Characters: Meet the Robinsons

Lewis / Cornelius Robinson

Voiced by: Jordan Fry, Daniel Hansen (younger)

  • Adorably Precocious Child: He is a responsible, pre-teen kid, and the things he says or when he smiles can melt your heart.
  • Adorkable: His "adjustments" to being in the future and style of clothing. Too precious.
  • All-Loving Hero: Lewis's dream of inventing doesn't just stem from his love of it, but also how he wants to make the world a better place.
  • Badass Adorable: Has his sweet Adorkable moments and is a brilliant inventor.
  • Badass Bookworm: His peanut butter and jelly sandwich gun, the memory scanner, fixing the time machine, eventually building Carl the robot, and the other numerous inventions he's done in the future with the Robinson Industries.
  • Badass Pacifist: Lewis manages to to stop Doris by simply saying the words, "I am not going to invent you."
  • Bungling Inventor -> Gadgeteer Genius: Many of the inventions he's made have not always worked, i.e. the PB&J gun. In the climax, with a newly regained confidence, Lewis manages to fix the time machine, as well as create the future inventions that are used in the future.
  • Child Prodigy: He is ridiculously intelligent. Obviously he develops into a Teen Genius, as he ends up graduating from college at fourteen.
  • Doorstop Baby: His birth mother left him on the doorstep of the orphanage that he would grow up in for 12 years.
  • Dumb Blonde: Inverted. Lewis is a blonde who also happens to be one of the smartest characters Disney has ever made.
  • Future Badass: What he becomes in the future as Cornelius. Many of the inventions he's built have really helped people. Lewis even learns he has his own invention company.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Lewis is a blond dorky Nice Guy.
  • Happily Adopted: By Dr. Krunklehorn and her husband. The trope gets more cemented, when after the couple surprise Lewis with his new room, he runs to hug them. A family group hug follows.
  • Heartwarming Orphan: He doesn't stop hoping that he will get adopted. Which he does.
  • Homemade Inventions: Some of his inventions were made in the orphanage he lived in. In fact, in the future, it appears that he still does inventions in the Robinson Household.
  • Improbable Hairstyle: For some reason, Lewis's hair is spiky enough to stand on its own. It turns out to be a give away that he's actually Cornelius Robinson.
  • Improvised Weapon: Believe it or not, Retcon. By telling Doris he's never going to invent her, Lewis retroactively erases her existence from the space-time continuum, defeating her.
  • Kid Hero: The protagonist and he's 12, almost 13.
  • Missing Mom: He constantly obsesses about her, and once he's introduced to the concept of time-travel, desperately wants to meet her. When he finally goes back in time to where he was left as a Doorstop Baby, he decides to leave his biological mother be after seeing her cradling the baby she's about to give up.
  • My Future Self and Me: Lewis and Cornelius. Confused? Cornelius is the name Lewis gives himself in the future.
  • My Greatest Failure: After Goob explains why he "turned evil", Lewis starts seeing his semi-abusive behavior of young Goob as this and fixes it by waking Goob up in time for him to win at an important baseball game.
  • Nerd Glasses: He wears the stereotypic round glasses that most scientists or nerds wear.
  • Nerds Are Cute: Bowtie? Check? Determinator tendencies? Check. His expressions and ideas of being adopted? Check.
  • Nice Guy: Lewis has his moments of teen angst, but he's overall a nice and sweet young man.
  • Opposites Attract: With Franny.
  • Please Keep Your Hat On: Wilbur insists Lewis do this in the future. It's to keep him from being found out!
  • Ridiculously Successful Future Self: As Cornelius Robinson. He owns his company that has really made the world progress.
  • Science Hero: The hero who has been making his own inventions probably before he was 12.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: After the Bowler Hat Guy messes things up, and then, when he returns to his time, to prevent his Start of Darkness in the first place.

"Bowler Hat Guy" (Mike "Goob" Yagoobian) and DOR-15

"Bowler Hat Guy" Voiced by: Steve Anderson, Matthew Jonsen (younger, as Michael "Goob" Yagoobian)
DOR-15 Voiced by: Ethan Sandler
"Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don't! Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things."

