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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Springtrap/William Afton a ruthless murderer who gives zero shits about the lives he's taken? Or is he a broken man who was dealt all the wrong cards, driven insane by the deaths of his kids and damned to a Fate Worse than Death? father.mp4 implies that he truly regrets the deaths of Elizabeth and Michael leaving the family and only wants to see them again, but he knows he can never go back to the way things used to be.
    • On that note, William's relationship with Michael. Memories has William state that he hates Michael and never loved him, yet in Night Security Training Video the purple text at the end hints that he wants Michael to save him. So did he stop hating Michael after spending thirty years as a rotting corpse imprisoned inside a painful, robotic suit trapped in the FNAF 1 location, or is he screaming in rage and wants to find Michael so he can finally get his revenge on him?
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    • Fredbear/Joseph/Bite Victim. Does he really believe that he and the other missing kids will never be able to move on? Or is he just afraid that he'll be unable to go with them, attempting to break the other kids' hope to make sure they stay with him?
  • Better Than Canon: There's plenty of comments that praise the VHS videos as being more effective horror than the recent FNAF games, thanks to the intense atmosphere and ghastly imagery. Some even joke about Squimp's content being too scary for the series's younger Periphery Demographic to handle, due to being more used to cheap, bloodless scares and lighthearted fanfics than genuine horror.
    • Many fans call the VHS' portrayal of William Afton better (and scarier) than the canonical William Afton. In the games, Afton is more of a cartoonish Mad Scientist with an Evil Brit accent. Here, however, Afton is a much more realistic Serial Killer who murders children because he can't murder his son Michael in revenge of his favorite son Joesph.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Purple Guy/The Criminal showing up at the end of Facial Recognition testing? Terrifying. Taking it to it's next logical step and combining it with Michael Jackson? Hilarious. The guy's reaction to them even adding Purple Guy to the list also qualifies, with him explicitly asking why the hell they even thought of that.
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    • The final line of Fazbear Entertainment Video Manual is darkly humorous for the exact same reasons as it is chilling. It comes right out of nowhere, is said with the same level of calmness as the actual instructions, and is so macabre that it's both hilarious and terrifying at the same time.
    Instructor: Climb inside the torso and accept your dea-
    • "Pirate Cove Pre-Show" gives us this gem.
    Foxy: Aye there buckaneers! The Pirate Cover show's begining in (looks at his watch, which resembles a sun dial) ...3 sailor minutes! In your lingo, that would be...3 minutes! ...SHIVER ME TIMBERS! THREE MINUTES!?
    • "Animated Cartoon" has even more at the beginning:
      • Cartoon Freddy wastes no time in laying down the sarcasm, especially when it comes to Bonnie.
      Foxy: I've been tired of these kids treating our fine eatery like a food fight ring!
      Bonnie: What's so bad about food fights? I like 'em.
      Freddy: I dunno! Clean it up and find out.
      • After Chica points out that there are two empty chairs at their table, Freddy is for once at a loss for words. Foxy clearly isn't used to this.
      Foxy: Not even a sarcastic one?
      Freddy: Shut up...
      Foxy: Ah, the balance has been restored!
  • Heartwarming Moments: After instructing Michael Afton how to destroy Springtrap, The Puppet gives him a few words of motivation, followed by Fredbear doing similar:
    The Puppet:I know how you feel, Michael. It's a lot of responsibility. But when this is done, we'll all be free. You'll be free too. It may not seem like it, but I believe your brother will forgive you. I've forgiven you too. You are good, Michael. Despite what you think, you do deserve this happy ending. I've been working all this time to give you this opportunity. I love you Michael.
    Fredbear:"See? A good friend is the best thing you could ever have. When life just isn't good to ya, they'll always be there to help."
    • Swan-dives into Nightmare Fuel when, 5 months later, it's revealed that Michael's brother does not forgive him. He most certainly DOES NOT.
  • Memetic Mutation: Shortly after the release of the Facial Recognition video, posting the words "CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL CRIMINAL" on fanart of William Afton exploded as a meme on the official FNAF subreddit.
  • Moe:
    • Despite being surrounded by Nightmare Fuel, the animated Freddy from The Night Security Training Video is derpily adorable.
    • Same goes for Toy Bonnie in Facial Recognition Testing. Though whether he's legitimately "D'aww!" cute or Creepy Cute at best depends on who you ask, that little beeping noise he makes whenever he's recognizes a picture of a known criminal makes it hard not to want to pat the bunny on the head and tell him "Good job, buddy! Ya did it!".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page. A very well-deserved page.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Squimpus' channel is practically built out of this and Nothing Is Scarier. Nine times out of ten, his videos don't rely on sudden jumpscares or loud noises to invoke fear. This lends a hand to him being the one who brought the fear back to this 5-year old franchise.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Squimpus' interpretation of Purple Guy falls squarely under this. The strangely shaped head, the empty eye sockets, the unhinged jaw... putting it all together, and he strongly resembles W.D Gaster from Undertale.
    • His portrayal of the Fredbear Plush is just as unsettling, being essentially a de-pixelated recreation of its original appearance in the fourth game's Atari-style cutscenes. The plush's white, pinprick eyes stare directly at the viewer, and a pleasant, yet eerie smile stretches over his face.
  • Tearjerker:
    • Security Footage is one of the few videos that isn't heart-stoppingly terrifying, because it's just depressing instead. The souls inhabiting Bonnie and Chica, who are siblings, talk about their seemingly endless search for the man who killed them. Particularly disheartening is the part where Lucas cradles his head as if he's crying, and his sister tries to ease his worries.
    Chica's kid: Don't cry! I know you're sad now, but one day, you won't be. We'll go to heaven, because we're supposed to.
    (Lucas slowly lets his hands down and lifts his head up.)
    Lucas: I am so glad you don't really know what's happening.

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