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  • Sharkey. There was nothing particularly bad about him. He just seem to be thrown in there, like someone Bond & Felix had known for years. Since they had already brought back the same actor who had played Leiter in Live and Let Die, why not just make the character Quarrel, Jr. instead?
    • I think killing off two Quarrels in the series might have been a bit much....
      • Who says Sharkey isn't Quarrel Jr.? He could could have gotten the nickname some time ago.
    • Probably due to the fact that the Florida location would require someone who knew those waters instead of the waters near Jamaica.

  • The ending. Felix should've died, instead of chatting with Bond as if he was as good as new.
    • Exactly. He lost a leg and his wife had just been raped and murdered, yet he was as cheerful as ever.
    • I always assumed the nurse gave him way too much morphine that day.
      • It's called "putting on a brave face".
      • Or "revenge is sweet".
      • Pretty much. Everyone responsible for his wife's rape and murder is dead. Most of them in an inventively gruesome way (eaten alive, exploded, shredded, burned alive etc.) That would have to cheer him up a little bit.
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    • In addition to the above points, from what we see he's not exactly singing-and-dancing-with-cartoon-bluebirds happy or anything. We see a couple of seconds of him lying in a hospital bed pleasantly talking to an old friend who's presumably been making an effort to keep things light (and, as mentioned above, has presumably learned by that point that everyone involved in the death of his wife has now died horribly), it's not like he's the life and soul of the party or anything.

  • Okay, someone needs to change the name of the page. It's "License to Kill"
    • No, it's "Licence to Kill" — two C's, no S's. That's how the movie's own titles spell it. It's also the correct spelling in Commonwealth English.
    • There was some talk that they changed its original title "Licence Revoked" because too many people didn't know what "revoked" meant. This troper hopes that's not true.
      • There is also an early Denzel Washington film called License to Kill (note the spelling).

  • Bond and Dario are having a drag-out fight over the machine where part of the process to refine the cocaine takes place. Earlier in the film when touring that same facility, Sanchez has the entire group wear surgical masks to protect themselves from inhaling any of the dust that may be suspended in the air. Now Bond and Dario are literally fighting in a cloud of cocaine on the grinder without any sort of respirators. How the hell aren't they high as a kite during that scene? For that matter, how have they not flat-outed overdosed?
    • It's probably a precaution against long-term exposure, and Sanchez could've done that in order to put his potential investors at ease. Alternatively, where do you think Bond's Heroic Willpower during the tanker chase comes from?
      • Cocaine is vitamins for James Bond?
      • Why not? It worked for Sherlock Holmes.

  • Why didn't Killifer shoot Bond when he had the chance. I realize there would be no longer a movie, but Bond would never voluntarily lower himself into a shark tank and would clearly try to do a little misdirection and overtake his subduer. Even if Bond didn't plan on trying to overtake Bond, he would likely rather escape and die by a bullet that being mauled by a shark. Better to shoot him in the leg a couple times, and then kick him over into the shark pit.
    • I could think of some long explanation for this, but basically — it's a Bond movie. The bad guy's never just going to shoot James Bond in the head and call it a day (and even if he does, Bond will improbably survive somehow). It's Plot Armor; either accept it and move on, or don't.
    • He was planning to shoot Bond and let the corpse fall into the shark pool. Sharkey turned up at just the right moment.

  • Could Killifer have reasonably been on Sanchez's payroll from day one? I believe it's a bit of a stretch, given the way Krest reacts when Sanchez is giving him the briefcase with the money.
    • I think he made the decision during the interrogation.

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