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WaterBlap Blapper of Water Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Blapper of Water
Aug 15th 2017 at 4:47:47 PM

So I did a tentative wick check of about 35 wicks.

Here it is. I want to make sure the criteria I'm looking at works before I look at the other 100 wicks for the check.

I think this tentative wick check supports most of the rules in the OP. For the rule about kids shows, I'm not always certain about whether it is or not, especially if it's an anime, so that may skew the stats a bit.

I think we may want to discuss Awesome Moments as it relates to this trope, not because there's proof of it being a problem (the wick check ain't done, yo), but rather because some things can be awesome and scary, and other wicks might combine the two. idk it's just something to pull from this partial wick check.

Notes and Things

Technically, every wick from something other than the YMMV/ or Nightmare Fuel/ namespaces are misuse (according to the Nightmare Fuel page), but I'm specifically looking for that which can help us determine (a) if these rules are applicable and (b) what direction we should go for this rule-making process and the inevitable clean-up effort.

NOTE: Two of the randomly selected wicks needed to be replaced or compensated for, so I used the wicks immediately preceeding them in the related page.

  • The first was Sandbox.Chaos Marine Nautilus, and I replaced it completely.
    • It needed to be compensated for because (a) it's a sandbox and made/maintained by very few tropers and (b) it's a part of a Pantheon/ project and effectively a ZCE (it's in the "Portfolio" for one of the characters).
    • Although my first thought was to include both of these wicks in order to compensate for the first, it turned out that they had the same issue. They were both ZC Es. Rather than inflate the statistic in the Descriptive Statistics section, I think it's best to just completely replace the Sandbox/ page since it's the same exact issue.
  • The second was DarthWiki.Emergent The Middle Ages, which is an Unpublished Work. The issue with this wick is that it's a sinkhole. The reason it needs to be compensated for is that it's a troper's Unpublished Work.
    • The preceeding wick is Emergency Broadcast, and the issue with that wick is that it's just hypotheticals. Since they're different issues, I think it's safe to include both of them.

NOTE x2: Some wicks had multiple responses (e.g. "On the whole page there are good examples and bad ones"), but I only included the largest example or the response that was in the majority (e.g. by bullet counts). You can view all the responses in the "Evidence" section. The following responses had to be modified for not being in the majority for that particular wick. Note that this was already taken into account for the "Descriptive Statistics" section so you don't need to change those numbers based on this list.


A Good wick includes those that did not count as a Bad or Neutral wick. That seems like a no-brainer, but the way we've stated the rules and such make that sort of criterion a logical necessity. I included Ascended Fridge Horror if it showed up, and I also included those wicks from kids' shows if it's particularly notable. There was a comic, for example, that had a particularly terrifying issue, and I'd say that would count since nobody could have expected it, etc.

A Bad wick includes those that are normal for Bad wicks (from How To Do A Wick Check): Verbal Tics, Sinkholes, Gushing / Complaining, General Misuse (defined as "no clear explanation as to applicability"). I also included, as Bad examples, any of the following:

  • It's a hypothetical.
  • The rhetoric implies the troper found it "cool" or "nauseating," rather than "scary." This is what I've called "Didn't actually scare troper" in the descriptive statistics.
  • The rhetoric implies the troper was scared of it for personal reasons, as if it's a phobia of theirs. The context provided didn't seem to justify other people being scared by this thing.
  • The "scary" thing should have been expected, but the troper was somehow caught unaware by its presence in the work. ("Expected in genre")
  • The work is a kids' show and the example isn't actually notable for being scary.
  • Fridge Horror
  • Adult Fear
  • The work wasn't released at the time the example was written. The rhetoric might talk about the teaser or trailer, or be in the future tense, implying the work wasn't released at the time.
  • Played for Laughs.
  • From the description of Nightmare Fuel:
  • Works description. / Trope description and too vague to be helpful.

A neutral wick includes a Zero Context Example. That's always how I think of them for these things since it could be a good wick or a bad wick but there's no context to figure it out. Also, if the entry was written in first person or something like that. There weren't many of these.

