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    Let's Play 

  • John saying he would "only take it from Tom" in episode 115 of The Bugle. He was actually referring to an apology for the difficulty in accessing the Bugle email account.
  • In one Yo G Po D, Simon asks Lewis a series of questions, which he needs to answer using randomized music titles in his iTunes play list. When Simon asks the question "What do you think of your secret crush?", Lewis gets the Song "You raise me up". Think about that for a second.

  • I Wanna Be: 'They'll almost always be made when Dio and Scorch are around.
  • Journey Through the Multiverse: Majora's bonding with Mary can easily be seen as sexual, despite having not been written with that intent.
    • Nanabey being "protected" and wanting "protection" seemed innocent enough. Then Marvelous started acting like a Bastard Boyfriend towards her, Nanabey being "protected" by Etna had much innuendo and then the player used the phrase "getting it on" in regards to "protecting" Nanabey. If "protection" is innuendo, then she Really Gets Around.
  • In chapter 7 of Knight Blades, Black Fang asks Grek for a book about positions and says he wants to know how Ridder uses his pole so good.
  • Litetower Paranormal Agency: Caister Westburn
  • Paixao: Yorda tells the Doctor she slept with the Master. It's later repeated with Urd:
    Tenth Doctor: What?!
  • Persona Requis Aeterna
    Hiromasa: You know, not everyone's as flexible as you are Chisame. But I'll get up there...

    TV Tropes 

    Web Animation 
  • Death Battle: When Wiz is discussing Peach's "Vibe Scepter", Boomstick begins laughing uncontrollably. Not that he can be blamed.
  • Homestar Runner
    • Referenced in the sbemail, "your edge":
      Strong Sad: Hello? Is somebody down there?
      Strong Bad: Go away, Strong Sad! The Cheat and I are down here shenanigan-ing each other in the dark alone by ourselves.
      Strong Sad: Uh, are you sure you wanna go on record with that explanation?
      Strong Bad: Of course! I don't see how that could possibly be taken out of context!
    • Also seen in the cartoon Which Ween Costumes?, where the gang dresses up in Decemberween-themed costumes as they normally would in a Halloween cartoon (due to a hiatus, there was no Halloween cartoon in 2010).
      Strong Bad: I think we may have gotten our… 'Weens crossed.
      Strong Sad: Can you please never say that again?!
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, Leman Russ warning a group of Aedptus Sororitas lost in the Warp that their violent tendencies could cause them to fall to Khorne:
    Russ: Daemons of Khorne are gonna eat ya out like ice cream sandwiches once yer red rage begins.
    Sororitas: (beat) That is literally the absolute worst thing you could have said. Thank you.
  • The Genie With A Dirty Mind in The Lazer Collection.
  • Nyan Neko Sugar Girls: Koneko-chan loves mochi ice cream so much, she makes suggestive noises as she chews and is left in a daze of pleasure after finishing.
    • If there are other people in the room, invite them over to watch with you. Otherwise they'll just hear Raku-chan talking and think you're watching Asian porn. This goes double for episode four.
  • Strong Bad Email: In "coloring", Strong Bad attempts to color in a page of the Limozeen coloring book with one of the "crayons" he got from Marzipan called "Dermal Discoveries" (a nod to the real life renaming of the "Flesh" crayon to "Peach"). He then tells the band to "prepare themselves for a dermal discovery". Considering this is addressing a band, it could be intentional.
  • The Worst Sonic Fanfiction Ever: "I'm so glad that you came."
  • WTL Network: Barry Chuckle's Sex Tips
  • RWBY:
    • When Professor Ozpin's office is first revealed, it's an impressive example of visual animation, set in the heart of a clock tower, where absolutely everything is designed to look like it's made out of, or driven by, gears - even the desk and chair. From the front, which is where most people (and therefore the most camera angles) stand, the Cool Chair looks like it has a tall, slightly pointy back with circular, gear-shaped "wings" where the back meets the seat. When the chair is eventually seen from the back, the phallic shape of the chair was instantly noted. When the scene's designer found out how everyone was interpreting it, his reaction made it clear it was an accident and that he saw the funny side.
    • In the tournament, a disguised Neo stamps on her opponent, and the soles of her right boot display a tomoe-style triskelion. Although the tomoe represents the threefold division that is a centre piece of Neo's colour design, it also has been adopted as a symbol of the BDSM community.
  • Red vs. Blue: This is how Donut essentially communicates. At some point, you'll have to wonder how the writers keep coming up with stuff like this.
    Donut: Well, if I can't beat off a room full of dudes, then what have I been training for this whole time?

