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Spoony committed suicide at the end of the Final Fantasy VIII review.
Spoony had already been driven insane as the review approached the end, to the point where not only had he adopted the alter ego of Dr. Insano, he was now seeing him as if he was a separate person. The end of the review pushed him over the edge, and he killed himself, thinking in his own mind that it was Insano killing him using Squall as an assassin.
  • This goes along with my theory... that Insano is always a alter ego/multiple personality of Spoony. That even though Spoony talks to him like a different person even after the suicide and such. It is because after all that, Spoony cant consciously deal with the fact that he is Insano, so he makes him into a separate person and his friends, notably Linkara realize this... so they will sometimes reference Dr. Insano as a separate entity from Spoony. They enable Spoony to address Insano as a separate person, but he's not. How it is portrayed in Kickassia is the way it really is. When he, or anyone addresses Dr. Insano as someone else, they are just trying to protect Spoony's sanity.

Dr. Insano's multiple choice past is due to Linkara punching the wall playing out all at once.
Although Linkara remembers Insano being a woman, Insano wasn't just a woman. s/he was many things, but the punching of reality caused Linkara to forget all but the second to last and the last. We're watching him at various altered timelines.

Dr. Insano is a memetic life-form
Spoony has said several times that Insano is an idea, That there is no continuity, there is only Insano. Being a memetic life form explains this, and also explains why he can possess others on occasion, though Spoony is his favourite. Of course mentioning Insano tends to mean "SCIENCE!!!" ..he turns up.

The Spoony that appears in Kickassia is a clone.

Linkara created more than one clone of Spoony. One of the clones went back in time and became Dr. Insano (not necessarily in that order). But in any case, he shows up in Spoony's new place to review The Clones of Bruce Lee with him and Spencer D. Bum (another Spoony clone). Later on, this particular clone decided to give up being Dr. Insano and be Spoony again. He ends up being the one who answers the Nostalgia Critic's call, and of course, at the urging of Angry Joe, fell off the 'Insano' wagon and became Dr. Insano again.

Supposedly, he 'got better', but then he showed up along with a number of alternate universe Insanos during the Warrior #2 chaos.


There really is an Black Lantern Insano.
And is More Evil and More Insane than the both of them.
  • There are actually three Insanos other than this fourth one according to the video. And they're also all real.

All three alive Insanos are different personality-wise.
The one living with Spoony, though still a bit evil, is more toned down thanks to his son, Mechakara aside. the Chronal-Locked one is murderous and planning Spoony's murder because he spent 100 years in that mad state, losing all traces of humanity and wanting to kill his last bit. Finally the split personality is the medium, the original unaltered Insano.

The Cop who Beats the Crap Out of Insano in the Ferris Bueller Review is Officer Spoony from the SWAT IV Reviews
  • Pedantic devotion to police procedure even in the most impractical of situations eventually broke his mind. That and being constantly told he was in people's way. And the repeated accidental flash-bangings. And the numerous gun-shot wounds to the legs. And work-stress from incompetent colleagues.

Spoony came back to life because Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs screwed up again.
Well that is technically what killed Spoony, wasn't it? It's definitely something DoIOF would do.

Spoony is an avatar of Slaanesh
See Spooning With Spoony
  • I wonder what Bennett is an avatar of then?

There is but one Insano, and he was ALWAYS a clone!
When Linkara was making the Spoony clones, one prototype clone went bonkers and immediately made a machine that shot him back in time. The explosion from that leap at least helped fracture reality so that Harvey Finevoice and 90's Kid were sent to the present and fictional characters could appear in the reviews of AVGN, NC, Linkara and Spoony. Insano arrives in the past and appears in the first 'Previously on AT4W'. Presumably he told Spoony that he was the future original, explaining the line "You can't kill me! YOU'RE me!" Eventually he managed to suppress his dark side enough to be a normal Spoony clone. Come the events of Kickassia, Spoony was actually too busy to come and so sent 'Insano' in his stead. Since then, Insano has been back to normal, only experiencing brief moments of lucidity.