Descriptive Statistics

  • Good
    • Good : 3 ; 8.57% , (75.00% of Good wicks)
    • Kids' show, particularly notable : 1 ; 2.86%
  • Bad
    • General Misuse : 4 ; 11.43% , (14.81% of Bad wicks)
    • Didn't scare troper : 9 ; 25.71% , (33.33% of Bad wicks)
    • Used as Verbal Tic : 1 ; 2.86%
    • Hypothetical : 4 ; 11.43% , (14.81% of Bad wicks)
    • Sinkhole : 5 ; 14.29% , (18.52% of Bad wicks)
    • Fridge Horror : "0" ; 0.00%
    • Adult Fear : "0" ; 0.00%
    • Turned out to be harmless : 1 ; 2.86%
    • Played for Laughs : 1 ; 2.86%
    • Work Description : 1 ; 2.86%
    • Awesome Moments : 1 ; 2.86%
  • Neutral
    • ZCE : 4 ; 11.43%


EDIT: This folder was messing with the other ones. I'll need to break this folder when I post the finished wick check.

  • Age Lift : General Misuse ; Most adaptations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland do this with the title character, who is only 7 years old in the books, but usually played by actresses who are at least 12, more often in their teens. The 1985 TV version and the very surreal and creepy 1988 Czech version accurately portray her as a 7-year-old, though, as does Tim Burton's sequel in its prologue and flashbacks.
  • YMMV/Alienators Evolution Continues : General Misuse ; A case of Body Horror in an early episode.
  • YMMV/A Million Ways To Die In The West : Didn't scare troper ; Some of the images in Albert's drug-induced dream are pretty freaky.
  • YMMV/Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie : Didn't scare troper ; The Nerd's nightmare about the carnival actually looks like a realistic Zombie Flick. Even though no blood was shown, the sound effects and terrified expression on the Nerd's face can actually make you think he's being eaten alive.
  • YMMV/Beat The Clock : Used as Verbal Tic ; Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: When the animated "Hickory, Dickory, Dock" opening was introduced on December 20, 1952, the animation was followed by shots of people laughing against a dark background. The laughing segment was perhaps meant to convey the show's silliness and good fun, but came off instead the wrong way to a lot of viewers, and since it simply added unneeded time to the theme it was removed on February 14, 1953. Also counts as Nightmare Fuel.
  • YMMV/Californication : Hypothetical ; The opening scene of the season 5 finale. Hank is seen drinking in a bar, served by Lew Ashby, heavily implied to be hell.
  • Awesome/Carnival Phantasm : Sinkhole ; However in the HibiChika Special, they decide to just date the main female protagonist. Cue to the other harems (Rin,Sakura,Akiha & Ciel) being not too happy about their decision so they decide to band themselves together to get revenge on them in a very Out of Character way which includes Sakura's Crest Worms food and Akiha's hair rape part. After much suffering, Shiki and Shirou decides to tell the truth and apologize to them and also to the other harems who just enters. At least they didn't end up getting blown up by the main heroines like Episode 12. Although lets say the harems don't like their 'bromance' in their ending.
  • YMMV/Chaosic Rune : Zero Context Example ; It's literally just "Oh, so much."
  • YMMV/Chrono Cross : Didn't scare troper ; Most of the bullets are this. Just cool or unsettling…
    • Hypothetical ; "Imagine getting mysteriously teleported…"
    • Fridge Horror "And even though the revelation that Lynx is Serge's dad comes really late into the game, it still delivers a lot of Fridge Horror in the end."
    • Adult Fear ; "During the scene with the burning orphanage, you can hear the children screaming in fear and pain. In fact, the entire level is this."
  • YMMV/Clash Of The Dinosaurs : Didn't scare troper ; "What the meteor impact does to the unprotected dinosaurs. They catch fire, and their skin peels off. Doubles as Nausea Fuel." // "Also, some of the gory fight scenes. Like the conclusion of the T. rex-Triceratops-Ankylosaurus clash."
  • YMMV/Coast To Coast AM : Good ; Could probably be trimmed down and has some indentation issues, but as far as Nightmare Fuel goes, I think this is fine.
  • YMMV/Codex Alera : Didn't scare troper ; All three bullet points. There's also a wick from Moral Event Horizon, but it's referencing Mind Rape as somehow inherently unnerving.
  • YMMV/Condorito : Good ; Apparently this was abnormal for this comic book: "The (in)famous 72nd issue, which included a large section of incredibly gory and violent jokes, with very cruel punchlines, gruesome artwork, plenty of Black Comedy, gallons of blood... and it was done just for the hell of it."
  • YMMV/Copy Kitty : Turned out to be harmless ; Doubles as "Hypothetical" (given the second bullet), but the first one is larger.
  • Funny/Coraline : Played for Laughs ; Both of the examples "occur in a Nightmare Fuel moment" and are "both Nightmare Fuel and Played for Laughs."
  • YMMV/CRITICALHIT : Hypothetical ; Doubles as ZCE: "The moon creatures. At least one of them will be Nightmare Fuel for you."
  • Videogame/Cyberqueen : Sinkhole ; In work description.
  • YMMV/Cyber Six : General Misuse ; I can't tell if this scared the troper or not…: " Lots of it in the cartoon. Some notable examples are seeing Lucas as a werewolf version of himself, birds attacking citizens in a homage to The Birds and an island-sized bomb with a grotesque appearance.
  • Fan Fic/Cycle : General Misuse ; "… and new antagonists who are Nightmare Fuel incarnate and constantly affect Robin's life."
  • YMMV/Dark Corners Of The Earth : Zero Context Example ; "The ore-crusher scene. Dear god."
    • Didn't scare troper ; Also the scene where an FBI agent has been covered in Shoggoth acid and can only yell gibberish as Hoover tries to get him to say what he ran into. Eventually, Hoover takes out a gun and shoots him. He then turns to you and says: "What're you looking at me like that for? He was an agent, he knew the risks!"
