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Awesome Music / Crypt of the NecroDancer

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The whole soundtrack is naturally easy to dance to, but some tracks are especially catchy. As the original soundtrack was made by Danny Baranowsky, this is not surprising.

  • The 1-1 theme, "Disco Descent", is a great first level piece.
  • The 1-2 theme, "Crypteque", has a ridiculously infectious beat, to the point where you might think the Necrodancer got your heart too.
  • The 1-3 and title theme, "Mausoleum Mash", lets you know you're in for a real treat with the music.
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  • The 2-1 theme, "Fungal Funk", starts off sad, then picks up and becomes incredibly groovy.
  • The cold version of the 3-1 theme, "Stone Cold", has a nice sense of desperation to it.
  • 3-1's hot version, "Igneous Rock", is no slouch, making you feel like you're dancing your way through the depths of Hell.
  • The hot version of the 3-3 theme, "A Hot Mess", perfectly suits the absolute mosh pit that is the penultimate zone, and was even used in the early access trailer!
  • The 4-3 theme, "The Wight to Remain", gets you pumped to take on the final stretch of the game.
  • King Conga's theme, "Konga Conga Kappa", feels strangely whimsical.
  • Death Metal's theme, "Metalmancy", is fast-paced and pretty intense.
  • Fortissimole's theme, "Notorious D.I.G.", is a full rap song, and the only song in the game with spoken lyrics from the boss himself that continues playing as long as Fortissimole is alive.
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  • Dead Ringer's theme, "For Whom the Knell Tolls", is a masterpiece.
  • The Necrodancer's own theme is split up into two: "Momentum Mori" and "Last Dance". Both are electronic-based tracks with the latter being more frantic as the Necrodancer tries to do you in.
  • As of the full release, you get triple the awesomeness, as it includes three different mixes of the entire soundtrack — the original by Danny Baranowsky, an EDM version by A_Rival, and a rock version by FamilyJules7X. Later on, two more remixed soundtracks were released and added to the game: a retro-game style version by Jake "virt" Kaufman and a synthwave version by Girlfriend Records.
  • With the release of the Amplified DLC, you get yet another version by OverClocked ReMix, along with 4 new tracks in all soundtracks.
  • The launch version of the Amplified DLC brings us The Conductor's theme, "Vamplified", a haunting and epic piece of music.

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