Doctor Insano never taught Spoony about science after Final Fantasy 8
When Insano came from the future, he simply ran away and shaved his hair. There are now three Spoonys: Black Lantern Spoony, Clone Sponny, and Jekyll and Hyde Spoony (aka Insano). Jekyll and Hyde Spoony is the Spoony that appeared in Kickassia... all other origin stories for Insano actually incorporate aspects of Black Lantern Spoony's origin/lies spread by Insano.

Spoony is crazy and imagining the weird stuff happening to him
In Spoony's earliest reviews, there were no unusual events happening around him, he more or less just talked about the games, and he seemed fairly calm and stable in comparison to his later work. However, as he continually subjected himself to increasingly bad games and movies, his mind began to fracture and he became paranoid and started hallucinating. The reviews themselves are real, but the mad scientists, famous wrestlers and fictional characters attacking him are all imaginary. The other TGWTG reviewers humor him so he doesn't completely snap. Remember that in-character he's confessed to at least two killing sprees.

Spoony will get to review Final Fantasy XV immediately after release.
He's getting through
Final Fantasy X much faster than Final Fantasy VIII, and will likely skip Final Fantasy XI (the MMO) and Final Fantasy X-2 (not a true installment). Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII will likely take a total of five years for him to finish, which will coincidentally be the amount time it takes for XV to come out. Spoony would have to skip Final Fantasy XIV (another MMO) and XIII-Versus (will probably come out after XV) for this to work. Reviewing XV when it's released will allow Spoony to tear it a new one as before it's fanbase even matures.
  • Somewhat Jossed. Spoony said that X-2's "time is coming." And in the Dr. Insano review of Dungeon Master it was shown he's been forcing Sage to get footage of the game for him. X-2 is most likely the next FF review, which does not bode well for this guess, but that's all up to Square and when they release XV.
    • Not entirely Jossed. Spoony completed the review of X in under a year. If he keeps up that pace X-2, XII, and XIII reviews should take only 3 years. With Square Enix bogged down with XIII-Versus and fixing MMO-XIV, its highly unlikely XV will be out within 3 years. Unfortunately it's too early to tell who will reach XV first, Spoony or Square.
    • Now, after the completion of X-2's review, it has been confirmed (at least for now) that he is skipping XII and moving straight on to XIII. More than likely XV will come out in about two years or so, so if he keeps up the pace he probably will have time to finish XIII, and then he will likely finish XIII-2 before XV comes out.
      • Well, we can partially joss this - as of November 6, 2017, it's been roughly 1 year since XVnote  was released, and Spoony still hasn't reviewed it (or for that matter, done a livestream on it or anything). He hasn't explicitly said he won't review it, but he has said words about the game.

One of the Multiverse Dr. Insanos is in the Pokémon world.
During the episode A.I. Warrior Porigon (The one which was banned after causing seizures in several children in Japan) we are introduced to the scientist who created the Pokemon transfer system in the Pokemon Centers. He has the spiral glasses, talks about science and is crazy. Admittedly he seems to be a good guy but in a Multiverse of Insanos there are likely a few of them here and there. Take a look at a screenshot of him here. Plus, you never know when Dr. Insano will show up to take over the world with SCIENCE!

Spoony will get a Green Lantern Red Ring of Rage.
Considering that Chuckles has a Yellow Ring of Fear and Real Spoony has a Black Ring of Death. If it keeps up, it may end up one epic fight with other Ring Holders (and let's face it...when you think Spoony, you don't think the Blue ring, that's for sure.)
  • Jossed. Ultimate Warrior already has a Red Ring, and it doesn't seem like he's giving multiple characters the same ring type, though time may tell. Maybe it will end up that ALL the other characters have a ring BUT Spoony and he'll end up getting caught in the cross fire.