    • Good ; A bit wordy, but: "And about the shoggoth itself. It's gigantic, capable of forming eyes, mouths, tentacles and weird "blossom"-things wherever it wants to attack you. One thing that was added to the shoggoth for this game that makes it even worse is that its entire body is highly corrosive and will hurt you just by brushing up against it. Oh, and staring too long at it makes Jack (justifiably) freak out so much his vision blurs and he mutters to himself in a panic very rapidly. If not for the fact that it's sitting in the middle of a bunch of dangerous industrial machinery you would be totally unable to hurt it."
  • YMMV/DID Napper : Didn't scare troper ; The part about the Downer Ending as well as "In general, the finished game doesn't shy away at all from displaying the fact slavery is still evil, and from Mission 6 onward, Suki can and will likely fall victim to far worse fates if she fails her missions."
    • Good ; The example starting with "Rolina's sadism is exceptionally creepy."
  • YMMV/Doctor Doom : Hypothetical ; Basically "the idea of someone like this is scary"; a difficult entry to write I'm sure since there's been so many adaptations: "With his Super Science and Literal Magic, Doom has resources for policing, supervising and brainwashing his peons that make Oceania's Thought Police look like bumbling Clouseaus. At least some versions of Latveria are consequently very dystopian, with every citizen living in perpetual fear, knowing that Big Brother Is Watching all they do. As with real totalitarian dictatorships like North Korea, it's often far from clear how much of Doom's all-pervasive personality cult is genuine admiration by the people of their leader and how much it is enforced through terror. Made doubly worse by the fact that some depictions of Doom are not Noble Demons, or even just generic evil overlords, but narcissistic psychopaths who seemingly enjoy abusing this surveillance and people control technology to torment their hapless subjects. In such stories, Doom will often subject his servants to violent verbal and physical abuse, suddenly change the rules on them or feed them to his wild robots on a whim. The most creepy versions basically subject the Latverians collectively to a sort of nationwide Romanticized Abuse — including literal rape of at least some of the women."
  • YMMV/Dogs Life : Kids' show, particularly notable ; Two bullets, the first and the last. The first is "Most of the game is upbeat and fun, but then there is the Dog Pound - Complete with a blood red sky, eerie music and a ominous red mist."
    • Didn't scare troper ; " the last mission to rescue Daisy if you don't throw the 3 spanners into the machine before Daisy reaches the end of the conveyor belt, she's turned into cat food."
  • Characters/Drakengard : Sinkhole ; "The Quiet One: Doesn't talk very often, but when she does…"
  • YMMV/Eight MM : Zero Context Example ; "Snuff movies, bondage gores, sadistic killers…"
  • Emergency Broadcast : Hypothetical ; The description says this is "Obviously a major source of Nightmare Fuel," even though it isn't. Then down the page it says "The new EAS alerts may or may not include a two-tone attention beep but always include an encoded ASCII string, repeated three times, which sounds like an old-school modem and is called a "chirp" or "duck farts" in the business, and Nightmare Fuel-incarnate by viewers"
  • Darth Wiki/Emergent The Middle Ages : Sinkhole ; This doubles as "not yet released," but seeing as this is a troper's Unpublished Work, I don't think it makes sense to think of this wick as having that problem. The example is:"And then when a player discovers the Summon Cthulhu spell…"
  • YMMV/Everything Is Terrible : Zero Context Example ; "A lot of their religious videos."
  • WMG/Fable : Didn't scare troper ; Might double as Fridge Horror. "Nightmare Fuel. Theresa is a Seer who can see other timelines. She knows he did this. Hence her getting the hell away from him even in the "good" timeline; and subjecting later Heroes through possibly unnecessary trials."
  • Fanfic/Fallingin Deeper : Work Description ; This is in the work's description. What's worse is that it's totally nonsense: "The story is written by two friends and can be read here, it counts with Moments of Awesome, but also with Nightmare Fuels and Tear Jerkers."
  • YMMV/Ghost Master : Didn't scare troper ; The intro cutscene can be...very unnerving. Also, even though you play as the ghosts, some are still simply creepy — not to mention some of the epitaphs.
  • Awesome/Gotham : Awesome Moments ; That troper seems to be confused as to what the words Awesome, Nightmare, and Heartwarming mean: "Edward gets one that doubles as Nightmare Fuel when he brutally kills Miss Kringle's abusive boyfriend. It also triples as a twisted moment of heartwarming when you consider that he did it to protect Miss Kringle."
  • YMMV/Grandia II : Zero Context Example ; Two: "The game is full of this really, only partially covered up by the cute graphics." and "Selene releasing the Heart of Valmar. Yick."
    • Didn't scare troper ; Two. Considering the fact that the first one is presented as a rhetorical question, I think that troper thinks of this more as a "cool" thing or "unnerving" thing rather than scary: "The Moon of Valmar is in fact a gigantic egg, complete with an enormous eye looking down on the world below. Oh, and Mareg, the Beastman who's been a part of your party for two thirds of the game? He dies torn apart and eaten alive by hundreds of critters." The second is "There was also the part where you enter a young girl's soul, which, due to her internal suffering and Demonic Possession, gets more dark and twisted the further in you go."
  • Webcomic/Guardian Ghost : Sinkhole ; Doubles as "Hypothetical" and "ZCE" but the entire entry is potholed: "Then again, why would you want to remember floating over your dead body?"
  • YMMV/Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey : Zero Context Example ; "The entire scene with the Dementors."