Wilbur Robinson

Voiced by: Wesley Singerman

  • Badass: He escaped from a T-Rex just using a meatball shooter!
  • Badass Adorable: His facial expressions and being able to take down a T-Rex.
  • A Boy and His X: A Boy And His Robot; Carl the robot is Wilbur's best friend and the only one Wilbur told about his huge problem.
  • Brown Eyes: Gets them from his mother.
  • Catch Phrase: One of Wilbur's favorites is "That is an excellent question" (said directly before not answering said question).
  • Grounded Forever: Franny does this to him:
    "Mister, you are grounded 'til you die!"
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Carl.
  • I Gave My Word: Lewis makes him promise to bring him to his biological mother after everything has blown over. After everything has been sorted out, Wilbur keeps his promise and brings Lewis to his real mother's house. Thanks to Character Development, Lewis decides to leave it a mystery so he can focus on his other—and in his eyes, true—family.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Wilbur should probably be glad Lewis didn't overhear him telling Franny that "he (Lewis)" is an orphan; his tone is almost too casual and treats something deeply painful for Lewis as a footnote.
  • Kid from the Future: He turns out to be Lewis's future son. Wilbur came back from the future to protect his dad from the Bowler Hat Guy. Things got complicated.
  • Nobody Here But Us Birds: Wilbur does this, while trying to get Lewis to not give up on the memory scanner, resulting in Lewis' annoyance.
  • Planning with Props: Wilbur does this with Carl, showing how he will get Lewis to restore his confidence in inventing, specifically repair the memory scanner, by getting Lewis to fix the time machine.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Like mother, like son. A light complexion with black hair.
  • Ret Gone: near the end of the film. He turns out to be Lewis's son, and since Lewis gave the Bowler Hat Guy the directions he needed to work the time machine, reality was altered. Lewis never met Franny and so Wilbur was never born. Don't worry, he gets better.
  • Rousing Speech: Part of said plan is to give Lewis one of these, so he will fix the memory scanner. Turns out Wilbur is Lewis's future son.
  • Time Police: Initially pretends to be one of these to help Lewis stay alert for the Bowler Hat Guy.

Franny Robinson

Voiced by: Nicole Sullivan, Jessie Flower (younger)

  • Action Mom: Franny does martial arts during food fights and attacks a Tyrannosaurus rex to protect Lewis.
  • Bowties Are Cool: Wears a stylish one as an adult.
  • Brainy Brunette: She was able to teach frogs to sing for God's sake!
  • Brown Eyes: Showcasing her being the (closest) down-to-earth member of the Robinson family and Wilbur has her eyes.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: She and Lewis met each other when they were still kids, at the science fair.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Wilbur walks into young!Franny near the beginning of the film, and apparently never figures out who she is.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Judging by her ambition to teach amphibians to not only speak, but sing as well.
  • Happily Married: To Cornelius. Who turns out to be the older Lewis.
  • I Know Kung-Fu:
    Wilbur: Annoying little girl, I don't have time for this. I'm on a very important —
    Franny: Don't sass me, boy! I know karate!
  • Like Parent, Like Spouse: For her future husband, Lewis. Word of God stated that Franny's body model was used for Lewis's mother as well.
  • Little Miss Badass: As a child, Franny is able to push around Wilbur, who is much taller and older than she is.
  • Mama Bear: As previously mentioned, she attacked a T-Rex when it tried to grab Lewis.
  • Nice Girl: Franny is feisty, sweet, and was willing to adopt Lewis the first day she met him. She doesn't because he turns out to be the younger self of her future husband.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Black hair and a light complexion.
  • Red Is Heroic: Wears a red bowtie in her head and red heels, she's also one of the minor protagonists.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Implied to be this with Gaston.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Implied. When Lewis and Franny first meet at the science fair, Franny gets lovestruck gaze after her future husband tells her he believes in her dream of teaching frogs to sing.
  • Tomboy: An expert in karate and would rather teach frogs to sing then play with dolls.

Cornelius Robinson

Voiced by: Tom Selleck

  • Big Good: A brilliant scientist who was responsible for the inventions that led to the good future.
  • Badass In Charge: Of Robinson Industries.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: He met his future wife, Franny, when they were both kids and at the science fair.
  • Determinator: He's this with inventing stuff. His motto isn't "Keep Moving Forward" for nothing.
  • Henpecked Husband: He has shades of this with his wife. After all, she is always right.
  • Hot Scientist: He's pretty darn good looking, even with wearing a labcoat and his signature bowtie.
  • Self-Made Man: Thanks to the memory scanner, he was able to show what he could do, even owning his own company and building the inventions in them. Though having a scientist for an adopted mom probably helped matters.

