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The First 7 Episodes of "Great the Show" represent the 7 Deadly Sins
  • Episode 1 is Pride - the lion's hubris causes him to fail the riddle, also the Expert Kid; Pride is the first sin committed (by Lucifer before the creation of man)
  • Episode 2: "Syrup" is Rage - every character is so hateful in this one
  • Episode 3: "Time Capsule" is Lust - Peter Sexhaver, and the message in the time capsule
  • Episode 4: "Jade" is Sloth - he can't even get up for his controller, and the second part just has no effort in terms of dialogue
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  • Episode 5: "Meme High School" is Envy - Bacon causes (Just) Frank to be discontented with his state, and then Pizza Frank beats him up
  • Episode 6: "Spaghettios" is Gluttony - Dad eats the whole bowl (including the bowl) in one bite, while his son smokes a beer
  • Episode 7: "Jade II" is Greed - Jade's boyfriend wants to control the way she plays the game, and The Dog wants to control the sky itself, the dog of wisdom's advice represents not taking more than you can use

In "Hug the Bowz", the reason why Mario died because the Bowz still had his spiky bracelets on. Silly Bowz, you should have taken those off!

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