Spoony never left the Blag'ole.
This would explain the recent Highlander related stuff, the Blag'ole is showing him his worst nightmare.

In the year 2021 Spoony will change his name to Stormy.
And anyone looking for can find him in the sealab, underneath the water.

Dr. Insano will run for re-election against Angry Joe in the 2012 election.
And it will be the most epic cross over since Kickassia!
  • Which means Linkara would have to choose between his arch-nemesis and someone he admitted to never liking. Wouldn't want to be him on Election Day.
    • Well, as of the Vice Arc, Linkara and Angry Joe seem to be on good terms, so maybe they'll unite against him?

Spoony is on Lord Vyce's Ship
Spoony teleported shortly before Lord Vyce's ship appeared in our dimension. It's possible that Lord Vyce latched on to the transport signal in order to get into our world, and now has Spoony as a hostage in case he needs leverage with Linkara. Alternatively, the ship could have simply got in the way of the signal and Vyce doesn't know Spoony is on his ship, which could lead to a "Die Hard" on an X situation.
  • Jossed. Spoony is just fine in his Ultima 7 review.

The SCIENCE! that Insano refers to is not actual science as we understand it, it's the name a deity that Insano is the last worshiper of.
That isn't a generic mad scientist costume, it's the ancient traditional raiment of a priest of SCIENCE! Calling upon the name of SCIENCE! grants his followers strength and the power to warp reality at the cost of their sanity. The resemblance to real scientists is due to lingering memories of the church of SCIENCE! This explains his insistence that he's a "real" scientist despite never explaining how anything works.

There will be a war of the Lantern Rings at some point...
Nearly all of Spoony's characters have lantern rings of some sort (Black Lantern Spoony may no longer be a factor, but Chuckles and the Gatekeeper have Yellow Rings, and Insano had a Green Ring in the Dungeon Master review, and above you can see someone guessed Spoony himself would come into possession of a Red Ring) Who knows what this could mean review wise, but it hardly seems coincidence that everyone is suddenly getting their hands on those things.
  • Ultima 7 review shows The Ultimate Warrior with a Red Ring.

Every Insano that has appeared is from a different continuity
We know of at least these different aspects of Dr. Insano:
  • He is one of the Schlumper brothers.
  • He is Spoony's Superpowered Evil Side.
  • He accidentally created a Ridiculously Cute Critter out of cyboplasm and his own splooge.
  • He's President of the United States, with Fu Manchu as his VP.
  • He hosts a web review/comedy show called "The Insano Experiment."
  • He hosts an infomercial selling ridiculous SCIENCE! gear.
  • Every member of the TGWTG team has an Insano counterpart.

The first two are mutually exclusive, Son of Insano makes infrequent appearances (therefore other Insanos may not have made the same experiment), and the three occupational traits seem incompatible. It's possible that all of Insano's appearances are unique Insanos from across Hypertime. If so, then it's only a matter of time until these multiple Insanos come into contact (accidentally or not) for enough time to start forming zany schemes with/against each other, Spoony, and/or the other characters in the TGWTGverge instead of brawling like the end of the Warrior #2 and #3 review.

Black Lantern Spoony still exists.
We saw in Brightest Day that the resurrected still had traces of their Black Lantern selves. And Black Lantern Spoony wasn't eradicated, rather merged with Spoony Beta. Its pretty damn unlikely Spoony isn't suffering any side-effects, and just like the Insano personality Black Lantern Spoony becomes a split personality. And he wants his own body...

The Gatekeeper is/was a Guardian of The Universe.
Its why he's able to manipulate the various rings, even if who they go to makes little sense(the Ultimate Warrior got a red ring, despite the fact red rings go to those who develop rage through personal loss/pain: Warrior is just nucking futs.) Either The Gatekeeper was banished from the main DCU, or the Guardians of The Universe exist in the Channel Awesome-verse as well(along with Doctor Who and Power Rangers).

Dr. Insano is Dr. Insano.
I mean really people.

