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  • When Saunders starts to explain the plan to Bond during the concert, another audience member shushes him.
  • Rosika Miklos' scene fake-seducing her superior. The look on his face when she rips her jumpsuit open is indescribable: fear, desire, amazement all mixed into one. She squeezes his face into her cleavage so he doesn't see the control panel lighting up when the pig is launched, and when it's away, she shoves him back and yells at him:
    Rosika Miklos: What kind of girl do you think I am?!
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  • Rosika definitely believes in I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!, since when she salutes Bond, she thrusts her chest out proudly.
  • 002 being outed from the exercise by the SAS moments after landing. His annoyed glare really sells it.
  • The end of the action opening:
    Linda: It's all so boring here, Margo. There's nothing but playboys and tennis pros. If only I could find a ''Real Man''.
    (cue Bond dropping in by parachute in 3... 2... 1...)
    • Bond grabbing the phone and saying who whoever is on the other line, "She'll call you back" and hanging up. Super Agent Super Rude.
    • Then, there's the friggin' pose Bond makes while using Linda's phone.
    • "Exercise control? This is 007. I'll report in an hour." "Won't you join me?" "... Better make that two."
  • Pushkin's visit to Brad Whitaker in its entirety. Pushkin can't contain his disdain for Whitaker for lying about his credentials. His reaction to seeing Whitaker's hallway of mannequins of (in)famous military leaders in his likeness is also one to behold, especially the mannequin of Hitler.
  • The cello problem.
    Kara: We must go back to get my cello!
    Bond: No. Way.
    (Gilligan Cut to James alone in the car at the conservatory)
    Bond: Why couldn't you have learned the violin?
  • Kara Milovy, worst pilot EVER! Damn, did James really have to be the one to tell you you're about to crash into a canyon wall?!
  • Bond's string of Blatant Lies to explain away his car's Q Branch gadgetry, in the middle of an extended car chase. After slicing a police car with a laser:
    Kara: What was that?
    Bond: [perfectly straight-faced] Salt corrosion.
  • This exchange, before Koskov is stuffed into a pipeline cleaning plug, or "pig" in order to be smuggled into Austria:
    Bond: Relax, Georgi. Our engineers have spent months perfecting this.
    Koskov: How many times have you done this before?
    Bond: You're the first!
    Koskov: No! [gets stuffed inside]
    • Even before that, Bond says the escape method is "a piece of cake", but Rosika warns him that if the pig is fired off at the wrong time, "he will be borscht". Koskov wonders what is going on with cake, pigs, and borscht.
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  • Bond is instructed to bring a hamper from Harrods for Koskov at the safe house. As Koskov is gleefully emptying it, M is surprised that the brand of champagne is one that wasn't on the list:
    Bond: The brand on the list was rather questionable, sir, so I took the liberty of choosing something else.
    (M gives Bond a Death Glare, implying that he was the one who chose the original item, or - knowing Bond - Bond has bought a much more expensive vintage to charge to the account )
  • Upon learning how to detonate his key ring explosive, Bond hangs it up on Q's gas mask and prepares to begin the activation whistle just to screw with him.
    • At the end of the sequence, Q asks a random tech to lie down in a couch, which immediately flips the tech under the cushions and gives Q a free space to sit.
    • And when being instructed on the gadgets of the film, including the "whistle and it beeps" keyring and its included grenade modes (which whistling "Rule Britannia" triggers a gas grenade, a wolf whistle makes it explode like a small grenade):
    Bond: And what do I whistle to blow up the whole room? "God Save the Queen"?
    • Pay attention to the extras when the key ring is first brought out: Bond whistles normally, the finder beeps normally...and several technicians scramble out of the way - one of them even mutters, "Uh-oh..."
  • The Ghetto Blaster. A rocket launcher hidden in a boom-blaster playing 80s-rock. Probably one of the most over-the-top weapons Q has made.
    Q: Something we're making for the Americans.
  • While at the carnival, Bond competes at a target range when the attendant begs "No more", which is understandable when you realize what a good shot Bond is. His prize is a stuffed elephant for Kara.
  • The ticking, beeping explosive device planted into the opium, which Bond just *happened* to have tucked under his shirt. It even has a red, digital "alarm clock" display.
  • When captured by Necros and Koskov, Bond is given a fake ID as a medical patient: Jerzy Bondov.
  • Kamran Shah accompanied by his Afghan rebels showing up at Kara's concert, they'd have got there sooner, but had some trouble getting through customs.
  • When Koskov tries to bullshit his way out of trouble with Puskin at the very end, Pushkin initially seems to fall for it:
    Pushkin: (Warmly) Georgi, Georgi, Georgi! Put him on the first plane to Moscow!
    (Koskov is handed over to the soldiers, looking relieved)
    Pushkin: (Considerably less warm) In the diplomatic bag.
    (Koskov is dragged away, looking much less relieved)
    • While he's trying to soft-soap Pushkin, for a moment Koskov gives Bond a quick "Please don't tell on me" look. Bond doesn't look impressed.
  • After Bond and Kara overpower the Soviet guards in the jail cell:
    Kara: You were fantastic! We're free!
    Bond: Kara, we're inside a Soviet air base in the middle of Afghanistan!
    Kara: At least we're together.
    Bond: Terrific.
  • Kara's attempt to insult Bond when he says he must return to the airbase to stop Koskov, complete with her whacking him down with a pillow as she shouts in Russian.
    Bond: (Laughing) What is that supposed to mean?
    Kara: Back end of horse!
    Bond: (Barely keeping himself from laughing) You calling me a horse's arse?
  • Bond's "Oh, for god's sake" reaction when he has trouble getting Kara to understand he wants her to drive into the plane.
    • If you look closely, you can see him say, "For fuck's sake".
  • After getting off the plane and seeing it crash, Bond and Kara see a crossroads leading to Islamabad and Karachi. Bond says "I know a great restaurant in Karachi. We can just make dinner."note 
  • Koskov's "Happy Dance".
  • M's aghast reaction to Bond replacing the champagne from Harrods with Bollinger RD.