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  • The ET review opening is one big Shout-Out to Apocalypse Now, specifically due to the fact that Spoony was doped up after a trip to the dentist.
  • To Doctor Strange during his review of Final Fantasy VIII when he portrays Dr. Insano selling his Anti-Magic Field Generator kit. Doctor Strange is listed as one of the pesky heroes it is designed to protect against. Also the big flashing ANNATAZ SKCUS subtitle.
    Doctor Insano: Dr. Strange? What is he a doctor of, anyway?
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  • In his Final Fantasy VIII Part 5 review, "Dream Weaver" plays whenever Squall lays eyes on Rinoa.
  • "Zell, you bojo, those boards don't work on water!"
  • And again, in his Phantasmagoria review: He looks into a mirror, only to find Fujitsu from Back to the Future 2 yell "MCFRY!" at him.
  • "No... No! I SLEPT TOO LOOONG!!" (This gag recurs in Ultima IX)
  • The Running Gag of Spoony being threatened by the characters from games he lambasts. This is a nod to The Angry Video Game Nerd routinely getting ambushed by the likes of Jason, Michael Myers and Bugs Bunny.
  • He imitates Chester A. Bum in his Dirty Harry review.
  • The same review has Spoony and the game he was reviewing pulling off The Sopranos, complete with the same music.
  • Lemon Curry?
  • The 'Boy or Girl' game in the Final Fantasy review was originally from Weird Al.
  • He also uses fake Col. Campbell's infamous Word Salad Mind Screw from Metal Gear Solid 2 during the crossover Warrior # 1 review (which works amazingly well as one of the Warrior's rants).
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  • The destruction of Spoony's house in the Final Fantasy VIII Grand Finale is a Shout-Out to the destruction of the Enterprise in Star Trek III.
  • In his review of Microcosm, he can be seen wearing a Cosa Nostra Pizza shirt.
  • At the end of his Strike Commando review, he says he's going to find an American Reb Brown movie, made in America and filmed by Americans... in America. And when the Captain America movies he finds also draw his ire he is interrupted by The Gatekeither.
  • In the Party Mania video, fem!Spoony shouts "You can't take this guy from me" when the young Jewel Staite comes on screen ("You can't take the sky from me.")
  • In his Phantasmagoria finale, he called himself, who responded with the Megadeth line, "Hello me its me again."
  • Part 1 of the Final Fantasy X review has Spoony greet Black Lantern Spoony in Tommy Wiseau's voice, which also serves as a Shout-Out to Linkara who did the same thing with Mechakara.
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  • The ending of his SWAT 4 Let's Play features a Metal Gear Solid-style cryptic phone conversation with TNA President Dixie Carter.
  • For someone who doesn't like anime, it's oddly coincidental that in his Yor: The Hunter from the Future review, he refers to Yor as a Humanoid Typhoon
  • His fantasies of Soleil Moon Frye during the Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings review are reminiscent of anytime Ric Flair hits on a woman, down to mentioning Space Mountain and Flair's trademark "WOO!"
  • In his review of Uwe Boll's Rampage, Spoony responds to the scene where the main character burns a pile of money by shouting "SYMBOLISM!!"
  • The Stinger to the Highlander video game review has Spoony ask "What's wrong with your face?"
    • "Gentlemen, I am Doctor Insano. Welcome to my Creepy Basement."
  • Two in quick succession to fellow TGWTG members in his review of "Highlander: The Source" - first he refers to a young British character as 'Film Brain' and then adds that facing the Guardian, "He's going to die. A lot." (the catchphrase of Lordkat of Until We Win).
  • In the finale of the Final Fantasy X review, Black Lantern Spoony introduces himself with: "I am a shadow, the true self!"
    • During the review, menacing music appears when he shows up, such as "Ave Satani" from The Omen (1976) and the "Imperial March" from Star Wars.
  • In the Cage 2 review, he compares the randomness of the tiny Japanese martial arts master FBI agent with a rocket launcher to Axe Cop.
  • The first thing he remarks on The Lords of Magick is that it's "Shot on Shitteo".
  • How to Speak Australian! [Reb Brown strangles a woman] "Divorce!"
  • Spoony showing the multiple endings for Ripper is played out in the same manner as the film version of Clue.
  • In the review of Final Fantasy X-2 he commented on how you just leave an enemy team hanging from a huge height right after looting the treasure chest they clearly were trying to get. Like a boss.
  • A possible unintentional one during The Beast Master 2 review: "I'm making a note here: huge success."
  • In his Samurai Zombie Nation Review, Spoony comes across Naked Zombie Sean Connery. This causes him to reference Thriller and YTMND.
  • FMV Hell is likely an allusion to AMV Hell.
  • The part in The Clones of Bruce Lee where he, Spencer D. Bum and Dr. Insano react to the woman being karate-chopped in the throat was an homage to Stardust.
  • In the Swat4 level set in a convenience store, the post-mission wrap-up mentions one victim, Dante Hicks, having been shot before the police arrive. This is actually a reference to the original, deleted ending, in which Dante does indeed get killed by a robber.
    • He quotes Clerks: The Animated Series throughout the mission: "See, I told you I'd be a good policeman!" "Man, it's cold in here. Like, Hoth cold." "Let's just make sure that we never get locked in the freezer again."
  • The Ultima IX "BETRAYAL!" Counter is modeled on Ace Attorney's "OBJECTION!"
  • At the end of the Ultima IX review, Spoony breaks out a brand new handgun, noting "It's an Anti-Magic Gun, you'll never guess where I purchased it!" in reference to the line "He's got a Magic Gun, where'd he purchase that?" in Atop the Fourth Wall's theme song.
    • At the same time, the three choices the Guardian presents Spoony with are similar to the choices presented by the Catalyst (Albeit with "Embrace" instead of "Control") at the end of Mass Effect 3, even being presented in a similar way with visions being presented of Spoony shooting the Black Gate (Itself being visually similar to the vision of Anderson presented in the Destroy ending, and what occurs should Shepard actually choose that option), embracing madness & ending humanity's suffering through death, or becoming one with the Guardian. The visions are tinted in the same colors as the choices in Mass Effect 3, albeit with the Destroy option being presented as the Paragon option & Embrace being presented as Renegade. At the same time, "An End, Once And For All" plays as Spoony makes his choice & the entire sequence has music from the game playing throughout. See the Fridge Page for a more detailed breakdown of this scene.
  • From Swat4 Mission#14 High Score brought us Fizzy Lifting Crack
  • In his revisit to the Nightmare board games, his "Paranoid" rant is basically lifted from Beetlejuice, right down to his delivery.

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