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Margaret isn't Christian

As many who have seen the film have pointed out, she's not quoting from the Bible. So instead, she might be part of some Path of Inspiration or Religion of Evil with its own unique doctrine and teachings. Possibly an In Name Only splinter-sect of Christianity.

  • And they have their own literature, like the books & pamphlets Margaret was carrying around and bonking Carrie on the head with.
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  • Margaret is just plain ol' crazy, and is using religion as an outlet for her insanity, including making the Bible say things she wants it to say and abusing Carrie "for her own good."
  • The book seems to indicate this, with a passage talking about how the Whites denounced their local church and left it, preferring instead to hold their own private religious services at home.

Carrie caused the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
Note: the following is based on the remake.

Chris somehow survived after Carrie threw the truck she was in against a tree. Afterward, she changed her name to Claire Littleton and moved to Australia. Carrie found out that her old nemesis was still alive, and followed her down under to kill her. When Chris/Claire got on the flight to Los Angeles, Carrie stowed away in the cargo area and tried to wait until the plane was out over the open ocean so that she could get her revenge. Unfortunately, the EMP from Desmond's missing of the button caused Carrie's powers to go berserk, bringing the plane down early and in the South Pacific, which is filled with desert islands that a plane can (semi-)safely land on.


The reason there were survivors at all, then, would be that Carrie, as the plane was going down, instinctively used her telekinesis to buffer the crash-landing. She never shows up on the island because she was in the cargo area, and, still reeling from the misfire of her powers, was crushed by the plane.

Carrie doesn't go to Florida at the end of The Remake. She goes to New York.

While there, she hears about a school in Westchester run by a man with a history of helping people like her.

Sharon da Silva/Alessa Gillespie is another one of Carrie's half-sisters.

It's established that Ralph White, Carrie's father, can't keep it in his pants, as evidenced when he cheated on Margaret and produced Rachel Lang. Sometime after this, Ralph moved down from Maine to Silent Hill, West Virginia, where he continued his philandering ways and fathered another child, Alessa, with Dahlia Gillespie. His whereabouts afterwards are unknown, and don't matter.


Like Carrie and Rachel before her, Alessa also began to manifest psychic powers. This attracted the attention of the town's cult, which felt her to be a witch, and they tried to "purify" her. Alessa survived, but horribly burned and locked away in the hospital. Without use of her body, her powers strengthened as she relied more and more on those, like a blind man who comes to rely on his hearing. Worse, her abuse at the hands of the cult turned her into a monster of hatred and rage, and she channeled her power into exacting revenge, mind raping the townsfolk and creating the horrific Otherworld. Around this point, Sharon split off from Alessa as the last remnant of her innocence and purity.

Hey, it explains why Alessa/Sharon and young Carrie both look like Jodelle Ferland.

  • Amusingly enough, in the original Silent Hill game, Alessa was deliberately based on Carrie.

Randall Flagg will make a cameo in the 2013 version.
It's safe to assume he influences Margret into the abusive religious fanatic we know (he is a demon after all). If that is the case, then there could be a slight reference to him in the upcoming movie.
  • Somewhat Jossed, in the novel it mentions that Margaret chased away "The Man in Black" (one of Flagg's nicknames).

Alternatively Rachel Lang will make a cameo in the 2013 version
As a Sequel Hook or Mythology Gag.

When Carrie dies, she ends up in All-World.
After all, like Jake Chambers said, "there are other worlds than these." Likewise, it's where Jake and Father Callahan ended up after their deaths. Hopefully, like Father Callahan, she eventually finds redemption there.