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TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Aug 15th 2017 at 7:38:44 PM

That is a lot of good work there Water Blap.

Perusing your results it is not a promising indicator initially. The numbers may balance out a bit more if you really want to crunch the rest of the wicks.

Do the wicks include the sub-pages?

edited 15th Aug '17 7:39:01 PM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
SithPanda16 I am the Senate Relationship Status: I know
I am the Senate
Aug 16th 2017 at 10:28:17 PM

Added YMMV.Chaosic Rune to the cut list since the only example is a zero context example

The Dark Lord of the Sith
WaterBlap Blapper of Water Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Blapper of Water
Aug 17th 2017 at 7:12:54 AM

[up][up] Since there's over 14,000 wicks, 6 wicks aren't really gonna affect the set (that's less than 0.05% of the total wicks). Also, the last number in the random set is 14,045, so if I were to tack on those six wicks to the end to see if they'd be added there's, like a hundred wicks between.

[up] 'Kay but I'm still including that in the wick check, which is why I didn't cut it yet.

    Update on the Wick Check 
I tackled another couple of dozen wicks and thought I could update the descriptive statistics at least.

Total Wicks in this Tentative Check: 59

  • Good
    • Good : 4 ; 6.78% , ( 80.00% of Good wicks)
    • Kids' show, particularly notable : 1 ; 1.69%
  • Bad
    • General Misuse : 6 ; 10.17% , ( 13.33% of Bad wicks)
    • Didn't scare troper : 16 ; 27.12% , ( 35.56% of Bad wicks)
    • Used as Verbal Tic : 2 ; 3.39%
    • Hypothetical : 5 ; 8.47% , ( 11.11% of Bad wicks)
    • Sinkhole : 9 ; 15.25% , ( 20.00% of Bad wicks)
    • Fridge Horror : 1 ; 1.69%
    • Adult Fear : 0 ; 0.00%
    • Turned out to be harmless : 1 ; 1.69%
    • Played for Laughs : 2 ; 3.39%
    • Work Description : 1 ; 1.69%
    • Awesome Moments : 2 ; 3.39%
    • Phobia : 1 ; 1.69%
    • Kids' show, unnotable : 1 ; 1.69%
    • Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films : 1 ; 1.69%
Tear Jerker : 1 ; 1.69%
  • Neutral
    • ZCE : 5 ; 8.47%

