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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 05 E 04 Secret Agent Super Dragon

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Film watched: Secret Agent Super Dragon

The MST3k treatment provides examples of:

  • Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole: Anyone who has seen this film only as an MST3k episode might wonder over the film's ending, wherein Super Dragon informs the villain he has already photographed the formula for the film's McGuffin in the villain's office. Since his visit to said office occurs early in the film, why did he have to go through the whole adventure? The answer: He's not talking about the villain's office in the art gallery ("You got any art here?") but to a deleted scene, in the villain's office in the chemical plant where the drug is made (the place with the Man From UNCLE-esque hallway); see Out-Gambitted on the film's main page for how that works out.
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  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: "Minsky" is, fairly obviously, an actual sold-in-stores toy robot (though not by that name). What might not be readily apparent is that its bizarre, annoying pre-recorded Catchphrase is what the toy actually said. The same voice chip was used in any number of toys (some walked, others didn't) over the course of decades.
  • Bond One-Liner: Joel educates the bots on the concept of the "post-kill pun".
    Servo: Ironically, death softens the blow of the pun!
  • Catchphrase: Minsky, ad infinitum:
    Minsky: I am the atomic-powered robot. Please give my best wishes to everybody!
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Involving drugged chewing gum in the film, and the goofiness is rolled with.
    Super Dragon: (Shows Ross, the drugstore bowling alley owner, part of his "special" gum stash) "Now, uh, what's this?"
    Ross: "Nothing! It's just a... different brand, that's all!" (Super Dragon backhands him)
    Servo: (as Super Dragon) You're working for the Wrigley company, aren't you!
    (later, as Super Dragon tries to force-feed Ross a stick of the gum)
    Joel: (as Ross) No! No! I've got dental work!
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  • Leitmotif: Well, not really; but there's a little musical motif that is used prominently in one scene, not so prominently in another scene, and this is the basis of Servo's Super Dragon Theme (see below).
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: Crow tries his hand at scriptwriting again with the psycho-babblicious "The Spy Who Hugged Me"...
    Joel (Holly Affirmations): You understand, Mr. Windamhill, that even though we are sharing a sexual tension between us... I must kill you.
    Servo (Sandy Windamhill): Um, Holly, thank you for being honest. Let me say that I think you're a really terrific, dynamite lady, but right now I'm in a committed relationship with (breaking character) someone who's very special to me?! I don't believe this...
    Joel (Gary Diabolique): You don't get it, do you, you stupid moron idiot! I am going to control how people respond to me! I am going to rule the world!
    Servo: Gary, that's really co-dependent — (breaks character) I can't believe I just said "co-dependent"!
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  • Reality Ensues / Kick the Dog: After noticing that Frank's "Virtual Comedy" simulation is going a bit too well, Dr. Forrester decides to program in some drunken hecklers. Cue Frank's act crashing and burning.
  • Right-Hand Cat: According to Dr. Forrester's Supervillain Symposium, every supervillain must have a strange or exotic animal.
  • Robot Buddy: Crow and Servo build "Minsky", a little robot with an annoyingly repetitive Catchphrase and no off switch. Joel is not amused.
    • Years later, they'll get their comeuppance when Mike will build a blue robot which Servo and Crow think is cool, til... DESTRUCT! DESTRUCT! DESTRUCT! DESTRUCT! DESTRUCT!
  • Running Gag:
    • Super Dragon's habit of snatching cigarettes right out of other characters' mouths:
      Crow: Secret Agent Super Rude, if you ask me!
    • The ongoing subtext that Super Dragon's cover story is as transparent as window glass:
      Crow (as side character, reading Brian Cooper's business card): Hey, "Secret Agent" is crossed out and "Lawyer" is written in!
    • Super Dragon Failing his Spot Check:
      Servo (as Super Dragon, in the Big Bad's lavishly decorated office): Um, you got any art here?
    • Whenever any character says the name of the Big Bad, Lamas, Joel and the 'Bots immediately ask: "Fernando or Lorenzo?"
  • Serious Business: Downplayed: Joel and the bots are clearly more interested in their game of Micro-Golf than what Dr. Forrester is saying, even to the point of shushing him.
  • Shout-Out: Servo's pronunciation of Chi-Chi Rodriguez as "Chai-Chai Rodrigweez" during the Invention Exchange is a nod to WKRP in Cincinnati.
  • Signing-Off Catchphrase: The usual one is practically weaponized to make the Supervillain Symposium end:
    Joel: Well, the only thing we wanted to ask, and I think we're all in agreement on this, is: (with Crow and Tom) What do you think, sirs?
    Dr. Forrester: Good question, push the button, Frank. (Frank stirs awake, rushes over to the button, and pushes it) ...what the- hey!
  • [Verb] This!: Tom's response to Crow's screenplay.
    Servo: For God's sake, man! I want to drink martinis in Istanbul, and utter glib bon mots in Moscow, and drive with my feet while escaping thugs in Monte Carlo, and meet girls in Ipanema — the kinds of things a super-secret super-spy is supposed to do!
    Crow: I support you owning those feelings.
    Servo: Yeah, support this.
  • Weird Trade Union: implied during Dr. Forrester's Supervillain Symposium, when he notes that a supervillain is, in essence, a small-business owner.
    • Foreshadowing: Six years later, Pearl Forrester finds out she has to belong to the Institute of Mad Scientists if she wants to rule the world, which is treated like a business alliance.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Comments frequently call out Super Dragon on his aforementioned Jerkass qualities, particularly during the Cyanide Pill scene.
    Joel: "What a jerk. He just wanted to get the guy's goat right before he died."


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