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Headscratchers / The Living Daylights

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  • I can't get Necros' death out of my head! He and Bond were hanging on a floating net full of opium bags in the rear of an airplane. Necros was holding Bond's boot and didn't let go. Thus, Bond cut his shoelaces and sent Necros flying. Why couldn't Necros just have grabbed the freaking NET (which at that point was very grabable, as most of the bags were thrown out) when he saw what was coming? I just didn't see that swift dispatch of Necros coming. And before you say something like "In velocity that high, he could be glad to hold on his shoe", keep in mind Bond was holding both him and Necros single handedly, while cutting the lace, plus compare to for instance Octopussy plane fight, where both Bond and The Dragon were climbing the roof of pretty smooth surface of an airplane and both were doing just fine. I really don't understand this scene, even though it looks hilarious the way Necros is still holding on the boot when cut loose (like some sort of trophy he just won).
    • Dangling thousands of feet in the air by a shoelace isn't exactly wondrous on one's ability to think straight. I wager his thought process had gone to survival mode which meant instinctively hanging on for dear life even though, as is said, going for the danging nets would have been the better choice. As a practical matter, going for the net would have also necessitated letting at least one hand go of Bond's boot, another mental hurdle to get over in the few seconds Necros would have had to do so.
  • Bond's alternative escape plan for Koskov implied, among other things, having Q himself with other MI-6 agents and an aircraft in Austria. I get this was the occasion to try the pipeline capsule between Czechoslovakia and Austria, but I'm pretty sure it needed M's approval and a few days of preparation. So, Saunders was basically ordered to prepare a plan that wouldn't be followed anyway?
    • The pipeline was a backup. they had to have something in place in case someone tried something especially when to them they thought no one knew about it.