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Mook: MissÖ where did you get all this?

Rumplestiltskin is a webcomic adaptation of Rumpelstiltskinnote  by H0lyhandgrenade (who also makes Mokepon). It stars Christine (Chris for short), a girl who's sick and tired of living on a farm with her brother Toby, particularly after both their parents died. After that incident, Toby was too angsty to play pretend with her and all Chris had for true companionship was this strange man who lived in the woods and refused to give his name.

Ten years later, Chris is still sick of living on a farm. Fortunately, she's had plenty of time to not only dream up the perfect adventure that sheíd go on eventually, and she's also picked up some minor magical skills (that she's forbidden to use because women with magic have a history of being Drunk on the Dark Side). But lo and behold, word on the street is the king is looking for a bride that can do magic and has modern ideals. Chris decides that it's worth it to drop by and say hello. To Make a Long Story Short, she ends up breaking a bunch of expensive things, indirectly almost murdering a handmaiden and getting herself arrested. How is she supposed to get out of this mess?

Maybe the masked guy that appeared outta nowhere can help.

The whole comic can be read for free here.

This webcomic provides examples of: