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Nocturne, the Enemy of Life (The Eternal Nightmare, Noc)
* Potential House: Life and Creation
Razor, the God of Death By Voltage(Razer, The Lightning Revenant)
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Helmet
  • Alignment: A darker shade of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Shock and Awe, Punch-Clock Villain, Psycho Electro, High-Voltage Death, Time Abyss, Our Ghosts Are Different, Pungeon Master.
  • Domains: Lightning, Afterlife, Puns, Death
  • Followers: Visage the Nerco'lic
  • Allies: Gravelord Nito, Decim.
  • Enemies: Anyone who cheats death. Yuuki Terumi
  • Rivals: Sun-Wukong, Zeus, Thor, Eneru
  • Odd Worthy Opponent: Kennen. (Just him though not Akali and Shen.))
  • It was a nice day in the Beast section of the Pantheon. Birds were singing and flowers were blooming. On days like these everyone could rest easily. That is until a massive storm came and started zapping the area. Sun Wukong had never seen a storm this fierce. ever since escaped the Narrow Maze in the lands of the Ancients. In the eye of the storm one phrase could be heard: "RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!!!" Razor had ascended and wanted to bring his lightning whip to hasten souls to the inevitable exit.
  • Razor often shows off in the house of Fire and Electricity and claims he is the true master of lightning. He has gained many rivals in that house
  • Gets pissed when dealing with death cheaters. They remind him of his encounter with the Monkey King.
  • He really hates Yuuki Terumi and the two often fight alot usually ending in a draw. Terumi always reminds him of his humiliation at the hands of Wukong.
  • Nito and him get along well due to both being afterlife deities.
  • Despite him being rivals with Runeterran champs, he really likes Kenne out of all of them. He sees the young ninja as a worthy user of lightning and often spars with him to make his edge better.
  • He and Decim get along well due to them both being Psychopomps, though Decim wishes he would not be so much of a sadist when it comes to the afterlife.

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