Characters: Misfile

Here's a list of characters from the Web Comic Misfile.

It's an ongoing story about an young man who woke as a woman, except the plot is treated with much more emotional depth and serious character consideration than is the norm.

If you haven't read the comic first, there you go.

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     Ash Upton 

The girl who was a boy.

Associated tropes:
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: In full effect, to Ash's constant chagrin. In his/"her" own words, "What I wouldn't have given to be a flat chested no-looker that no one noticed." Not that his developed female body is that surprising given he inherits it from his mother, a former lingerie model.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Ash's father Dr. Edward Upton is a gynecologist who "never forgets a vagina" (and isn't at all shy about talking about them—see Ultimate Job Security below) while Ash's mom Marie is a former lingerie model who has appeared in her fair share of racy catalogs. Ash notes that trying on bras would be awkward enough even if there wasn't a large poster of his topless mother hanging in the fitting room.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Played with: Ash relies on Don't Think, Feel. for his driving techniques, but Ash's racing technique is to constantly analyze the situation until he finds an advantage he can capitalize on. Ironically his reflexive driving skills leave his mind free to to concentrate on the race itself.
  • Badass Driver
  • Becoming the Mask: Ash fears that pretending to be a girl all the time will result in becoming one in mind as well as body. Ash has rather feminine body language and reactions, although he doesn't notice unless it goes over the top (like the swooning incident).
  • Butch Lesbian: Would come off as this, due to his sexual preferences not changing in the misfile... if people knew that Ash wasn't straight, that is. To most people, "she" is simply extremely tomboyish (though there are some who correctly suspect that Ash doesn't like guys, they haven't been able to prove it yet).
  • Butt Monkey: Ash. So far he's been changed into a girl, shanghaied into several races he'd rather not take part of, or in which the odds were artificially inflated against him, and gone through a whole lot of emotional hurt without being able to do much about it. Ash was also threatened none-too-subtly with rape by two men.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady/Boyish Short Hair: Had the same haircut as a boy.
  • Fiery Redhead: Has quite a big temper; as Rumsiel states, "Just because she needs you doesn't mean she won't kill you in a fit of rage."
  • Green Eyes
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ash can be brash and judgemental, hot-tempered and at times impulsive; but he's also a genuinely well-meaning person with a strong conscience, cares deeply about his family and friends, and despite his bull-headedness carries a depth of empathy and a strong moral code. In other words, just your average guy caught in extenuating circumstances but trying to make the best of them.
  • Men Don't Cry: Firmly believes this, along with a lot of other masculine stereotypes, and is distressed when he starts crying because he thinks it means he's becoming accustomed to his new sex.
  • No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Why he broke up with Missy
  • Red-Headed Hero: Though it's more orange than red.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Though Ash isn't thrilled about the prospects
  • Tomboy: Given that Ash is a gender bended boy, he dresses accordingly. But sometimes he is put into drag.
  • Transsexual: Ash acts more like a real transgender teenager than most Gender Bender webcomic protagonists. Emily even suggests gender reassignment surgery as an option at one point. The possibility was addressed in Ask Ash, where he is worried that girl!Ash getting gender reassignment surgery prior to Rumisiel fixing everything would result in him retroactively getting gender reassignment surgery after the mistake is corrected. Not to mention F-to-M surgery is pretty damn crappy at this point in time.
  • Troubled, but Cute: To a degree, given the Missing Mom and emotionally distant dad (and of course the Cosmic Retcon...)
  • Tsundere: Mix of A and B, though more often A since it's not common to see Ash become mushy and sweet.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Part of his preferred swimwear, as seen in book 5.
  • Would Not Hit a Girl: Minor BSOD when Ash punches a girl in the face, something he would have never done prior to the misfile and something Emily had already lampshaded as being tantamount to surrendering his manhood.
  • Wrench Wench: Girl-Ash was called "Crazy Car Girl".
  • Yaoi Fangirl/Yuri Fan: Girl-Ash was apparently the prior, so logically Ash himself is the latter.

