Awesome / Misfile

  • After spending a week completely confused about his identity, being beaten at racing by his rival and almost getting ready to give in to girlishness, Ash pulls off this moment. So awesome Emily actually thought Rumi cheated, but he couldn't even have imagined doing that.
  • Ash wins a seemingly impossible victory on Cape Cod by realizing that s/he can use a buildup of sand as a ramp to allow a pass on the last leg of the race.
  • Rumisiel exorcises Kate's sis after his big bad brother couldn't.
  • Rumisiel's "I have seen the fall of empires and the murder of millions" speech. This is in contrast to his usual liquored-up apathy.
    Browyn: W... What are you?
    Rumisiel: I'm a frikkin' angel, babe, and I got nothin' to lose. Now GET IN THE CAR.
  • Rumisiel tells a spirit how it is.
    Rumisiel: "Maybe you didn't hear us. YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE"
  • Emily's first race ends in a in-your-face victory over arrogant yandere Heather.
  • For Rumisiel, his taking down of Sheldon tops all preceding ones.
  • Rumisiel's talking (yes, "talking", not "taking") down of Angelica
  • His brother Vashiel has one, in his sudden switch from happy go lucky innocent to Uber serious bad ass out of concern for his brother.
    • That one is a little narmy...until you remember the oath of truth. Holy shit Vashiel just got a lot scarier.
  • Ash gets his in in this strip where he plays the local Honest John's Dealership owner at his own game.
  • Missi manages one in an Imagine Spot, here.
  • Dr. Upton gets one in this one blackmailing Emily's mom into allowing her to remain friends with Ash.
    • Dr. Upton gets another one when he confronts Ramael. Granted, Dr. Upton doesn't know that Ramael's an angel, but it still showed a totally badass side of him.
  • A very different kind of CMoA to Emily for this revelation and her subsequent questioning of Ash.
    • And a more conventional one here.
      • Forget all that, almost the entirety of her first race consisted of Emily being awesome. From reading up on psychology to freak her opponent out (successfully) to remembering everything Ash told her to sticking to the little minx like glue no matter what - Awe. Some.
  • Even Cassiel gets one of these deconstructing Jenny on this page. And, yes, the fact that Lucifer's niece gets her CMoA on page 666 is itself awesome.
    • But not as awesome as the karmic retribution she gets from Xaphrael