  • SF Debris:
    • Invoked during "The Game", where he jokes that before we discover they're actually talking about the titular game, the conversation sounds more like Crusher and Troi laughing at the latest STD Riker picked up on Risa.
    • In "Rascals", whilst talking about some of the difficulties that occur whenever doing a show involving child actors, Chuck mentions his own growth spurt during puberty;
      Chuck: Between the ages of 12 and 14, I grew 11 inches... taller!
    • In "Remember Me", Chuck puts the audio of the Traveler instructing Wesley on how to save his mother over a still shot of a shuttlecraft. Suddenly, everything the Traveler says comes off a lot creepier:
      The Traveler: There's "your warp bubble", Wesley.
    • He couldn't talk about Harry Kim's musical hobbies without running into these. Finally he just gave up:
      Chuck: Beat Harry has a clarinet.
    • Has an entire montage of them in part seven of his Torchwood Miracle Day review collected from Classic Doctor Who episodes.
  • Warrior's Wish:
    • Some members found the first of the Cat's messages way too amusing...
    • Also, in one of HF's comments, he said that he "had the most wonderful things planned for [Blizz] to do today..." Since this was after they had kits together, this was greeted wityh a slew of comments about Blizz needing to take birth control.
    • One Word - Darkstar. She even has a book about it.
    • The stalking thread in the RB, although some of it is intentional.

    Web Video 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Linkara points out one in Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1:
    Narrator: July is spent gazing dreamily at the cream of American manhood.
    Linkara: Okay, don't say "cream" or "manhood" ever again, okay?
  • In episode 13 of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, injured Mr Rochester says to Jane who wants to treat his wound that they should go back to bed. He definitely meant that each should go to their respective bed, but some comments sniggered at this innuendo and it was hinted that gee, he should buy her a drink first.
  • ComedyShortsGamer: A lot of stuff Deji does ends up digging him deeper in the rumor that he's gay. From his "I Love KFC" video, he mentions the sensation of putting a drumstick in your mouth and sucking all the meat off, and from his "Idiot Test" video he asks the viewer to suck their thumb really hard and then demonstrates.
    • Sometimes you have to wonder if he's doing this on purpose.
  • Critical Role: After Grog wins his rematch against Kern the Hammer, he goes to a bar and asks if there are any "young boys" there. Everyone else immediately starts panicking, especially once Grog pulls out a gold coin and asks if one of the kids would like to make some money. He's just looking for a messenger to send Kern a participation medal, though
    Grog: (to everyone else) You sick fucks!
  • The Cynical Brit does this from time to time, at which point either he or someone he is playing/casting with will inevitably tell people not to look into it. invoked
    Crossing a Watermelon field while playing a female engineer in Guild Wars 2: "Look at that advanced melon technology. No, not THAT kind of melon technology."
    TB during his WTF is of Binary Domain: You will notice the camera is sort of jerking off to one side or another - no not like that, jerking off to one side - no, this is not going to sound good regardless of how I say it, let's just abandon that sentence.
  • In the second episode of Doki Doki Awesome, Nawrocki takes a clip from the end of Care Bears Movie II out of context.
    "Wait, is Brave Heart Lion putting the moves on that unmarked Care Bear?"
  • Epic Meal Time: In "Chili Four Loko", after Cousin Dave opens a fresh bag of potato chips and takes a whiff of it, Harley's narration goes on to say "Love the smell of a fresh sack".
  • Game Grumps: From their Family Feud grumpage: "Name something fathers buy for their kids but play with themselves". Lampshaded, of course.
  • Jacksfilms: Jack points out that the amount of people who can't spell "rapper" and instead type "raper" is rather worrying. It truly falls into this trope, however, when people make this mistake with things which would otherwise be innocent and heartwarming. One of the worst examples would be that of a picture of a child being wrapped up, with the tagline "I raped my sister so she will be quiet"... yeah...
    • A few younger users show that their age is partly to blame, if it's any consolation; at least a few times the named and shamed have their age typed. For example "I'm a rap(p)er and I'm 8 peace".
  • Jeepers Media: The toys Mike Mozart reviews tend to be chock full of 'em, especially Cape Horn.
  • Jesse Cox: In the Dead Space 3 Let's Play with Dodger
    "Just fit it in, just stick it in. Just stick it...theeee aaah, it fell out, damnit. Look look, do you want me to put it in? There."
  • Joueur du Grenier:
    • In-Universe: Fingers/arms coming out from holes in the wall in the Total Recall (1990) game? And looking like... something else due to the NES graphical limitations? Cue the Ding Dong Song by Gunther !
    • Earlier, in the Dark Castle review, the same song played when he encounters the whipping torturer.
    • The NES Home Alone review. Two men chasing a young kid, then placing themselves behind him once he's caught. (cue Psycho Strings)
  • In Star Wars in 3-D!!! by Matt Santoro, Eugene asks, "Like my lightsaber?", the lightsaber being a laser sword from the Star Wars franchise. He then says, "Yeah. It's real." The lightsaber seems to be phallic, making it seem like Eugene is bragging about his penis.
  • Thanks to the font Doug used in the Bridge to Terabithia The Nostalgia Critic review, a lot of people misread the last word in "Why Call the Police When You Have Gum" as... something else.
    The "Childlike" "Empress": We must not give in to the Nasty.
  • The Rap Critic cracks up when he hears the line "I take sacks to the face whenever I can!" He knows the line is supposed to be referring to drugs, but it instead sounds like...
  • In Suburban Knights:
    Film Brain: This is you. And you're screaming to all the other peas, “Oh, save me! Oh, save me! He's going to eat me!” But I've already eaten the other peas. Om nom nom nom! Hahahahahaha!
    Luke: Wow, that's a lot of peas. And I'm just full of them.
    Film Brain: That's right.
    Luke: I am totally full of pea...ness.
    Film Brain: You've got it.
    Luke: So, what are you going to do?
    Film Brain: I WILL EAT YOUR PEANESS!!!
    (everyone else looks back disgusted)
    Film Brain: Oh, n-no no no no! I didn't mean that! I didn't mean that! It's just—-
    Angry Joe: Yeah, whatever! You go to the back!
  • Theagent41:
    Kid Tannen: She owes me big time, and Kid Tannen always collects his debts.
  • Basically any time restoring PP or running out of PP is mentioned in EarthBound, the Video Games Awesome! group hear "peepee". invoked
  • Vinesauce: Not a question of if it happens, but when. Streamers say things the chat will eagerly pick up.
  • In one DONG episode on Vsauce3, Jake ends up saying, "Play with your DONG's", realizes what he just said, and corpses.
  • Welcome To Sanditon: Edward Denham is a cinema and sci-fi geek and he used the phrase "blue pill" as a way of switching off the in-story application Domino. It was probably meant as a reference to film The Matrix, where "blue pill" represented a choice to be "in", and Edward said he would be using Domino even if he found it rather creepy in a Big-Brother-esque way. Gigi understood that "blue pill" would mean "out" and that it would be used to end Domino's recording. However, some viewers didn't get that and thought Edward meant another blue pill — the Viagra. Edward has slightly creepy vibes, but he's a young twenty-something guy who probably doesn't need it. Who knows, perhaps the writers went for both meanings of "blue pill".

  • Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal: (player)!DRUG BAG FUCK. This is how the game renders "(player) put the Potion into the bag". This gets worse with some other items, such as Poke Balls; "(player) put the Poke Ball in the Ball Pocket" is translated to "(player)!HUGEBALL BALL FUCK".
    • "(player)!GREASY BAG FUCK"
    • The game repeatedly translates "catch Pokemon" or similar phrases as "grasp monsters".
  • The Childcare Action Project review of The Dark Knight includes a discussion on teaching children right from wrong…which features the terms "rod", "thrust", "beat", "discipline" and "sheep". Also, the "sexual immorality" section references "word for rapist," presumably for when The Joker mentions a "gangbanger." Moral Guardians have the dirtiest minds.
  • Has happened a few times with Day Nine.
    • "jpm. Jacktions per minute......Sounded o.k. in my head it didn't sound like Masturbating".Explanation 
    • At a tournament a few days before the previous example, possibly the king of this trope was said by a co-caster. "He's not going to pull out at the last second. He's going to stick it in for the long haul."
  • Drunk Fortress: It happens, naturally, since the players are drunk.
    Shoruke: You like axolotl leather, holy gods that's a bitch to spell, so now you're a leather person. I mean a leather worker person.
  • Inverted with Hellfire Commentaries; rarely is an innuendo accidental.
    Tom: I will fucking shank you.
    FTA: You'll shag me?
    Tom: Shank.
    FTA: Tom, this is hardly the time or place!
    Tom: S-H-A-N-K, OK!?
    • However, this is played straight some times:
    Helldragon: Did Jiminy sleep with him?
    Tom: Please rephrase that.
  • In the The Heroic Tale of Heroically Heroic Heroes Bucket really wants to show Honey his helmet. and his package. They're both really big and impressive.
  • Hasbro's US My Little Pony page has some pages (including every one of their episode viewing guides) announcing that fans can "Watch 3 Ways!"
  • A story on Watt Pad (An iPhone/iPod touch app meant for literature) called "Dinner with Vampires (Did I Mention I'm a Vegetarian?) features an in universe example. The main character Violet spills some vodka on her shirt in front of Kaspar, one of the vampires. She says "Why is it that I always end up getting wet around you?" she later realizes the double meaning.
  • 3 Year Old Corn-Hole Prodigy
  • Those wonderful, wonderful URLs that somehow didn't get noticed soon enough.
    • A Dutch example: one Internet company tried to promote switching from any other company to them. Their slogan: "Overstappen is niet eng" ("Switching isn't scary"). Their URL:, which with the words squashed together can and will be read as "Overstap penis niet eng" ("Switch to penis not scary"). It took them a few months to catch on, after which they verrrrry quickly changed their ads and URL.
    • or a classic literature page on
  • Help Me Doctor Hazama: "The F-ing Word of the Day with Jin Kisaragi".
  • invoked Marc Mues asks Diamanda Hagan in the "Raise Up" review to take her shirt off (for the signature move of the song), which naturally doesn't go over well.