  • As a side note, I wanted to document cases that seem more like "Scarier In Hindsight," which would be whenever some event makes an even more scary than it originally was. This is separate from the Good/Bad/Neutral wicks and is really only here because I noticed it twice and wanted to document it happening.

I might not be able to finish this for a few more days, but I'll chip away at it. These are so much easier when it's just 50 wicks, lol.

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SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Aug 17th 2017 at 7:29:36 AM

Just a nitpick, but the statistical power of a sample is not a function of the ratio between the size of the sample and the size of the thing sampled. 6 is still too low, though.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Aug 17th 2017 at 12:23:38 PM

True but Water Blap is continuing work and it looks like the general trend for the 59 some odd wicks is holding. It is looking like the whole thing needs a work over period with all the other problematic wicks like sinkholes and ZCE.

edited 17th Aug '17 12:25:18 PM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
Aug 17th 2017 at 8:11:24 PM

Something I thought of about this rule:

  • If something is initially presented as scary in the work but then revealed to be something harmless and Played for Laughs, it's most likely not Nightmare Fuel.

Perhaps we could reword it like this:

  • Nightmare Fuel should stick to you even after you're done with the work. If something is initially presented as scary but turns out to be harmless, it's most likely not Nightmare Fuel since The Reveal makes the scariness vanish.

TuefelHundenIV Watchman of the Apocalypse from Wandering Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
Aug 17th 2017 at 8:23:14 PM

I think that is a good add.

"Who watches the watchmen?"
Aug 18th 2017 at 3:54:44 AM

Yes, that's a good qualifier.

ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Aug 18th 2017 at 2:20:54 PM

I would like to point out that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has many pages of Nightmare Fuel despite it being an all ages kids show. Look at this.

Long running or not, I doubt it should have that many examples. (Not that kid shows aren't with Nightmare Fuel but this doesn't make sense, that's more than Madoka or Evangelion)

Seems kind of odd and probably fulled with misuse. Not that I care about MLP much, I don't watch it.

edited 18th Aug '17 3:14:31 PM by ReynTime250

Aug 18th 2017 at 2:51:23 PM

[up]That was brought up on the first discussion thread, MLP FIM is absolutely overflowing with misuse and exaggerations. There are so many things that need to be cut from these pages, and I'd be happy to do it as soon as the rules are in place.

ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Aug 18th 2017 at 3:27:57 PM

Looking at other pages, there's Pokémon Sun and Moon, so I've decided to review some examples.

  • At the cemetery, you can fight a Pokémon Breeder who uses a Pikachu. Not nightmare fuel by itself, but if you talk to her after the battle, she reveals that the grave she's next to is Pikachu's grave. Assuming she's not messing with you or referring to another Pikachu, you probably just fought a Pikachu's ghost! Not only that, her name is Ikue! Freaky...

Honestly this one could be considered decently scary if you're younger considering the contrast between this and previous games (Namely referencing death properly) but the last part is just meant to be a reference to the voice actor of Pikachu. I don't see how that makes it any creepier.

  • Plumeria's eyelids are covered in black eyeshadow, so when she closes her eyes, she abruptly looks like she has no eyes.

I don't think this is all that bad. That sounds weird but not something that would give me nightmares. Minor case of the Uncanny Valley at best.

Straight up cut, nothing more to say here.

  • A bit of Fridge Horror comes in when you consider that the game hints that the reason that the Totem Pokémon are considerably bigger and more intelligent that your average 'mon is because of the effects from the Ultra Wormholes, making them basically cousins to the incredibly powerful and dangerous Ultra Beasts. After learning that, it's not too hard to imagine that somewhere in Alola, or maybe in the rest of the world, there are Pokémon that have absorbed some of the Ultra Wormholes' radiation and are now wandering around as giant, aggressive, and intelligent wild animals.

