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Ghilz is a Canadian contributor who has done various edits to too many article for him to remember.

     created the pages for the following tropes or indexes: 

    And for the following series: 

    Namespace Icons I provided: 

    Pages I've provided the page image for: 
  1. Iron Man on Powered Armor.
  2. Sandman on Dishing Out Dirt.
  3. Elastigirl on Action Mom.
  4. Oblelix Vs Romans on Foe-Tossing Charge.
  5. The All Seeing Eye as seen on the US Seal and Dollar bill for Ancient Conspiracy.
  6. The Church of the Sovereign Host for Crystal Dragon Jesus.
  7. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood for Chaotic Good.
  8. A Night Mare for Hellish Horse.
  9. Risk for Take Over the World.
  10. Boxing Glove Arrow for Trick Arrow.
  11. The Cast of ReBoot for Amazing Technicolor Population.
  12. The Power Rangers for "Super Sentai" Stance.
  13. Bloody Mess for One-Hit Kill.
  14. The Stargate For Cool Gate.
  15. Daniel Ascending for Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
  16. The Two Towers Gift Set for Bonus Material.
  17. The Blood Wars for Evil vs. Evil.
  18. Thy Dungeonman for You Can't Get Ye Flask.
  19. Warcraft 2 Orcs for Clown-Car Base.
  20. The Fatboy for Military Mashup Machine.
  21. Fallout 3' Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat for Walking the Earth.
  22. Basil and Ratigan for Good Smoking, Evil Smoking.
  23. The Rebel Fleet for Standard Sci-Fi Fleet.
  24. The Daily Buggle for Hero with Bad Publicity.
  25. The Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St-John for Warrior Monk.
  26. Chief Wiggum eating donuts for Juggling Loaded Guns.
  27. Army Medic for Combat Medic.
  28. A Marilith for Snake People.
  29. Superman's Heat Vision for Eye Beams.
  30. Watchmen for Bury Your Gays.
  31. The Galactica War Room for The Big Board.
  32. Super Munchkin for Prestige Class.
  33. The Many Skills of Mario for Renaissance Man. Original idea by Do Know Butchie and modified by Ultimatum.
  34. Young Spock for Pointy Ears.
  35. Charles Foster Kane for Hitler Cam.
  36. SwordInTheStone for Sword In The Stone.
  37. Deep Space 9 for Space Station.
  38. Chain Devil for Chained by Fashion.
  39. Goku's family on Strong Family Resemblance (Originally Identical Grandson)
  40. List of Iconic Items for Iconic Item.
  41. Magma for Magma Man.
  42. Psycho Rangers Vs Power Rangers for The Psycho Rangers.
  43. Satyrs for Fauns and Satyrs.
  44. Elven Ranger for Forest Ranger.
  45. Starship Troopers for Bug War.
  46. Henry Kissinger for Kavorka Man.
  47. Cacophonix Playing Music on Suckiness Is Painful.
  48. O'Brien wedding aboard the Enterprise for Married at Sea.
  49. Spock, McCoy and 3D chess for Smart People Play Chess.
  50. Japanese World for Japan Takes Over the World.
  51. Bleeding Romulan for Alien Blood.
  52. Hair Boob Lady For Godiva Hair.
  53. Earth's Lanterns For Green Lantern.
  54. Vorlon Cruiser for Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon.
  55. Zeus on Physical God.
  56. Yoda training Count Dooku on Mentors.
  57. Superboy on Civvie Spandex.
  58. Arsène Lupin stole this image on Phantom Thief.
  59. Zorro on Zorro.
  60. Crimson Avenger on Coat, Hat, Mask.
  61. Quest For Glory 3 Class Choice on Fighter, Mage, Thief.
  62. Cluedo for Colourful Theme Naming.
  63. Russian woman from Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 for Sensual Slavs.
  64. Sleeping Clonetroopers for 24-Hour Armor.
  65. Arsene Lupin for Gentleman Thief.
  66. Montage of visors for One-Way Visor.
  67. Yarn ball for Timey-Wimey Ball.
  68. Robby The Robot for Prop Recycling.
  69. Morrigan which got moved around a bunch and ended up on Lady of Black Magic.
  70. Captain Haddock on Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.
  71. Kung Pow on Artistic License – Martial Arts.
  72. Woman with Staff on Magic Staff.
  73. Gandalf on Nice Hat.Literature.
  74. Purple Ritual on Supernatural Is Purple.

Since it seems to be a custom, you can always vandalize here, assuming you read all the way down here.

  • Thanks for teaching that author clown a lesson. Really, removing all references to his book and vandalizing my page (as in, actually removing my reference to it in my personal details). THAT was going too far. —Bonsai Forest

  • Yay for vandalizing! And wow, you've contributed a lot to this wiki. I feel somewhat ashamed and lazy now. —Harpsichord
    • Don't feel that way. I am spectacularly lazy. —Ghilz