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Ayano wrote the malware that turned Alpha evil for a few hours.
What we know from Crush Crush...
  • When the player selects Alpha at Frenemy, she mentions the malware.
    Alpha: I got some malware yesterday and turned evil for a few hours. But no worries - I'm all fixed up now!
  • When talking with Alpha at Frenemy, she mentions her Handlers.
    Alpha: This is the first time I've been away from my Handlers.
  • When the player selects Alpha and then Ayano, Ayano sometimes hints that Alpha might have violent tendencies.
    Ayano: A.I. kind of freak me out a bit. Like, what if they randomly become violent and attack their friends?
    Ayano: I hope all those rumors about Alpha aren't true. Those poor kids...
What we know from Yandere Simulator...
  • Ayano can join the computer gaming club.
  • Ayano has a computer in her room, where she can post on Aka Demi's forum.
The inferences...
  • The Handlers were the ones who disinfected Alpha when she caught that malware.
  • Ayano knows about the malware that turned Alpha evil.
  • Ayano has access to the internet, so she's capable of downloading computer programming tools and uploading malware.
The stretchier speculations...
  • Perhaps some of the gaming club members know a thing or two about hacking (as part of modding or cheating games), and offered to teach Ayano what they know.
  • Assuming that she got good enough at malware to infect Alpha, Ayano still wouldn't be experienced enough to know how to cover the malware's tracks or make it difficult to reverse, thus her blatant hacking was discovered and eradicated by Alpha's handlers within a few hours of the infection.

He is capable of maintaining several jobs and hobbies at once, and also courting several girls at once—even having multiple simultaneous girlfriends! Hardly anyone notices, let alone complains. His ability to do so increases over the course of the game. The simplest explanation for these oddities is that Marshmellow is capable of dividing himself into several people, mastering this ability over time.

Crush Crush takes place in a world with a very bizarre form of hyper inflation
Specifically, said form of hyperinflation has resulted certain items being more expensive than others - hence the reason why most of the items cost more than they should.

    The Katana Incident 
If the player clicks back and forth between Ayano and Fumi, eventually (it's random) the player will see these lines in this order, perhaps even multiple times...
Ayano: Wow! I jokingly pulled a katana on Fumi and she had a retractable one in her glove. You'd better be polite to her, Senpai!
Fumi: My instincts are telling me my life is in danger. How disturbing. I cannot discern who could pose such a threat.

Fumi was openly attacked by Ayano, and yet she doesn't suspect that Ayano is the one who attacked her. How can this be? What happened?

Ayano is gaining Fumi's trust by pretending to date her.
Since Fumi has asked for advice on 'her own outings' with the player's harem, it's possible that's she's gone on quite a few dates with Ayano herself. Of course, considering Ayano's Single-Target Sexuality for Senpai, that wouldn't deter her from trying to eliminate Fumi (it might even have been her motivation for going out with her in the first place, to get closer to her), but it might throw off Fumi's instincts enough to dismiss her as a potential threat.

The problem with that is, even if Ayano's Mask of Sanity is resilient enough to last through however many dates it takes to fool Fumi's first impression, Fumi should have been able to see Ayano's face during the Katana Incident, and Fumi should have been able to revise her first impression of Ayano accordingly.

Fumi somehow didn't see Ayano's face during the Katana Incident.
Perhaps Fumi didn't see Ayano's face, but that seems unlikely for the following reasons. Regardless of whether Ayano and Fumi fought or just stood in a two-person Mexican Standoff, katanas are melee weapons, so the gals were definitely close enough to see each others' faces. Even if Ayano wore a literal mask (like she can do in Yandere Simulator), Fumi's glassware scanners can see through the mask.

Given the previous reasons, how could Fumi not see Ayano's face? Maybe...

Other ways for Ayano to throw suspicion off herself:
If Fumi really did see Ayano's face, how could Ayano throw suspicion off of herself afterwards? Maybe...

Fridge Horror for the "Love Duel" fib
Ayano doesn't just pull a katana on Fumi once, she attacks multiple times. If Ayano keeps using the "Love Duel" lie, eventually, Fumi will try to take Ayano to bed right after a fight, thinking that's what Ayano was asking for. Given Ayano's Single-Target Sexuality for the player character, she wouldn't want it even if she decides to play along, And That's Terrible. Even if Fumi considers Ayano Jail Bait (perhaps due to different standards in the future), the fiasco would only be delayed. Once it happens, Ayano's going to be even more motivated to kill Fumi.

Bonus Fridge Horror: If being raped gives Ayano an opportunity to finally kill Fumi (either during or after), would Ayano consider the incident Worth It? Or would she then proceed to kill the player character and herself because she's Defiled Forever?

In the future, Fumi is used to people brandishing about weapons for little to no reason, hence the need for a psionnic skimmer to detect motive/emotional state

"My Psionic Skimmer cannot detect the motives of whomever is hunting me. They are either extremely skilled, or utterly emotionless."

If Ayano only pulled a katana on Fumi and decided to do nothing after Fumi pulled her own, Fumi might just think that waving weapons at people is still a thing that happens in the past because this girl obviously shows no hostile intent.

The bonus to this WMG being the mental image that Fumi just greets everyone this way because, hey, when in Rome, and no one really calls her on it.


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