Spoony is somehow related to Hugh Laurie.
In this video, (start at 1:25) younger Hugh Laurie looks oddly like Spoony, as well as showing a couple very familiar-looking mannerisms. Maybe it's just a comedy thing, but this sounds way cooler.

Possible wielders of the power rings.
  • Red-The Ultimate Warrior has one. After Final Fantasy XIV, Spoony could get one.
    • "James Hellwig of Earth, you have great rage in your heart. You belong the Red Lantern Corps."
  • Orange-Dr Insano will likely be intrested in one. Specifcally, the paradox Insano, who's more focused and evil than the Insano who lives in Spoony's house. This result in a Faux Affably Evil Orange Lantern Dr Insano. Who the clone Insano will fight.
    • "Noah An-Noah An- Insano of Earth, you want it all."
  • Yellow-Charles the Fucking Jester!
    • "Charles of Britannia, you are capable of instilling great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps."
    • And then Diamanda Hagan appears out of nowhere and beats the stuffing out of Chuckles for his power ring. "Diamanda Hagan of Earth, welcome to the Sinest-" <Diamanda smacks the ring forcefully> "to the Sinest-" <smacks it again> "Welcome to the Hagan Corps."
  • Green-Linkara if he appears in a crossover.
    • "Lewis Lovaug of Earth, you are capable of overcoming great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."
      • Nice try, but it's already been shown that Dr. Insano (the one who lives with Spoony) has a Green Ring.
      • Sector 2814 has had up to four green lanterns simultaneously (Hal Jordan, Kyle Raynor, John Stewart and Guy Gardner) so having Insano and Linkara at the same time is nowhere near pushing it.
      • And now Simon Baz makes it five.
  • Blue- Christian Spoony's unwavering faith and ability to find good in the worst games makes him a clear choice.
    • "Noah Antwiler of Earth, you have the ability to instill great hope. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps."
  • Indigo - The indigo tribe has shown that one's true potential for compassion always remains despite actions for which its members have been condemned, seeking to provide an outlet for this potential and ultimately redemption. Yuna of Final Fantasy X has such potential in her regardless of her brutal fight with Spoony.
    • "Yuna of Besaid, you have the ability to feel great compassion. Welcome to the Indigo tribe."
  • Violet-Spooning With Spoony shows that Spoony is worth of this title.
    • "Noah Antwiler, you're a horny bastard. Welcome to the Star Sapphire Corps."
      • Spoondolf already has one, which may be meant to be Narya, one of the three elven Rings of Power. Or it could be both.
  • Black-Spoony has worn one, and if he ever is killed again, he may become a non-evil variant. Squall could also come back as a Black Lantern
    • "Noah Antwiler of Earth, rise."
    • Spoony has already come back from the dead by transporter-merging his clone with the original Black Lantern Spoony, making him a sleeper agent for Nekron.
      • "Noah Antwiler of Earth. DIE."
  • White-Spoony. Of course.
    • "Noah Antwiler of Earth, live."

Hulk Hogan and or Spoony did something ungodly horrible to The Ultimate Warrior

Considering the Red Rings are fueled by the rage of loss, this seems obvious. And since the two people he's concerned might interrupt the summoning of the Guardian are said individuals (most likely The Hulkster, or at least Spoony's parody version of him) his rage is most likely centered towards one of them.

When Spoony reviews Final Fantasy XIII...

He'll randomly scream "MA-TI!!!" and break down in tears as a Call-Back to the ending of Suburban Knights, where he is seen doing that exact thing.

The black figure at the end of Final Fantasy X-2 part 1 is Sephiroth or Reno.
  • For the former, he wields a katana and dyed his hair to confuse the viewer. For the latter, he has red hair and the katana is the red herring.
  • Confirmed. It is Sepiroth.

