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YMMV / Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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  • Author's Saving Throw: Baby Mario's cry in the Super Mario Advance 3 version is far less annoying than the one in the SNES game.
  • First Installment Wins: The original Yoshi's Island is much more well-regarded than any of its platforming sequels. In fact, after mixed reception to DS, Yoshi's New Island had been presented like a successor to the original, only to still be not as well-liked.
  • Goddamned Boss:
    • Burt the Bashful, being the game's first mini-boss, is ridiculously easy and you'd have to purposefully try to lose to him. However, his fast knockback from damage and sheer size makes it very easy for Yoshi to accidentally buffet Burt directly into himself, knocking Baby Mario off his back and robbing you of a perfect score for the level. And remember, you can't use refill power-ups during boss fights.
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    • Roger The Potted Ghost, the boss of 2-8, is not a hard fight at all since he only has one method of directly attacking you, but he can become annoying to beat on a 100% run since you're constantly trying to get him and the Shy Guys pushing him knocked into the pit, and this can make you an easy target for Roger's flame attacks and make you lose valuable timer points if you get careless.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Four words: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.
    • Videos of people/characters/animals crying or screaming being synced up with the high-pitched horn sound 10 seconds into the music track "Flower Garden".
  • Older Than They Think:
    • Many gameplay mechanics commonly assumed to have debuted in Super Mario 64 — such as the ground pound and red coins — actually first appeared in the SNES Yoshi's Island.
    • Yoshi's Island is also the first game to feature a certain remix of the Starman theme, again better known in Super Mario 64.
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  • Player Tic: Touch fuzzy, get dizzy? You know you've done that deliberately.
  • That One Level:
    • World 1's secret level (exclusive to the GBA port) "Exercise In the Skies" is just a small sample of the hell you're in for with the games bonus stages. Finishing the level is tricky enough, but a 100% run is an exercise in frustration. The first segment is tedious enough due to the player having to make a perfectly timed jump to reach the secret area near its midpoint (although the level at least allows you as many tries as you need to reach it), but the second part, where Yoshi has to cross a large gap while balancing himself on a tiny, fast rolling ball while only having a slim chance at grabbing the nearby red coins, is an absolute nightmare. And to top it off, the final segment has you scramble across a collection of falling rocks, where its entirely possible to wind up in an unwinnable situation if you don't cross the rocks fast enough.
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    • "Poochy Ain't Stupid", World 1's extra level, is a goddamn lie, featuring lava for practically the entire level and auto scrolling to go along with the introduction of Poochy, a dog that, if you unlocked the extra stage before proceeding to world 2, is a new mechanic.
    • World 2's "extra" level "Hit that Switch!!" is an utter nightmare. If you're aiming for 100% completion, it feels like the level designers confused "making a 'complex' level" with "making a level that makes you remember and do way too much shit." If you manage to reach the end... it pulls you into a nearly Unwinnable situation — simple as that.
    • "More Monkey Madness" is full of goddamn seed-throwing monkeys that are placed on branches and vines above a pit, so they can easily kill the player. And you have 5 seconds to get past those monkeys and grab the Shy Guy hovering above a bottomless pit before it flies off with a red coin. Gaaah! It isn't so bad in the SNES version, since for some goofy reason there are 21 red coins in that level (normal is 20, and you need exactly 20 of them); however, the GBA port fixes this, leaving you no room for error.
    • "The Impossible? Maze," the 4th bonus level, gets a special mention here, as it lives up to its name all too well. There aren't many enemies, but good luck trying to find every red coin and flower for the perfect score!
    • The 5th bonus level "Kamek's Revenge" is fairly easy—if you're not bothering to get 100% completion. To obtain all those red coins, you first had to perform two whole screens of skiing and hit all the obnoxiously difficult placed items with perfectly-precise jumps, THEN, you had to hunt down a bunch of them on a huge, nonlinear helicopter course (which happens to be timed — run out of time and you fall to your doom). Miss just one coin, and your only option is to die and try the whole thing over again. Also, the first section of the stage — where you have to make your way across a whole bunch of tiny floating logs without getting knocked off by Kamek or the egg-throwing Green Gloves—ain't no picnic either. This level is so hard, even top players have complained that they can regularly solve all bonus levels with a perfect score in the game - except THIS one.
    • "Endless World of Yoshis/Crazy Maze Days" from the GBA port. The first part isn't so bad, although it does have fast auto scrolling. However, the maze part is worse. Not only is there a long shaft filled with instant death spikes you have to dodge with split second timing (entirely blind), but to get 100% completion, you need to beat this section THREE TIMES. There's just one midway ring after it, meaning that if you mess up before the cave (and given the confusing layout of the place, you probably will), you'll have to do a significant amount of the level over. After that, there's a cave with some rather mean tricks as well as a replica of the intro with Kamek attacking Yoshi throughout. It's also a Marathon Level. And the last flower is literally right before the goal, so if you forget about it/run out, you're playing the whole thing over.
    • "The Very Loooooong Cave". It isn't the length of the level that makes this one a pain, it's that it requires a steady sequence of very precise jumps, which due to the continuous auto-scroll, you have essentially no time to prepare. Going for hundred percent? Bet you're looking forward to that part about 5 minutes in where you have to ride a rolling boulder across a lava pit to reach an alternate exit door, while the screen is auto-scrolling. Slip and fall in the lava, and it's back to the very beginning of the level for you! The very end of the level autoscrolls especially fast and has a series of pillars that you need to Ground Pound to collect the last red coins. If you miss, you only have a fraction of a second to get yourself pinched between the pillars and the autoscrolling sides — otherwise, instead of dying and going back to the last checkpoint, you must complete the level and start it again.
    • World 5-7: Shifting Platforms Ahead deserves mention, as the need to time your jumps to avoid falling into the abyss while dealing with the moving platforms makes reaching the exit a frustrating ordeal, and completing it 100% a bigger nightmare.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: This game makes use of the second-generation Super FX enhancement chip to provide some stellar 2D effects, such as sprite scaling, rotation, and stretching, transparency, and increased parallax scrolling effects for backgrounds and foregrounds. These effects, combined with the game's unique crayon-drawn art style, creates one of the best looking games not only of the SNES-era, but of all time, that still looks and plays fantastically today, and that has aged infinitely better than the clunky early 3D games it went up against at the time of its release.

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