Move to Fridge Horror page for the game.

Wall of Text incoming

  • The villain of Sun and Moon's true colours. Lusamine as a kindly woman who genuinely wants to help Pokémon? It was all an act. The real Lusamine is a deranged, psychopathic Yandere who is so obsessed with the Ultra Beasts that she is more than willing to destroy the world (or at the very least severely damage it) in order to live out her twisted fantasies with them.
    • Becomes Fridge Horror taking additional info into consideration. Gladion mentions that Lusamine, in her state of mania, would constantly lord over all aspects of his and Lillie's lives. She'd tell them how she wanted things done, and even tell them what to wear. With that in mind, look back to Nihilego. Remember the theories that came about because Nihilego looks like Lillie? It's the other way around. It's actually Lillie who looks like Nihilego. Lusamine has become so insane that she's gone and dressed up her own daughter as the object of her obsession. In fact; when you reach Hau'oli City, Lillie outright says that she wears the clothes her mother always made her wear (presumably as a sign of respect), which could explain why she wears that large hat no matter how cumbersome it is. It might also explain Lusamine's own resemblance to Pheromosa (UB-02 Beauty), and maybe even Guzma's resemblance to Xurkitree (UB-03 Lightning); as after all, he works for Lusamine.
    • The only sound that Nihilego and Lusamine make after merging is screaming in pain.
    • During the battle with Lusamine when she is fused with Nihilego. Almost all of her Pokémon are depicted with evil expressions (Notably Clefable and Lilligant). This is hinting that Nihilego's neurotoxins have also infected her Pokémon. It feels extremely unnerving to see a cute Pokémon like Clefable glaring evilly at you. The only exception is Bewear, as it doesn't have any expression on its face to begin with. Which is already unnerving as it is.
    • When Guzma realizes that Lusamine has gone too far and at one point experiencing a Nihilego momentarily infecting him. It's treated as akin to Demonic Possession, albeit without any direct control on the part of the Nihilego.
    • After she loses to you for the final time, Lusamine slips into a rage and tries to personally kill Lillie. Only the cover legendary's intervention prevents Lusamine from murdering her own daughter with her own two hands.
    • When you confront her the first time in her room, you see frozen cases containing Pokémon like Pyukumuku, Slowpoke and Pikachu! She tells you that they will be contained here for eternity.
      • The worst part is; you can see a few open cases on the walls. And then you realize that every single square on the walls and even the CEILING is a cryogenic cage each containing a Pokémon. The horror is mitigated a bit by how peaceful the Pokémon look, and how in the postgame an Aether Foundation employee states they will eventually be freed.
    • Her second encounter theme is extremely disturbing, even when compared to the likes of music such as "Drought" or "The Old Chateau". It's a slow, off-kilter version of her Leitmotif accompanied by weird, "alien"-sounding noises and an eerie One-Woman Wail, signifying how dangerous her plans are and just how far she's fallen off the deep end.
    • One of your first major warning signs that something is off about Lusamine is her face after the first Ultra Beast fight: it suddenly shifts into a very unnerving Slasher Smile. It's particularly nightmarish because it's so unexpected. The change is so abrupt and evil looking that it would send a Gengar running for its mother.
    • The buildup to her transformation into her Motherbeast form. She releases a Nihilego from the Beast Ball, which slowly caves down upon her as the screen fades to black. The camera then cuts to part of a black, blobby mass expanding from the corner of the screen. It then shows two gelatinous, taloned arms emerging from offscreen, each with vertically aligned, eyes on the hands, then shows her face in profile; her green eyes are now a bright yellow, her hair has turned completely black with blond streaks, and her skin paler than usual, and she appears to be within a transparent dome. Then the camera pans up her body as she hisses at the screen, and zooms out to reveal her in all her glory.
  • The Ultra Beasts. They are horrifying Eldritch Abominations that hardly look like Pokémon however they are actually Pokémon from another dimension, and almost all of them are seemingly capable of immense destruction, directly or otherwise. Everything about them just defies typical Pokémon design and even some logic. They're incomprehensible, and everything about them just seems... wrong, at least compared to actual Pokémon.