     Emily Mc Arthur 

Associated tropes:

     Dr. Edward Upton 

Associated tropes:
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: It's not enough that he memorizes women's vaginas, due to his job as a gynecologist... it's the fact that he'll describe them for everyone in earshot at the drop of a hat.
  • Blackmail: Of sorts - to make sure that Ms. MacArthur doesn't prohibit Emily from spending time with Ash, he notes that he could really help Emily get into Harvard, as he knows several people there. But he'd really only go that far for his daughter's friends.
  • Control Freak: The reason that Ash's mother left him. Matured out of this for the current timeline. He matured out of it in both timelines; the difference lies in how he treats his child. As a boy, Ash was given the cold shoulder by his emotionally distant father; as a girl, she gets a Doting Parent out of the deal. Besides the relationship element, Edward probably sees even more of Marie in girl-Ash, hence his more affectionate manner. Indeed: he seems quite upset about how distant he and Ash have been since the misfile (which is no less than they were when Ash was male), and openly comments on it. Ash, of course, is too uncomfortable to really reply.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: He might not have known that Ramael's an angel, but standing up to the guy (mysterious stranger with shady look about him, anyone?) was still pretty Badass of Dr. Upton. Ash, and even Vashiel, were both gobsmacked and awed by it.
  • Dirty Old Man: Though he doesn't seem to be older than thirties.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Kuudere
  • Not Good with People
  • Secret Test of Character: His actual intent behind giving Rumisiel a bunch of manual labor chores during summer break.
  • Ultimate Job Security: He might be creepy, but he's apparently just that damn good at gynecology.


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     Tom Fuller 

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     (Kamikaze) Kate Walsh 

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     Harry Walsh 

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     Missi Fuller 

Associated tropes:


Associated tropes:
  • Ascended Extra: Originally just a friend from Ash's Gym Class, who showed up every once in a while. Now, she's become a fairly important plot character character.
  • Morality Pet: Ever since befriending Cassiel, the angel has been getting less and less selfish.
  • Nice Girl: Which is noted - Ash remembers her as one of the few girls who was genuinely kind and friendly towards him/her, and she manages to avoid being a doormat despite her sweet nature. She's also apparently the only human Cassiel shows genuine regard for.
  • Pals with Jesus: Although she doesn't know Cassiel is an angel, her friendship with Cassiel is genuinely a friendship, in contrast with Ash and Emily's 'friendship' with Rumisiel, where Ash is just waiting for Rumi to correct the Misfile.
  • Token Black: Kind of, seeing as there aren't any other dark-skinned characters of importance. Still, given the centralized cast, it's not really very jarring - especially since she's not a stereotyped character.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Gives one to Ash for not trusting Logan about the pictures, and not talking to her about it.
    • And then when Ash finally tries to make amends weeks later, it turns out 'Nine had let it go after only a few days and is quite willing to forgive. Nice Girl? Without a doubt.


Associated tropes:
  • Relationship Upgrade: Played with, it seems that girl-Ash's 'fun' with him that one night in the car caused James to interpret that as such. Unfortunately for him, the Misfiled Ash we know wants to keep him as her best friend.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Not only was James the best friend of boy-Ash, it's revealed that girl-ash even lost her virginity to him. Unfortunately, the misfiled Ash is squicked out by this.


Associated tropes:
  • Anime Hair: His spiky hair was even the source of his fan nickname!
  • Aura Vision: Logan can tell the difference between humans and angel, without the angel needing to reveal themselves.
  • Badass Driver: Despite never racing before, he's very naturally gifted and proved a challenge for Ash, a more experienced racer.
  • Badass Pacifist: Logan manages to save Ash and Missi from their near rape experience, not by beating the pulp out of the two would be rapists, but by taking a picture and threatening that he'd run and tell the cops if they wouldn't leave... He just moments later reveals to the two his phone battery was dead, and he wasn't all that fast a runner.
  • Big Damn Heroes
  • Fan Nickname: Due to his spiky hair, he was given the fan nickname 'Cloud' in the forums before his actual name was revealed.
  • Just in Time: Saved Ash and Missi from a near rape experience.

     Marie Upton 

Associated tropes:
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: She's a former lingerie model.
  • Buxom Is Better: As one would expect from a former lingerie model.
  • Missing Mom: Male Ash lived with his father, his mother leaving when she was little, and had to be told a certain picture was of his Mom. Girl Ash, however, had more contact with her Mom. The discretion is that both had written a letter to her, but Girl-Ash sent the letter, while Boy-Ash ripped it up because it made him feel 'like a sissy boy'.
  • My Girl Is a Slut: recently revealed that she met Edward Upton in a wild night, including a threesome!

     Ms. Mc Arthur 

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Ash, this is Emily, Emily, that's Ash. I'm sorta responsible for both your situations.

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My name is Vashiel of the second order of holy swords, divine punishment division. I am here to see Rumishiel. Is he here ?

Rumisiel's loving big brother. He takes an administrative leave after this one was kicked out of Heaven to come to Earth and to help him get back. Since he is incapable of telling a lie, he is kept in the dark about Ash and Emily's little problems.

Associated tropes:


Rumisiel's ex, who has taken some time off to pop down and see how he's doing with his punishment. But not in a good way; things apparently went south between the two, and she seems quite eager to make sure his sojourn to Earth becomes a bit more permanent. She's also Satan's neice.

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