Mildred Duffy

Voiced by: Angela Bassett

  • All There in the Manual: Her last name wasn't revealed in the movie.
  • Friend to All Children: There's her first scene with baby Lewis and the fact that she runs an orphanage.
  • Good Parents: Or rather "Good Substitute Parent", but there's no doubt that the way Lewis turned out is because of her.
  • Hartman Hips: Mildred has rather curvy hips.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Heavily implied given how she was the maid of honor for Lucille at her wedding with Bud.
  • Nice Lady: A kind, motherly woman and one of the very firsts to not discourage Lewis's inventions.
  • Orphanage of Love: She's the director of the Sixth Street Orphanage and judging by her interactions with Lewis, Mildred is a caring and motherly figure to the children in her care.


Voiced by: Harland Williams

  • Family-Unfriendly Death: Towards the end of the movie, Doris kills Carl by impaling him with her arm weapon. Don't worry, he gets better.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Wilbur.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: By Doris, when Carl and Wilbur go to rescue Lewis.
  • Only Sane Man: He is the least strange member of the household....and he's a robot.
  • Pick Your Human Half: Carl is completely robot in appearance and has the character traits of a human.
  • Robot Buddy: To the Robinsons, but especially Wilbur. He is considered part of the family, even he's not blood related, and is treated like a Robinson.
  • Servile Snarker: He works for the Robinsons and doesn't hide his snarky side.
  • Tempting Fate: "Look at that, boys! We're almost home fr—" (gets stabbed through the chest by Doris' claw)

The Robinson Family

Grandpa Bud Voiced by: Steve Anderson
Grandma Lucille Voiced by: Lauri Metcalf
Uncle Art Voiced by: Adam West
Uncle Gaston Voiced by: Don Hall
Cousin Tallulah Voiced by: William Joyce
Uncle Dimitri and Uncle Spike Voiced by: Ethan Sandler
Cousin Laszlo Voiced by: Ethan Sandler
Aunt Billie Voiced by: Kelly Hoover
Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia Voiced by: Ethan Sandler
Lefty Voiced by: Nathan Greno

  • Badass Family: They attack dinosaurs. One builds huge model trains. One teaches frogs to sing.
  • Train Fu: When the T-Rex attacks Lewis, Billie slams its with her (lifesize) "toy train."
  • Cloudcuckoolanders : All of them to some extent. See Keet and Genki Girl.
  • Cool Aunts: Petunia and Billie to Wilbur.
  • Cool Uncles: Gaston and Art to Wilbur. Then, Fritz and Joe to Lewis and Wilbur; for the latter, they're his great uncles. They all went to help Lewis and Wilbur when the T-Rex appeared.
    • Gaston Framagucci, Wilbur's uncle, is an intergalactic pizza man.
    • Art Framagucci, Wilbur's uncle, built the meatball cannon.
  • Cool Pets: Their butler named Lefty is an octopus. They have a dog that wears glasses. Eventually, they take in a T-Rex, named Tiny. And who can forget Frankie and the Singing Frogs!
  • False Teeth Tomfoolery: When Lewis first meets Grandpa Bud, he is hunting for his false teeth, in quintessential Robinson style.
  • Fiery Redhead: Petunia, her "daughter" Tallulah, and her "son" Laszlo. They show their fiery nature when Petunia's children were arguing while painting the house. A few minutes later, Petunia slaps her husband.
  • Genki Girls: All of the female Robinsons have this eccentricity
  • Henpecked Husband: Uncle Fritz. Aunt Petunia berates and smacks him around...which is strange since she looks like just a hand puppet.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Implied with Lucille and Mildred, given of how the latter was a bridesmaid at the former's wedding.
  • It Runs in the Family: The Robinson eccentricity, it would seem.
  • Keets: All the male Robinsons have this eccentricity.
  • Large Ham: Uncle Art most of the time, Uncle Gaston when food-fighting with Franny.
  • Mama Bear / Papa Wolf: When the T-Rex attacks Lewis, the Cloudcuckoolander Robinsons decide to get dangerous.
  • Multigenerational Household: Wilbur lives in the Robinson House with his parents, grandparents, great uncles, great aunts, and older cousins.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Franny's brothers, Gaston and Art, who all have black hair and light complexion.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Implied to be this between Gaston and Franny.
    • Played straight with Dmitri and Spike in a doorbell ringing contest.
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome: Art Framagucci is tall, muscular, has dark hair, and is quite handsome.
  • Ventriloquism: Uncle Fritz, who seems to be the "voice" for his "wife" and puppet, Aunt Petunia.