The moment is actually almost identical to when Max went against Twinrova in Ocarina of Time; both times involved using an item to try and survive with extremely low health, both times involved the situation resembling a Darkest Hour scenario, and both times involved just barely avoiding death.
  • The final score count for Left 4 Dead 2 (well, the Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns at least) has Schuyler in first place and Zero right behind him.
    • Despite being The Load for much of the game, Max does manage to consistently do well in terms of headshots; he almost always tops the leaderboard, and with only two exceptions, always has the percentage be 8%.
  • Peter's redstone expertise finally gets the limelight in episode 7 of The Drawing Board, where he replaces Chaz and leads Max in the building of a giant automatic potion brewery.
  • In Tekkit, Max is clueless while Zero is the genius leader. In Galacticraft? Roles are reversed, with Max actually confusing Zero when he mentions something he needs to do that makes sense to him. (Though to be fair, Zero didn't bother researching Galacticraft before the let's play. Also, Max had the wiki open, but that was just to find out the crafting recipes.)
  • The utter Curb-Stomp Battle in Sonic Spinball in the Super Vexation Saga. Peter only gets one try, and his final score is still more than what Max got with three tries (one of which was a practice round that wasn't going to be counted anyway).
  • Max is a casual Pokemon player who just plays the games for the purpose of beating them. Zero is a competitive battler who specifically selects his teams to beat other competitive battlers. It's a Foregone Conclusion how any online battles between the two of them go, with one example being a video on Zero's channel and another happening during a livestream. Yet in the latter, Max actually almost wins, being Genre Savvy on several occasions and knowing how to use tactics he has previously expressed disliking of, such as having a wall.
    • This makes an awesome moment for both Max, who has the advantage a few times and is adapting to a team he just created; and Zero, for winning despite it all, and the Curb-Stomp Battle on his channel.
  • The fact that No Pain, No Game exists. Max plays through an entire video game, start to finish, in a single sitting with no breaks. Assuming he doesn't just give up partway through, this speaks wonders about his patience and stamina - especially since the first game he's playing, Cave Story, is one he's never played before and is on Normal rather than Easy mode. And with how difficult that game is considered by gamers...
  • In the description for the first episode of Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Max mentions that his typing speed is 110 WPM. Average. Sure enough, he blazes through the game, only getting hit due to not noticing something or typing so fast he hits the wrong key.
  • In the first game of Battle Chess: Game of Kings, Max checkmates Dan in four moves. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny because he didn't realize that's what he was doing.

Resident Evil 5

  • Max proves to be adept at sniping with his rifle in several parts, often getting headshots or sniping a BSAA emblem in only one shot with them.
  • In part one of Resident Evil 5, as the Executioner is advancing on Max, the latter is currently engaged with trying to pick up a gun Dan directed him to. The Executioner, whom Max did not realize was right behind him, swings his axe...and does nothing because Max had a few frames - not seconds, frames - of invincibility due to the animation of Chris picking up the gun.
  • Earlier, Max punched a Majini that, thanks to good timing, crashed through an opening door and into another Majini. This incident repeats itself in the third episode, but the Majini crashes into three others this time.
  • Max getting the "Be the Knife" achievement, which requires using the knife to swat an enemy's crossbow bolt out of the air. The reason for it being awesome? This is Max's first time playing the game, and he gets it relatively easily.
  • In the fourth part, Max is sent into the dying state with a Cephalo right behind him. Dan heals him literally just before the Cephalo can attack him, which would've killed him. Dan even lampshades this in a comment on the video.
  • Dan shoots a crossbow bolt out of the air in part four. Max does the same later on.

Cutie Mark Laboratories

  • The first episode. He takes Pinkie Sense - which, for the record, is popular in big part because nobody understands how it works - and explains it.
  • The connections made in the A Little Overanalytical episode about the five stages of grief are, while admittedly only theories (hence the sub-series title), rather interesting to think about and make a fair amount of sense.
  • In a sense, the fact that he was able to fit in several pictures of Littlepip into the "Mythological Creatures" episode, which he did for no reason other than boredom and a desire to see just how many pictures he could put in while still having them make sense with the context. He got about six in.
  • Diagnosing Pinkie Pie with mania, which explains a lot of her tendencies that are usually ignored in favour of "It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it."


  • Max comes up with a plausible, reasonable explanation for Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense and how it works...while sleep-deprived. Read it here.
    • This even becomes the first episode of Cutie Mark Laboratories.
  • Max has shown to be a lot smarter in real life than he is portrayed in videos. For example, when watching King Of The Nerds, one of the Nerd War challenges was an elaborate physics problem - a ball of a specific weight was dropped from a specific height through glass sheets of specific thickness and broke a specific number; three variations were given, and the challenge was to figure out how many sheets of glass would break with each variation. Max simply paused the video, got some paper, and solved two of the three variations in ten minutes using basic math. He then resumed watching the video, and the contestants in the episode spent several hours and used various complicated formulas and theories. In the end, Max was correct on both accounts, and only two of the five contestants were correct both times. One of the contestants who was wrong was a NASA engineer. Max beat a NASA engineer in physics.
    • Turns into Crowning Moment of Funny a second later. In the blog post where Max explains this, he then says that two out of five people is twenty percent (it's actually forty percent). He fixed this once someone pointed it out.
    Max: (on Twitter) I just spent time arguing about the physics and workings of gravity, then expressed a lack of knowledge of what pikemen are. #SmartIdiot
  • His appearance as Jeff the Killer in Jack the Ripper VS Jeff the Killer. His costume and voice just scream "creepy".
    • Also, look at his eyes. Throughout the entire rap battle, he never blinks. Why? Because in his original story, Jeff the Killer cut his eyelids out, so he can't blink or close his eyes at all.
  • According to some of Max's tweets, while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he caught three sharks in one day, two of which were within seconds of each other. And after only four days of playing, he's caught eight sharks - four of which were all in one day.
  • Max recorded, edited, and released THE GODDAMN BATMAN sings for all the songs in Pinkie Pride the day the episode came out. Keep in mind that episode had seven songs, causing the final video to be a little over ten minutes long; much longer than his usual two to three minutes.
  • Max is now voicing in a video game! Specifically, he's going to be in the video game adaptation of Fallout: Equestria, voicing DJ Pon3! (The altered male voice, not Homage herself.)
  • This little story.
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