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The Puppet can see the future, or at least partially.
In Nonexistent Video, The Puppet instructs Michael Afton on how to start the Fazbear Fright fire in order to defeat Springtrap. She tells him "not to worry about times, dates, or locations," and that he'll "know when it happens." She even goes so far as to tell him where to find the gasoline can. She knows exactly how to defeat Afton. However, she seems unaware that the fire won't do anything, and that- even if Afton was defeated- Circus Baby/Elizabeth and The Funtimes/Molten Freddy are still out there. This lends a hand to the theory that The Puppet has, at the very least, partial clairvoyance.
  • Jossed. Squimpus confirmed on his Twitter page that everything beyond Sister Location is non-canon in his universe.
There are two Golden Freddys.
There is more than one Golden Freddy used in these videos. One of them is the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 version, as seen at the end of Company PSA. The other is the version seen sprinkled throughout the videos. Considering the numerous differences in design between the two, it's more than likely that it's not just artistic license, but rather two separate entities.
Crying Child has a vendetta against Michael Afton, similar to Cassidy and William Afton
Company PSA makes it pretty damn clear that Crying Child is royally pissed off at his brother, calling him out on how he never loved him, and going so far as to say he doesn't love him either.
  • Confirmed, as sad as it is.

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