    • UB-01 Symbiont (also known as Nihilego) is a jellyfish-like creature that possesses human like movements resembling that of a child, but it might not have a will of its own. Possibly meaning that it's being controlled by something else. In fact, the opposite is true, as it's a parasitic creature. When it finds a fitting host, it injects them with neurotoxins that boost their natural abilities and make them act wild in hopes of protecting the Ultra Beast. This fate befell Lusamine.
    • UB-02 Absorption (also known as Buzzwole). Real Life mosquitoes are already the deadliest animals around due to their ability to spread deadly diseases such as the Zika virus. Now imagine facing one that is almost eight feet tall, and has Super Strength to boot. Its concept art has it attacking and draining energy from a hapless Pangoro.
    • UB-02 Beauty (also known as Pheromosa), emits a pheromone that can cause anyone nearby to be awestruck by its beauty, one that science thought was impossible. Although it's one of the least aggressive of the Ultra Beasts, it also hates touching anything as though it hates the very concept and wrongness of this world to it. It's also able to hit speeds of 120 MPH instantly. Basically it's a cuter version of a Terraformer.
    • UB-03 Lighting (also known as Xurkitree) is perhaps the most alien-looking of the Beasts. While a bunch of cables stuck together in the vague shape of a humanoid tree is not too outlandish an idea for a Pokémon in and of itself, the fact that UB-03 has nothing that would even remotely resemble a face makes it look extremely off in comparison with most Pokémon. Not helping matters either is how it uses some of the wires to stand up, and the others as... arms, but the lack of joints make it unclear whether they're supposed to be meant to be limbs, tentacles, or both.
    • UB-04 Blaster (also known as Celesteela) might have a cute face up close, but it's a thirty-foot tall living spacecraft that has been stated to burn down entire forests. Imagine seeing something like that fly over you in real life.
    • UB-04 Blade (also known as Kartana) might be super small and much more passive compared to other Ultra Beasts, but even when it's not attacking, its indescribably sharp body is extremely dangerous to the touch. And when it's angry? It's been known to destroy entire steel buildings with a single stroke of its blade.
    • UB-05 Gluttony (also known as Guzzlord). It's a huge, monstrous creature with a cavernous mouth that looks like it could be the Final Boss in any other RPG. It has, what are apparently two tongues coming from the mouth that act as its arms, and they're basically two large pincers. If you look a little closely, you can even see a second hole inside its mouth that looks like some sort of spiky gate, and it also has a spiked tongue. It has been reported to eat entire mountains, swallow whole buildings, and even swallow entire oceans. It is also implied that it uses everything it eats as energy; it's basically a living black hole, and everything it eats ceases to exist. And the worst part? Looker mentions that 10 years ago, his team targeted an unnamed Ultra Beast, which was not known to be an Ultra Beast at the time. A member of their team, a Faller, was set up as bait, while Officer Nanu and Looker had to kill it. However, Looker felt sorry for the beast and hesitated to kill it; this delay ended up causing the third member of the team (who was apparently very inexperienced) to be "done in" by the UB. Considering what the Ultra Beasts can do to someone, this is horrific enough, but there's more. If you bring Guzzlord to Wicke, she mentions that the International Police previously targeted it on a top-secret mission. That's right, an innocent woman was eaten by this monstrosity, and was converted to energy, leaving behind no sign of her prior existence. Sweet dreams... Of course it is also likely she was simply killed by accident by Guzzlord, as its explained that the Ultra Beasts go after Fallers in the belief that they can use them to get back to their home dimension, but the result was horrible regardless of Guzzlord's motivations.
    • The Ultra Beasts are implied to have attacked the universe prior to Gen VI off screen, with Anabel falling into the post-gen VI universe muttering about defending the Battle Tower. The exact depth is of event has fueled immense speculation of what the full outcome was.
    • At one point in the story, the player visits what appears to be the dimension that the Ultra Beasts originate from. It is just very wrong in comparison to the regular landscapes you've seen in Pokémon, and Lillie even mentions that breathing is a little difficult. There are also multiple Nihilego just floating about, teleporting in and out of view. On top of that, the... music has what sounds like a pulsing heart beat playing throughout.
    • The trailer for the Ultra Beasts introduction to the Trading Card Game. A Stonehenge-like monument is blanketed in darkness by a fiery cloud, and a meteor drops right into the middle of it, destroying the monument. A red blood-like substance crawls out of the crater and over some nearby slabs, and the message "THEY ARE COMING" appears twice.

