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  • Approval of God: Roger Moore, discussing the Bond series in 2012, called this a "bloody good movie".
  • California Doubling: Vienna plays the part of Bratislava, as well as appearing as itself. Similarly, Morocco appears as itself and Afghanistan.
  • Completely Different Title: This Bond film in particular had several, due to there not being an exact translation for the idiom in all languages:
    • Spies Die At Dawn (Denmark)
    • Danger Zone (Italy)
    • 007: High Tension (Spain and Portugal)
    • Death Is Not A Game / To Kill Is Not To Play (France)
    • 007 and the Danger Zone (Finland)
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    • Icecold Mission (Sweden)
    • Facing Death (Poland)
    • His Name Is Danger (Latin America)
    • The Touch of Death / The Breeze of Death (West Germany)
    • 007 in the Dangerous Zone (Israel/Hebrew)
    • 007 Marked to Die (Brazil)
    • In the Line of Fire (Norway)
    • Breath of Death (Croatia)
    • Breath of Life (Czech Republic)
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Timothy Dalton named this as his favourite Bond film of his own.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • While making an escape in Tangiers, Bond takes a "magic carpet ride," which involves his buying a carpet and draping it over wires between two buildings and sliding down it. The natives look on incredulously while the bumbling police try to catch up with him. After getting his feet back on the ground, he jumps on back of a moving motorcycle and escapes. This was cut for being too silly.
    • The scene in Q's lab featured a technician writing a note using a quill that translates.
  • Fake Russian:
    • John Rhys-Davies, surprisingly nonhammy as Leonid Pushkin, and Dutch Jeroen Krabbé, hammy with extra ham and ham on the side as Koskov. Krabbé often didn't even bother with the accent, making his request for a "detachment of men and some trucks" in Afghanistan sound rather hilarious compared to his usual voice.
    • Necros' default accent appears to be this. Although he adopts it when taking Koskov from the safehouse to make it appear like the KGB was responsible, he also talks that way when conferring with Koskov and Whitaker later, when he would have no need to pretend to be someone else. The actor, Andreas Wisniewski, is German, and his voice is dubbed over by Kerry Shale, a Canadian VA.
    • Although more of a case of Fake Czechslovakian, English Maryam D'Abo as Kara Milovy (although D'Abo is of Georgian descent).
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  • Milestone Celebration: The film was released in 1987, the 25th anniversary of the James Bond film series.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Two short-lived replacements arrive in this film - Timothy Dalton as Bond, and Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny.
    • Also John Terry, who briefly shows up as Felix Leiter, becoming the sixth (seventh if you include Never Say Never Again) actor in the role.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan is prominently featured as Bond allies with some Mujahadeen members.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Pierce Brosnan was set to play Bond, and even screen-tested for the part, after the cancellation of Remington Steele (Dalton had been approached to take over the role in A View to a Kill, but Moore decided to play the role once again. When he was approached for this film, he was unavailable as he was filming Brenda Starr). However, the publicity from the casting caused the ratings of Remington Steele to rise - which caused NBC to uncancel the show at (literally) the last possible second. The producers, not wanting to cast an actor who was appearing in a TV show at the same time (Albert R. Broccoli was quoted as saying, "Remington Steele will not be James Bond"), revoked the offer to Brosnan and cast Timothy Dalton after sorting out his conflict (Broccoli had wanted Dalton to play Bond for years, as far back as 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service only for Dalton himself to politely decline at the time as he felt himself to be too young and felt intimidated by the idea of following in the footsteps of Sean Connery). The worst part - with Brosnan no longer playing Bond, the ratings for the revived Remington Steele tanked and the show was cancelled again. Brosnan would finally get to be Bond in 1995's GoldenEye.
    • Sean Bean was considered and screentested for the role as Bond. He was considered again for GoldenEye, until Pierce Brosnan got the part. The filmmakers were still so impressed by Bean however, that he was cast as Alec Trevelyan.
    • Sam Neill was also considered and even screen-tested for the part.
    • Recurring character General Gogol was originally going to fill the role that Pushkin plays in the final film, but his actor Walter Gotell was too ill to play the part, so Gogol was replaced by the new character Pushkin. (Gotell still appears, but only in a cameo.)
    • Lee Van Cleef was considered for Brad Whitaker.
    • Originally, Pet Shop Boys was asked to compose the soundtrack, but backed down when they learned that they should not provide a complete soundtrack but merely the opening theme song.
    • An earlier draft of the script featured several scenes and developments that failed to make it to the finished film:
      • Bond and Kara were originally going to escape from Kara's apartment by stealing the car belonging to one of the KGB agents supposedly keeping an eye on her. The KGB agents give chase and Bond rides the car along the ice of a frozen lake, the couple continuing their flight aboard a hijacked ice schooner.
      • On escaping from the air base in Afghanistan, Bond and Kara were to have been taken to Landi- Kotal by Ranjit Khan [who later became Kamran Shah] where they witness a massive arms bazaar. They are pursued by jailers from the air base and Bond disposes of one of them by pitching him into a pit full of yarn dye. He eludes his other pursuers by using his exploding key ring to set off the contents of a Chinese fireworks warehouse. The arms bazaar sequence would eventually turn up in the teaser to Tomorrow Never Dies.
      • Originally, Bond and Kara did not escape from Koskov's Hercules on a jeep, but actually flew with the aircraft to a US aircraft carrier which Bond was going to attempt a landing on, despite the US navy's attempts to shoot them down. When M and Moneypenny step in to confirm the identity of the pilot, the carrier captain was to have allowed Bond to make his landing but the oversized aircraft careers off the end of the deck and Bond and Kara survive only by clinging to a cargo net.
    • The film was originally going to be a prequel. In the original version, a twenty-something James Bond teams up with a senior agent named Burton Trevor on a mission to infiltrate the jungle compound of a Chinese warlord named Kwang. Trevor would die helping Bond escape, Bond would hunt down and kill Kwang and subsequently be promoted to the Double-0 section, taking Trevor's old number "007". The story would end with Bond getting the mission for Dr. No. Cubby Broccoli rejected this, claiming that no-one wanted to see James Bond as a rookie. The concept of Bond having a partner would be revived in GoldenEye, while, despite Broccoli's wishes to the contrary, Casino Royale (2006) would depict Bond as a newly-promoted 00 agent.
  • You Look Familiar: The unnamed gasworks employee that Rosa seduces was played by the same actor (Peter Porteous) who played Lenkin, the jewelry forger in Octopussy

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