The black figure at the end of Final Fantasy X-2 part 1 is...
  • Tidus-He is free of Dr Insano's bonds, and is planning an ultimate revenge against the man who mocked and humiliated him. At the same time, he will prove to him that he too can be badass
  • Squall-He survived.
  • Miles Antwiler-For the Luke, I Am Your Father jokes.
  • That Dude in the Suede- It's the katana.
  • Jossed, it's Sepiroth, although Yuna is the one who attacks him.
During the Final Fantasy X-2 review, someone will use a Dr. Insano dresssphere.
In part one he complained the hell out of dressspheres, so someone will use one to piss him off. And it will be a dresssphere created by Dr. Insano to transform the user into Dr. Insano, or an Insano version of the user. Complete with FOR SCIENCE! of course.
  • Jossed. Doctor Insano didn't show up in any form.

The Ultimate Warrior is a Humanoid Abomination.
Think about it: his Warrior Comic has warped hyperspace itself. It defies all causality and logic. It almost remade the multiverse. Dr Insano even calls it the Anti-Comic Equation. Jame Hellwig isn't a proper human at all, but rather the embodiment of insanity and non-logic in human form. The reason why reality doesn't fall apart by his mere existence is because, since insanity and non-logic isn't tangible, it needs an outlet in the form of ideas. Aka comics. The Ultimate Warrior may have always been this, or he's simply so insane he became a cosmic horror. Or he's descended from Nyarlathotep.

Sepiroth is using Spoony's hatred of the series to power a new killer meteor.
And it will lead to Spoony having to admit even though he's done nothing but constantly bitch about the series since his career started, he still loves the series.
  • And will possibly team up with Lightning to combat Sepiroth, since she's the first "protagonist" of a modern Final Fantasy game that he hasn't hated.

Lighting won't try to kill Spoony
  • Instead, she will save Spoony from Sephiroth. Spoony would question it only for her to answer with this.
    Lightning: Believe me. People have bitched about my game so much that I'm pretty much used to it.
    • Jossed, no Final Fantasy character appears at the end of the review, and Spoony doesn't even lampshade it despite later videos showing him preparing for it.
      • Actually not jossed — Spoony has said that part 4 is not the final part of the Final Fantasy XIII review, and that he does indeed intend to finish the game despite the apparent ragequit (it was an attempt to illustrate that that was the part where he quit playing the game 'in real life'), as he intends to review XIII-2 at some point, so obviously he needs to cover the endgame of XIII.

Sephiroth is seeking revenge for Spoony's insulting of Final Fantasy VII and its, and, more importantly, his, fans in one episode of the VIII review
His saving Spoony was Cruel Mercy, as he knows that keeping Spoony alive but forcing him to review XIII is greater punishment than killing him. He hasn't shown up until now because he hasn't needed to.

Spooniroth's reason for making him do Final Fantasy XIII
He's trying to keep him busy enough for him not to tear apart the Compliation, mainly Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
  • Alternatively, it ties in with the Suburban Knights Call-Back/Brick Joke WMG: he wants Spoony to mourn Ma-Ti before he presumably gets revived in the next TGWTG anniversary special.

Spoony is trapped in a virtual world, that is slowly becoming unstable.
Based on the end of the Game Over review. The Spoony Experiment is to see how a person can handle living in a world populated by fictional characters and oddballs like Dr Insano. Whoever controls this world is slowly losing control; the conflicting origins of Dr Insano were the first sign, but it's getting worse with events such as the finale of the Final Fantasy X-2 review, with Yuna nearly killing Spoony. That's why Sephiroth was sent in; to try and reel come control back in. Burton is actually a tool used to keep the virtual world stable, as well as to monitor Spoony; when he went missing, it was to be properly recalibrated to account for the new events in an attempt to retain control. The Meteor Sephiroth saw at the end of the FFX2 review? It's the start of the virtual world's total breakdown.
  • Pretty much confirmed in the opening of the Minority Report review.
  • Makes a lot of sense when you realize that Spoony actually started before Doug. But, the Nerd started before him, so shouldn't the universe be built around him, not Spoony? Then again, maybe there's two, one where everything is a simulation and one where it isn't and they're idenical. Or, it wasn't a sim until everyone started abusing Hypertime. Or the Plot Hole is involved. Or they never plan ahead and so there's just a lot of conflicting stuff, but nahhh, that's too unreasonable.

