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Heartwarming / The Living Daylights

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  • The Gilligan Cut where Kara insists on getting her cello during their getaway.
  • Bond and Kara's first romantic moment on the Ferris wheel, which comes across as genuine and natural. The entire relationship between the two is a major difference from the old Bond tendency to woo the women into bed effortlessly and drop them without a single memory. Bond seems like he truly wants to stay with Kara, maybe even forever.
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  • Saunder's finally casting aside his By-the-Book Cop tendencies coming around to Bond's more bold, touch-and-go, approach to the mission the second time they meet; almost mirthfully offers to do whatever Bond requests knowing if it might land him in trouble with MI6 later. Before he heads off for the last time, Bond gives him a sincerely warm thanks for his help, for which he responds in kind with smile almost as if he a earned a friendship with him. Which makes his sudden death a moment later that much harder to bear. Especially for Bond.
  • The first thing Pushkin does when waking up after Faking the Dead is apologizing to his mistress for having to watch the affair.
  • Kamran Shah's joyful laughter while Bond is beating the shit out of the Soviet prison guards, no doubt Kamran felt Bond was giving the man a much overdue karmic punishment.
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  • Bond's promise to Kara that he'll come back for her when she's worried he won't return from the trip with the mujahideen.
  • The ending. Kara finishes her concert and runs into M and General Gogol, who tell her Bond's off on assignment. Dejected, she returns to her room... and guess who's behind the door? He even filled a couple of martini glasses for her! Awwww...
    • Kamran Shah and some of his Afghan rebels arriving at the concert, even if they were late.
    • As a whole, Kara receives probably one of the most heartwarming endings a Bond girl has ever gotten. She receives thunderous applause at the concert, and her dream of performing at Carnegie Hall has just become more realistic as a result. On top of that, after having been informed by Pushkin that she would be considered a defector, M introduces her to retired General Gogol, now a diplomat for the Foreign Services, who grants her a full immigration status, meaning she can now come and go as she pleases.
    • And to close it all out, we get a very soothing rendition of "If There Was A Man" sung by Tracy Huang. After all they had been through together, it was a happy ending that these two very much deserved.