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Nightmare Fuel / The Living Daylights

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  • Necros, full stop. He can perfectly imitate people's voices and effortlessly snatches his target from a heavily guarded security compound. His execution methods are also quite brutal too. Being strangled, or being crushed/slashed to ribbons by a booby-trapped sliding glass door, with poor Saunders on the receiving end.
  • Bond interrogating Pushkin. John Rhys-Davies did a great job in portraying the dread Pushkin had to feel, knowing that one wrong word to Bond will be his last.
    • Plus, Timothy Dalton is absolutely chilling in the scene. It's a scene that really shows Bond as he truly is - a cold blooded assassin.
  • Bond's faked assassination of Pushkin, with it and its aftermath shown in all the grisly detail of an actual assassination. Pushkin is quick to comfort his shaken mistress when the coast is clear.
  • The entire fight aboard the plane is this, as not only are Bond and Necros hanging precariously from a huge sack of opium dangling precariously out the back of the plane, but Bond is racing against time to stop the bomb he had planted aboard the aircraft before he was forced to hijack it.
    • On that note, Necros' death definitely counts. Evil as he was, it's quite chilling when Bond sends him plummeting to his death as he begged for his life.
  • The death of Saunders, crushed between (heavy) sliding glass doors in an amusement park. Thankfully, the gory deed and the aftermath are kept offscreen. Bond was terrified, then angry.
    • Fridge Horror: What if Necros' intended target was Bond, and at the last minute decided to fridge Saunders to unnerve Bond instead?


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