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From this thread on Reddit: many NPCs in normal Pokemon games are controlled by Twitch chats.
(Copied from thread by Zeussical)Imagine:
  • A person walking aimlessly around town/routes, going in random directions and turning around at random.
  • A person who seems to be stuck behind an easily cuttable tree with no apparent way of getting out and no discernable reason for being there.
  • A trainer with pokemon that have seemingly random movesets and no particular strategic array of types.
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  • A trainer who appears to choose their moves disregarding any logic.
Did I just describe an NPC.... or this guy? My theory is that many NPCs in the game have a Twitch chat from our world running in their head. In fact, it's possible that they are all receiving chats from different versions of our world across the multiverse and that playing Pokemon over Twitch is the only method that our universes have of communicating with each other.

The main villain of the series isn't the Dome Fossil, the PC, or Bill.
It's Ghetsis. Think about it.

Team Plasma confirmed they would be able of releasing Pokémon from the PC at will. Ghetsis has manipulated Bill in doing things... he's doing. Ghetsis's plans in the original Black and White were to release all the Pokémon so he would be the only with them and as such he would conquer Unova easily. And probably the rest of the world later.

If we get to the G5, Black and White probably will chronologically be the last one.

  • It's be difficult to set up, but they could go to BW if they had a decent enough emulator.
  • Chances are Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 will chronologically be the last TPP games to take place. Even if the mob plays XY afterward.
  • Alternatively, Ghetsis is Bill, and Team Plasma merely a front for his most recent plan.

The illness the heroes of the Twitch Plays Pokémon streams are experiencing isn't any real-life illness, but an in-universe one known as the Twitch.
One of the universal symptoms of the Twitch is hearing voices. How else it affects the person depends on how the person reacts to the voices.

Twitch Plays Pokémon was the result of a Deal with the Devil...
And the Devil is Twitch itself.

The protagonists of each generation have one thing in common- to become champion of the region. Twitch, an intangible entity, has the power to grant that for them, but it comes with a price- they must bear the restless souls of trainers who took up this challenge and failed. The protagonist becomes their vessel, following their every command and listening to their every remark as they get endlessly tugged around. Essentially, they become People Puppets; their only saving grace at this point is to become champion and finally put the souls to rest.

The main villain of the series isn't the Dome Fossil, the PC, Bill, or Ghetsis
It's the mob.

GlaDOs or VAL is the anonymous Admin
A social experiment? Sounds like something GlaDOs or VAL would do.

For science.

You monsters.

The anonymous Admin works for Nintendo of Australia.
Bonus points if they're the CEO of NOA.

both of the above WMG's is true
GlaDOs or VAL are working for (or own) Nintendo of Australia.

There will be a shout out to Twitch in the main games or anime at some point
maybe something like 'hay look at this cool spiral'
  • Confirmed. Omega Ruby has the Kanto fossils as a recurring motif in Rustboro City (both in Devon Corp. and in Roxanne's Gym) and the French script has Brawly outright say that he found the meaning of life while staring at a Helix Fossil.

The mob will finally be able to fight Bill.
Bonus points if one of his Pokemon is a Togetic.

At some point, we're going to encounter and capture a MissingNo.
And that day will be the day TPP crashes for good.

Bill and Ghetsis are the same person
If we ever reach BW or B2W2, Ghetsis will be revealed as Bill and the final battle between player character and Bill will have Bill using Pokémon that have been released.

Other possible Twitch Plays…
  • NOT Fire Emblem. In Pokémon, all that's at stake is the trainer's money and their Pokémon's happiness. Here, lives of your units are at stake. And when they die, that's it.
  • Twitch Plays Dark Souls is currently past Ornstein and Smough. I think it's safe to say anything's possible with the right interface.

If Twitch Plays Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, it'll end in disaster.
  • Double battles caused plenty of trouble in Emerald and those two games are full of them. That plus the relative difficulty of catching Pokemon in those games means it'd be hard to make any progress.

The events of Twitch Plays Pokemon are being viewed Through the Eyes of Madness.
Your main character is a young child possessed by incomprehensible demons(?) controlling their every move. Said demons also write down their stories based on what the main character experiences, therefore making both the demons and the main character Unreliable Narrators. Absurdities and strange happenings can be explained as the main character's growing insanity skewing their perceptions of reality as they go along.
  • In addition, their entire reasoning process could be affected by this. Combined with childish inexperience and intellect, all of their anger and frustrations with the systems and battles are interpreted very strangely by the Mob (i.e. PC problems = the moderator is out to get them, constantly comparing your team to the Champion = the Champion is an Omnicidal Maniac, etc.). What happens when they take out all that frustrations, however, is very real. This isn't to say that the Mob/demons are inherently evil, per se, but it just means that they sort of give the kid a Black-and-White Morality to match their own, which ends up becoming Black and White Insanity.

See above theory about how Ghetsis was the main villain the whole time.

After the events of Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed, Bill went home and became a family man.
If the above WMG is true, then it's possible that Bill might have had a Heel–Face Turn after seeing the extent of his actions. He then left to actually be a parent to Alice instead of locking her in a simulation to help her. This is also why he appears in HGSS- at that point, he's fully turned and likely actually visiting family.

The Voices are actually a Time Lord and the various Protagonists are their different regenerations.
Because it had to be said eventually.

In a later run, there will be no Voices.
Lore-wise, the protagonist won't have Voices to tell them what to do or where to go. In their case, the Voices haven't reached them. Instead, the protagonist will be an adventure seeker, going out believing they will become a hero.

The Big Bad of the story is the Admin themselves.
Think about it- They're the ones who set up the adventures. They're the ones who created the fabled Anarchy/Democracy system. They're the ones who essentially put the "Voices" in the heads of the protagonists to see if they could cooperate until the endgame. They're also very well capable of hacking the game to make certain events happen if they so wish. They're essentially the IRL equivalent of Bill, as well- they have the power to transfer the protag's Pokemon from game to game, so technically all the runthrough's Pokemon go through them. The Mob isn't some intangible monstrosity; they're merely guinea pigs part of a social experiment the Admin started. They're as much a part of the ride as the kid they control. But because the Admin provides them with entertainment via the LP, they're allowed to get away with it.

If this is acknowleged in-mythos, it could result in a Gladiator-type Rage Against the Heavens from the current protagonist.

  • This theory might hold some weight- if one interprets the countdown clock as the admin being fed up with the mob's incompetence at defeating Red, then the threat of ending the series at Emerald becomes extremely sinister.

Sooner or later, a tagline won't be "No Gods, No Kings, only Mon", but instead "No Gods, No Kings, only Mob".
It's possible that at some point a protagonist could be completely consumed by the Mob, instead having everything they do be exactly what the Mob says or does. It would be more akin to the possession of Dana by Zuul in Ghostbusters.

There will be a run where the Elite 4 will be replaced by previous TPP protagonists.
As stated.

Jaw and Sail are the Gods of Determination and Desire, respectively, whose forces have helped (and hindered) the Mob in their previous journeys.

There will be a Cats Play Pokemon.
Given the success of Fish Plays Pokemon, someone is going to set up a camera with a bunch of different kittens in a room, where they have, say, a DDR controller hooked up to an emulator, and letting the cats play on the mat will enter in the buttons pushes.
  • It will also be the most watched thing ever.

dekuNukem is Rick Gastley in the past.

Season 3 predictions
  • It will be based around playing terrible Pokemon ROM hacks that perfectly demonstrate Sturgeon's Law.

The mysterious bird of Season 3

Missingno will be the key to defeating OLDEN in Anniversary Emerald.
  • Only a glitch is strong enough to take on a glitch!

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