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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The entire series is an Evil Plan by the Bunyips to get TY powerful enough to wipe out the Quinkan, leaving no force powerful enough to stop the Bunyips. Hey, they're not good guys in Aussie folklore, so their benevolence in-game is more than a little off-putting.
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  • Annoying Video-Game Helper: An interesting case for Lenny the lyrebird; he's not as helpful as you'd want... until you start doing the opposite of what he says. He later gets a job telling stories to kids in daycare, which are actually all true, being recountings of boss fights from the first game (albeit a bit exaggerated).
  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • In the second game, Boss Cass' final form is... himself. No fancy mechs (on his part), no special effects, just the one cassowary. Though hitting him with the Shadow Bunyip's Frickin' Laser Beams is a guilty pleasure...
    • The Quinking in the third game starts off as a powerful and hard to predict Ty clone, but once pushed will turn into a giant dinosaur-like creature which is far easier to predict and is overall much easier than his first form.
  • Awesome Music: Several songs in the third game, like Kakaboom Island's music and the mini-boss theme of that game sounds dang awesome. The past two games also have pretty good music, notably "Avine Rescue Now Redux", Ride of the Valkyries on banjos.
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  • Complete Monster: The Quinking, from Night of the Quinkan, is the leader of the Quinkan with an contempt for all life, which he desires to kill or enslave. Prior to the events of the game, he has his forces invade the Dreaming, seeking to conquer it and kill all of the Bunyips. After being summoned to Southern Rivers by Boss Cass, he forces Cass to become his slave before sending his forces to invade Southern Rivers, destroying Buramudgee and turning the rest of the land into a hellish war zone in the process, so he can have them prepare for his arrival so he can destroy all life and enslave any survivors. When Ty returns and helps Bush Rescue fight back against the Quinkan, he attempts to have Hexaquin kill Ty. When this fails, he has his forces kidnap Shazza to use her as bait for Ty so the Dragonquin can kill him. After Ty acquires the Shadowrang and prepares to assault the Quinkan homeworld, he sends his forces to stop him, nearly killing Ty's friends in the process.
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  • Even Better Sequel: The first game is a by the numbers platformer collectathon with little interesting going on aside from the unique setting and some interesting gameplay mechanics. The second game turns into an open world game, turns the focus onto Grand Theft Auto style missions and dramatically expands the scope of the gameplay while improving the issues with the first game. The third game is a lot more controversial, however.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: This commercial has other platformer mascots such as Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro all supposedly defeated by Ty and it claims that "a new hero" is on the way. Said new hero hasn't had a game for years now, being forgotten and overshadowed each year that passes while Sonic, Crash and Spyro are continuing to get new games for their franchises.
  • Game-Breaker: Specifically, any of the boomerangs that can explode, or let you launch multiple homing boomerangs at once. TY 3 allows you to make them blow up. Precision accuracy? What's that?
  • Memetic Mutation: "Best. Rang. Ever," and "I, for one, welcome our new Quinkan overlords!"
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The horribly screeching Giant Spiders... which have a tendency to be black, in poorly-lit areas, and jump out at you without warning. Fun! TY himself isn't fond of them either, as shown in "Rex Marks the Spot".
      TY: Ugh! Spiders! I hate spiders!
    • The giant roaches can give those spiders a good run for their money.
    • The mission in the second game involving crocodiles in the sewers. In any 90-degree corner can one round a bend and just encounter a croc without any warning.
    • Also from the second game is the second boss Buster, a giant collection of nanobots that look like spiders with red eyes that form several things such as a sphere or humanoid being, both of which are freaking gigantic. His bizarre cybernetic musical theme accentuates how horrifying he is.
  • Polished Port: The PC versions of the first three games have HD graphics and numerous other improvements. The second game, in particular, benefitted from many improvements such as the ability to use the regular rangs alongside their upgraded versions, the kart races now have voice-acting, better powersliding (and even miniturbos), and controls, Wobbygong Bay received elements that had to be excluded from the original release due to space limitations (such as Dennis boating, a humpback whale who gives Ty a friendly wave, and a pirate ship), and the prologue can be replayed using the rangs the player has collected since then.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Kart racing was a fun distraction to the main quest that people enjoyed... Until it was made mandatory in three with absurd conditions that just make doing these missions a chore. Krome fixed this in the PC version to make them less painful to complete.
    • The pictures in Ty 1. They are hidden in (nearly) invisible boxes around every level, and can only be seen clearly with the Infrarang, which also beeps to alert you to their presence. However, this can only be obtained after the fifth level, meaning that you have to back-track through at least four levels if you want 100% completion. note  It also means that you have to constantly switch from your powerful 'rangs to what is essentially a normal boomerang that makes annoying sounds. The boxes can also be quite hard to spot, especially in Snow Worries and Beyond The Black Stump, where the black and white boxes are hidden in black and white trees.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Kart racing! It can either be done from the main story mode (where it's theoretically a useful way to get opals, but we know you're just doing it for fun) or as an option from the main menu (so you can skip the middleman, play any character you want, and even go on a grand tour of all the courses in the game).
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The voice acting changing between games one, two, and three, and the excess of mech or Gunyip levels in game three.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Lily, from about ten feet away, does not look female. She also has a bad case of Larynx Dissonance, and TY backs away from her as soon as she finishes speaking.

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