Dr. Insano is Spoony's father.
Hence the title The Spoony Experiment. Insano conducted an experiment in which he raised his son, as Spoony puts it, on video games and action movies to see what kind of person he would turn out as, all in the name of SCIENCE!. The reason they don't acknowledge it is because the experiment is still ongoing - Insano doesn't want to affect the results by telling his test subject the truth about his life.

All the drama with TGWTG and Spoony's change in out of character attitude is all to tie into the Ultima 9: Ascension review.
Since it does seem to have some pretty apocalyptic vibes coming off it, and there does seem to be a lot of emphasis in the review about how things have changed and seemingly worsened for Spoony as time goes by.

At least, that's what this Troper hopes. Because it might mean a happy resolution to all the conflict that's played out.

  • While this would have some rather interesting implications regarding what certain members of the TGWTG crew and such are capable of suffering in the name of acting, it is logical- after all, if there is any member of the group that'd do Kayfabe, its Spoony the wrestling fan.
  • Even though it's an insane but interesting idea and would've been awesome, I doubt it. Spoony's released the final video of Ultima 9 and though it does reference how "people are leaving him" it never contains any screenshots of the stuff that happened over Twitter or Tumblr, which I'd assume he would've included to show how horrible the situation has become if all of the drama really was staged.

The Avatar Saga is part of an extended crossover with Linkara's current storyline.
  • Both now feature the use of anti-magic devices purchased from obscure suppliers and Spoony is now wielding an "anti-magic gun" in contrast with Linkara's "magic gun". Would make sense if both were required to defeat some new Big Bad.

Spoony is indoctrinated.
During the Sanity Slippage moment about ten minutes into the second half of his The Ring: Terror's Realm review, one of the noises used for the static cuts is a Reaper siren.
  • Would certainly explain why he liked the ending to Mass Effect 3. zing

Sephiroth has trapped Spoony in the Virtual Reality since Final Fantasy VIII
It would make more than enough sense why all the different characters are coming alive and wanting to kill Spoony since, before the FFVIII Finale, he had never experienced those sort of encounters before. Now, they're just normal to him.Sephiroth might have also found out how to harness Spoony's rage somehow to use it with that black comet, with his rage towards bad video games and movies, but his full potential of rage coming from the Final Fantasy (and subsequently Ultima 9) games and with his rage becoming more and more stronger with each iteration, his final fuel for the black comet is Final Fantasy XIII. This could also explain the ending for the first few parts of the Final Fantasy X-2 review, where we see Sephiroth looking at multiple screens of staticy images that form the TSE logo, it's him looking at multiple reviews that Spoony is doing in the VR world.

  • Not only that, but at the end of the Ultima 9 review, Sephiroth is shown in front of one of the screens that was used during the Sanity Slippage moment of The Ring: Terror's Realm Part 2 in the same fashion of the X-2 reviews.
  • This is actually plausible when you consider that the first major video Spoony did that included a character skit as per norm now... Was the end of his Let's Play of Phantasmagoria 2. At which point Spoony (coming out from behind a microphone to record audio, something never seen in-continuity since) is beaten up by an invisible force, blacks out, and wakes up in a parody skit of that game. Which ends with him being forcibly chained down to play Final Fantasy VIII, thought by many to be the true start of The Spoony Experiment.
  • It might have been even earlier than that. Remember during his FFVIII review when he (along with the game characters) heard that high-pitched noise and passed out? When he woke up, he was in his bedroom, in his big green chair for the first time, and suddenly reviewing FFVII. When he 'woke up' he had on a different shirt, but was still in his room, and still in his big green chair. Seeing as Sephiroth is from FFVII it would make sense that the minor 'reveiw' of FFVII would be where he truly came in.