Lot Six was synthesized from Carrie's Pituitary Gland.
Unlike the movie, in the novel Carrie died from her knife wounds in an open space rather than be buried under a collapsing house. It's safe to say during the FBI's interviews on the subject, The Shop took Carries body and used her Pituitary gland to create Lot Six. The Drug that later got injected into Andy McGee inadvertently creating Charlie.
  • Highly unlikely, as Firestarter was published in 1980, and there's nothing to indicate that it's set 20 Minutes into the Future. The events of Carrie take place in 1979 (20 Minutes into the Future from the novel's publication date of 1974). Andy and Vicky participated in the Lot Six experiments during their college years (in the late 1960s), and Charlie would have been born in 1971 or 1972. So there's no way The Shop could have gotten hold of Carrie's body, then gone back a decade to synthesize Lot Six from it.
  • Though if Carrie and Firestarter occur in the same universe, it's perfectly reasonable to presume that the Shop might try to use Carrie's remains in order to create their own "telekinetic soldier", not to mention search for other girls like Carrie. It might have been one of their main projects by the time Charlie blew up their headquarters in 1982.
  • Or, there's the possibility that Carrie's father may have been a test subject for Lot Six prior to Andy and Vicky being tested (as the doctor mentions that Lot Six was originally a sedative prior to the discovery of its creation of superpowers). This could mean that after he was tested years ago and got married, Carrie came to be. During the time in which Carrie was being raised, The Shop continued to experiment with Lot Six. After the events of Carrie, The Shop discovered that Carrie's father was a test subject and that a test subject's child may be able to have a unique set of powers that differs from their parent(s), and this leads to The Shop trying to kidnap and test Charlie's abilities, unaware of her pyrokinetic abilities until they test her at the Shop's HQ.

Carrie is....

  • the Avatar.
  • a Psyker.
  • a Sith.
  • related to Matilda
  • A NEXT. If only she was chosen to appear Hero TV, she'd have gotten her chance to fit in and - more than that - actually be looked up to as someone cool. She probably would have gotten along with Origami Cyclone because of similar insecurities.
  • An Obrimos mage, precociously talented in Forces. However, the years of torment she suffered at the hands of her schoolmates and mother drove her into becoming a Scelestus, going on a killing spree, and sending her mother to "the darkness and whatever God lives there"; the implication being that Carrie sacrificed her mother to the Abyss. Carrie is an example of a "sympathetic" Scelestus who was driven into Abyssal servitude by suffering.
  • an Obscurial.
  • A Biotic.
Sue will name her child "Carrie"

The 2013 film and Kick-Ass take place in the same universe.
  • At the end of Kick-Ass 2 Mindy Macready leaves New York City on her motorcycle. Her travels eventually take her to Chamberlain, Maine, where she arrives just after Carrie's rampage. Hence her confusion as to why everyone who sees her runs for the hills, as they surely can't know that she's Hit-Girl...

Carrie's mother has precognition
  • Carrie's mom has the ability to see into the future
  • In the book, Carrie's mother knows what's going to happen. She mentions seeing "blood." She even mentions that she knew that Carrie's dress would be red.
  • Carrie's mother could have interpreted her psychic vision of Carrie destroying things and starting fires as hell.
  • Carrie's mom was only trying to protect Carrie from this horrible fate.
  • Alternatively: Margaret's visions were the cause of her insanity because she would constantly see the horrible events of Prom Night happen in her mind, but she couldn't tell anyone.
Carrie's corpse will be dug up by the shop to start the Lot Six Program.
  • It was her pituitary gland along with other parts of her brain that was extracted and injected into Andy ergo technically making Carrie responsible for creating Charlie. The 2013 film showed she had minor Pyrokinetic abilities which she used to melt the lock shut when she stuffed Margaret into the praying closet.
    • The experiments take place at least a decade before Carrie dies, so unless you want to write a fan-fic about Lot Six's time machine, it's unlikely.

Carrie White from Carrie is a diclonius.
She has telepathic powers similar to the diclonius' vectors. She, like Lucy, was also bullied in school, and she goes on a killing rampage after getting upset.
  • Then where are her horns? In a detail-laden story like King's, you'd expect those to come up at least once.

