Awesome / Roahm Mythril

  • He manages to beat every. Last. Robot Master. No charges, no weapons, no damage. That is METAL.
    • And now he's working on doing the same with the Skull Castle bosses. Special mention has to go to his defeat of the infamous Boobeam Trap in Mega Man 2, using amazing dodging skills to perfectly defeat what's often considered to be the entire franchise's That One Boss. And the stage rating pretty much consists of him giving it a "Reason You Suck" Speech. (About its difficulty being not legitimate and just plain unfair)
    • His battle against Quick Man's Doc Robot in Spark Man's stage was quite awesome too, even knowing that it's the successful run, it's so intense that you still end up cheering for him during it. His unusual reaction to beating the boss says it all; in contrast to the usual "And there we go" or even relief after beating a Robot Master, he's actually in disbelief about beating Doc Quick, as in, 'Did I really just beat that guy?!'
  • His own idea for what the It's a Wonderful Failure ending of Silent Hill 4 should have been. Many viewers have commented that it should have been in the game for real, and that it's a whole lot better than the one we actually got.
  • He managed to beat a Zelda 1 Minimalist Run. That not enough for you? He actually went beyond that, doing a Minimalist Run while also exploring as much of every dungeon as possible. This includes the final dungeon, which not even most regular walkthroughs bother to fully explore (and with good reason). And bear in mind, at the time he started, he had no idea Ganon could Tele-Frag him for a One-Hit Kill under 3-heart conditions. Let us repeat that: he went through the entire final dungeon multiple times, knowing that he could just get unlucky with Ganon's RNG and have to do it all again, and he still finished the run.
  • No less than 5 hours into his Pokemon Emerald No Evolutions run, he finds a shiny. Not to mention this is his very first Pokemon Let's Play. And when asked in the comments if he'd found a shiny before...
    Roahm: Lesse... Starmie, Haunter, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Unown I, Unown V, Slowpoke, Vulpix, Tangela, Rapidash, Hariyama, Gallade, Pinsir, Krabby, Amoonguss, Tentacool, Marowak, Zorua, Mawile, Delcatty, and this Nincada now. There was also a shiny Poochyena that I saw, but it was the one that attacked Birch when playing Ruby (in the first games, it was Poochyena, got changed to Zigzagoon in Emerald). I have ridiculous shiny luck.
    • While his reaction makes it double as a Crowning Moment of Funny, he beat Norman's Slaking in one hit. With a WYNAUT.
    • In the run, he can only catch and use 30 specific Pokemon. In Part 38, we find out one of them is Feebas. He still catches it anyway.
    • The way the Champion battle ends. Espa makes up for his incredibly unlucky performance against Juan by surviving Gyarados' Earthquake with 8 HP and KOs with a +6 Calm Mind Shock Wave.
  • Taking on Alessa's Dream unarmed towards the end of his Silent Hill 0rigins playthrough. For bonus points, the Wii Punch-Out! theme is playing throughout the fight.
    • This would later happen again in the Pikmin 1 No Deaths Run, where in Part 11, he took out the Puffstool with no Pikmin in the extras. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
      Roahm: FISTICUFFS!
  • In the Spyro the Dragon Let's Play, Roahm once again proves he's a Determinator. After footage of one of the levels decides to erase itself, he's unable to record getting that level's collectibles again as he saved after beating the level. So what does he do? Replay the entire game from the beginning up to that point! Bear in mind he did this and still managed to get the next video out on-schedule.
  • In the Pikmin No Deaths Run, Roahm reveals that he actually got the Diskun trophy in Super Smash Bros Melee, cementing him as one of the most dedicated completionists ever.
  • Also in the Pikmin No Deaths Run, we have Smokey Progg's defeat thanks to a bunch of positional Bomb Rocks leading to this comment (note the username of the guy making it):
    Master Knight DH: RoahmMythril feels pretty confident with his ONE Yellow Pikmin. How will he defeat the dreaded Smokey Progg? I'm sure this will prove explosive.
  • In his blind run of Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest, he cleared the level "Citadel Basement" without dying once, where most people would often wind up with at least one death on their first time playing. The creator of the level even congratulated him in the comments.