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Cadence of Hyrule starting plot ideas
  • The sequel takes place after Cadence's Story, but before Melody's or Aria's - although this doesn't explain why Dorian isn't also there. Unless he's a bonus character unlocked later on in the game.
  • Alternatively, some time after Aria's death after seemingly destroying the Golden Lute, activity returns to the Crypt, and Cadence checks it out, only to find out that the Golden Lute was actually Not Quite Dead - and after defeating one of the old bosses, Cadence goes to leave and finds that the Lute had transported her to Hyrule.
    • It could very well be that Ganon has the Lute and may be the Final Boss if this is the case - or one of them seems to be the final boss, only for it to be Hijacked by Ganon by the other.
      • All plot ideas Jossed - although Ganon still serves as the Final Boss.
      • But it does turn out that Ganondorf had found the broken Golden Lute, repaired it, and got enslaved by the dark melodies of said Lute. So does this mean the Golden Lute hijacked things?

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