Sue has romantic feelings for Carrie.
And, in fact, had them before the story even began. She used to project them by joining in on the bullying, however, once she realized how miserable Carrie was as a result, she couldn't bring herself to do it anymore, and decided to befriend Carrie instead. The Musical, in particular, has bucketloads of Les Yay between the two. This song's one of the more obvious bits.

Whatever gene or set of genes codes for telekinesis is not good for a person's mental health.
Although Carrie White herself does not show any signs of psychological instability that couldn't have been caused by her abusive background, except possibly hallucinating multiple people laughing at her at the prom (while under extreme stress), both her mother and grandmother have significant mental health problems. Her grandmother developed severe dementia at an abnormally young age (young enough to have been deeply ill while Carrie's mother was growing up), and her mother and father's beliefs are extremely aberrant and appear to have come from their own minds rather than any known religious sect. There's definitely a strong correlation, since not even one of the characters with either telekinetic powers or carrier genes is completely mentally stable.
  • Other than Amelia Jenks, who seems quite normal and who only worries about her daughter's TK because she knows it means the child takes after her own grandmother and she fears Annie will have "heart spells" as grandma did.

Carrie is capable of a limited and usually unconscious form of mind control.
Despite Tommy's significant lack of interest in Carrie prior to the prom, and despite his attachment to Sue Snell, he almost immediately starts to develop a physical attraction to Carrie when the two arrive at the dance. In the 1976 film, this is taken a step farther, and the two nearly share a kiss during their slow dance. While it would be technically possible for Tommy to just have incredibly poor judgment and almost no self-control, given the circumstances it seems more likely that the titular character is capable of some degree of mind control, guided subconsciously rather than actively. Needless to say, there are some disturbing implications if it can lead someone from not knowing her at all to nearly being unfaithful toward their significant other over the course of two or three hours.

  • I always thought that was what the book implied when Tommy couldn't stop thinking about a girl he barely knew.
    carrie carrie carrie carrie
    • I just parsed that as he's a teenage boy with the usual hormone surges of such, his girlfriend isn't around, and he does think at one point how beautiful Carrie looks that night. Men older and more experienced than he is might well be having trouble thinking with the correct head in that situation.

1976 Movie Carrie redeemed herself via atonement thru death
After Carrie kills her mom, she has a big My God, What Have I Done? moment and, while the house goes kablooie around her, she drags herself and her mother's body into the terrifying prayer closet, a place meant for repentance that was scary to be in. She didn't go outside to the lawn with mom's body, she went into that horrible prayer closet. If you feel for Carrie and believe in an afterlife, you might guess that she purposefully sacrificed herself in the prayer closet to atone for killing almost the whole Senior class, faculty & her mother. Perhaps Carrie is in Paradise, finally at peace in a new life, giving her story an Esoteric Happy Ending. As for the real estate sign-as-grave marker in Sue's dream and the graffiti on's a dream.

Carrie is a mutant... Who was touched by the Phoenix Force.
In the novel, Carrie manages to summon hailstones and granite boulders from the sky as a child, raining them upon her house when her mother throttles her nearly to death. Later in the narration, she states that she wouldn't ever be able to access that power again, that it wouldn't come upon her. The phrasing makes it sound as if her powers were enhanced at that point in time by a greater power, which then withdrew itself from her. Given that the Phoenix force did make a telekinetic/telepath its host in the comics...

Billy Nolan and Mr. Hargeson survive the wild series of events connected to the destruction of Chamberlin, Maine
And once authorities learn that they are still alive, both of them are arrested for murder, conspiracy and numerous other charges ... and angry parents file multi-quadrillion dollar lawsuits, mostly for punitive damages and symbolic in that they can never undo the damage they directly caused. The jury takes 15 minutes to award the full amount, and all appeals for this "jackpot justice" case have the courts side with the Chamberlin families. Mr. Hargeson dies of a heart attack (caused by the stress of this case) and Billy is sent to prison. Chamberlin never really recovers fully, even 40 years after the events of that night, but there is some solace and justice in the jury award, which totals many times more than all the net worth of everything ever in the world.

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