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  • Character Tiers: Because of patches, the game's weapon and legend tierlists usually vary with four exceptions:
    • Hattori and Asuri are almost always on the top of tierlists, and have generally dominated the meta with high speed and versatile weaponry.
    • Teros and Xull have always been on the bottom of tierlists due to their slow speed and over-reliance on their strength stat.
  • Crazy Awesome: Because of the legends being... Legends, there are some examples.
    • Thatch fires literal cannonballs out of his blasters, and those cannonballs also happen to explode.
    • Xull uses both a cannon and an axe with the highest strength stat in the game.
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  • Evil Is Cool: Cross and Lord Vraxx, especially in their Boss Cross and Vraxx the King skins.
  • Memetic Mutation: Having been going for a long time, there are bound to be at least a few memes.
    • The community has branded both Thatch and Ulgrim as Memetic Badasses.
    • The Apprentice Ulgrim skin, in particular, is generally well received.
    • Maining Teros or Xull
    • "Ember? You mean Bucket?"Explanation 
    • yellow man badExplanation 
  • Most Annoying Sound/Most Wonderful Sound: The KO sound effect, the former if you're on the receiving end, and the latter if you're delivering it.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: This was bound to happen, since lore entries can contain interactions with other legends.
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  • Stuck in Their Shadow: Sentinel and Isaiah have some of the lowest overall playrates in the game.
  • That One Attack: Multiple legends have one, almost to the point of requiring its own page.
    • Hattori and Queen Nai's signatures tend to all be considered That One Attack by players.
    • Ada's spear neutral signature has an extremely large hitbox and very high knockback.
    • Thatch's blaster down signature is the aforementioned cannonballs which cover a huge area and also semispike.
    • Signatures that have startup hitboxes, like Wu Shang's gauntlets down signature and Isaiah's blasters down signature, line up opponents to be in the exact spot to get hit by the rest of the signature.
    • Asuri's katar neutral signature, Kor's gauntlet neutral signature, Teros and Ulgrim's axe neutral signature, and Yumiko's hammer signature are all "dunk" movesnote , leading to a lot of situations where it leads to a free stock.
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    • In a similar vein Ulgrim's lance down signature, Ragnir's axe down signature, Kaya's spear down signature, and Cross' blasters neutral signatures are attacking for the entire duration of the charge, unlike most other signatures, meaning a lot of players have and will run into them.
    • Chase signatures, as in ones that move during the charge, like Xull's side signatures on both weapons, Asuri's sword side signature, Kaya's bow neutral signature. They can make movement unpredictable and can charge across the entire map.
  • Theme Pairing: This is also bound to happen a lot within the fandom.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Hattori has been on the receiving end of this for a while. She has two of the best weapons in the game, great signatures with large coverage, and has one of the highest speed stats in the game. She's also beginner friendly, and has a lot of options for high level play.
  • Unexpected Character: Summer 2019 saw the surprise addition of Cartoon Network icons Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum to the game's roster.

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