The Ultra Beasts are mainly a minor case of Cosmic Horror Story so them being on the page is fair but there's a part of it that mentions Fridge Horror. I would cut that but leave the rest as it is. Also Lusamine is a complete psycho so her being there is very fair.

I would cut this and put it in the Tear Jerker page.

Other than that I'm not seeing any others as problems. The games were dark for an E rated title.

edited 18th Aug '17 3:33:32 PM by ReynTime250

Aug 18th 2017 at 3:34:28 PM


That last one doesn't belong on Tear Jerker since it doesn't even actually exist. It's a purely fan-made invention. Just cut it outright.

ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Aug 18th 2017 at 3:45:13 PM

[up] Roger that, doing it now.

The other ones (Except Salazze's trial) I want more opinions on.

edited 18th Aug '17 3:46:22 PM by ReynTime250

Aug 18th 2017 at 3:58:00 PM

  • At the cemetery, you can fight a Pokémon Breeder who uses a Pikachu. Not nightmare fuel by itself, but if you talk to her after the battle, she reveals that the grave she's next to is Pikachu's grave. Assuming she's not messing with you or referring to another Pikachu, you probably just fought a Pikachu's ghost! Not only that, her name is Ikue! Freaky...

Honestly this one could be considered decently scary if you're younger considering the contrast between this and previous games (Namely referencing death properly) but the last part is just meant to be a reference to the voice actor of Pikachu. I don't see how that makes it any creepier.

I'd add that ghosts being a type of pokemon and thus a staple of the series, the (implied) existence of one shouldn't shock anyone.

WaterBlap Blapper of Water Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Blapper of Water
Aug 18th 2017 at 4:25:57 PM

After looking at those Pokemon examples, I'm wondering why spoiler markup even works on the Nightmare Fuel/ pages. I hadn't thought about it 'cause I always leave "Show Spoilers" on, but this seems like a page that you should expect to find spoilers for the work.

edited 18th Aug '17 4:26:54 PM by WaterBlap

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Aug 18th 2017 at 4:30:09 PM

[up] That is a valid point, especially since Nightmare Fuel specifically says this:

Do not:


  • Spoiler-tag anything.

Going by this rule, we already have the right to remove all spoiler tags from these pages. So go ahead and purge the spoiler tags wherever you see them.

ReynTime250 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Aug 18th 2017 at 5:03:55 PM

Doing it right now, this may take a while.

EDIT: Took a lot quicker than I expected but it's now done.

edited 18th Aug '17 5:10:04 PM by ReynTime250

Aug 18th 2017 at 6:04:36 PM

The Lusamine entry is legit (she's pretty messed up) but seems exaggerated and overly dramatic. The Totem Salazzle and Pokemon Cemetary ones can be easily cut.

Just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin
Aug 18th 2017 at 7:37:01 PM

[up][up] Do you mean you manually removed all spoiler tags from the page? Because there's a tool for that on Itty Bitty Wiki Tools.

Aug 18th 2017 at 7:39:10 PM

[up] Wow, this is really useful, wish I knew about that before I manually removed them all from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure pages.

EDIT: The tool seems to sometimes insert � symbols or replace certain characters with that. Be sure to check for them before saving the page.

SECOND EDIT: The tool also leaves plenty of broken wicks due to sometimes removing the wrong closing brackets, removing it from a Pot Hole or external link instead of the ending of the spoiler tag.

edited 18th Aug '17 8:13:15 PM by Zuxtron

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Aug 18th 2017 at 7:46:12 PM

I keep forgetting about those tools.

So we want add or make any changes to rules proposed or does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts to add? It would help finish that part up so we can point to something more concrete and transfer it to the main NF page.

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Aug 19th 2017 at 6:33:10 AM

Just been checking out the Madoka page, not so bad except the abundance of spoilers and that there's a picture for every single episode. But that's Image Picking problems.

edited 19th Aug '17 6:37:09 AM by ReynTime250

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Aug 19th 2017 at 7:44:58 AM

There seems to be Nightmare Fuel/ subpages for Recap/ pages. Should those be moved to the main works page's own Nightmare Fuel page? I noticed that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic had some of this. (There's also a devoted clean-up thread for that work's YMMV items).

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Aug 20th 2017 at 6:44:30 PM

[up] I really don't think that a single episode is worthy of having its own page. Cut them, and move the examples to the show's Nightmare Fuel page.

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