When we get to the end of the FF 13 review, Lightning will be played by April
  • The two have quite the chemistry together, not to mention she could easily dye her hair pink.

Linkara will be a major part of the Spoony arc.
Okay, this isn't really that wild...

The Creator Breakdown-inspired arc for Spoony will involve Lantern power rings.
There's been a bunch of foreshadowing with Red Lantern Ultimate Warrior, Sinestro Jester and the Nightmare Fuel vision of the future which had a Red Lantern Spoony in it. As for how it could go:
  • Brought to rage-induced despair because of his friends seemingly abandoning him, the events of To Boldly Flee and the general destruction of his life around him, Spoony will either rip off the Ultimate Warrior's Red Lantern ring or he'll be so consumed by hatred that the Red Lantern ring decides to abandon its former owner to him.
  • Linkara will probably try to enchant some lantern rings to help Spoony out, possibly developing a Green Lantern or Blue Lantern ring for his magic gun(Linkara has proven he's not will-full or hopeful enough for the ring, but his magic gun has managed to a)be happy even after the horrific events that made it and b)keeps Linkara balanced/not evil). As a twist and as part of Sephiroth's plan, Linkara will be killed and turned into a Black Lantern(Spoony's done this three times, why can't Linkara?)

Spoony's in a Lotus-Eater Machine like Minority Report

The Minority Report red ball gag will make a comeback when he does Final Fantasy XV
The two main characters are apparently going to have the ability to forsee people's deaths, so it'll be fitting. And almost certainly far away enough that it won't feel tired.

Spoony's cry of BETRAYAL! is the primary reason we got a real X-Com game.
Let's face it: his reaction at the initial reveal of a sixties themes FPS freaked out Angry Joe. This got the attention of the development team who correctly anticipated the internet nerdrage to come and repurposed the game into its own story and created a second game that became the critical success X-Com reboot.

Spoony will learn of Sephiroth's plan in Final Fantasy XIII-2
But he won't be able to stop it until the Lightning Return's review. Explaining the delays, he's waiting fro the game to come out so he can review it. And just like in the game Spoony will be on a time limit before the end of the world.

The Black Hole of Board Games was a self-imposed mental prison
Spoony was trapped reviewing crappy VCR games not because of an external force, but because of his own compulsion, and finally escaped when Gone Birding! broke him and he realized that he doesn't have to do this.

Spoony's enemy for the FFXIII review will be Officer Reynolds.
It'll be revealed that he's the ultimate evil, and that all those times he said "You're in my way" were actually threats, as Spoony was the person standing it his way of complete domination.
  • Jossed, it was Snow.

The entire ongoing story about Sephiroth trying to force him to destroy the world with his hatred is all a build up to a review of Final Fantasy 7
Spoony started the Final Fantasy review series by criticising a beloved game nobody else dared to, this is what led to his large increase in popularity and was one of the things he's best known for. However he's mentioned that as he's continued on in the series the fans are now largely agreeing with everything he has to say, he's not reviewing them so much as just repeating what the bulk of the fandom already thinks. This will result in him 'returning to his roots' and reviewing Final Fantasy 7, the most popular game of the series, likely as a screw you to Sephiroth for the whole thing, and ripping into every flaw the game has, same as he did to 8 when he first started.

Not only will this upset the fanboys but the review will be much less time consuming since he's already well aware of the plot to 7 and can find full playthroughs of anything he could want to see already online.

Spoony will get out of the VR program to no change
Namely, everything that's happened in it will have happened to some extent outside of it, including yet another Spoony clone by Linkara. Spoony will get pissed that he got abandoned, but it'll be explained that no, they tried to find him and failed, and Linkara couldn't just not have his best friend around. As for what they'll do with that clone? Reprogram him into Christian Spoony from Hagan Reviews.

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